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Shailendra Education

Arts, Science &
Commerce College

Study of Dairy Industry with
Special Reference to the Products
of Amul
(Ana lysis of ice-cream)

Presented by

Vipul sheladiya 56
Vivek surve 57
Yateen sawant 58

Thought by: prof. mrunalini ravalekar

Module Content

I. Introduction

a) History of ice-cream in India
b) History of Amul
c) Details of all products of Amul
d) Details of Amul ice-cream

I. Advertising strategies
a) Marketing schemes
b) TV advertisements
c) Attractive packaging

I. Market demand
a) Internal demand
b) External demand

I. Kwality Walls

a) Details of Kwality Walls
b) Market demand

I.Comparison between Amul ice-cream &
Kwality Walls




The ice cream market growth picked up after de-
reservation of the sector in 1997. Of the total size
of Rs 15-16bn, around 30-32% is in the hands of
organized sector valued at Rs 4.9bn, rest all is with
the unorganized sector. Among the major players
in this industry Hindustan Lever has a market
share of around 50%, represented mainly by
Kwality Walls brand. Amul with an estimated
market share of 35% is rapidly gaining market
share and lastly Vadilal is the player in the
national market with 8-9% of the market share

Production area

In rural areas, kulfis / ice creams made by small /
cottage industry are popular. The market for

organized sector is restricted to large metropolitan
cities. In small towns and villages, there are
thousands of small players who produce ice-
creams / kulfis in their home backyard and cater to
the local market. Almost 40% of the ice creams
sold in the country are consumed in the western
region with Mumbai being the main market,
followed by 30% in the north and 20% in the south.

Growth promotional

The Indian
government adopted
the policy of
regarding the ice
cream industry also
and it is since then
that this sector has
shown an annual
growth ranging from 15- 20% per annum for last 1-
2 year. Presently in 1999- 00 it is estimated at
worth of Rs15- 16bn. This growth rate is expected
to continue for another next 2- 3 years because of
lower base

Indian Ice Cream market can be segmented in three
different ways, namely on the basis of flavors; on
the basis of stock keeping units / packaging and on
the basis of consumer segments. On the basis of
flavors the market today has a number of flavors
like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, mango,
butterscotch a number of fruit flavors, dry fruit
flavors traditional flavors like Kesar- Pista, Kaju-
Draksh etc.

The market is totally dominated by Vanilla,
Strawberry and chocolate, which together account
for more than 70% of the market followed by
butterscotch and other fruit flavors.

Amul – History

Amul (Anand Milk Union Limited), formed in 1946,
is a dairy cooperative movement in India. It is a
brand name managed by an apex cooperative
organisation, Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing
Federation Ltd. (GCMMF), which today is jointly
owned by some 2.6 million milk producers in
Gujarat, India[1]


AMUL is based in Anand, Gujarat and has been a
sterling example of a co-operative organization's
success in the long term. It is one of the best
examples of co-operative achievement in the
developing world. "Anyone who has seen ... the
dairy cooperatives in the state of Gujarat,
especially the highly successful one known as
AMUL, will naturally wonder what combination of
influences and incentives is needed to multiply
such a model a thousand times over in developing
regions everywhere."[2]

The Amul Pattern has
established itself as a uniquely appropriate model
for rural development. Amul has spurred the White
Revolution of India, which has made India the
largest producer of milk and milk products in the
world. It is also the world's biggest vegetarian
cheese brand [3]

Amul is the largest food brand in India and world's
Largest Pouched Milk Brand with an annual
turnover of US $1050 million (2006-07) [4]

Currently Amul has 2.6 million producer members
with milk collection average of 10.16 million litres
per day. Besides India, Amul has entered overseas
markets such as Mauritius, UAE, USA, Bangladesh,
Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and a few
South African countries. Its bid to enter Japanese
market in 1994 had not succeeded, but now it has
fresh plans of flooding the Japanese markets [5]


