The End Of Alice by A.M.


Intensely Beautiful

The narrator is Chappy, a pedophile whos been locked up in Sing Sing for 23 years. The tale alternates between Chappys own story (both outside and inside of prison), and letters he receives from a 19-year-old girl who knows of Alices fate and wants to start playing with 12-year-old boys. The girls letters distur b Chappy, bringing his memories vividly to the fore. In prose that is both lyrical and horrifyingly direct, A.M. Amy Homes takes us into the minds of the correspondents. Chappy is bright, analytical, and reminiscent of Nabokov in the way he talks about his Lolita. But the sex is graphic and often bizarre, and the authors tone is chilly, so its not a book to be picked up lightly. As Daphne Merkin writes in the New York Times, its a splashy, not particularly likable book whose best moments are quietly observed and whose underlying themes are more serious than prurient. Unlike most of the reviewers, I didnt find this book disturbing, disgusting or horrifying at all. No, it was a carefully crafted piece of art that touched many untouched subjects, perversion, death, insanity, and most of all love in ways that they is hardly portrayed. This book goes down to the fundamental elements of the soul and society. My words cant even begin to describe 20% of the true heart-rendering soul of this novel. An innovative take on the subject (an isolated perverts correspondence with another isolated pervert) and I hope that more people will begin to realize how many more of these honest books are needed. To clear any confusion, I (and this book) are not advocating pedophilia or crime, I only want to say that everyone has different quirks...and in _The End of Alice_ one is taken to the extreme.

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