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Preservation of Fish and Meat

Preservation of Fish and Meat

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Salting (see Chapter 4) is part of the preparation for drying, and de-
pends among other things on the availability of salt and on local cus-

After salting, the excess water formed must be removed from the fish
or meat. With meat, it can be done by passing the larger pieces of meat
through a wringer (two wooden rolls 1.5-2.0 cm apart). In doing so,
the surface area is also increased which reduces the time needed for
drying. A somewhat simpler method for removing moisture is to press
meat and (mainly whole) fish.

Put the fish on a clean, level surface and, using sheets of e.g. wood
with weights on them, press the fish or meat as flat as possible.
Subsequently the fish and meat is hung up before drying to speed up
the drying process.

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