Other potential markets being considered include
Sri Lanka.
Dr Verghese Kurien, former chairman of the
GCMMF, is recognised as the man behind the
success of Amul. On 10 Aug 2006 Parthi Bhatol,

chairman of the Banaskantha Union, was elected
chairman of GCMMF

The 'Amul revolution' started as awareness among
the farmers, grew and matured into a protest
movement that was channeled towards economic
prosperity. Over five decades ago, the life of a
farmer in Kheda District was very much like that of
his/her counterpart anywhere else in India. His/her
income was derived almost entirely from seasonal
crops. The income from milk buffaloes was
undependable. Private traders and middlemen
controlled the marketing and distribution system
for the milk. As milk is perishable, farmers were
compelled to sell it for whatever they were offered.
Often, they had to sell cream and ghee at throw-
away prices. In this situation, the private trader
made a killing. Gradually, the realization dawned
on the farmers that the exploitation by the trader
could be checked only if marketed their milk
themselves. Amul was the result of that
The Kaira Union began pasteurizing milk for the
Bombay Milk Scheme in June 1948. By the end of
1948, more than 400 farmers joined in more Village
Society, and the quantity of milk handled by one
Union increased from 250 to 5,000 liters a day. The
success of Amul was instrumental in launching the
White Revolution that resulted in increased milk

production in India. It is termed as "Operation
Flood" by Amul.
Currently Amul has 2.41 million producer members
with milk collection average of 5.08 million
litres/day. Amul's sales turnover in 2004-05 was
672 million US $.

Amul dairies are all
over India


- Products

Check out this vast and ever-growing range of
'tasteful' Amul delectables

Bread Spreads

Amul Butter

Utterly Butterly

Amul Lite

Low fat, low
Cholesterol Bread

Delicious Table

The Delicious way to
eat healthy

Milk Drinks

Amul Kool Millk

Amul Kool

Amul Kool Cafe

Kool Koko

A delight to Chocolate
Lovers. Delicious
Chocolate taste

Nutramul Energy

A drink for Kids -
provides energy to suit
the needs of growing

Amul Kool
Chocolate Milk

Amul Kool Flavoured
Bottled Milk

Amul Kool
Flavoured Tetra

Amul Masti Spiced

Amul introduces the
Best Thirst Quenching

Amul Kool Thandai

Powder Milk

Amul Spray Infant
Milk Food

Still, Mother's Milk is
Best for your baby

Amul Instant Full
Cream Milk Powder

A dairy in your home

Sagar Skimmed Milk

Which is especially
useful for diet
preparations or for use
by people on low calorie

Sagar Tea Coffee

and high protein diet.

Amulya Dairy

The Richest, Purest
Dairy Whitener

Fresh Milk

Amul Fresh Milk

This is the most
hygienic milk available
in the market.
Pasteurised in state-of-
the-art processing
plants and pouch-
packed for

Amul Gold Milk

Amul Taaza Double
Toned Milk

Amul Lite Slim and
Trim Milk

Amul Fresh Cream

Amul Shakti Toned

Amul Calci+


Amul Pasteurised
Processed Cheese

100% Vegetarian Cheese
made from microbial

Amul Cheese Spreads

Tasty Cheese Spreads in
3 great flavours..

Amul Emmental

The Great Swiss Cheese
from Amul, has a sweet-
dry flavour and hazelnut

Amul Pizza Mozzarella

Pizza cheese...makes
great tasting pizzas!

Gouda Cheese

For Cooking

Amul / Sagar Pure

Made from fresh cream.
Has typical rich aroma
and granular texture. An
ethnic product made by
dairies with decades of

Cooking Butter

Amul Malai Paneer

Ready to cook paneer to
make your favourite

Utterly Delicious Pizza

Mithai Mate

Sweetened Condensed
Milk - Free flowing and
smooth texture. White to
creamy color with a
pleasant taste.

Masti Dahi


Amul Ice Creams

Premium Ice Cream made
in various varieties and
flavours with dry fruits
and nuts.

Amul Shrikhand

A delicious treat,

Amul Mithaee Gulab

Pure Khoya Gulab
Jamums...best served
piping hot.

Amul Chocolates

The perfect gift for
someone you love.

Amul Lassee

Amul Basundi

Health Drink


Malted Milk Food
made from malt
extract has the
highest protein
content among all the
brown beverage
powders sold in India.

