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cell NTT DoCoMo's i-mode is a wireless iinternet service for i-mode mobile phones iusing HTTP. the lady whom Fortune magazine voted as the ³most powerful woman in business´. iMode offers Internet services from the convenient cell-phone. .Introduction I Mode was invented by Mari Matsunaga.  In simple terms.

0for content description.  Internet service using PDC ±p.Definition  The 'I' stands for information..  IMODE is a mobile ISP and portal service from NTT DOCOMO. .Japan. not the internet.  Subset of HTML3.

Next generation I-Mode Mobile Phone will based on IJava Language ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Integrate Jini.0 will support push technology. . MIDlet technology. WAP 2. I mode is always on connection. Contains monochrome type of display.  WAP    Using WML as browsing language. I mode supports packet switched network. Contains LCD display.Difference between WAP and IMODE  I-Mode   Using compact CHTML as browsing language. Java Card.

 Its mobile computing service enables users to do telephone banking.  As of early 2000. and ehave access to the Internet. Japan in early 1999 by NTT Do Como. conduct stock transactions. send and receive e-mail. i-Mode had an iestimated 5.6 million users. . make airline reservations.History I Mode is a service that was introduced in Como.

000 6.024 7.000 1. . 18th Pass the two million mark ! Aug. Au g 20 . . e . . .000 2.509 5. 15th Pass the five million mark ! Oct.602 4493 3742 3131 NOW 13 million users! 00 .094 10. .000 9. Ja n .114 8.293 857 457 139 252 5 58 y .733 1.NTT DoCoMo Confidential i-mode Subscriber Growth RI6XEV  12.000 7.000 5. Ma r Ap r Ma y Ju n Ju l Au g Se p Oc t No v De c 11.000 4.000 3.000 0 99 19 Fe b Mar.289 6. . 8th Pass the one million mark ! 2655 1. Fe b Ma r Ap r Ma y Ju n . .000 10. Ju l . .000 8.000 11.

Provider Info. Provider Info. Provider PC Packet iMode Network Server (PDC-P) Communication Network (PDC) Internet PSTN Groupware Server PC .Architecture Info.

I Mode Features Provides personal Internet web and mail service on digital cellular phone network.  Proprietary protocol  Control of content  Micro billing  Uses packet switched network .users will always have on connection  Phone display  .

or to anyone with an e-mail eaccount. i-mail One of the most popular aspects of the iimode service is i-mail that enables users ito send e-mail messages to others on the esame service. .

.The i-mode system i The i-mode system was originally run on ithe PDC system that is found in Japan. however it can also be applied to other cellular systems as well. i-mode uses a protocol iknown as PDC-P (Personal Digital Cellular PDCPacket) for the interchange of data packets.  Based on a packet transmission to the mobile phones.

.  Specially developed websites using cHTML that enables sites to be downloaded more quickly .  The i-mode menu on the phone enables ithe user to select one of four zones.Internet access using i-mode i The other major element of i-mode is its iability to surf the internet and access internet sites.

Data via Modem . the world standard I-mode Servers HTTP Billing DB Information provider Packet Data Internet IP User DB DoCoMo¶s Packet Network (PDC-P) (PDC- IP DoCoMo¶s Network (PDC) Voice.Features of i-mode i‡ Packet based telecommunication charge (PDC-P) ‡ HTML based.

Specifications      Web page: Total size :5kbyte(max).600bit/sec Frequency :800MHZ .2kbyte(min) Gif picture :94*72 pixel Trans : HTTP Mail message: Total size :500bytes(250 Japanese characters) BandWidth:9.


HTML Telephony Function PDC Mail ALP (Application Layer Protocol) TLP (Transport Layer Protocol) PDC-P iMode Server ALP (Application Layer Protocol) TCP IP . ALP  Supports both pull (HTTP) and push style communication  Direct HTTP communication between mobile phone and iMode server UITP (User Information Transfer Protocol) sends subscriber information from PDC-P network to iMode server PDCNWMP (Network Management Protocol) performs signaling.Protocols     TLP  Improved efficiency in PDC-P network over TCP (uses fewer PDCpackets to save charges)  Higher data packet ratio.

Corporate Use of i-mode: Intranet and iGroupware Package Vendors Corporate Intranets .

 Information transmission for higher education.  Administrative support for financial institution.  Secure customer transactions for banking.Applications  Sales support for major retailer. .

Goals     Stick to telephone Easy to use Leverage Internet technologies Media diversification. .

.IMODE problems  Geographically limited  Geared towards Japanese  Protocol control.

Conclusion .

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