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                Who started the first orphanage in Gujarat? Mahipatram Rupram Who started the first Girls' school in Ahmedabad? Harkunwar Shethani, 1850 Where was the first Planetarium of Gujarat established? Surat Which is the main city in the district Daang? Ahwa Who is known as the promoter of Libraries in Gujarat? Motibhai Amin Which King first made education compulsory while in reign? Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad-Vadodara Which is the largest library in Gujarat? Central Library, Vadodara Where is the military school near Jamnagar situated in Gujarat? Balachhadi Name the Government scheme that provides insurance for school children. Vidyadeep Scheme Which is the Gujarat based organization that works for promotion of National language? Gujarat Prantiya Rashtrabhasha Samiti In which college in Bhavnagar did Gandhiji study? Shamaldas College Which revolutionary patriot from Gujarat was a professor of Sanskrit in Oxford University? Shyamji Krishna Varma Name the Mathematician from Gujarat who, it is believed, has invented Zero? Brahmagupt Which Gujarati has contributed to Telecom revolution in India? Sam Pitroda Who was the initiator of Jyotisangh – an organization for women empowerment? Charumati Yoddha In Gujarat, which organization works for preservation and research for ancient manuscripts and stone inscriptions? Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Indology Who started the first cotton textile mill in Gujarat? Ranchhodlal Chhotalal Who led the Maha Gujarat movement? Indulal Yagnik Name the University of the olden times of Gujarat that was known in the world. Valabhi Vidyapeeth20 Who started the Hari Om Ashram in Nadiad? Saint Pujya shri Mota Name the parents of Gandhiji. Mother: Putlibai and Father: Karamchand Gandhi What is Gandhiji's residence in Porbandar known as? Kirti Mandir Who was known as father to the Tribals in Gujarat? Amrutlal Viththaldas Thakkar (Thakkar bapa)

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On which railway station in South Africa was Gandhiji pushed out of train while on journey, even though he had a first class ticket? Peter Maritz berg Which Gujarati flagged the National flag of India on a foreign land the first time? Madam Bhikhaiji Cama Which daily did Gandhiji start for the upliftement of the backwards? Harijan Bandhu (Gujarati) Which towns in Gujarat get maximum cold in winter and maximum heat in summer? Maximum cold – Naliya & Maximum heat – Disa Where was Dayanand Saraswati born? Tankara (Dist. Rajkot) Name the scripture written by Saint Dayanand Saraswati. Satyarthprakash What was the name of Narsinh Mehta's daughter? Kunwarbai Since when has Ahmedabad Airport been an international airport? 26 January, 1991 Which saint dedicated his life to the service of the leprosy sufferers? Saint Amardevi Das Which monthly that was started by Saint Punit Maharaj is popular till the date? Jan Kalyan Who wrote the Bhajan 'Ma Baap ne Bhulsho Nahi'? Saint Punit Maharaj For leading which Satyagraha did Sardar Patel got the title 'Sardar'? Bardoli Satyagraha Where was saint Bodana born? Dakor Who established the 'Sastu Sahitya' organization? Bhikshu Akhandanand Name the first Gujarati who favoured fighters' revolution. Shyamji Krishna Varma Who inaugurated the state of Gujarat? Ravishankar Maharaj Who was the first speaker of Gujarat State Assembly? Kalyan V. Mehta Who was the first lady Minister of Gujarat? Indumatiben Sheth Who was the first governor of Gujarat? Mehndi Nawaz Jang Who was the first chief minister of Gujarat? Dr. Jivraj Mehta Which Social activist had to get debarred from his own house for writing an Essay on 'Widow Remarriage'? Karshandas Mulji Who was called 'Charotar nu Moti' by Gandhiji? Motibhai Amin Who was the first Physics Scientist from Gujarat? Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Who inspired the prince of Solanki Dynasty Kumarpal to adopt Jainism? Hemchandracharya What is the full name of the renowned poet 'Kalaapi'? Sursinhji Takhtasinhji Gohil

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Whose residence was 'Hradaykunj' in the Sabarmati Ashram? Gandhiji Who embraced martyrdom while putting up the National Flag in Gujarat College at the time of Quit India movement? Vinod Kinariwala What was the original name of Swami Sahajanand? Ghanshyam Who renovated the Somnath Temple after India got independence? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Which Gujrarati youth has swam 35 km broad English channel in 12 hours? Sufyan Sheikh Who is dearly known as 'Ba' all over the world? Kasturba Gandhi Who established worldknown Reliance Industries? Dhirubhai Ambani On whose name is Gujarat State Assembly named? Viththalbhai Patel Which is the largest dam in Gujarat? Sardar Sarovar Dam Where is famous palace with 1000 windows in it, in Gujarat? Rajpipla Who created Kankariya Balvatika that is popular among children in Gujarat? Rubin David In which mountain range is the famous pilgrimage – Ambaji situated? Arvalli In which mountain range is Saputara situated? Sahyadri On which mountain are the Jain temples of Palitana situated? Shetrunjaya Which part of Gujarat is known as the Garden of Gujarat? Central Gujarat On the banks of which river does the city of Surat dwell? Taapi In which city is the Sayajirao Museum in Gujarat? Baroda Which chief minister of Gujarat started the mid day meal scheme (Madhyan Bhojan Yojna)? Madhavsinh Solanki Where is the famous Sidi Saiyed Jali in Gujarat? Ahmedabad Where is the Indroda Park (zoo) in Gujarat? Gandhinagar Which is the largest district of Gujarat in terms of area? Kachchh Where is the famous Akshardham temple in Gujarat? Gandhinagar In which district is the Ukai Dam situated? Taapi Where was Dinosaur eggs found in Gujarat? Raiyali Who was the most brave and powerful king of the Solanki dynasty? Sidhdharaj Jaysinh

gujaratquiz. have the heart of a tiger and a lion'? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Who set up the Swaminarayan sect? Sahajanand Swami Which city is Malav Lake in for which it is said. visit Malav lake'? Dholaka Whose name is associated with Ranji Trophy? Jam Ranjitsinhji Who was Gandhiji's personal secretary? Mahadevbhai Desai Which Chinese traveler came to Gujarat in the year 640? Hue-en-tsang Who was ruling Gujarat when East India Company first came to Surat in Gujarat? Jehangir Name the renowned Gujarati Billiard player. Bhavnagar) Which saint's name is attached to the Dakor temple? Saint Bodana Which Mantra did Pujya Mota want people to chant? Hari Om Who said. Wipro? Azim Premji Mahadevbhai Desai 'Agnikund ma ugelu Gulab'? Narayan Desai Where was Narsinh Mehta born? Talaja On the banks of which river does the city of Bharuch dwell? Narmada Name the famous variety of Wheat crop of Gujarat. Bhaliya Which stream in the District Bhavnagar never dries? Tantaniyo Dharo Where is the Hamirsar Lake in Gujarat? Bhuj . 'even if you are lean and thin.                         Where is the world known BlackBuck Park situated in Gujarat? Velavadar Where is the Sardar Sarovar in Gujarat? Kevadiya Colony Who got Kankariya Lake constructed? Sultan Kutbuddin Which famous painter started the magazine 'Kumar'? Ravishankar Rawal What was the native of the spiritual poetess Ganga sati? Samadhiyala (Dist. 'if you want an example of justice. Geet Sethi What is the original name of Jayshankar Sundari? Jayshankar Bhojak Which cartoonist is known as 'Chakor'? Bansilal Varma What is 2 nd October – 'Gandhi Jayanti' also celebrated all over the world as? Aantarashtriya Ahimsa Din Which Gujarati is the Chairman of India's biggest software company.

Where are famous Patola made in Gujarat? Patan Which district produces maximum Isabgul? Mehsana Where is the first Nature Education Centre of Gujarat? Hingolgadh How many principal rivers are there in Gujarat? Seven Which is the biggest artificial lake of Gujarat? Sardar Sarovar During which king's reign was the Modhera sun temple built? King Bhimdev the first Which is the biggest water reserve project in Gujarat? Sardar Sarovar Project Which is the biggest port in Gujarat? Kandala What was the purpose of building Naginawadi in the middle of Kankariya lake? For the summer stay for the kings Which is the largest hospital of Asia in Gujarat? Civil Hospital-Ahmedabad www.                          Where in Gujarat is the meeting place of seven rivers? Vautha For breaking which act did Gandhiji take up the Dandi March? Salt Where is the biggest Thermal Power Station in Gujarat? Dhuvaran Which tropic cuts across the central Gujarat? Tropic of Cancer What is the name of the International Airport in Gujarat? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport Which is the known Agiyari in Udwada? The Holy Iranshah Fire Temple In which fair are camels sold and purchased in Gujarat? Katyok Where is the Dudhsagar Dairy situated? Mehsana What was the title given to social worker and patriot Ravishankar Maharaj? Muthi Unchero Manavi Which is the head quarter of National Dairy Development Board in Gujarat? Anand Which is the well known sanctuary for Leopard and Sambar in Gujarat? Bardipada ( . Daang) At which place sanctuary set up for the Bear in Gujarat? Ratanmahal During which king's reign did the title 'Gurjar Desh' start being used for Gujarat? Mulraj Solanki Which country does Gujarat share its border with? Pakistan Which is Gujarat's biggest Railway Station? Ahmedabad Which is the biggest fertilizer factory in Gujarat? Gujarat Narmada valley fertilizer co.gujaratquiz. .                          Which sea surrounds Gujarat? Arabic Sea Which is the biggest river in Gujarat? Narmada In which area of Gujarat we find the lowest temperature? Nalia Who was the first Gujarati prime minister in India? Morarji Desai Which place gets maximum rains in Gujarat? Daang Who laid foundation stone of Sardar Sarovar Dam? Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru What have the sites at Champaner been declared as by UNESCO? World Heritage site Which poet from Gujarat is known as Rashtriya Shaayar? Zaverchand Meghani What title has been given to poet Narmad? Veer Where did Gandhiji set up the first Ashram in Ahmedabad? Kocharab Ashram How many temples are there in the known Jain pilgrimage Palitana? 863 Where was the first revolving restaurant made in Asia? Surat What was the ancient name of Sidhdhpur? ShriSthal Which place near Bhavnagar was a Vidyapeeth situated in? Valabhipur Whose daughter is the river Taapi believed to be? Lord Surya Which was the first European power in Gujarat? Portugese From where Dhirubhai Ambani belongs to? Chorwad In which city did the Portugese rule in Gujarat? Diu In which year did Bardoli Satyagraha take place? 1928 In which year did the non cooperation movement start? 1920 Which city of Gujarat was a transit point in the Spice & Silk trade in ancient times? Bharuch Which Satyagraha gave Gandhiji a title of 'Baapu'? Champaran Satyagraha Which city was made the Capital of Gujarat after the establishment of the state? Ahmedabad Which district of Gujarat is known for being the worlds' largest flamingo ground? Kachchh Who got the marble temple of Adinath constructed in Abu? Vimal Mantri Which Maratha kings ruled in Baroda? Gaekwad www.

Paldi Where did poet Akho reside in Ahmedabad? Desai ni Pol.                  Who got Moonsar Lake constructed in Viramgam? Minal Devi Where is the pilgrimage of famous saint Jalaram Bapa situated in Saurashtra? Veerpur Which city in Gujarat was known as entrance to Makka? Surat Against which act did Gujarat witness strike in 1919? Rollet Act Which Jain pilgrimage is situated near Narayan Sarovar? Shankheshwar When was Gandhiji born and where? 2nd October. 1869.200 sq.gujaratquiz. 1948 What was the birth place of Hemchandracharya? Dhandhuka Which age is known as Golden age in the history of Gujarat? Solanki Period What was the worldly name of Hemchandracharya? Changdev Where is Kite Museum in Ahmedabad? Tagore Hall. Porbandar For upliftment of tribals who set up Panchmahal Bhil Sewa Mandal? Thakkarbapa What is the death anniversary of Gandhiji? 30th . tribal culture & Stunning natural beauty? Dangs When did Railway start in Gujarat? 1855 Which is the main river in the district of Sabarkantha? Hathmati What is the ancient name of Adalaj? Gadh Patan Which Hindu festival celebrated according to English calendar? Uttrayan What is the average rainfall of Gujarat? 67cm How much part has been covered by the Desert in Gujarat? 27. Khadiya Which place is famous for attracting more than 200 species of migration birds in winter? Nal Sarovar What was Vadnagar known as in olden times? Anartpur Which Mughal king believed Gujarat as the jewel of India? Aurengzeb In which language was Sidhdhahem written by Hemchandracharya? Prakrit Name the only region which stands apart for its thick Jungle pulsating with wildlife. km What is the meaning of the word 'Saputara'? Abode of Snake        www.

                         Which three rivers of Gujarat are called as Unmarried River? (do not merge with the sea) Saraswati. Rupen Which fort of historic importance situated near Jasdan in Rajkot district? Hingolgadh Which Rann is situated in Kachchh district? Desert of Tharparkar Which is the biggest temple of Gujarat? Akshrardham Temple.192 How many Village Courts (Gram Panchayats) are there in Gujarat? 13. Banas. Gandhinagar What is the name of the village which hosts an ancient temple of Krishna. Balram. and Rukmini in Porbandar district? Madhavpur Where is the second largest Science city of the country situated in Gujarat? Ahmedabad In which year the Dutch establish their trading centre in Gujarat? In 1606 In which year the French establish their trading centre in Gujarat? In 1668 On Which Purnima night the festival is celebrated in the exotic desert of Kutch.187 How many Taluka Courts (Taluka Panchayats) are there in Gujarat? 226 www.? Sharad Purnima Name the place where Rishi Vasistha performed a Yajna to eliminate demons from Gujarat? Arbudak Mountain In which year the site of Harappan culture ‘Dholavira’ was discovered? 1967 Which religion faiths do the Taranga is believed to be a Mahatirtha? Jains Which City in Gujarat is known for being the birth place of Jamshedji Tata & Dadabhai Navroji? Navsari How many times in a day is the flag of the Dwarkadhish temple changed? 3 times Where is the 'Kala Dungar( Black Mountain) located in Gujarat? Kachchh How many districts are there in Gujarat now? 26 Which king provided shelter to the Parsis in Gujarat? Jadi Rana Which port did the Parsis come first when they came to India? Sanjan Port How old would is the port of Lothal believed to be? Approximately 4000 years back What is the old name of river Banas? Parnasha Which is the present capital of Gujarat? Gandhinagar Named after which sage an important river flow from pavagadh? Vishwamitra How many villages are there in Gujarat? .gujaratquiz. . Vaidya Which place in Gujarat is known for Agricultural tools? Rajkot Where is the Nano car plant in Gujarat located at? Sanand Which place in Gujarat has shown the highest industrial development? Ankleshwar By which award are researchers in the field of science felicitated? Dr.gujaratquiz. No. C. P. 181 to 200 Que. No. 201 to 220 What is the weight of the Kalash atop the Somnath Temple? 10 Tonnes Which district has the famous Gira water fall? Daang On how many pillars does the Dwarkadhish Temple stand on? 60 In which year was the Satyagrah Sabarmati) of Ahmedabad founded by Mahatma Gandhi? 1917 Ashram (In which city is the Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum located? Vadodara What was the total length of Dandi March? 385 km Who built the mallinath Temple at Mt.                         Which city of Gujarat has the highest population? Ahmedabad Area wise what rank does Gujarat has amongst all Indian States? 7th Rank Which fort at Jamnagar is converted into a museum? Lakhota Fort Where Gujarat is situated in India? In western part of India Where is the longest beach in Gujarat? Jamnagar(354 k. Girnar? Vastupal & Tejpal For how many years Gandhiji stayed in Ashram? 13 years Sabarmati in which year were the telegraph lines linking Ahmedabad to Bombay installed? 1850 Which river flows through Vadodara city? Vishwamitri What is the height of Gujarat's heights peak Gorakhnath peak at Girnar? 3666 feet In which year did the Indus valley civilization penetrated in Gujarat? 2400 BC Name the Mathematician that researched on Einstein's Relativity. Vikram Sarabhai Award How many artesian worked to build the sun temple at modhera? 1200 Which city of Gujarat has the highest number of schools? Ahmedabad Which Gujarati scholar was the first to join the British judiciary in 1844? Bholanath Sarabhai www.m.)Que.