Amul Shakti Health
Food Drink

Available in Kesar-
Almond and Chocolate

Amul ice-cream in

Amul Ice Cream was launched on 10th March,
1996 in Gujarat.
The portfolio consisted of impulse
products like sticks, cones, cups as well as take home
packs and institutional/catering packs. Amul ice cream
was launched on the platform of ‘Real Milk. Real Ice
Cream’ given that it is a milk company and the
wholesomeness of its products gives it a competitive

In 1997, Amul ice creams entered Mumbai
followed by Chennai in 1998 and Kolkata and
Delhi in 2002. Nationally it was rolled out across
the country in 1999.

It has combated competition like Walls, Mother Dairy
and achieved the No 1 position in the country. This
position was achieved in 2001 and it has continued to
remain at the top.
Today the market share of Amul ice cream is 38% share
against the 9% market share of HLL, thus making it 4
times larger than its closest competitor.
Not only has it grown at a phenomenal rate but has
added a vast variety of flavours to its ever growing

range. Currently it offers a selection of 220 products.
Amul has always brought newness in its products and
the same applies for ice creams.

In January 2007, Amul introduced SUGAR FREE &
ProLife Probiotic Wellness Ice Cream, which was
a first in India.
This range of SUGAR FREE, LOW FAT
Diabetic Delight & ProLife Probiotic Wellness Ice Cream
is created for the health conscious.
Amul’s entry into ice creams is regarded as successful
due to the large market share it was able to capture
within a short period of time – due to price differential,
quality of products and of course the brand name.

The entry of Amul into
Ice Cream

For any new player to enter this
market, three things are critical:

manufacturing facilities
Efficient cold chain

Growing market

Amul Ice Cream was launched on 10th March, 1996 at
Ahmedabad. Subsequently the distribution and
marketing operations were rolled out across the

Present Status of Amul Ice
Cream :

In a short span of 6 years
Amul Ice Cream has become
the No.1 ice cream brand in
the country. It is now the only
national brand and all other
ice cream brands are regional.
Amul Ice Cream has achieved
38% share against 9% market
share of HLL making it 4 times
larger than its closest


Amul Ice cream made of the freshest milk and the
freshest cream blended with the yummiest flavours,

fruits and nuts to make you keep on asking for more.

Marketing strategy

Amul Ice Cream: Marketing Strategy” is a
case study written by Supratim Majumdar and Tirthankar
. Amul brand of ice cream reached a high growth
within 6 years of its launch and defeated multinational
brands of ice cream in Indian market. The experts
attribute this success to the successful planning and
implementation of Amul’s marketing mix tactics. When
the existing brands were struggling for market share,
Amul launched ice creams in 14 flavors and positioned it
as the real ice cream and was priced 30% lower than the
market leader. In 2003, it overtook Kwality Walls to
emerge as a biggest player. The case study gives a brief
history of ice cream industry in India and also the
competition faced by Amul brand in different markets. It
compares Amul with Kwality Walls on the grounds of their
marketability mix viz., product strategies, pricing
atrategies, distribution strategies and promotion

Amul "Utterly Delicious" Parlours

Amul has recently entered into direct retailing through "Amul
Utterly Delicious" parlours created in major cities Ahmedabad,
Bangalore, Baroda, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Surat. Amul
has plans to create a large chain of such outlets to be managed
by franchisees throughout the country.

Amul have created Amul Parlours at some
prominent locations in the country, which are run
by the company or its wholesale dealers:

1.Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
2.The Somnath Temple
3.National Institute of Design
4.Infosys Technologies in Bangalore, Mysore & Pune
5.Wipro campus in Bangalore
6.L.J. College, Ahmedabad
7.Ahmedabad Airport
8.Surat Municipal Corporation
9.Delhi Police
10.Gujarat State Raod Transport Corporation
11.Jubilee Mission Medical College, Trichur, Kerala
12.Sanjay Gandhi Hospital Parlour, Amethi
13.Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata
14.Cafe Amul, MDG, Gandhinagar

"Amul Utterly Delicious" parlours are an excellent
business opportunity for investors, shopkeepers and
organizations. In order to come closer to the customer,
we have decided to create a model for retail outlets,
which would be known as "Amul Preferred Outlets"(APO).

