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Backtrack OS a Hacker's Bliss

Backtrack OS a Hacker's Bliss

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Published by Aroop Krishna

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Published by: Aroop Krishna on Feb 04, 2012
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Xspy takes advantage of an oversight in X Windows (R5 & R6) to find out about keypresses even
in "secure mode". It works by polling the keyboard, by default every hundredth of a second.
Polling the keyboard is not affected by any secure modes, which "grab" the keyboard to shut off
events being sent out.

Info: http://www.acm.vt.edu/~jmaxwell/programs/xspy/xspy.html


Chntpw is my memory works good is a Windows NT 2K XP user pasword tool for delete
passwords and restrictions from SAM database on installed system theirs not crack like brute



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force passwords just only delete passwords and restrictions for Administrators and simple user
in SAM database .

To erase password use a script that a make almost for you like search ntfs drivers from your XP
to mount your partition with your drivers if doesn't find ask you to download all needed data
from internet .

Note: Deleting the password will enable you to login to the system without a password, but it
will not give you access to any encrypted data on the system. All it lets you do is log in.



Maintaining Access

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