Surat www.                         Which place of Gujarat is called the Manchester of the East? Ahmedabad In which school Gandhiji studied in Rajkot? Sir Alfred High School The Kankaria lake of Ahmedabad is a polygon with how many sides? 34 Which city has the largest open air screen in Asia? Ahmedabad (Drive in Cinema) Who has been the youngest wicket-keeper and batsman to enter Indian Cricket team? Parthiv Patel Who established the first theatre in Ahmedabad? Dahyabhai Zaveri Who set up the first steam operated Saw gin in Ahmedabad? Tribhuvan Sheth In which city of Gujarat did Sachin Tendulkar complete his 30.D. Vikram Sarabhai Name the first Gujarati female to go on a space travel. Sunita Williams Which Gujarati player got federating in Chess at the youngest age? Pratik Parekh Name the well known Gujarati science magazine and name its publisher.gujaratquiz. Who wrote 'Hari no Marag Chhe Shura no'? Poet Pritamdas Where and when did first Gujarati school start? 1836. km Who is known as the father of Indian Space Research? .000 runs in International Cricket? Ahmedabad How much area is covered by the largest Sarovar 'Nal sarovar' of Gujarat? 186 sq. Safari-Nagendra Vijay Where is the first 3D theatre of Gujarat? Science City-Ahmedabad What is the international stadium in Ahmedabad called? Motera stadium Which Gujarati has won World Children Chess Championship for the first time? Riddhi Shah With which sport is Aparna Popat's name associated? Badminton Where is the head quarter of GCA – Gujarat Cricket Association? Ahmedabad. 241 to 260 What was poet Premanand by profession? Maan Bhatt (rhythmist) Who is the Indian fast bowler who got hat trick in Test series? Irfan Pathan Which Gujarati gave international repute to Gujarat in chess? Tejas Bakre Who is the first player who has performed well in Skating and has received Arjun Award for that? Naman Parekh In which year did poetess Meera come to Dwarika in Gujarat? 1537 A.

'no one now will create his own spellings in Gujarati'? Mahatma Gandhi Which Non Gujarati litterateur was known as 'Sawai Gujarati'? Kakasaheb Kalelkar Gandhi for becoming such a staunch follower of Truth? Satyavadi Raja Harishchandra Agricultural University established in Gujarat? Dantiwada. yaadi bhari tya aap ni'.     I will not put on my turban till Gujarati language does not receive its deserved pride' – who has taken a vow like his? Poet Premanand What is poet Kant's original name? Manishankar Ratnaji Bhatt Union Territory Diu. Dave Which city of Gujarat has the Railway Training College? Vadodara When and where was Shri Somnath Sanskrit University established? Veraval.gujaratquiz.Ahmedabad – 1887 What is the original name of Swami Anand? Himmatlal Ramchandra Dave What is the original name of 'Sundaram'? Tribhovandas Purushottamdas Luhar Who wrote under the pen name of 'Darshak'? Manubhai Rajaram Pancholi Who has written Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat? Narmad Who was called 'Hasya Samrat' in Gujarati comic literature? Jyotindra H. in 1973 Which was the first college of Gujarat? Gujarat College. which is known for study programme in Architecture. prabhu. in 1963 When and where was the first Ayurved University of Gujarat established? . in 2008 When and where was CEPT. Poet Kalapi Who wrote 'Janni ni jod sakhi nahi jade re lol'? Damodar Khushaldas Botadkar Who said. established? Ahmedabad. tara banavela aje tane banave che'? Harji Lavji Damani 'Shayda' Which state did Kalapi was a king to? Lathi Who wrote 'Jya jya najar mari thare. situated near Junagadh was centre of which foreign tribe? The Portuguese Which collection of poems is well known by poet Kalapi? Kalapi no kekarav Who wrote 'mane e joi ne hasvu hajar vaar ave che. in 1967 Where is Gujarat Technology University situated? Gandhinagar                   www.

S.E. Narsinhrao Bholanath Divetiya What was the original name of poet Kant? Manishankar Ratnaji Bhatt What is Dattatreya Balkrishna popularly known as? Kakasaheb Kalelkar Who wrote the first patriotic poem in modern poetry? Poet Dalpatram What is poet Dayaram known for? Garbi Which was the first magazine for children in Gujarati? Gaandiv What was name of the poet Kalaapi? Sursinhji Takhtasinhji Gohil What is the 1st May celebrated as in Gujarat? Gujarat Sthapana Din (Establishment Day) What is the original name of 'Dhoomketu'? Gaurishankar Joshi . 'Jya jya vase ek Gujarat i tya tya sadakaal Gujarat'? Ardeshar Khabardar Who wrote the poem.E and S. M. Ahmedabad To whom does the credit of setting up of IIM-A goes? Dr.C.S. Institute of Mental Health Which is the reputed university in Gujarat for distance learning? Dr.gujaratquiz. Vikram Sarabhai Which is the Institute in Gujarat for Atomic Education? Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) What is full name of L. 281 to 300 Name poet Nhanalal's poet father. Engineering College? Lalbhai Dalpatbhai college of Engineering What medal is awarded for noteworthy work in the field of Gujarati literature? Ranjitram Gold Medal Which is the National level institute in Ahmedabad that trains mentally challenged people? B. Babasaheb Ambedkar UniversityNo.C. Poet Dalpatram Which poet in Gujarati is known as 'Kavishwar'? Dalpatram Where is the Mineral Oil Refinery in Gujarat? Mamalgar Koyli Which children litterateur was known as 'Muchchali Ma'? Gijubhai Badheka Who has written. D. 'Aandhali ma no kagal'? Indulal Gandhi When was the the first Gujarati calendar published? Samvat 1871 Who has written the children poetry collection 'Jhabuk vijli jhabuk' and children plays 'Be bhai' and 'Taiko'? Makrand Dave Name the poet of 'Mangal Mandir Kholo'. start in Gujarat? In 1972 Which is the world known Designing Institute of Gujarat? Where is it? National Institute of Design.                         When did H. .M. besides Bandhani? Kajal How much is the area of Gujarat? 1. Jal Shakti (Power of Water) and Raksha Shakti (Power of Defense)?” Panchamrut What is the Tribals' festival that is held in Daang every year known as? Daang Darbar What is Jamnagar known for. Narendra Modi named the bunch of Jan Shakti (Power of People).                         What is the pen name of Umashankar joshi? Vasuki From which place of Gujarat 6 billion year old dinosaur eggs were discovered? Balasinor Which day of the week Gandhiji used to observe silence? Monday Where is India's biggest Ship breaking yard in Gujarat? Alang Where is the sanctuary for wild Ass in Gujarat? Desert of Kachchh In which fair are milking animals sold and purchased in Gujarat? Vautha fair What are the distinctly designed small houses in Kachchh known as? Bhoonga "What has the C. km Where was Sardar Patel born? Nadiyad Which city of Gujarat is known as Green city? Gandhinagar Which city of Gujarat has been given the status of World heritage site? Champaner Where was Gandhiji born? Porbandar Which is Gujarat's biggest river? Narmada What is Gujarat's ranking in India in terms of area? 9th In which district Gujarat's famous pilgrimage place Dakor is situated? Kheda Which place in Gujarat has more than 1000 temples? Palitana Where was the poet Akho born? Jetalpur (near Ahmedabad) Which breed of cows of Gujarat is known for giving more milk? Kankreji321 to 340 Which is the smallest district of Gujarat? Gandhinagar What is Vadnagar's Kirti Toran also known as? Narsinh Mehta's Chori Which two Ashrams does the Ashram Road in Ahmedabad connect? Sabarmati Ashram and Kochrab Ashram Which district in India produces the maximum of ground nuts? Junagadh www.gujaratquiz. Urja Shakti (Power of Energy).077 sq. Gnan Shakti (Power of Knowldege).

5 km Which is the official state tree of Gujarat? Mango Tree  www.gujaratquiz.                        Name the scheme that enables Gujarat to provide electricity for 24 hours to its . Jyotigram Yojna Where is the biggest mineral centre in Gujarat? Ankleshwar Which government transport facility is available in Gujarat for emergency medical help? '108' In which city did Parsis came from Iran settled? Valsad Which is the first village in Gujarat avails electricity for the night by sunlight? Methan Which is the official state bird in Gujarat? Flemingo In which part is Tobaco produced in Gujarat? Charotar In which city of Gujarat is the world known engraving on the stone – Sidi Saiyed ni Jali? Ahmedabad Which is the official state animal in Gujarat? Lion In which city is it believed lord Krishna set up his reign? Dwarika What is the birth place of Narsinh Mehta? Talaja Which scheme in Gujarat promotes female child education? Vidyalaxmi Bond Where is the world's largest refinery in Gujarat? Jamnagar Where is Gujarat's largest cement-manufacturing facility located? Porbandar Which mountain of Gujarat looks like the face of Lord Shiv sleeping? Girnar From which Satyagraha movement did Sardar Patel join Gandhiji? Kheda Satyagraha Which Gujarati got elected in People's society in England? Dadabhai Navroji What was Kankariya lake earlier known as? Hauj-e-Qutub What is the title of the first book written by Hemchandracharya on Grammar? Siddhahemshabdanushasan Where is Gujarat's largest thermal power station? Dhuvaran Which social worker saint set up the Arya Samaj in Gujarat? Swami Dayanand Saraswati Which district of Gujarat has the maximum of Tribals? Daang Which is Gujarat's largest Taluka in terms of area? Una What is the length of the ambitious river front project on the river of Sabarmati in Ahmedabad? 12.

Where and when did the postal service start in Gujarat? Ahmedabad – 1838 In which village of Gujarat the Afro-origin tribal are dwelling while preserving their traditional culture and customs? Sirvan (Sasan Geer. Gujarat) What is the African Tribe settled in Gujarat known as? Sidi Which river in Gujarat has a hundred years old bridge with artistic umbrellas? Vishwamitri Which saint has built a temple on Kankariya lake? Saint Dadu Dayal Which film from Gujarat won a prize in Chicago International Children's Film Festival 2009-10? Harun-Arun In which month of Hindu calendar devotees’ pilgrimage to Ambaji? Bhadarva On which river Dharoi Dam is constructed? Sabarmati River Which state produces maximum salt in India? Gujarat Who was the director of movie .                        What is the official state song of Gujarat? Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat.. which released in last decade? Sanjay Leela Bhansali Which sanctuary in district Panchmahal is known for species of birds? Ratanmahal Where is the normal water lake near Arabic Sea in Gujarat? Narayan Sarovar Which bridge in Ahmedabad is made of Iron which has yet not got eroded? Ellis Bridge (Vivekanand Bridge) What is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's native? Karamsad In which district is the Kabirvad which is known as the symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity in the memory of great saint Kabir? Bharuch Where the National Park for Black Buck is situated in Gujarat? Velavadar How long is the coastline of Gujarat? 1660 km Which tropic cuts across the central Gujarat? Tropic of Cancer For which species is the Nal Sarovar a sanctuary? Migratory birds Which place in Gujarat gets maximum rains? Dharampur Which is the famous hill station in Daang? Saputara With how many states is Gujarat connected by road? Three Which is the largest river in Saurashtra? Bhadar www.gujaratquiz..

in .                          Which place in Gujarat is the highest from sea level? Astamba (1350 meter) Where is Gujarat's biggest planetarium? Vadodara In which district in Gujarat is Surkhabnagar coming up? Kachchh How old is the Golden Bridge on the river Narmada in Bharuch? 150 years In which city is the perfumeries business grown? Palanpur Which goddess's temple is there on the hill of Chotila? Goddess Chamunda Where does the tropic of Cancer cut Gujarat? At Prantij and Himmatnagar Where is the famous Malav Talav in Gujarat? Dholaka Where is the Space Application Centre (SAC) in Gujarat? Ahmedabad Where is the Dada Hari step well which is architecturally very valuable? Ahmedabad What is the crop of wheat known as that is taken in Bhal? Bhaliya Wheat Which district takes the maximum crop of Alphonso mangoes in Gujarat? Valsad Which city is known for the centre for cumin seeds and fennel seeds? Unjha Which district is known for the crops of Guava and Pomegranate? Bhavnagar Which is the head centre in the district Taapi? Vyara Where is the biggest biogas plant in Gujarat? Methan Near which river is the Bindu Lake? Saraswati In entire Indian which bird is only seen in Kachchh? Flemingo In which district is the ancient pilgrimage Bhadreshwar? Kachchh Which place is known as Flamingo city in Gujarat? Kachchh desert Name the port of Kachchh where once ship building business was operated? Mandvi Where is the known Watson museum in Gujarat? Rajkot Which is the hill station in district Daang? Saputara In which part of Gujarat are the maximum ports? Saurashtra What was the childhood name of poet Dayaaram? Dayaashankar In which district is the Kadana dam situated? Panchmahal www.gujaratquiz.

Nahi maaf nichu nishan'? Balvantray Thakor Which district in Gujarat has the highest number of talukas? Junagadh Which royal palace is situated in Vankaner? Ranjitvilla Which famous Roza in Gujarat is considered the largest and most artistic Roza? Sarkhej Roza www. Shah Law College Whose statement is 'Nishan chuk maaf. . 8 Which place in Gujarat is known for 'Parsi's Kashi'? Udwada Where was the first cotton textile mill set up in Gujarat? Bharuch Who has written the poem 'Jene Raam Rakhe Tene Kon Chakhe'? Kavi Dheero The renowned poet Akho belonged to the reign of which Mughal emperor? Jahangir What is majorly penned down by scholarly Gujarati poet Akha? Chchappa Who is considered as “Aakhyan Shiromani” of medieval Gujarati literature? Premanand In which city the Crops of onions taken in maximum? Mahuva Which royal palace is situated in Gondal? Naulakha Mahel In which city is the tomb of Jasel-Toral situated? Anjar Who started writing Episodic Poem (Khand kavya) in Gujarati literature? Kavi Kant Which is the first Law College in the state of Gujarat? Sir L. situated in which city of Saurashtra? Rajkot Which is the tallest mountain in Gujarat? Girnar Where is Asia's largest dairy situated? Anand Which dairy brand from Gujarat is known internationally? Amul Where is the crop of groundnuts taken in maximum in Gujarat? Saurashtra On which river is the Khodiyar dam? Shetrunji Where is the international airport in Gujarat? Ahmedabad Which national highway is known as the artery in Gujarat? National highway no. specially constructed for childrenence of Indian Royal families.                         Of what district is Ahwa the head centre? Daang In which district is the mountain Shetrunjo? Bhavnagar Before Independence The Rajkumar college.

                         To which place does temple of goddess Aashapura belong? Kachchh Which architectural construction is known as 'Gem of Ahmedabad'? Rani Sipri Mosque Which fair held in Gujarat on fifteenth of the month Fagun is very popular? Fair of Dakor Which city of Gujarat has highest number of temples? Palitana Where in West India did Aadi Shankaracharya establish the hermitage? Dwarka Which place in Gujarat the holy fire has been ablaze for 1200 years? Udvada What are the traditional houses of the shepherd community in Geer known as? Zonk What is the five days' penance when young girls of Gujarat take salt less food in the Indian month Ashadh. Chanod . known as? Molakat By which name the wedding songs sung during wedding ceremony in Gujarat are known? Fatana Where was poet Dalpatram born? Chanod Where in Gujarat is the first of the twelve Jyotirling? Somnath What is the funeral place of Parsees called? Dakhamu At which lake in Siddhapur the rituals are performed after the death of mother? Bindu Sarovar Which city is known for the Bandhani – tie dye art in entire Nation? Jamnagar Where are Shaking minarets in Gujarat? What is its actual name? Ahmedabad: Sidi Bashir's Mosque As whose sacred place is Sattadhar – a place for pilgrimage in Gujarat known for? Sant Data Giga and Apa Giga Where is the famous Jalaram temple? Virpur Where is Shri Rang Avdhoot's Ashram? Nareshwar How many Jyotirling temples are there in Gujarat? Two: Somnath and Darukavan Which famous temple is situated on Chotila hill? Goddess Chamunda temple Where is the only temple of Sudama. Lord Krishna's friend? Porbandar Which ancient religious place is there near Bhuj? Koteshwar Temple Where is the only templ of Lord Brahma in Gujarat? Khedbrahma Which place in Gujarat is associated with Saint Kabir? Kabirwad Name the famous place for the death ritual on the banks of rivers Narmada and Orsang.

