Heidi Lin 067-116-103 Nov 30,2011

I did a researching a secondary source in the library database and find three articles to support my topic.Business Plan of Rona Inc. y Why Rona Inc can be a largest Canadian distributor and retailer of hardware. home renovation and gardening products? y By expand on the topic. .

to add up 50 stores over next five years despite competition y Article 1 -Newspaper y 9 Aug.Rona Inc. 2007 y Rona plan to opens 50 stores for the next five years .

Four Seasons Hotels and Telus .2008 y Rona hires Cundari to build its brand across the country y Cundari is one of Canada s largest independent integrated marketing communications firms offering strategy. planning. Its clientele include BMW. execution and implementation for all major areas of communication.Under Renovation y Article 2 Magazine y 10 Mar.

living room and dining room . 2010 y Rona roll out new line includes furniture for the bedroom.Rona to Launch Furniture Line y Article 3 Journal y 24 Jan.

I can see that Rona always does their business well y Having a good business plan is very important and essential for a company. the leaders of the company need to do the right plan ahead. . y If a company wants to be successful in the future.Conclusion y From these articles.

Business Source Premier. y Rona to launch furniture line. 16 Oct. Ross. to add up to 50 stores over next five years despite competition. ProQuest. 113 Issue 4. CBCA Business.MLA Style Citations y Marovits.2008. Telegraph-Jornal 9 Aug. Sun. p14-15. 2011. Web. 16 Oct. 2011. Woodworking 24. Vol. 2 Colour Photographs. David. UNDER RENOVATION. Marketing Magazine 10 Mar. 2011. y Brown. . Canadian Newsstand Major Dailies. Rona Inc. 2007. 16 Oct.2p. Sun.1 (2010): 7.

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