The Gods Themselves by Isaac Asimov


Winner of the Hugo Award and Nebula Award. Features: * Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping Prices Having read a lot of science fiction over the years, and being a big fan of Isaac Asimov, I cant for the life of me imagine how I neglected to read this masterpiece. Winner of both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, in my opinion, this is Asimovs best work and one of the finest science fiction works Ive encountered. The book is written in three distinct parts, seperated by location, though the time frame is more or less contemporaneous (circa 2070). The first section of the novel sets the stage and takes place on Earth. Through contact with a parallel universe, with radically different physical laws, a source of free and plentiful energy is discovered, a revolutionary development for human society. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and the remainder of the novel deals with complications arising from the ensuing Electron Pump. The second part of the novel is simply mind blowing. In it, Asimov has created an alien culture (beings occupying the aforementioined parallel universe) that is so fascinating and complex as to be well deserving of the awards which this novel has garnered. Were this 50-75 page chapter released as a short story, it would be deserving of the title, Best Science Fiction Short Story Ever Written. The last two pages of the chapter contain two different, shocking plot twists that will literally cause goose bumps. Finally, the third chapter of the story results in an elegant resolution of the crisis presented in the first two. Set on the Moon, Asimov creates a lunar colony, that while not entirely original, has aspects Ive not seen before.

The creativity, while not up to the standards of the second chapter (how could it be) is nevertheless top rate. The story involves complex physics, which Asimov explains well and simply enough to be understood by the average non-scientific layman. This science fiction work is among the best novels Ive ever encountered in any genre. Ive read that Asimov considered it his best work, and I agree completely. If youre not a science fiction fan, take two hours and read the second chapter alone, as a short story. It will be well worth your time.

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