Sukhe bhajishu Shri Gopal'? Narsinh Mehta Where in Gujarat is one of the four spiritual schools set up by Shankaracharya situated? Dwarka Which poet from Gujarat wrote poems on Krishna worship? Narsinh Mehta By what name is the spiritual school set up by Shankaracharya known? Shardapith From which temple in Ahmedabad does the Rath Yatra start in Gujarat? Jagannath Temple Where in Gujarat the biggest fair on the full moon day of Kartik held? Somnath Who won the Ashaval region and named it Karnavati? Karnadev Solanki Which river is the Wanakbori Dam built on? Mahi Where in Gujarat is the biggest Gita Mandir? Ahmedabad On the banks of which river is the famous pilgrimage Utandiya Mahadev situated? Vatrak Which lake in Kachchh has sweet water even though it is close to the sea? Narayan Sarovar Which city in Kachchh is known for manufacturing knives? Anjar At the bottom of which mountain is the Rock Edict of Ashoka situated? Girnar Where the Shivratri fair held which is known as the fair of the monks and mendicants? Girnar On the bank of which river is the historical capital of Gujarat Vadnagar situated? Hatki . as per the traditions? First day of the Indian month Kartik Where in Gujarat the biggest Rath Yatra festival celebrated? Ahmedabad In Gujarat's which temple religious donations are not accepted? Jalaram Temple of Virpur What is Vadnagar known for? Ancient artistic Toran and Hatkeshwar temple Where is the mythology reckoned temple of Lord Brahma in Gujarat? Khedbrahma Which is the world famous Gujarati folk dance? Garba In which Gujarati's life did the Shivratri festival brought about a turning point? Swami Dayanand Saraswati On which month's full moon day is a fair held in Mota Ambaji? Bhadarva Which poet wrote 'Bhalu thayu bhangi jhanjhal.                          Which city in Gujarat is known as city of Palaces? Vadodara Which is the pilgrimage for the Daudi Vhora community in North Gujarat? Delmaal What are the houses of the tribals inhabiting in Aravalli mountain range known as? Kholku When does the New Year begin in Gujarat.gujaratquiz.

in .D.gujaratquiz. Which community has significantly contributed to folk literature in Gujarat? Bhat Charan Which river in Kachchh ends in the small desert? Machchhu From which language is Gujarati derived? Sanskrit Which hills are there between Danta and Palanpur? Jessore To which Indian national zone does the rail way of Gujarat belong? West On the bank of which river is the popular picnic spot – Utkantheshwar Mahadev situated? Vatrak Which district is known as the district of plantations? Valsad In which district in Gujarat teak wood grows in maximum? Dang Where is the origin of the river Vishwamitri? Pavagadh Mountain Which is the longest river that starts and ends in Gujarat itself? Bhadar Which animal's special breed known as Jafrabadi is nurtured in Gujarat? Buffalo Which port is near the tropic of Cancer? Kandla Which fair in Gujarat is the longest one that runs for 21 days? Shamlaji Fair In which district is the crop of onion taken in maximum? Bhavnagar What is another name for the river Narmada? Reva On how many rivers in Gujarat are there two dams? 4 Which district in Gujarat sees the sunset at the last? Kachchh To which district does the Khijadiya bird Sanctuary belong? Jamnagar To which district does Taranga Mountain belong? Mehsana To which district does the Hingolgadh nature study sanctuary belong? Rajkot On the banks of which river does the city of Navsari dwell? Poorna Which special place is created at the end of the monsoon in the northern side of Kachchh desert? Surkhab nagar In which district is the Jain pilgrimage Palitana? Bhavnagar www.                         Which was the historical capital of Gujarat? Anandpur (Vadnagar presently) In which year was Kankaria lake built? 1451 A.

Amreli Where the Uttar Vahini rivers in Kachchh end? In the desert of Kachchh Which goddess' temple i son the mountain of Pavagadh? Mahakali What is the title of Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography? Satya na Prayogo Which part of Gujarat is known for high quality of cotton which gives long thread? Kanam Region Who started poems for children in Gujarati? Poet Dalpatram www. dusters.gujaratquiz. where Lord Krishna breathed his last.                        In which year did the Ahmedabad-Baroda Express highway start? Year 2003 What is the other name for the river Mahi? Mahisagar Which two places are known as holy places at the meeting place of the rivers Narmada and Orsang? Chanod and Karnali At the time of Navratri in which place is the Palli celebration held since Mahabharat Period for Goddess Shakti? Rupal Which city is known as city of temples? Palitana Which part of Gujarat is known as the region of the rising Sun? Dahod Which folk dance is enjoyed by Koli community in Gohilvad in which they dance in circles with broom stick.? Dholo Rano In which district is the pilgrimage called . baskets etc. religious Jagdusha belong? Kachchh In which district Gujarat first Children Museum situated? Amreli What is the type of soil in South Gujarat? Black and fertile soil Which is the first children Museum in Gujarat? Girdharbhai children Museum. one of the five holy lakes of India in Gujarat? Kachchh How many districts in Gujarat does the tropic of Cancer cut across? Four In which district is the Geer national Garden? Junagadh Who wrote 'Mere to Girdhar Gopal. as per a belief? Junagadh Where Narayan Sarovar is situated.'? Mirabai Which island is in the bay of Khambhat? Aliya Island On the banks of which river does the city of Vankaner dwell? Machchhu On the banks of which river does the city of Rajkot dwell? Aaji To which place did historical personality – the elite..

a very importatnt Harappan site situated near Ahemdabad? Mound of Dead Ternetar fair. visited by many people even from abroad is a pilgremage of which Hindu God? Shiv Usually at what time do the lions roar? In an hour after Sunset Which is the biggest sanctuary in Gujarat? Kachchh Desert Sanctuary How many sanctuaries and national parks are there in Gujarat? 21 Sanctuaries and 4 National Parks Where are Lion and Wild Ass found in Asia? Gujarat Which profession did Premanand take up for earning livelihood? Maanbhatt www. tya tya sada kaal Gujarat'? Poet Khabardar What was the native of poet Premanand? Vadodara Who is called the father of Akhyan in Gujarati? Poet Bhalan On which river is the Gira Fall? Ambika Who started magazines like 'Young India'. Gandhi How many lions are there in Gujarat as per the animal census 2010? 411 Who is known as Maan Bhatt and Gagariya Bhatt in Gujarati literature? Premanand Which place did Sahajanand Swami belong to? Chhapaiya Who did Narsinh Mehta write the Hundi to? Shamalsha Sheth (Shri Krishna) Who had written Shikshapatri that is so much respectfully followed by Swaminarayan sect? Sahjanand Swami Who has written 'Akhil Brahmand ma ek tu Shri Hari'? Narsinh Mehta Which region does Nal belong to in the play Nalakhyan by Premanand? Naishadh Which is the first film studio in Gujarat? Lakshmi Studio. Vadodara In which studio was Ramayan shot in Gujarat? Vrundavadn Studio Where is the known Lucky studio in Gujarat? Halol Which studio is situated in Umargam? Vrundavan What is the meaning of Lothal. 'Jya jya vase ek .                         Who is called 'Gujarati bhasha na jagrut chokidar' (an alert watch keeper of Gujarati language)? Narsinhrao Divetiya In which city did poetess Mirabai spend the latter part of her life? Dwarika Who wrote. 'Harijan Bandhu'. K. and 'Navjivan'? M.gujaratquiz.

k. what is the estimated number of leopards in Gujarat? 1070 Name the pilgrimage place situated in the forest of . Which bird takes food with its head upside down? Flemingo How many types of reptiles are found in Gujarat? 107 How many types of marine tortoise are found in Gujarat? Three Which national marine park is situated in the bay of Kachchh? Jamnagar Marine National Park What is the weight of Asiatic lion? 150 to 170 kgs Which is the first marine national park of India? Jamnagar Marine National Park How much is the approximate weight of the huge sperm whale that dwells in Arabic sea at the coastline of Gujarat? 145 to 170 Tones How many kg of food can an Asiatic lion have in a day? 30 kg. Tulsishyam How many types of tortoise are found in Gujarat? 12 How many types of chameleon are found in Gujarat? 36 How many bird sanctuaries are there in Gujarat? Five Which birds from Cuckoo origin hatches its eggs on its own? The Southern Sirkeer & the Common Crow Name the Maurya ruler who got made stone inscriptions of 14 religious commands (dharma-agnas) on Girnar Mountains. South and Central Gujarat According to 2006 census. King Ashok In which forest area of Gujarat is the dotted wild Owlet found? Vansda in district Daang How many times in a second does Sunbirds flap its wings? 175 to 200 times www.m.                        What is the average life of an Asiatic lion? 12 to 15 Years What is the area of Gir Sanctuary – home for the Asiatic lions that are the pride of Gujarat? 1153 Sq.gujaratquiz. Which animal was the national animal of India before the implementation of Project Tiger? Lion In which river are Smooth Indian Otter found? Narmada How many bears is it believed are there in Gujarat? 230 to 250 What is bear's favourite food? Termite In which forest area is Large Brown flying squirrel found? In the Forests of Shurpaneshwar. where ponds of hot water is existed. . Which bird has the feathered plummet like peacock in Gujarat? The Crested Hawk-Eagle Name the fort of Junagadh that is worth site-seeing? Uparkot Name the mountain for the worship of which pilgrims come from far and wide. Girnar On the banks of which river is located the famous pilgrimage place called Surpaneshwar? Narmada The temple of which God is situated in Dakor? Ranchhodrayji Which queen of the Solanki dynasty had withdrawn the pilgrimage tax in view of public opinion? Queen Minaldevi What is the name of headquarter of Kheda district? Nadiyad The pilgrimage place of Udwada belongs to which religion? Parasi How many years old is Kabeervad located in the Narmada river bank in Bharuch district considered to be? Almost 600 years In which district is situated the unique architectural masterpiece of Heera Bhagol? Dabhoi In which district are the Shetrunjay Mountains located? Bhavnagar Name the head quarter of Banaskantha district. Palanpur www.                         In which bird's nest does Bapaiyo keep its eggs for getting them hatched? Babblers Which is the ideal time considered for seeing the woodpecker in Gujarat? Early Morning For which bird is it believed that it takes only rain water? The Common Hawk Which bird can only rest in the nest woven by its own self? Swifts Which birds weaves its nest in group and creates an entire bird city? Swifts Which bird flies the fastest? Swifts How many miles distance can the Swift bird cover in an hour? 100 Miles What does the swift bird weave its nest with? With its saliva What is Wagtails known as in Kachchh because of its various colors? Khatriyani Which is the popular temple located in Sarangpur? Hanumanji Among the 51 Shaktipeeths in India.gujaratquiz. what is the name of Shaktipeeth in Gujarat? Ambaji In which district of Gujarat is Dholaveera. the centre of Harappan civilization situated? Kuchchh When did Siddhraj Jaysinh ascend the throne of Patan? 1096 A.

                       Name the district where the popular tourism place called Chorwad is situated in. the symbol of long and flourishing rule of Solanki dynasty situated? Siddhapur The famous Ranki Vav is situated in which city of Gujarat? Patan On the banks of which river Pilgrimage place Nareshwar is situated? Narmada In whose memory was the Champaner Gate situated near Pavagadh built? Champo Vaniyo Pandit Omkarnath has contributed to which area of work? Indian Traditional Music Situated near Ahmedabad and Harappan culture port Lothal was established on the banks of which river? Bhogavo Which district of Gujarat has only one taluka (block)? Dang On which river is located the Daantiwada irrigation scheme? Banas In which city is situated the Sahastraling Sarovar that was built by Siddhraj Jaysinh. Junagadh What is the name of the hill found in Surendranagar district? Chotila Pavagadh is located in which district.gujaratquiz. Lal From which place did the farmers begin the 'No Tax' non-violent struggle under the leadership of Sardar Vallabhbhai . which animal national park is situated in Ahmedabad? Thol Bird Sanctuary How many nails does a lion have in its four feet? 18 nails www. Godhara Which country is located in the north western frontier of Gujarat? Pakistan Where is the architectural structure. Bardoli What is the name of the Ashram founded by Gandhiji in South Africa? Tolstoy Farm Which National award was conferred on Pannalal Patel for 'Maanvi ni Bhavai'? Gyanpith In which district is the Arasur Hill Range situated? Banaskantha The great poet Narmad who wrote 'Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat' hailed from which city of Gujarat? Surat In which district of Gujarat and surrounded by natural beauty is located the princely city of Rajpipla? Narmada Besides Nal Sarovar. the most powerful king of Solanki dynasty? Patan Ravishankar Raval is noted for his contribution for what kind of work? Paintings Which Gujarati magician is popular all over the world? K. Rudra Mahalaya. . Jivram Joshi Pilgrimage centre of which goddess is situated on the mountain Pavagadh in Panchmahal district? Mahakali Mata www.                        In which city of Gujarat. the shooting of popular T. Which is that animal? Lion Which district in Gujarat has the longest area of forest? Dang Which species of trees are seen the most in Gujarat? Prosopis Juliflora Which is the smallest sanctuary in Gujarat? Paniya Which is the largest bird sanctuary in India? Nal Sarovar Where is the banyan tree known as 'Rana Pratap Vad' located in Gujarat? Sabarkantha Where in Gujarat is the tree known as the 'Walking mango tree' located? Sanjan The sound of the barking of which animal in Gujarat is similar to that of the dog? Barking Deer In which district is Bardo hill located? Porbandar Name the creator of the Gujarati literature's very famous characters ‘Miya Fuski’ & ‘Tabha Bhatt’. serial Ramayana was done? Umargam What is the acronym of milk producers cooperative situated in Kheda district? AMUL Where the Damanganaga river located is? South Frontier of Gujarat Which animal of the horse family can be seen only in Gujarat in India? Wild Ass Which animal in Gujarat is known as the 'Guard of the Forest'? Sambar How many gulfs can be found in Gujarat? Two Ahmedabad is on the bank of which river? Sabarmati Where in Gujarat is located the first marine park of the country? Jamnagar The coast-line of Gujarat is ranked at which place in India? First In the population of which bird among the following does Gujarat rank second in India? Sarus Crane In which place in Gujarat was found the fossils of the biggest set of dinosaur eggs? Kachchh Which ruler's stone-inscriptions in Gujarat contain rules for protecting animal life? Stone Inscription of Asoka Which is the biggest Sanctuary in India? Desert of Kachchh The animal which was formerly a National Animal can be seen only in Gujarat.V.

which river's volume is larger than the volumes of all other rivers put together? Narmada Which animal is the prime attraction of the small desert of Kutch? Wild Ass www. Iron Man Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel got the title of 'Sardar' after which freedom movement? Bardoli Satyagrah Which river of Gujarat is known for pilgrimage (Parikrama)? Narmda Before Independence which kings were ruling on Vadodara? Gaekwads Name the rular who gave the Vadodara City its identity as a 'Sanskanagari'.in .gujaratquiz. which was known as a Manchester of the east. how many mills were functioning? 265 Where is the pilgrimage Tulsishyam is located? Junagadh Which area of Gujarat Alphonso is very famous? Valsad In which year Mahatma Gandhi performed Dandi March and breaks the evil law of 'Salt'? 1930 In Which year Britishers establish their trading centre at Surat? 1618 A.D.                        In India what is the rank of Gujarat for population of leopards? Second What is rank of Gujarat in India for the population of vultures? First Which Indian State covers the largest cost line area? Gujarat Which is the tallest animal among the following animals seen Gujarat? Blue Bull Which famous lake is situated in Dwarka? Gopi Lake In the Ahmedabad city. Sayajirao Gaekwad Parsis came to Sanjan port in which century? 10th Century Give the name of historic city situated at the foothills of Pavagadh? Champaner How many species of vulture can be seen in Gujarat? 7 The Bandhani of which city of Gujarat is the most popular in India? Jamnagar What was the original name of Swami Dayanand Saraswati? Mulshankar What did the area of Lothal (located in the present-day district of Ahmedabad) function as during the days of Harappan Civilisation? Port of Harappan Civilization Through the union of which two rivers is the river Sabarmati formed? Sabar and Hathmati Which mosque in Ahmedabad has the world famous carved screen that is also used as a logo for the city of Ahmedabad? The carved screen of Sidi Saiyad In Gujarat.

