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Hafeez Contractor 03

Hafeez Contractor 03

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Published by: Shreya Mago on Feb 03, 2012
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-Mumbai 19 June ‡ FAMILY.who was a teacher and his father Sorab Contrator . . a business man.BIOGRAPHY ‡ BORN 1950. ‡ Education-He did his Graduate Diploma in architecture from Mumbai in 1975 and completed his graduation from Columbia University New York (USA) on a Tata Scholarship.Parsi / Zoroastrian lineage included his mother Roshan.

draftsmen. ‡ His practice had modest beginnings in 1982 with a staff of two.PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND ‡ Hafeez Contractor commenced his career in 1968 with T. Mumbai. architects. . civil engineering team and architectural support staff. Khareghat as an Apprentice Architect and in 1977 he became the associate partner in the same firm ‡ Between 1977 and 1980 Hafeez has been a visiting faculty at the Academy of Architecture. interior designers. He is a member of the Bombay Heritage Committee and New Delhi Lutyens Bungalow Zone Review Committee. Today the firm has over 350 employees including senior associates.

visions.and can make building into a real and arresting symbol of brand intent. and values can be epitomized in a 3-D built form and its interior ambience. ‡ His designs are provocative and unpredictable. ‡ He explains ³architecture can give form to beliefs. ‡ Hafeez is full of surprising and revolutionary ideas. His uncanny ability to change his architectural style from one commission to next is also a significant reason why his work is sought after by so many.PHILOSPHY ‡ The architects believes that a company¶s beliefs.´ .

client¶s requirements. if client want work according to Vaastu then he incorporate that in the design.( site condition. . construction methodology and economics. ‡ He doesn¶t do many details (but he wants) because of time and cost his forms so powerful that the building still looks detailed.) ‡ He has no style.Methodology ‡ Previously he was more inclined towards a form based architecture but later on he designed in very mathematical manner. he works according to clients need. ‡ He believes that your building should really reflect your socio-economic and climatic relations.

‡ Never fixed plan ‡ Have axis but not always. ‡ Give stress on landscaped terrace.‡ Extensive use of glass and metallic panels on the facades confirms to the high tech expressions business seek to achieve. . ‡ He always treats the the corner of the building. ‡ He picks elements from various typologies and use them as adornments for the exterior skin of the building.

Powai. Pvt. 7 .LAKE CASTLE.Hiranandani Const. ‡ Client . Ltd.POWAI ‡ Location .Mumbai.


just a few miles away from main Bombay is one of the most spectacular product of eighties boom.which compliments the hills in the backdrop. ‡ The dominant feature of Lake castle is its massive scale.strikes you as an ocean ship going linear of a building with multiple decks anchored on the banks of powaii lake.‡ Lake castle a residential apartment building .all the flats faces the lake. ‡ Creating a stepped mass profile .nested in green surrounding of powaii. 183 m. 9 . linear length . ‡ Tower block is surrounded by large garden and 8 acre forest park.

10 . ‡ The building is almost like a mirror reflecting the densely layered profile of the city itself.‡ The architectural form is mean to symbolize a city silhouette that is made of a varying shapes and sizes.

‡ Large French windows are repetitive features on the facades.curved projection and egyptian columns on the facades relieve the monotony into which building would have otherwise slipped .‡ Lake castle is especially interesting because of a combination of µPOP¶ aesthetics.like the treatment given to the columns. ‡ Egyptian motifs are used in building facades .the friezes and the details of the iron work. with conventionalized classical stylistics . 11 . ‡ The crescent shape projecting balconies .

‡ further these the dramatic view of the sky though the building ‡ The stepped profile and two huge cutouts further add to lighten the building.com/arch www.‡ To mitigate the broadside effect of the cliff of the building .it has been punctured with significant cutouts known as sky decks. THANK YOU Sources www.scribd.com/Ar-Hafeez-Contractor 12 .indiabuildnet.

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