Amul ice-cream’s “buy one get
one free


An Amul butter ad on Pakistan's Kargil War fiasco.
The image shows the "Amul baby" in between
George Fernandes and Vajpayee.Kargil WarGeorge
Its advertising has also started using tongue-in-
cheek sketches starring the Amul baby
commenting jovially on the latest news or current
events. The pun in her words has been popular.
The Amul ads are one of the longest running ads
based on a theme, now vying for the Guinness
records for being the longest running ad campaign
ever. Sylvester daCunha, was the managing
director of the advertising agency, ASP, that
created the campaign in 1967 whose charm has
endured fickle public opinion, gimmickry and all
else.Guinness records

TV Advertisement

Various TV commercials of Amul, are one of
the important marketing strategy used by
amul to introduce there products in the
market. Various products of amul such as
Amul cool, Amul cheese, Amul pasteurized
milk, Amul ice-creams, etc., had there TV
commercials which gave boost to there
demand in the market. Although there best
quality products with affordable price were
always in the demand in market, but by
making the TV commercials they became the
threat there competitors.
Amul also sponsored TV shows, out of
which amul Star Voice of India was one of the
hit campaign of amul. The show was aired

successfully on Star TV, resulting in one more
success story in the books of amul.


It is indeed a matter of great pleasure for us to
express our sincere gratitude and indebtedness
whose profound enthusiasm, co-operation,
guidance and keen supervision at every stage of
our project work inspired us in pursuing and
completing the project within schedule.
We are obliged to our HON’BLE PRINCIPAL
DR.V.M.INGAVALE who provided the facilities in the
college for carrying out the project .
We are grateful to MS. ANUJA JADHAV,
Librarian for her valuable guidance from time to

Omissions , however if any are unintentional.

Various advertisement images of Amul

Amul kool milk shake

Amul Shakti milk

Amul malai paneer

Amul pizza cheese

Amul mithai make

Amul kool koko


Amul's Vanilla Royale is available in an attractive 500 ml paper
cup priced at Rs. 45/- all over the country. It stays fresh for 12
months from the date of packaging when stored at minus 18
degree Celsius

Amul, the market leader in ice creams in the country, has
launched the Sundae Swirl Range of Ice-creams. Sundae Swirl
is a ripple- based ice cream in which vanilla ice cream is
topped with colorful tasty sauces. Sundae swirl ice cream is

packed in an attractive transparent plastic cup having dome
shape lid that protects the innovative ice cream shape.

Market demand

Internal demand

Amul is India's largest food products marketing organisation. It is a
state level apex body of milk cooperatives in Gujarat which aims to
provide remunerative returns to the farmers and also serve the
interest of consumers by providing quality products which are good
value for money.
CRISIL, India's leading Ratings, Research, Risk and Policy Advisory
company, has assigned its highest ratings of "AAA/Stable/P1+" to the
various bank facilities of Amul.


13 district cooperative milk
producers' Union

No. of Producer

2.7 million

No. of Village Societies:13,141

Total Milk handling

10.21 million litres per day

Milk collection (Total -

2.69 billion litres

Milk collection (Daily
Average 2007-08):

7.4 million litres

Milk Drying Capacity:

626 Mts. per day

manufacturing Capacity:
3090 Mts per day

Sales Turnover

Rs (million)

US $ (in million)











































External demand

Amul is one of the India's largest exporter of Dairy
Products. It has been accorded a "Trading House" status.
GCMMF (amul) has received the APEDA Award from
Government of India for Excellence in Dairy Product
Exports for the last 11 years.
The major export products are:

Consumer Packs

•Amul Pure Ghee

•Amul Butter

•Amul Shrikhand

•Amul Mithaee Gulabjamun

•Nutramul Brown Beverage

•Amul Cheese

•Amul Malai Paneer

•Amul UHT Milk (Long Life)

•Amul Gold Milk

•Amul Taaza Double Toned Milk

•Amul Lite Slim and Trim Milk

•Amul Fresh Cream

Bulk Packs

•Amul Skimmed Milk Powder

•Amul Full Cream Milk Powder
Many of our products are now available in the USA, Gulf
Countries and Singapore.

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