gujaratquiz. found? 1954 How deep is the step well in Patan built by Udaymati. Okha and Port Victor In which place in Gujarat were the first remains of the ancient Harappan civilisation found? Rangpur ( . Ahmedabad) In which year was town of Lothal the archaeologically important site of Harappan civilisation. wife of Bhimdev the First? Seven floors Which year was Mahatma Gandhi born in? 1869 AD (Porbandar) When did Gandhiji say the words ‘I will die the death of crows and dogs but I will not return to the ashram without winning independence’? Before Dandi March What did Kavi Premanand pledge to do until the language of Gujarati gained as much prominence as Hindi? Not to wear a turban Whose continuing support did Bhakt Jalaram have to run a charitable kitchen forthe public? His wife Which city of Gujarat has the largest palace? Vadodara-Lakshmi Vilas Palace Where is the Dudhsarita Dairy located? Bhavnagar Which poet called Surat a 'Golden Idol' (Sona Ni Murat)? Narmad Which is the most well known dairy of Surat? Sumul Dairy In which district of Gujarat is the Dudhsagar Dairy located? Mehsana What is the name of the dairy in Gujarat which is associated with the name of one district and a river ? Banas Dairy Where in Gujarat is the Amul Dairy which meets the demand for milk and milk products all over India located? Anand In which city of Gujarat is the Sabar Dairy located? Himmatnagar In which district of Kutch is the Hamirsar Lake located? Bhuj Which lake located in the Vadodara district has been developed as a tourists' place? Ajawa Lake Which mountain range is spread across the Valsad district? Parnera www.                      Gold and silver ornaments made in which cities of Gujarat are exported to countries in Europe and America? Rajkot and Bhuj Which sailor from Kutch showed the famous Portuguese sailor Vasco De Gama the way from Africa to India? Kanji Malam Which deity do the people in the coastal areas of Gujarat worship? Vahanvati Mata Name the two naturally-occurring ports in Gujarat.

in . AMUL In which district of Gujarat is the Mother Dairy located? Gandhinagar www. Ahmedabad Which district is Kadiyo Hill in? Bharuch Name the suburb in Ahmedabad famous by day for its market of goldsmiths and the fragrances of various food cuisines by night. Manekchowk Where in Gujarat are valuable minerals like zinc copper and lead found? Ambaji Which famous personality of Gujarat has the town of Vallabh Vidyanagar been named after? Sardar Vallabhhbhai Patel Which destination of pilgrimage near Junagadh are innumerable basil plants found in? Tulsishyam What was the name of the spring in Junagadh where Narsinh Mehta went to wash everyday? Damodar Kund Which Indian state is a national leader in the production of milk? Gujarat What does GCMMF stand for? Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Where in Gujarat is the Tata Chemicals plant located? Mithapur Where in Gujarat are remarkable objects made on a large scale from carnelian? Khambhat Where in Gujarat are most of the textile mills located? Surat What does BRTS stand for? Bus Rapid Transit System Which industrial area is located near Surat? Hajira Which industry is the city of Porbandar chiefly famous for? Cement industry Which industry is the city of Veraval famous for? Rayon industry Which park has the government set up in Ahmedabad and Surat to promote the textile industry of Gujarat? Apparel Park Which new port has developed at the delta of the river Tapi? Magdalla Where is the lignitebased power station in Kutch located? Panandhro Name the dairy in Gujarat that was set up with the help of UNICEF.                         In which district of Gujarat the highest cultivation of paddy is carried out? Valsad Which district in Gujarat has the highest number of talukas? Junagadh In which city of North Gujarat were Bandhni handicrafts produced? Pethapur How much does Gujarat measure from north to south? 590 kms Where in Gujarat was indigo produced in large quantities? Sarkhej.gujaratquiz.

in .                          Which city is famous for the Jirdoshi Work of Gujarat? Surat Which industries are the areas of Sihor and Vadhvan known for? Bronze vessels and snuff Where near Ahmedabad has a glass industry developed? Nadiad In the garment industry.gujaratquiz. 80 What does GFCC stand for? Gujarat Fisheries Central Cooperative Association Which district of Gujarat has a centre for breeding sheep? Patan Where is Gujarat's shipping yard? Hajira Which is India's most ultra-modern dairy? Mother Dairy (Gandhinagar) Where are the largest coconut plantations in Gujarat? Chorwad What is Gujarat's contribution to India's total production of soda ash? 90% Where was Gujarat's first oil refinery established? Koyli www. established. which European city does the 'Diamond City' Surat compete with? Antwerp How much equity capital was the Lijjat Papad unit started with? Rs. and by whom? 1971 AD – Odhavjibhai Patel Who founded the wall clock-manufacturing industry in Morbi? Babubhai Mistry Which mineral is found in the Amba hill in the district of Vadodara? Flourspar Which is the largest cooperative facility for manufacturing fertilisers? KRIBHCO (Hajira) In the diamond industry. what is Ahmedabad known as? Denim City of India Which city of Gujarat has the BRTS service been launched in? Ahmedabad Which district is Gujarat's leading producer of dairy products? Mehsana On the banks of which river is Gujarat River Front Project coming up? Sabarmati Which district is Gujarat's largest wind farm located in? Jamnagar Where in Gujarat has India's largest Solar Pond been set up? Bhuj (Kutch) and Lamba (Jamnagar) Where in Gujarat is the Indian Petrochemicals industrial complex located? Jawaharnagar (Vadodara) Where does Gujarat rank in India's biogas production? Second Where in Gujarat are stainless steel utensils produced on a large scale? Navsari Where was Gujarat's first wind energy project established? Mandvi (Kutch) When was the Ajanta Clock Co.

                          When was Ahmedabad Electricity founded? 1913 AD Which is India's first private port? Pipavav Where does Gujarat rank in electricity production in India? Third Which is Gujarat's financial capital? Ahmedabad When AMUL dairy founded was? 1946 What does GSPCL stand for? Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd. In whose memory a fair is organized in Kachchh? Saint Mekran dada Who was the initiator of the folk art – Bhavai? Asait Thakar Who constructed the step well of Adalaj. R. in which year? Rani . 1477 Who was the first chief Minister of Saurashtra region after the Independence? Uchchhangrai Dhebar Who was the first Gujarati Filed Marshall of Indian Army? General Manekshaw Who established Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association? Mahatma Gandhi Who made the first government of Gujarat take its oath? Ravishankar Maharaj Which Archeaologist found out the memoirs of Hadappa civilization in Lothal? Dr. S. Rao Where is the famous temple of Santram Maharaj? Nadiyad Name the Indian hostel that the freedom fighter Shyamji Krishna Varma set up in London.gujaratquiz. India House Who gave the title of 'Gujarat's Maha Amatya'to Vastupal? Raja Visaldev Vaghela What was the original name of Rang Avdhoot Maharaj? Panduranga Viththala Valame Which saint built the abode known as Satadhar? Saint Apa Giga Bapu www. Where are the headquarters of NDDB (National Dairy Development Board)located? Anand Which city of Gujarat is the school for fishing industry located? Veraval Where is a private airport located in Gujarat? Mithapur When did the BRTS service in Ahmedabad start? 2009 Which state introduced the first bio-diesel state transport buses in India? Gujarat Which state has the largest rail network in the western zone of railways? Gujarat Who founded Ahmedabad Electricity? Smith Klick Nixon Co.

that contributes significantly in the field of education? Vallabh Vidyanagar Who was spiritual guide of Mahatma Gandhi? Shrimad Rajchandra Name the children litterateur from Gujarat who is known as 'Muchchali Maa'. Ahmedabad Where is Sardar Patel University situated.                       Who established the MahudiJain pilgrimage? Acharya Budhdhisagarji Where did Bajarangdas Bapa breathe his last? Bagdana Who was the first Gujarati who started the printing press? Durgaram Mehta Who was the first lexicographer of Gujarati language? Poet Narmad Who got Mahatma Gandhi Kirti Mandir constructed in Porbandar? Shri Nanji Kalidas Mehta Who constructed the architecturally known Jumma Masjid in Ahmedabad? Ahmedshah Badshah Who set up 'Majur Mahajan Sangh'? Mahatma Gandhi Who established Jyotisangh? Mrudula Sarabhai When and where was the school of meteorology established? 1947. Gijubhai Badheka Which organizations were set up by educationalist Nanabhai Bhatt for rural education and for education for all? Gram Dakshinamurti – Ambla and Lokbharti – Sanosara Who was the first and foremost initiator of revolution in Gujarat? Maharshi Arvind Who was educating Kasturba in the jail? Purnimaben Pakwasa Who got the honour of being called 'Kali Kaal Sarvagna' in the reign of the famous Solanki King Siddharaj Jaysinh? Hemchandracharya Who Gandhiji considered as his fifth child? Jamnalal Bajaj Who made the luxurious Laxmivilas Palace in Baroda? Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad Who was the first Indian president of Ahmedabad Municipal corporation before Independence? Raobahadur Ranchhodlal Chhotalal Who established Ahmedabad Education Society? Kasturbhai Lalbhai Whose visionary academic sense resulted into AMA. IIM and PRL in Gujarat? Dr.gujaratquiz. Vikram Sarabhai Who started the Radio Centre in Gujarat for the first time? Maharaha Sayajirao Gaekwad-Baroda Who was the first Gujarati appointed as a President of the Independent India's first constitutional Assembly? Ganesh Vasudev Mavlankar .

Which is the famous beach near Surat? Dummas Which city is known as the city of flowers in Gujarat? Palanpur Which is Gujarat's advanced port in Kachchh? Mundra Near which district are the famous Pirotan Islands in Saurashtra? Jamnagar Which is the famous step well in Junagadh? Adi kadi step well Into which other two rivers do the waters of Narmada merge? Sabarmati and Saraswati How many principal dams in Gujarat? Five Across which states does the river Narmada flow? Madhyapradesh. Maharashtra and Gujarat Where is the Sikka thermal power station in Gujarat? Jamnagar Which district of Gujarat has the maximum number of check dams? Rajkot Which dam is considered as the Mega project in Gujarat? Ukai Dam Who set up the Maun Mandir? Pujya shri Mota To which freedom fighter did Gandhiji allow to keep weapons? Purnimaben Pakwasa Who set up Gujarati Sahitya Parishad? Ranjitram Vavabhai Mehta Which atomic scientist from Gujarat got international fame? Dr.                          Who was the first speaker of the Independent India's first Assembly? Ganesh Vasudev Name the actor of Gujarati theatre who enlivened the female characters on stage. Jayshankar ‘Sundari’ On which river is the Dantiwada dam constructed? Banas River Who established the Ved Mandirs in Gujarat? Swami Gangeshwaranandji Which Gujarati litterateur first went to England? Mahipatram Neelkanth At which place is the first Oil fields of Gujarat situated? Lunej Which river has the Gira Falls? Ambika For which companies did Gandhiji defended in the court of Law in South Africa? Dada Abdulla & . Homi Bhabha Which poet has the pen name called 'Ushnas'? Natwarlal Pandya Who set up Sabar Dairy? Bholabhai Khodidas Patel Poet Rajendra Shah has been awarded by which National Award? Gnanpeeth Award www.

A.                         Who has set up the idol of goddess Mahakali in Pavagadh? Sage Vishwamitra Who started 'Indian Sociologist' daily in London? Shyamji Krishna Varma In 1849. degree in Gujarat? Ambalal Sankarlal Desai Who is renowned Bhil female singer in Gujarat? Diwaliben Bhil Who is known as Daang's Grandmother? Purnimaben Pakwasa What was the original name of the famous Hindi film actor Sanjeev Kumar? Harilal Jhariwala Who set up the first modern dyestuff company in India? Kasturbhai Lalbhai Which minister of Bhavanagar is remembered till date for his sharp intellect and public welfare works? Prabhashankar Pattani On the banks of which river is the famous Dwarka temple situated? Gomti River Who was the first Gujarati to become the chief justice at the Supreme Court of India? Harilal Kaniya Which is the island in bay of Khambhat? Aaliya Island Which is the group of coral islands near Jamnagar in .gujaratquiz. who published the first Gujarati weekly? Alexander Kinlok Forbes Who has translated Shakespeare's Hamlet in Gujarati in Prithvi prosodic style? Hansa Mehta Who gave the first comic novel in Gujarati? Ramanlal Neelkanth Who has written Gujarati novel 'Saraswatichandra'? Govardhanram Tripathi Which famous Gujarati industrialist set up Calico Mill? Ambalal Sarabhai Who received the first M. in Gujarat? Pirotan Which are the most special of the migratory birds that come to Nal Sarovar in winter? Flamingo Who made Ajwa Dam constructed? Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad Which is the tallest mountain peak in Gujarat? Gorakhnath-Girnar Which place near Ambaji is known for its Marble carving? Kumbhariya Dera Which port in Gujarat has been developed as free trade zone? Kandala Who was the first Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapeeth? Mahatma Gandhi What is full form of CEPT? Centre for Environment Planning and Technology Which institute was active in Gujarat for preserving ancient handwritten books? Farbas Gujarati Sabha www.

gujaratquiz. I G Patel Which king got the titles like 'Barbarakjishnu' and 'Avantinath'? Siddharaj Jaysinh Which scientist inspired the former president of India and technocrat APJ Abdul Kalam? Dr. Purushottam Mavlankar Who established Dakshinamurti (Dist. Ahmedabad Where did the first female polytechnic in Gujarat start? Ahmedabad – 1964 Where is the National Institute of Fashion Technology situated in Gujarat? Gandhinagar Where is the National Institute of Fashion Technology situated in Gujarat? Gandhinagar Who all started the first Law college of Gujarat? Sardar Patel. Kasturbhai . Bhavnagar) education Institute? Nanabhai Bhatt Which Institute works in Ahmedabad for making the disabled people selfsustainable? Apang Manav Mandal Which Economist from Gujarat was an Administrator in London School of Economics? Dr. Who was the first Mayor of Ahmedabad? Chinubhai Chimanbhai Beronet Who got the Nij Mandir constructed of Dwarikadhish? Vrajnabh When was Gujarat University established? In 1949 Who was the first Muslim King appointed in Gujarat? Tatarkhan Which is the Institute in Ahmedabad for Plasma Research? Plasma research Institute.                         What is full form of ATIRA? Ahmedabad Textile Industries and Research Association Who was the first female Vice chancellor of Gujarat? Hansa Mehta Where is the first Law University of Gujarat situated? Gandhinagar In Which year Ahmedabad's Bhadra Fort built? 1411 A. which dacoit in Kachchh then became a saint? Jesal Jadeja Where was Rang Avdhoot Maharaj born? Godhra What is the name of the series by Saint Punit Maharaj? Gyan Gangotri www.D. Vikram Sarabhai Where was Aacharya Aanandshankar Dhruv born? Ahmedabad Where was the father of Indian Industries Jamshedji Tata born? Navsari Who established 'Harijan Sewak Sangh'? Gandhiji Like the dacoit Valiya turning into a saint called Valmiki. Gandhinagar Which is the reputed old time Law Institute in Gujarat? Shri L A Shah Law College.

Diu.                          When was Dr.Vichitra Fair organized in Gujarat? Gunbhakhari (Taluka . Daman.Khedbrahma) Which renowned space research centre is proud of Ahmedabad? Indian Space Application Centre Which part of Kachchh is known as the Green region? Mundra What is must visit In Vaghai. for Botanical cultivation and research? Vaghai Botanical Garden Which is the last railway station on Gujarat's southern border? Umargam Name the Union territory regions in Gujarat.gujaratquiz. Dadra and Nagar Haveli In which city of Gujarat did the first electric crematory start? Jamnagar Which is the most populated city in Gujarat? Ahmedabad On the banks of which river does the city of Rajkot dwell? Bhadar Where exactly is the Kandla port situated in Gujarat? Kachchh Which part of Gujarat does Tropic of Cancer cut across? In North Gujarat Which is the greenest region of Gujarat? South Gujarat Which Gujarati city is famous for its Halvasan and Suttarfeni? Khambhat In which area of Gujarat are lagoons created? On the coast line of Kachchh What is the name of the biggest island in Nal Sarovar? Panvad Where does Taapi enter into Gujarat from? Haranfal Where is the origin of the river Sabarmati? Dhebar . Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University established? In 1997 On the banks of which river does the city of Valsad dwell? Auranga When does Gujarat get the retreating monsoon? October and November Where is the Chitra.Rajasthan On which river is Dholi Dhaja dam constructed? Bhogavo Which filed has Ramanlal Soni contributed to? Children literature Which is the famous tourist beguiling place in the middle of Kankaria lake? Naginawadi Where is Bapa Sitaram Ashram situated? Bagdana Who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Who set up the city of Bhavnagar? Maharaja Bhavsinhji Gohil www.

what newspaper did Gandhiji start out? Indian Opinion Which is the famous beach near Valsad? Teethal Which district of Gujarat has the Purna Sanctuary? Dang Which is the tallest mountain peak in Kachchh? Kalo hill Where are windmill electricity farms in Gujarat? Okha.gujaratquiz. Purnimaben Pakwasa Who was the promoter of Panchayati Raj in Gujarat? Balwantrai Mehta Who published first Gujarati Weekly 'Shri Mumbai na Samachar'? Fardoonji Marzbaan In whose name is the Hyderabad National Police Academy set up? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Which Gujarati was the first Defence head in independent India? General Rajendrasinhji Who is given the credit of constructing grammar of Gujarati language? Hemchandracharya For the rights of Indians in South Africa. Lamba Which dam is in the city of Morbi? Machchhu Dam What was the original name of Pujya Mota? Chunilal Asharam Bhavsar Which district is co vered by Charotar region? Kheda Where is the Quant Fair organized? Chhota Udepur Which district of Gujarat takes maximum crop of the famous Kesar Mangoes? Junagadh On the banks of which river is the famous pilgrimage Somnath situated? Hiran Which museum in Baroda is known for its rarest collection? Maharaja Fatehsinh Museum How many districts of Gujarat has coastline? 12 How many districts are there in Saurashtra region? Seven Which is the first hill station in Gujarat that has been systematically developed as per tourism planning? Saputara Which rivers make the land of Bharuch and Surat district fertile? Narmada and Taapi What is the 'Palash' tree (Butea Monosperma) known as in the local dialect in North Gujarat? Kesudo www.                        Which spiritual poet are Tana and Riri related to? Poet Narsinh Mehta Name the freedom fighter. who set up Rutambhara Vidyapeeth that provides education to girls in district Daang. Mandavi. along with the 'Satyagraha'.in .

Narmada and Taapi Which state produces maximum crops of ground nuts in India? Gujarat Where is Gujarat's prime irrigation project set up? Daman-ganga Which grain crops are taken Maximum in Gujarat? Millet In which district in Gujarat do the Adivasis – tribal inhabit in maximum number? Panchmahal What is Gujarat's ranking in terms of area in India? 7th In which district does the teak wood grow Maximum? Valsad Which district of Gujarat gets minimum rains? Kachchh Where is the Hingolgadh sanctuary that is known for the study of Nature? Jasdan www. Sabarmati.Ahmedabad Name the principal rivers of .                          Which district has maximum number of rivers? Kachchh Which place in Gujarat has the coral farms for the business production of pearls? Sikka Which mineral is found in the hot water streams in Tuwa? Sulpher In which part of Gujarat a special variety of banana – cardamom banana is grown? Chorwad Water of which river in Gujarat is more appropriate for the tie-dye art? Bhadar Which tourist beguiling beach in Gujarat is known as 'Virgin beach'? Diu What is another name of the pilgrimage Betdwarka? Bet shankhodar Which city in Gujarat is known as city of Gardens? Gandhinagar Where does Gujarat Tourism Department organize the summer festival every year? Saputara What is Kharaghoda known for? Salt Where is the one and only Marine National Park Sanctuary in Gujarat? Jamnagar Which is the least populated district of Gujarat? Daang To which district does the very famous pilgrimage Ambaji belong? Banaskantha On which river is the dam Kankrapaar constructed? Taapi What is the head centre of newly constituted district called Narmada? Rajpipla On which river is the dam Kadana constructed? Mahi What is Atira known for? Where is it? Textile Research. Mahi.gujaratquiz.

K. Mulraj Solanki In which script is the rock edict of Girnar engraved? Brahmi Which city of Gujarat is known as Saksharnagari? Nadiyad When and where in Gujarat did the first sewage line set up? Ahmedabad-1890 Which Gujarati leader was awarded by Bharat Ratna and was twice made the working prime minister of India? Gulzarilal Nanda Which river of Gujarat gets a mention in the Rigveda? Saraswati Which national organization was set up by Ramanlal Neelkanth in the name of Gujarat? Gujarat Sabha Where was the patriot Shyamji Krushna Varma born? Mandavi What is the ancient name of Khambhat? Stambha teerth Which was the main port in Gujarat at the time of Mughal dynasty? Surat During which period did the Budhdhism spread in Gujarat? Maurya Period Which was the first princely state in India that got merged into the Government after independence? Bhavnagar Who set up Anhilpur Patan? Vanraj Chavda During the reign of which king was Rani ni Vaav constructed? Bhimdev the first During which dynasty was the Somnath temple renovated? Solanki Period Where is the famous fair for animals organized in Gujarat? Vautha Which was the first city found in Gujarat that belongs to the Harappan civilization? Rangpur Which is the biggest oil sector in Gujarat? Ankleshwar Which king's reign in Gujarat is known as the Golden period? Sidhdharaj Jaysinh Which movement take place for independent Gujarat? Maha Gujarat movement Which Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Gujarat is now in the world's top ten SEZs list? Dahej SEZ Where was litterateur B. Thakor born? Bharuch .gujaratquiz.                         Where is the Surpaneshwar Sanctuary that is known for its Fauna? Dediyapada Whose poetic lines are 'Sinh ne shastra sha! Veer ne mrutyu sha'? Poet Nahnalal Who was the last king of Chavda Dynasty in Gujarat? Samant Sinh Name the first ruler of Solanki dynasty.

Gandhi road. in 1872 Which Gujarati first designed the national flag of India? Madam Bhikhaiji Cama How many shiv temples are there at the bank of Sahastraling Lake? 1008 Which scripture in the history of Gujarat got maximum repute? Sidhdhahem-shabdanushasan www.gujaratquiz.                         Who called the language spoken in Gujarat as 'Gujarati'? Premanand Where does the Bhavnath fair get organized in Gujarat? Junagadh Which poet shaped the genre of ‘Akhyan’ in Gujarati literature? Premanand Which part of Mahabharata is the Tarnetar fair held in Gujarat associated with? Draupadi Swayamvar Name the palace in Gondal which is known for its architecture. 'Day to Day Gandhi'? Mahadevbhai Desai Which scheme did ex. CM Keshubhai Patel start off for rural development? Gokulgram Scheme Who set up Gujarat Vidyapeeth? Mahatma Gandhi What is Gandhiji's Samadhi known as? Rajghat Whose tomb is called Abhayghat in Ahmedabad? Morarji Desai Which Gujarati female participated in Bardoli Satyagraha? Manibahen Patel Who took the leadership of opposing foreign fabrics and liquor shops in Ahmedabad? Mrudula Sarabhai Who was the first speaker of state assembly? Kalyanji Mehta Which king of Gujarat was an adopted child? Sayajirao Gaekwad What was the first asphalt road in Ahmedabad and when? Richie Road . Navlakha Palace Which city in Gujarat is known for the Akik work? Khambhat Which place in Gujarat is one of the four pilgrimages in India? Dwarka What was the tenure of Maha Gujarat Movement that took place for independence of Gujarat? 1956 to 1960 Which site is being now promoted by Gujarat for the world heritage status? Dholavira Which was the first Satyagrah in Gujarat at the time of independence movement? Kheda Satyagraha Which lake was created after constructing the dam on the river Meshwo? Shyaam Sarovar What was the slogan that Ravishankar Maharaj gave? Ghasaine ujala thaie Who wrote the .

in .                        When and where was Sardar Patel Smarak Bhavan set up? 1980.gujaratquiz. The City planning and Sewage system Which religion was liked by the King of the Solanki dynasty Kumarpal? Jainism What was the Saurashtra known as in ancient times? Surashtra Where did Sayajirao Gaekwad start with free and compulsory education? Amreli Who has written the novel Socrates? Manubhai Pancholi Darshak Which chief minister of Gujarat died while in flight at the time of 1965 war against Pakistan? Balwantrai Mehta Who was the first female minister of Gujarat? Indumatiben Sheth When was IIM started in Ahmedabad which is known all over for management education? 1962 Which magazine was started by Shyamji Krushna Varma? Indian Sociologist Who translated Gandhiji's autobiography in English? Mahadevbhai Desai Which awards has Morarji Desai received from India and Pakistan? Bharat Ratna and Nishan-e-Pakistan Which Gujarati introduced Antyodaya Scheme for eradication of poverty? Babubhai Jashbhai Patel Which Gujarati minister presented the budget in the centre for the maximum times (8 times)? Morarji Desai During which period was Ahmedabad the capital of Gujarat? 1960 to 1970 When did Panchayati Raj Rule come in to action/implemented? 1st April-1963 Who established Rajkot district? Vibhoji Jadeja When was the Bhadra fort built in Ahmedabad? in 1411 What is the only heritage route in Gujarat called? Dandi heritage route Which old temple is there in the Bhujiya fort in Bhuj? Bhujang temple www. Ahmedabad Which book did Ravishankar Maharaj make reach to every household in Gujarat while fighting for Swaraj? Hind Swaraj In which year was a war waged against Pakistan following the problem of borders in Kachchh? 1965 Which metal was Maximum used by the people of Indus civilization? Bell metal During which dynasty did the word 'Gujarat' become popular? Solanki Period Mention the two gifts by Harappan civilization to the world.

                        Where does the only heritage route in Gujarat go? From Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi On the banks of which river is the city Sidhdhapur which was the Shiv pilgrimage at the time of Solanki age? Saraswati How many Assembly seats are there in Gujarat? 182 In which city in Kachchh are the architecturally and historically important Prag Palace and Aaina Palace situated? Bhuj How many seats are there in Parliament? 26 Where is the biggest Botonical Garden situated in Gujarat? Vaghai Which University has the biggest set up in Gujarat? Gujarat .gujaratquiz.Ahmedabad What is the meaning of Somnath Temple? The Protector of Moon Which is the largest irrigation plant in Gujarat? Sardar Sarovar Narmada Yojana Where is the world's largest Grass root refinery situated in Gujarat? Jamnagar When did calculation of population begin in Gujarat? In 1872 Which person of Mahatma Gandhi family has written the biography of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel? Rajmohan Gandhi Where is the Bird Sanctuary is located in Jamnagar district of Gujarat? Maha Ganga Sanctuary Where is the National Sanctuaries of Neel Cow Located in Gujarat? Palanpur How long is the Adalaj step well? 84 meters Which event in Gujarat got attention of the entire world in 1930? Dandi March Who declared Gujarat information technology policy? Keshubhai Patel What is Gandhiji's native Porbandar also known as? Sudamapuri Who was the last Muslim emperor in Gujarat? Muzzaffar Shah the third What was Gujarat part of till 30th April 1960? State of Bruhad Mumbai Which year the Ellis Bridge that has yet not got eroded was constructed in Ahmedabad? 1889 What did Sidhdharaj Jaysinh get known as after winning over Malwa? Avantinath When was Gujarat Vidyapeeth set up? 1920 How many Indian states sharing its border with Gujarat? Three www. . Mumbai Samachar Which village near Khedbrahmma. is the chitra vichitra fair held? Gunbhakhari Which place in Kutch is famous for museum of Kutchhi Art? Anjar Which plateau of Gujarat bears the look of a Tortoise back? Saurashtra Who built the navel ports in present days Damn & Dadra.                         In whose memory is the new State assembly building named? Viththalbhai Patel How many representatives from Gujarat attend the Rajyasabha? 11 Who was the first chief minister of Gujarat from tribal community? Amarsinh Chaudhari Who got Jama Masjid in Ahmedabad built? Badshah Ahmedshah Name the first daily in Gujarati. Nagar Haveli? The Portuguese Which district of Gujarat has a utensil Museum? Jamnagar Which mammal has shown a tremendous increase in its population. in Gujarat State? Nilgai Which typical Gujarati folk dance attempts a large audience together at the Bhavnath festival of Gujarat? Bhavai In which month is the dance festival of Modhera hold? January Which navigator visited Gujarat in the last phase of Chaulukya king? Marco polo Which is the three social oldest extant Palaces in Baroda? Nazar Baugh Palace Which place in Gujarat is known as 'The Gateway of Hind'? Khambhat From which century the state got identity as 'Gujarat'? 14th Century Which crop plays a vital role in the economy of Saurashtra region in Gujarat? Groundnut Which port of Gujarat is referred to as 'Bandar-e-Mubarak'? Surat Which mode of transport plays a crucial role in Gujarat's economy? Sea ways Which Greek sailor resided in Bharuch for many years? Periplus Which place in Kachchh is famous for the temples of Goddess Modheswari and Ashapura? Tera Village Which village of Kachchh is declared on 'heritage village' by the Government of India? Tera Village Where did Guru Nanak stay in Kuchcha? Lakhpat Which river of Gujarat is named after the Union Territory? Daman Ganga www.

km Among twelve Jyotirling which place has the biggest 'Jyotirling' in Gujarat? Somnath Which palace of princely state of Gondal was built in 18th Century? Naulakha palace Which palace was built in 1907 at Wankaner? Ranjit Vilas palace www. In which district of Gujarat we find marvelous wooden work? Prabhas Patan How many hills are there in 'Gir' in Gujarat? 643 At which places are the Seismographs kept in Gujarat? Rajkot and Vadodara Which organization has taken steps to study and preserve the wild creatures? Gujarat wild life Society Which lake is formed by a volcano on Pavagarah hill in Gujarat? Dudhiya talav By which project the water is being provided to the Kachch district? Sardar Sarovar Narmada Project In which district Narmada meets the gulf of Khambhat? Bharuch Which University of Gujarat has 2nd Rank in Asia? M S University In which District river Tapi meets the Gulf of Khambhat? Surat Which two dams are built on the river Tapi? Kakrapar & Ukai Where is the maximum textile industries located in Gujarat? Surat Who established the Asia's 2nd ranked M S University of Baroda? Maharaja Sayajiro Gaikwad Where did the first Cloth Market start in Gujarat? Ahmedabad Which place is the main centre of the Jain style paintings? Patan When did Amul Dairy start? In 1946 Where is the Lili Parikrama fair held in Gujarat? At foot hills of Girnar How much area is covered by the biggest agricultural Garden of Gujarat at Vaghai? 2.gujaratquiz.41 .                         Which bird is called the royal bird of Gujarat State? Flamingo How many municipal corporations are there in Gujarat? 85 Which city of Gujarat Shivaji looted for three times to harm Mughals economically? Surat Which Sanctuary in Gujarat is famous for Leopard and Chinkara's preservation? Vansda Sanctuary What is the average temperature of Gujarat? 27.5°C.

                      Which city in Gujarat has a university having the second largest dome in India after that of Bijapur? M S University-Vadodara By what name is the heavy carvings wove by Rabaris known? Todaliya In which year did Chandrachud established the rule of Chudasama tribes in Saurashtra? 875 AD By defeating whom Sajan.gujaratquiz. a Governor appointed by Sidhraj Jaysinh establish a rule of Patan over Sorath in 1113 Ad? Ra' Khengar the Second When Sher Khan Babi established an independent rule in Junagarah? 1747 AD What is the percentile contribution of Surat in Diamond cutting to meet the total world demand? 80% Which sea beach of Valsad is famous for tourist hangout? Tithal In which year Emperor of England's reprentative sir Tomas Raw came to Badshah Jehangir for seeking permittion of trade at Surat port? In 1616 For how many years from the mid tenth century onwards did the Chalukya dynasty ruled Gujarat? 362 years In which systematic Gujarati lexicon was the famous invocatory poem 'Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat' published for the first time? Narmakosh At which place was the first tramway company of Gujarat set up? Dholera (1850) Which famous merchant of Bhadreshwar on the Kachchh coast is known for his gesture of benefactions made when a great famine afflicted the whole country? Sheth JagaduShah Which Institute in Gujarat is the Asia's 1st ranked management college? IIM-A Where is the Gujarat Ecological Commission located in Gujarat? Vadodara What percentage of Indian population in North America is Gujarati? 60% From what material did the Harappan of Lothal made a scale with demarcations? Ivory Which important dam of Saurashtra is situated near Jamnagar? Ranjitsagar Dam Which organization inscribed Chmapaner on world heritage list? UNESCO In which Century AD was the famous Jama Masjid at Champaner? 15th Century AD Which shrine of today was called a Dhankpuri in the olden times? Dakor Who built the citadel wall of 'Hissar – I – khas' at Champaner? Mohammad Begdo Where is the historic fortification of Zinzuwada located? Surendranagar .

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Which Gujarati was the first person to own a steamer in India in the year 1920? Narottam Morarji When was the historic town at Lothal destroyed by Floods? 1900 BC Who is the founder of Dena Bank? Devkaran Nanji What is the rank of Gujarat in the Country as far as gasbased thermal electricity generation is concerned? 1st Rank For which art is the Shreyas Museum at Ahmedabad famous? Folk art Which institute in Ahmedabad has the best collections of Jainism manuscripts/ miniatures? L D Indology In which year were the Indus distributions flowing into the Great Rannn of Kutch were blocked by earthquake? 1819 Which hill measuring 1173 feet in height of volcanic origin lies near Rajkot? Chotila Where is the Barton museum which exhibits rich collection of coins, farming implements, arms, Kathawadi handicrafts, archeological and geological finds? Bhavnagar Who destroyed the learning capital of Gujarat “Valabhi” in the 7th Century? The Arabs In which year was kirti mandir at Vadodara Built? 1933 Which place in Junagadh is famous for Buddhist Caves? Uperkot What is the full form of IPR? Institute of Plasma Research For winning which sport is Dulip Trophy awarded? Cricket At which place was the first Gymnasium established in Gujarat? Vadodara (1905) Who first passed the Infant marriage prevention Act? Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad-Vadodara At which place was the first Urdu School established in Gujarat? Ahmedabad Who opened two hostels for untouchable students and set up scholarships for them to study in the India and Abroad? Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad Which city of Gujarat contributes nearly 60 percent of India's artificial silk? Surat Who is the father of the Atomic programme of India? Dr. Homi Bhabha Give full form of ITCTI. Information Technology Centre for Textile Industries In which year was ATIRA set up that works for research in Textile sector? 1949 Which Gujarati got the honour of becoming the Chairman of International Atomic Council (Vienna)? Dr. Madhukar Mehta

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Which Gujarati has rendered valuable service as Under Secretary of UNO? Chinmay Gharekhan By which name is famous Mathematician Dr. P.C. Vaidya's research on Einstein's Relativity known? Vaidya Matrix Which scientist from Gujarat inspired the life and works of the former President of India A P J Abdul Kalaam? Dr. Vikram Sarabhai What is the full form of Ahmedabad based club 'AGETA'? Ahmedabad Government Employed Tennis Association When did Gujarat's team for the first time enter Ranji Trophy finals? 1950 A.D. Which Gujarati used to play as the opening batsman for England Cricket Team? Vikram Solanki Which sportster from Gujarat won the Table Tennis Junior National title for the first time? Harmeet Desai Which female Badminton player received the Arjun Award? Aparna Popat What is the trio Late Shambhuprasad Bhatt, Chhotubhai Bhatt and Chinubhai Shah known for? Vyayam Vikas Darshan Which Gujarati cricketer has been a very successful coach also? Anshuman Gaekwad Which organization trains the youth from scheduled cast in Archery? Eklavya Archery Academy Who established Eklavya Archery Academy? Dinesh Bhil Who won the 20 km. walk in National Interset Athletics Championship in the year 2009? Babubhai Panocha Which Gujarati for the first time climbed upon the Nandadevi peak in Himalayan mountain range? Nandlal Purohit Which cricketer from Saurashtra hit a double century in two matches in Ranji Trophy 2009? Cheteshwar Pujara Which Indian sportster qualified for 20 k.m. walk in international championship in Berlin? Babubhai Panocha At which stadium did Indian Cricket team made the maximum runs - 414? Rajkot Who wrote the book 'Jubilee of Cricket'? Jashu Patel What is the full form of SAG? Sports Authority of Gujarat On which Cricketer is the book 'Jubilee of Cricket' written? Jam Ranjitsinh In which princely cricketer's memory is Ranji Trophy named and instituted? Jam Ranjitsinh Which Association in Gujarat is active for the spread and development of Athletics? Gujarat Vyayam Pracharak Mandal Which book have Shri Mota, Shri Ambubhai Purani, Shri Chhotubhai Purani and Shri Dattatreya Majumdar inspired? Vyayam Vignan Kosh

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Name the book that discusses games and sports from all over the world that is published by Chhotubhai Purani Vyayam University. Medani Ramato Which book describes the old time folk games and sports of India? Lok Ramato In whose memory is Dulip Trophy organized? Jam Dulipsinh Which Gujarati Billiards player has earned name and fame at the world level for Gujarat? Geet Sethi What is the name of the first Chemical industry of Gujarat? Alembic Chemical works-Vadodra Based on which scripture has poet Narsinh Mehta written his Pads? Shrimad Bhagwad Who wrote 'Vijli ne chamkaare motida parovo Panbai'? Ganga Sati Which is the first organization for Physical Education in Gujarat? Chhotubhai Purani Vyayam University (Rajpipla) In how many parts is Vyayam Vignan Kosh that talks about games and sports from all over the world divided? Nine parts In which century did Bhavai folk form's initiator Asait Thaker live? 15th century Which Sanskrit work by poet Baan was translated to Gujarati by Medieval Gujarati poet Bhalan? Kadambari Based on which scripture has poet Bhalan written his 'Nalakhyan'? Naishadhiya Charit and Nal champoo What was the original name of poet Bhalan? Purushottam Trivedi (patan) Where did Akho stay in Ahmedabad? Desai ni Pol (Khadiya) Who was poet Akho's teacher and master? Guru Brahmanand Who wrote 'Tarna othe Dungar re, Dungar koi Dekhe nahi' Poet Dhiro What is poet Bhoja Bhagat's poetry known as? Chabkha What is poet Bhatt Vallabh Mevada's poetry known as? Shakti ni Bhakti Which genre of literature has Shamal majorly contributed to? Poetic prose Which daily did poet Narmad want to change the society by? Dandiyo What is poet Dayaram's poetry known as? Garbi Kavya What Mantra did the teacher Ichchharam Bhatt give to poet Dayaram? Shri Krishna Sharanam Mamah Which well known litterateur has pen name called 'Ghanshyam'? Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi On what did poet Narmad lecture for the first time? Where? Benefits of group formation meetings - in Mumbai

gujaratquiz.                        What book did Narmad write on History? Rajyarang Who wrote the social novel 'Sasu vahu ni ladai'? Mahipatram Rupram Neelkanth (in 1866) Name the novel (saga) of Modern Gujarati. 'Jivan no Anand' and 'Rakhadva no Anand'? Lalit Nibandh Who contributed significantly to development of Sonnets in Gujarati? Balvantrai K Thakor In which book does Gandhiji describe India of his dreams? Hind Swaraj Who started duets in Gujarati theatre? Dahyabhai Dholshaji In which historical novels by Kanaiyalal Munshi is the past of Gujarat delineated? Patan ni Prabhuta. Gujarat no . Rajadhiraj In which book are the best writings by Swami Anand collected? Dharti ni Arti Who was the chief editor of Saarth Jodni kosh? Maganbhai Prabhubhai Desai Who has written biography of Ravishankar Maharaj who inaugurated independentGujarat? Babalbhai Mehta Which Gandhian activist has contributed to social and educational upliftment of Tribals? Jugatram Dave Which author has written short stories under the pen name of 'Dwiref'? R V Pathak In which book by Gandhiji he talks about insistence of truth against discrimination by the English? Dakshin Africa na Satyagraha no Itihaas Name the principal characters in the novel Saraswatichandra Saraswatichandra and Kumud Who translated Nobel winner work Gitanjali by Tagore to Gujarati? Poet Kant Who is the first player who has performed well in Shooting and has received Arjun Award for that? Udayan Chinubhai Who has written Sinhasan Batrisi? Ramanlal Soni Who has translated Kalidasa's Abhignan Shakuntal to Gujarati? Umashankar Joshi On which novel by Darshak is a Gujarati film made? Jher to pidha che jaani jaani In which book is Cultural heritage of India delineated by Darshak? Aapno Vaarso ane Vaibhav Which is the famous novel by Gunvantrai Acharya on adventure in the sea? Dariyalal www. Who wrote it? Saraswatichandra. Govardhanram Tripathi Which American president's life sketch is written by Kant? Abraham Lincoln Which travelogue did Kalapi write? Kashmir no Pravas (1892) What is the genre of Kakasaheb Kalelkar's essays.

'Nadi ni ret ma ramtu nagar male na male'? Aadil Mansuri Who first said the adage. mare nahi to mando thay'? Poet Dalpatram Who has written the Ghazal. 'Ya hom kari ne pado fateh che aage'? Poet Narmad Who wrote the song. 'Aa manpancham na mela ma'? Ramesh Parekh Who has written the Ghazal. 'Tari aankh no afini'? Venibhai Purohit Who is known as the king of rhythm in Gujarati? Poet Ramesh Parekh Which poem did Zaverchand Meghani write addressing Gandhiji when he was going to attend Round Table Conference? Chhello Katoro. kone kryo prahar mane kai khabar nathi'? Aadil Mansuri Who wrote the first autobiography in Gujarati? Poet Narmad Who editted the first poetry collection in Gujarati? Dalpatram www. 'Lamba jode tunko jay. 'Khobo bhari ne ame etlu hasya ke kuwo bhari ne ame roi padya'? Jagdish Joshi Who has written 'Kai lakho nirasha ma. What is the title of Sundaram's first poetry collection? Koya Bhagat ni Kadvi vaani In which metre has Narsinh Mehta written most of his poems? Jhulana Chhand Which magazine does Government of Gujarat. 'Pachhal pravasio ma ghana mitro pan hata...                        In which book by Zaverchand Meghani is the character sketch of Ravishankar Maharaj delineated? Mansai na deeva Which genre of Japanese poetry did Sneharashmi use in Gujarati? Haaiku In which Gujarati daily did Zaverchand Meghani work as journalist? Foolchhab Name the collection of act plays by Umashankar Joshi Saap na bhara and haveli Who wrote. 'Madhav kyay nathi'? Harindra Dave What is pen name of Farid Mahmed Gulaamnabi? Aadil Which king got Gujarati Dictionary 'Bhagwadgomandal' written? Maharaja Bhagwatsinhji What is the structure of a Haaiku? Three lines of 5-7-5 Who first wrote the patriotic poems in Gujarati? Poet Narmad Who has written the song. amar asha chhupai che'? Manilal N Dwivedi Who has written the song. Language and literature department take out? Rajbhasha Bassed on Shri Krishna's life who has written the .gujaratquiz.

gujaratquiz. London? Taari vanki re paghaldi nu Whose pen name was thoth nishaliyo Bakul Tripathi What is pen name of Ibrahim Patel? Bekaar Who has written the famous novel. but for listening' – who said that? Ramnarayan Pathak Who is the known folk poet and singer of popular folk songs and bhajans? Dula Bhaya Kaag Name the narrator who played rhythm on Manbhatt. 'Raam Ramakadu jadiyu re.Part 1 to 4 Who was the first Ghazalkar in Gujarat? Balashankar Kantharia Who wrote Shishupal vadh? Maha Kavi Magh Who is called the Adi Kavi in Gujarati? Narsinh Mehta What are other two works by Hemchandracharya besides Sidhdhahemshabdanushasan? Kavyanushasan and Chhandonushasan Who did Ganga sati write poems addressing to? Panbai What was the first Gujarati novel? Karan Ghelo www. Vallabh Vyas Which is the famous work by Premanand? Okhaharan Who has written. 'Janamtip'? Ishwar Petlikar Which famous Gujarati Ghazalkar and Albert Einstein once met? Shekhadam Abuwala & Albert Einstein What is the original name of famous Ghazal poet Shunya Palanpuri? Alikhan Baloch Who has written more than 12000 songs in Gujarati? Avinash Vyas Who has written the song.                          What was the pen name of Ramanlal Neelkanth? Makarand Which song by Avinash Vyas made the English people dance in the Albert . 'Mari aankhe kanku na suraj athmya'? Ravji Patel Who has written the song. 'Janni ni Jod sakhi nahi jade re lol'? Damodar Botadkar Poetry is not for reading. ranaji' Meerabai Who is known as the best humour litterateur in Gujarati? Jyotindra H Dave Which poet has written Chhappas besides Akho? Poet Shaamal What is the collection of poems by Narsinhrao Divetiya titled? Kusum Mala Who is known as Ghalib in Gujarati ghazals? Mareez Which Gujarati anthology editted by Mahendra Meghani became best seller? Ardhi Sadi ni Vachan Yatra .

-. Idar and Shamlaji known as? Arasur hills What is Dhangadhra village known for? Sand Stones To which district does Dharoi Dam belong? Mehsana From which city was Sir ThomasRaw allowed to trade in India? Ahmedabad (The Bhadra fort) Which is the first autobiography in Gujarati? Mari Haqiqat Where in Gujarat is the earthquake prediction centre? Bhuj Which Gujarati litterateur wrote the world famous short story. of Gujarat? Gujarat Gaurav Puraskar What did Sardar Patel name Bardoli Ashram as? Swaraj Ashram When was poet Narmad born? Where? Surat-1833 -.-.gujaratquiz.-. .law – Usha How many parts does Gujarati Vishwakosh have? 25 Who has written 'Rai no Parvat'? Ramanlal Neelkanth Which district is known as district of plantations? Valsad What are the hills near Khedbrahma.                        Who composed folk songs by Zaverchand Meghani? Hemu Gadhvi Which litterateur starts with short stories in Gujarati? Dhoomketu (Gaurishankar Joshi) What is the title of first Gujarati Sho rt story? Govalani (author: Malayanil) Which litterateur is known by the pen name 'Dwiref'? R V Pathak Who is believed to be the creator of Gujarat's folk dance style 'Garba'? Lord Krishna's daughterin. 'post office'? Dhoomketu Which city of Gujarat has the B S F head quarter? Gandhinagar Which Gujarati litterateur first received the Gnanpeeth Award? Umashankar Joshi Which transport system in Gujarat is praised by World Bank? BRTS Which Gandhian leader is spreading Gandhian ideology by narration of Gandhi's stories? Narayan Desai Where was the first oil field found in Gujarat? Lunej Who has made special contribution to folk literature of Gujarat? Zaverchand Meghani Which is the highest honour conferred by the Govt.-.-.

Vikram Sarabhai Which Gujarati daily did Gandhiji start to activate the Indians for freedom movement? Navjivan www. of Gujarat? Shri Ambubhai Purani Award When did Vididhbharti formally start from Ahmedabad? In 1965 Which award is given in the field of Fine Arts by Govt. of Gujarat? Pandit Omkarnath Thakur Award Which award is given in the field of Literature by Govt. Ahmedabad? Dr. of Gujarat? Zaverchand Meghani Award Which scheme has caused maximum of rural development in Gujarat? Gokulgram Scheme Which is the biggest fish produce centre in Gujarat? Veraval Where in Gujarat is a temple in a shape of a Chariot of the Pandavas? Jadeshwar Mahadev Who established the first textile mill in Gujarat? Ranchhodlal Chhotalal For which category does Gujarat's textile industry is ranked 3rd in the world? Denim manufacturing Who is known as the Saint of Sadavrat in Gujarat? Jalaram Bapa (Virpur) Which was the first book printed in Gujarat after printing startedin the state? Vidyasangrah (Daman) Who is considered to be the promoter of White revolution in Gujarat? Dr. History and Culture by Govt. of Gujarat? Adi Kavi Narsinh Mehta Award Which award is given in the field of Sports by Govt. of Gujarat? Shri Maganbhai Desai Award Which award is given in the field of Performing Arts by Govt.Surat Which award is given in the field of education by Govt.                         Where in Gujarat is the biggest museum on Sardar Patel? Ahmedabad (The old Rajbhavan) Which award is given in the field of Folk Arts by Govt. of Gujarat? For welfare activities Where did the first Radio Station start in Gujarat? When? In 1934-Baroda Which award is given in the field of Arts. of Gujarat? Ranjitram Gold medal Which city of Gujarat was once having the city planning like Patan? Ahmedabad Who set up B M Institute of Mental Health. Varghese Kurien Where in Gujarat is the 'Centre for Social Studies'? Surat Which was Gujarat's first T V Station? Peej Which Chemistry scientist invented medicine for Marki? Tribhovandas Gajjar. of Gujarat? Shri Ravishankar Rawal Award For what is the Jaybhikhkhu Award given by Govt. .gujaratquiz.

1 introduced in Gujarat? Ahmedabad – Baroda When did Akashvani formally start in Gujarat? 16th April 1949 Where is Trifalavan cultivated in Gujarat for increasing produce of Ayurvedic medicines? Saputara Which is Gujarat’s biggest agriculture produce centre? Unjha (District Mehsana) In which state of India is maximum blood donation witnessed? Gujarat Who wrote the first autobiography in Gujarati titled 'Mari Haqiqat'? Poet Narmad Name the famous musician duo. Kalyanji-Anadji For the production of which mineral are the rocks in Rajpipla known? Aget Which famous painter is known as 'Kala Guru'? Ravishanker Raval Who was the first Gujaratifemale to be appointed aspresident of censor board for Hindi cinema? Asha Parekh Which was Gujarat's first regional silent film? Bhakt Vidur Name the famous Gujarati female actor who worked in Hindi cinema for the evergreen character of 'mother'.in . who left an impression in Hindi films.gujaratquiz.                        Where did addiction free movement start in Gujarat? Kanoria Hospital.Gandhinagar What is the name of Mobile hospital project for emergency service and diagnosis for Cancer inGujarat? Sanjeevani Rath Which English daily did Gandhiji start to activate the Indians for freedom movement? Young India When was Gokul gram Scheme started? 1995-96 In which city was the first Express highway no. Bhav ni Bhavai Where in Gujarat is the china clay industry? Morbi Which dam is on the river Taapi? Kakrapaar Which is the dam on the river Sabartmati? Dharoi What are the Kachchh desert and bay of Khambhat connected with? Nal Sarovar www. Nirupa Roy Which was Gujarat's first colour feature film? Liludi Dharti (1968) Which was the first Gujarati film? Narsinh Mehta (1932) Who gave music for the first and last time in Kashi no Dikro? Kshemubhai Divetiya Name the nationally & internationally acclaimed Gujarati film by Ketan Mehta.

Jivraj Mehta Who has compiled 'Bhavaisangrah' in Gujarati literature? Mahipatram Neelkanth . 15 Where is the central salt and marine chemicals research institute? Bhavnagar In which city is the biggest industrial sector in Gujarat? Ankleshwar Where was the first industrial sector set up in Gujarat? Rajkot In which city is the very famous Rajkumar College in Saurashtra? Rajkot Which place is known as 'Lili nagher' – the Greenland in Gujarat? Chorwad – Veraval Where is the lignitebased electric project in Kachchh? Pandhro Where is the only one Ayurveda University of India in Gujarat? Jamnagar Where in Gujarat is the Mir Dataar tomb which is a symbol of unity between the Hindu and the Muslim? Unava Where is the unit for oil extracted from paddy? Barejadi What is Vaghodia known for? Production of bicycles In which Taluka is the Dharoi dam on river Sabarmati? Satlasana In which district is maximum of Isabgul crops taken? Mehsana Who takes the credit for the founding and development of Asia's biggest Civil Hospital? Dr.1 in entire Asia? Fluorspar From which mountains does the Akik manufacturing in Khambhat get the materials? Mountains in Rajpipla To which district does Nal Sarovar belong? Ahmedabad Which mineral is received from the Shivrajpur mine in Panchmahal? Manganese Which is the national highway from Kandala to Pathankot? National highway no.gujaratquiz.                         Which district in Gujarat shares its border with Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh? Dahod For which fabric production is Veraval known? Rayon Near which place does Sabarmati merge into the sea? The bay of Kopali Between which two stations did the first railway start in Gujarat? Utaran-Ankleshwar What is Gujarat's rank for the production of Graphite? Third Where is the plant in Bhavnagar for turning salt water into sweet? Avania For the production of which mineral is Gujarat No.

Ramanlal Mahipatram Neelkanth What is the name of the central character in the novel Bhadrambhadra? Bhadrambhadra Who has translated Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali to Gujarati? Nagindas Parekh www. Nahi Kayar Nu Kaam Jone'? Poet Pritam Which Gujarati poet was blind by birth? Poet Pritam Who has written the prayer 'Aanand Mangal Karu Aarti'? Poet Pritam Whose poetic compostions are known as 'Kafi' in Gujarati literature? Poet Dheero Who is the author of poetic prose ‘Vaitaal Pachchisi’ and ‘Suda Bahoteri’? Shamal Who is the author of popular stories ‘Sinhasan Batrisi’ in Gujarati Literature? Shamal Who first used the phrase 'Gurjar Bhasha' for Gujarati language? Bhalan Whose poetic verse is – 'Ek murakh ne evi . whose sole devotee poet Raje was? Shri Krishna Which industry is flourishing in Bardoli? Sugar Where in Gujarat is the Jhari industry developed? Surat From which port is salt exported in maximum in Gujarat? Bedi Port Which corporation in Gujarat works for Mineral excavation and research? Gujarat Minerals Development Corporation Where is the research centre for high breed Kathiyavadi horses? Junagadh Which Kabirpanthi saint in medieval Gujarati literature is known as 'Hari ni Daasi'? Daasi Jeevan Who created the verse 'Hari no Marag Chhe Shurano. Baroda Who wrote popular allegoric Bhajans 'Kachaba – Kachabi'? Poet Bhoja Bhagat Who created Khand Kavya first? Poet Kant Which was the first comic novel? Who wrote it? Bhadrambhadra . Patthar etla puje dev'? Gyani Kavi Akho Who has written Mahakali Garbo titled 'Ma Pava te Gadh thi Utarya Mahakali Re'? Shamal Which poet was not literate in medieval Gujarati literature? Poet Bhoja Bhagat Which Maharashtriyan poet has contributed noteworthy in Gujarati literature? Bapusaheb Gayakwad Which city in Gujarat is ranked one for production of diesel motors? Rajkot Who created the first elegy 'Farbas Virah' in Gujarati literature? Poet Narmad Mention the native of poet Nakar.gujaratquiz.                          Inspite of being Muslim.

gujaratquiz. the founding father of Bhavai form reside after he was ostracized? Unza By which cast Asait Thakar. the founding father of Bhavai form born? Siddhapur Where was Gyanpith awardee Pannalal Patel born? Mandli Where did Asait Thakar.                         Who has written 'Madhav kyay nathi Madhuvan ma'? Harindra Dave What is pen name of Manubhai Trivedi? Gaafil Who first used the word 'Asmita' in Gujarati. the renowned novelist of Gujarati literature born? Nadiad What is the full name of poet Botadkar? Damodar Khushaldas Botadkar Where was renowned litterateurs Manilal Nabhubhai Dwiwedi born? Nadiad Name the folk dance of Banaskantha. Desai born? Shinor Whose pseudonyms are 'Shesh'. the founding father of Bhavai form was known after migrating to Unza? Targala Which was Kakasaheb Kalelkar's mother tongue? Marathi Where does 'Tanariri'. and 'Swairvihari'? Ramnarayan V. Morayo Who is known as 'Mahakavi' or 'Kavisamrat' in Gujarati poetry? Kavi Nanhalal What was the real surname of litterateur Kakasaheb Kalelkar who was well-known as Savaya Gujarati? Rajadhyaksh Where was litterateur Kainayalal Maneklal Munshi born? Bharuch Where was Ramanlal V. 'Dviref'.in . an Indian classical music festival take place in Gujarat? Vadnagar To which district does Morayo dance belong in Banaskantha? Vaav By which other name Dangi dance is known? Chalo www. Pathak Where was Zaverchand Meghani born? Chotila Where was Asait Thakar. for the cultural heritage? Kanaiyalal Munshi Who dedicated his life to service of leprosy patients? Ayarani Amarbai and Devidasji Which book is based on the life of Ravishankar Maharaj? Mansai na Diva Where is the biggest Mental Health Centre in Gujarat? B M Institute of Mental Health-Ahmedabad Which is the biggest natural lake in Gujarat? Nal Sarovar Where was Govardhanram Tripathi .

                         Who has acknowledged Rani Sipri Mosque as 'Gem of Ahmedabad'? James Ferguson By which name the dance of Sidi is known? Dhamal Dance Tipanni dance is associated with which tribe? Bhil and Koli By which Padma Award has the Poet Sundaram been felicitated? Padmabhushan Against the autocracy of which ruler Gandhiji embarked on a satyagraha? Rajkot (1939) Name the traditional handcraft of .gujaratquiz. Sujani What is the folk dance form Saurashtra men's Raas also known as? Hallisak Who established the famous Gitamandir of Ahmedabad? Swami Vidhyanandaji Where in Gujarat did Vishvamitra Muni realize the power of Gayatri Mantra? In the forest of Chhota Udaipur By which name Kachhi wall paintings of Gujarat are known? Kamangari Shailee Why Trinetreshwar fair of the tribal is popular? Svayamvar By which name the traditional religious wall paining of the tribal of Gujarat is known? Pichhora In which temple did Narshinh Mehta visualize 'Raasdarshan'? Gopnath Mahadev (Junagadh) The tomb of which Muslim Saint is situated in Palitana along with Jain Derasar? Angarsha Peer Wehre is the religious place of Saint Savaiyanath situated? Zanzarka Where does festival of Palli take place at the ninth night during Navaratri? Rupal While performing which folk dance of Gujarat the players thump sticks on the ground? Tippani In which fair do we find Tribals singing on folk instruments like 'Ranjhaniyu' and 'Penjaniyu'? Shamlaji Fair Where did Mohemmed Begda build the Jama mosque? Pavagadh and Champaner Which festival is celebrated with so much of festivity by fishermen in Gujarat? Shravani Punam Who dance the folk Gof Gunthan–Solanga Raas? Which part of Gujarat does this folk dance form belong to? Saurashtra based Koli and Kanbi Tribes As per a belief where was Mahatma Dadu Dayal born? Ahmedabad Which community enjoys Thaga Dance? Thakors from North Gujarat Which dance do Bharwad community in Saurashtra dance? Huda Raas What was the ancient title 'Anart' for present North Gujarat region given after? Sharyati's son Anart www.

? Nayikadevi Which place did poet Bhalan belong to? Siddhapur Where is the memorial for Shri Rang Avdhoot Maharaj built? Nareshwar What is Vadnagar's Kirtitoran also known as? Narsinh Mehta no Choro Which renowned saint of India sacrificed his bones on banks of River Sabarmati? Dadhichi Where the Shivratri fair held which is known as the fair of the monks and mendicants? Girnar To which district is the holy pilgrimage for Muslims known as Haji Pir belongs? Kachchh What is the anciently known river Shwabhrawati presently known as? Sabarmati Where did Ahmedashah decide to move capital of Gujarat from Patan? Ashaval (Ahmedabad presently) Where in Ahmedabad is the Baba Lului mosque that is the symbol of Hindu Muslim unity? Jamalpur How many years did it take for constructing the Bhadra fort in Ahmedabad? 7 years .                        To which God did Shri Rang Avdhoot Maharaj worship and influenced many followers? Datta Bhagwan At which place in Gujarat wooden carvings as per the Vastu Shastra were found? Somnath By which other name is Dwarika temple known? Jagat Mandir or Trilok Mandir Which temple of Gondal is known all over Gujarat? Bhuvaneshwari temple Which place near Unjha is visited by Hindu and Muslim worshippers? Meeradatar Which Pir's tomb is on the Datar hill near Girnar in Junagadh? Jamiyalsha Pir Which place is known as sacred place of Gorakhnath? Dhinodhar hill Which fair in Kachchh is believed to be a symbol of communal harmony? Haji Pir Fair Where is 'Karnavati – a glimpse of the past' set up in the year 2000? Sanskar Kendra-Ahmedabad Where is the original idol of Lord Krishna from Dwarka placed? Dakor Where is the ancient Ramdev Pir temple situated? Ranuja Which leader played instrumental role for merging of Indian states to Government after the independence? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Where is the Hasan Pir's sacred tomb situated which commonly attracts worshippers from hindu and Muslim religions? Delmal (District Mehsana) Which brave lady from Gujarat had defeated Shahabuddin Ghori and sent him back in 1179 A.gujaratquiz.

which is the seventh one? Sabarmati How many ports are situated in Saurashtra? 23 What was the ancient name of the river Banas? Parnasha Which city is known for jewelry produce and export? Rajkot What is another name for the pilgrimage Bet Dwarka? Bet Shankhodar www. if six of them are Khari. Kausambi and Bhimakshi? Khedbrahma Which river of Gujarat is called 'Ganga' in Puranas? Hiranya In which Sanskrit poet from Gujarat there is simile like Kalidas. Majham. . Hiranya and Kapila meet? Somnath Where the architectural places called 'Pandava's school' and 'Bhim's Kitchen' situate? Dholaka Which modern city of Gujarat was anciently called 'Dhavallak'? Dholaka Which city is situated on the meeting place of the rivers Hiranya. Hathmati and Vatrak.                        Which was the first Satyagraha in Gujarat at the time of independence movement? Kheda Satyagraha Where do the rivers Saraswati. Meshwo. poetic rhyme like Dandi and implied philosophy of Bharvi? The Great poet Magh Which mosque in Ahmedabad is known as haking minarets' mosque? Rajpur Mosque What is the title of Ramanlal Neelkanth's satiric novel? Bhadrambhadra Who was the first Gujarati actress to get into the field of Acting and Films? Leela Desai In which area is the statue of Gujarati poet Akha who wrote satiric poems on social customs situated? Khadiya Which district takes the maximum of crop of millet? Banaskantha Which city's name is associated with the word Do-had? Dahod Where in Gujarat is the largest plantation cum garden? Vaghai Where is the Sardar Patel Agricultural University? Banaskantha Which island in the bay of Kachchh is made of Corals? Pirotan Which place in Gujarat is known for the weighing machines? Sawarkundala In whose memory is the Akhil Hindu Open Sea Swimming competition from Chorwad to Veraval organized? Veer Savarkar How many ports are situated in Kachchh? Four Vautha fair is held at a meeting place of seven rivers.

gujaratquiz. which dance is performed by Dharampur region's tribal people? Shikar Dance Which dance is performed to convince Lord Baliya? Kakda Dance In which Mumbai based school did Poet Narmad study? Elphinston Who gave the title 'Arvachino ma Adya' (Classic among the moderns) to Poet Narmad? Kanaiyalal Munshi Who was appointed in the advisory committee for the historical World religion conference that was held in Chicago in 1893? Manilal Dwivedi Who gave title 'Ajeevan Yoddho' (Immortal fighter) to Poet Narmad? Vishwanath Bhatt Who got known as 'Adi Vivechak' (classic critic)? Navalram What title did Rabindranath Tagore give to Anandshankar Dhruv? Uttam Vyavharagna Which genre did medieval poet Shamal take up? Poetic prose .                         What are the forests near Jamnagar and Kachchh coastline made of? Mangroves Trees What is the traditional house of Gir Shepherds known as? Jhonk Where is the Tribal Museum that provides information on Tribal folk art and culture? Dang Which deer in Gujarat is also known as Krishna Mrug? BlackBuck Where is the tomb of Hasan Pir? Delmal – Mehsana How many districts in Gujarat have a coast line? 13 How many ports are situated in South Gujarat? 14 Which part of Gujarat is known as the land of Sea shore? Kachchh In North Gujarat. on which Indian month full moon day village youngsters dance with swords in their hands? Kartiki Who wrote patriotic poems. 'Gunvanti Gujarat' and 'Bharat bhumi nu Jaygaan'? Ardeshar Khabardar How many districts do the bay of Kachchh and the bay of Khambhat connect? Eight Which Dance is played by Shepherd community's men and women? Huda In which community Thaga Dance is famous? Thakor Which dance is famous in Koli community of North Gujarat? Ashva Dance Unique Folk Dance Manjira is belonging to which community living near Bhal Region? Pandhar South Gujarat's Dubala community's dance is famous by which name? Gheriya Dance With bow and spear.

                         Whose life does Premanand's work 'Mameru' depict? Narsinh Mehta's daughter Kunwarbai To which genre did medieval poet Bhalan contribute the most? Akhyan Which Swami from Swaminarayan sect set a rule of writing a poem a day? Brahmanand Swami Who is called 'Gnan no varvo vadlo' (Banyan tree of philosophy) in medieval Gujarati literature? Akha Bhagat Who wrote 'Bhasha ne shu valge bhur'? Akho Who talked about philosophy of Kevaladwait . motida parovo Panbai'? Gangasati Who is known as the initiator of Modern Gujarati literature? Dalpatram Which work is written on the life of Raja Ranmal from Idar? Ranmal Chhand Which essay did Dalpatram first pen down? Bhoot Nibandh In which genre is Sidhdhahemshabdanush asan written? Huda What the Raas known as is performed with sticks? Lakuta Raas What is the genre that depicts the character delineation of a historic figure called? Prabandh Which Ras – sentiment is depicted in Ranmal chhand? Vir Ras Narsinh Mehta is known as contemporary of which king of Junagadh? Ra Mandalik Who wrote 'Tare mathe nagara vage mot na re'? Devanand Swami In which century did Narsinh Mehta walked on this planet according to Kanaiyalal Munshi? 16th Century Who is remembered with utter respect from the litterateurs of medieval poetry? Hemchandracharya Who was Sahajanand swami bestowed renouncement (Diksha) by? Ramanand Swami Who has written 'Meru to dage pan jena man na dage'? Gangasati In Gujarat first time. who helped in setting up Alembic Chemical Works Company Limited? Tribhuvandas Gajjar Which film directed by Ketan Mehta in 1982 was showcased in Indian International film festival? Bhav ni Bhavai What has Narsinh Mehta talked high about in his Prabhatiya? Knowledge Which God did Narsinh worship after renouncing home? Shiv www. Jagat Mithya'? Akho Which princely state did Kabir sect followers Morar Saheb belong to? Tharad Who has written 'Vijli ne chamkare.'Brahma Satya.

gujaratquiz.                         Which type of poems did Narsinh Mehta write into? Prabhatiya What did lord Shiv offer to Narsinh Mehta as a reward to his penance? Raas Leela What are mainly the poems of Narsinh Mehta called? Pad When did the first Gujarati Talking film – Narsinh Mehta release? April 9. Nadiyadwala Which Gujarati actor played the role of Raavan in the television saga 'Ramayana' and earned lot of fame? Arvind Trivedi In which film that came in 2004 was a Tribal love story depicted? Dhulki tari maya lagi Which film is based on terrorist attack in Gandhinagar on Akshardham temple? Karmabhumi In which film Gujarati actor Kiran Kumar acted in a negative role has been memorable? Tejab How many players are there usually in Bhavai? 21 Which performance is made first in a Bhavai? Ganpati Who was the lead actor in the first talking film in Gujarati Narsinh Mehta? Marutirao Pehlvan Who performed the lead role in Gujarati film Meerabai? Nirupa Roy In which film has Hindi film actress Asha Parekh acted in the lead role? Akhand Saubhagyavati . K. 1963-64 Which Gujarati film so far saw the best success? Desh re joya dada pardesh joya Who was the director and actor in the film based on Pannalal Patel's novel Manvi ni Bhavai? Upendra Trivedi Which actor has acted in maximum number of Gujarati films with historical theme? Upendra Trivedi Who was the producer of 'Desh re joya dada pardesh joya' which earned brilliant success in 1998? Govindbhai Patel Who set up the famous Lucky studio in Gujarat? K. 1932 In which cinema hall did the first Gujarati talking film – Narsinh Mehta release? West end. Nadiyadwala and I. Mumbai Who was the producer of the first Gujarati talking film – Narsinh Mehta? Chimanbhai Desai Who was the director of the first Gujarati talking film – Narsinh Mehta? Nanubhai Vakil Which Company made the first Gujarati talking film – Narsinh Mehta? Sagar Film Company Which film received the first award for best film in Gujarati for the first time? Mehndi Rang Lagyo From which year did Gujarat government start presenting awards to Gujarati films? 1960-61 Which film was given tax relaxation by Government of Gujarat for the first time? Akhand Saubhagyavati.

? Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation – Gandhinagar In which year the oldest zoo of India – Sakkarbaug (Junagadh) was set up? 1863 How many types of Antelope and Deer are found in Gujarat? Four types of antelope & three types of deer Even if there were no lions.                         Which was the first colour film in Gujarati? Liludi Dharti In which Gujarati film did the Hindi film Actor Asrani act for the first time? Maa-Baap Which was Gujarati film star Naresh Kanodiya's first film? Jogsanjog In which year was the first film studio in Gujarat set up? 1972 Who was the director of the Hindi film Saraswatichandra (1969)? Govind Saraiya Who was the director of the film 'Gunsundari no Gharsansar' (1972) that was based on the Gujarati novelSaraswatichandra? Govind Saraiya Who set up the Vrundavan studio in Umargam? Hirabhai Patel In which year was Lucky studio set up in Gujarat? 1975 What is a group called in Bhavai? Tolu Which poet attained heights in writing about Premlakshana Bhakti? Narsinh Mehta When was Gir national park set up? 1975 In which film is the renowned poet Ravji Patel's song 'Mari aankhe kanku na suraj athmya' taken up? Kashi no dikro Which wild animals are found in desert of Kachchh? Caracal and Desert Fox What is the complete name of C.? Centre for Environment Education (Ahmedabad) What is the full name of .E.E.E. what would Gir Sanctuary still be known for? For Birds How many types of birds are found in Gujarat? 479 How many types of coral rocks are found in the bay of Kachchh? 37 From 26 districts of Gujarat in how many district forest areas is the leopard found? 17 Which river is named after the loitering deer (Sabar) around it. as per a belief? Sabarmati In which forest area of Gujarat the leopard-alike cat is found? In Shulpaneshwar forests in district Narmada In which area is the Indian Little Shrew found? Kachchh desert What is the approximate weight of Dugong fish which is found in Gujarat sea areas? 230 to 900 kg www.R.gujaratquiz.E.

D.D.                        Which bird for the habit of holding the prey in its beak is known as killing bird in Gujarat? The Grey Shrike What is The Indian Robin considered as per the mythological belief? Auspicious How many types of Minivets found in Gujarat? Four In which year was the Hutheesing Dehra built? 1848 .D. Which king had ordered for carrying out the entire administration of Gujarat state in Gujarati language? Sayajirao Gaekwad The name of which invincible fort is found noted in Mahabharata? Idariyogadh Which Shakti pilgrimage is called as entrance gate to Panchmahal? Pavagadh What is the name of the tomb memorial (smadhi) of Morarjibhai Desai? Abhay Ghat (Ahmedabad) Which district is covered under the Charotar region? Kheda From where the bird The Brahmany Kite take their food? From Water Who had built the Fort of Div in sixteenth century? Portuguese Snehlata was actress of which Language? Marathi www. Kunvarbai nu Mameru In which Indian state are found the maximum remains of the Harappan civilization? Gujarat The influence of which religion can be observed in the ancient Ashoka stone inscriptions located in Junagadh? Bauddha Which year saw the beginning of the rule of Maitrak dynasty? 470 A. Which period is considered as the Chavda dynasty in the history of Gujarat? 746 to 942 A. Very much praised by the Poets what is the bird The Pied Crested-Cuckoo known as in Saurashtra? Motido From where does The Common Swallow bird come to Gujarat in winter? From Europe and North Asia Which bird of Flycatcher origin comes to Gujarat in winter? The Verditer Flycatcher In which month do Wagtails birds come to Gujarat for spending winter? Month of Aaso Which temple in Gujarat is dedicated to Ram Krishna Paramhansa? Jagat Mandir (Dwarka) The temple of which Goddess is situated in Rajpara near Bhavnagar? Goddess Khodiyar What is the period of Mughal rule in Gujarat? 1572 to 1752 A. Name the scheme of Government of Gujarat that is associated with the marriage of daughters of rural families.D.gujaratquiz.

                         What is the rank of Sardar Sarovar Dam in the world as the concrete gravity dam? nd 2 Which part of Gujarat do the ever-flowing rivers flow? South Gujarat Who set up the first Law College in . Kheda. Which districts have benefitted out of the dam on the river Mahi? Panchmahal. Anand Where is the Gyan Mandir which was set up by Hemchandracharya in Gujarat? Patan Which lady suggested one year's study of Politics before one's entering Politics? Annie Besant Which is the main city in the district Kachchh? Bhuj Which district has the longest coast line in Gujarat? Jamnagar What is the plateau in Saurashtra made of? Ignatius rocks of Besalt Which seasonal winds bring rains to Gujarat? South-Western Which mountain connects the districts Porbandar and Jamnagar? Bardo Which University did Shri Aurobindo Ghosh serve as a professor of English? Maharaja Sayajirao University-Baroda Which institution was set up at the time of the British rule for opposing Government education? Gujarat Vidyapeeth Who set up an Ashram school at Vedchhi in South Gujarat for the upliftment of the Tribals? Jugatram Dave What is the mountain range in the north of Gujarat called? Arvalli Which was the first library in Gujarat? Himabhai Institute Where is the Motishahi Palace that Badshah Shahjahan got constructed? Ahmedabad When did the first railway start between Ahmedabad and Surat? 20-01-1863 www. in Gujarat? Sir Lallubhai Asaram Shah Which Gujarati was the first Indian president of central Law society? Viththalbhai Patel On the banks of which river does the city of Navsari dwell? Poorna Who has translated Tolstoy's War and Peace? Jayanti Dalal Which is the oldest museum of Gujarat? Kachchh Museum Which river in Gujarat turns into a sand hill every year? Kolak (South Gujarat) How many Mega Watt electricity will be produced after the completion of Sardar Sarovar Project? 1450 Mega Watt When was the Tourism Corporation set up in Gujarat? 1975 A.

Commerce College.                        During which king's reign was the Capital of Gujarat moved from Ahmedabad to Champaner? Mohemmed Begdo When did Gujarat Vidyapeeth got the deemed university status? In 1963 When and where was the first Ayurvedik college of Gujarat established? Patan. H.Ahmedabad – 1937 Which is the head quarter of Gujarat based Agricultural universities? Dantiwada Who was the first vice chancellor of Gujarat University? Harsiddhabhai Divetiya Who did Gandhiji choose as his successor to lead Dandi March if he himself got arrested? Abbas Taiyabji Which Gujarati was appointed as the member of the Elite society of England? Lord Meghnad Desai Who set up the Garibdasji Udasin Ashram in Kachchh? Guru Nanak's disciple Shrichand During the time of which dynasty did the area of state of Gujarat expanded the most? Solanki dynasty Who established the renowned Charotar education society and Vallabh Vidyanagar? Bhailalbhai Patel Who suggested to Gandhiji to keep 'Wheel' as the symbol of independence movement? Gangaben Majmudar Who played instrumental role in sharing of resources between India and Pakistan after the partition? H M Patel What is the area between Una and Chorwad known as? Nagher Name the only King who attended all three Delhi Darbar.gujaratquiz. L. in 1923 In which Gujarati poet’s style there is an influence of English and Sanskrit’s prose-poem style? Sundaram Name the first Commerce college of . Khengarji the Third Which is the biggest port in Saurashtra? Okha Name the district which ranks first in potato cultivation? Banaskatha Which zone of the Indian Railways is applied to Gujarat? Western Zone Which special trees are found in Ubharat (District Navsari) – a scenic beach in Gujarat? Cypress trees and Palm trees How much is the coast line of Gujarat proportionately in total coast line of India? One third In which district is the Ghed region? Junagadh What is the plain in South-Western Ahmedabad which is known for the produce of wheat called? Bhal Which place in Junagadh is even lower than the sea level? Ghed www.

gujaratquiz. Ambedkar? Kanaiyalal Munshi Which is the main city in the district Sabarkantha? Himmatnagar Name the place of Meshwo dam . geographically? Dwipkalpiya Gujarat Where is the forest that has the Cher trees. Lokvan Which district of Gujarat has minimum number of Talukas? How many? Daang-one In which district do we find the bird called 'Ghorad'? Kachchh www. B. Sanosara. in Gujarat? Near the beaches in Jamnagar and Kachchh Where in Ahmedabad are Badshah no Hajiro and Rani no Hajiro situated? Manek Chawk During which dynasty was the world famous Valabhi Vidyapeedth established in Gujarat? Maitrak Dynasty Who was the first chief judge of High Court of Gujarat? Sundarlal Trikamlal Desai What Satyagraha was the Dandi March a part of? Dharasana Satyagraha When was Gujarat University established? In 1949 Which pond was constructed by Chandragupt Maurya in Junagadh? Sudarshan pond Which Commission recommended Gandhiji's ideas of education reforms? Kothari Commission (1964-66) Which city of Gujarat produces the maximum of crude oil? Ankleshwar For which crops is the Kaanam region known? Cotton Who was the female freedom fighter who has also been the vice chancellor of M S University? Dr. Hansaben Mehta Who was the engineer of the Ellis Bridge situated at ahmedabad? Raobahadur Himmatlal Which hermit set up the city of Bharuch? Maharshi Bhrugu Who set up Vernacular society in Gujarat? Alexander Kinlok Forbes Who was the very popular columnist that wrote the famous women column 'Ghar ghar ni Jyot'? Vinodini Neelkanth Who set up the Ayurveda College in Ahmedabad? Bhikshu Akhandanand Where is the red coloured Dolomite marble found in Gujarat? Chhuchhapura Who contributed to the making of Indian constitution with Dr. R.                         What are Kachchh and Saurashtra known as. Shamlaji Which is the resort near Palanpur? Balaram Resort Name the variety of Wheat crop cultivated by Lokbharti.

Gujarat Vidyapeeth Who has earned the repute of being the first female graduate in Gujarat? Vidyagauri Neelkanth Which is the Institute that turns out Rural Management professionals in Asia? Institute of Rural Management. Hasmukh Sankalia found remains of pre historic civilization? Langhanaj Who set up the Navanagar princely state? Jam Raval Which sect of Hinduism spread in Gujarat at the time of Gupta dynasty? Vaishnav Who had jointly established ATIRA that works in the field of research in Textile sector? Dr.                         What is the region that connects Dwarka and Okha called? Okha Mandal Where is Boxite found in Gujarat? Jamnagar Which place in Gujarat is known as Asia's largest wind farm? Jamnagar How many ports are registered in Gujarat as per 2009-10 report? 41 Which Gujarati King became the first Governer of the state of Madras? Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Which Gujarati was appointed as Ambassador to America? Gaganvihari Mehta What is the historical fort in Junagadh known as? Uparkot fort Where was the establishment ceremony of the State of Gujarat held? Sabarmati Ashram.gujaratquiz.I. Kasturbhai Lalbhai and Shantiswarup Bhatnagar In which city was the first Fine Arts college of Gujarat established? Baroda Name the first university that works on Gandhian ideology.T. Ahmedabad Which was the very active port in ancient Gujarat? Bhrugu Kachchh Where in Gujarat is the great idol of Lord Vishnu? Shaamlaji In which village in Gujarat did Archaeologist Dr.I. Vikram . Anand (IRMA) What is full form of G.? Gujarat Institute of Education Technolgy Which Gujarati was the first governor in other state? In which state? Chandulal Trivedi. Orissa Who constructed the Bhadra fort in Ahmedabad? Sultan Ahmedshah Who established Indian Homerule society in London? Shyamji Krishna Varma Which poem did Mirabai write on Narsinh Mehta's life? Narsinh ka Mahyara Which is the oldest museum of Gujarat? Kachchh Museum Where is the Gopaldas Haveli which is known for its artistic wooden carving? Vaso www.

D. In which year was Nal Sarovar declared as Birds Sanctuary? 1969 A. S.D. K K Shah Where did the first official coiners start in Ahmedabad? Kalupur When did documenting history start in Gujarat? from Maurya Period Which magazine played key role against censorship at the time of emergency? Sadhana Weekly When did Shyamji Krushna Varma establish 'India House'? . where? Premchand Raychand. Mumbai? Ravishankar Raval When was Gujarat tourism department established? 1973 A. Which coast line in Gujarat is surrounded by lime stone hills? Gopnath Which actor acted in the lead role in Manhar Raskapur's film Kalapi? Sanjeevkumar Where is India's smallest bird sanctuary in Gujarat? Porbandar To which district does the Dantiwada Dam Project belong? Banaskantha Which beach is known for fishery in Gujarat? Veraval At which place do the Arvalli and Vindhya mountain ranges meet on Gujarat's Eastern border? Pavagadh Which port in Gujarat has the 'Lock gate'? Bhavnagar Which fruit is known as 'Kachchhi Mewa'? Dried date Which Gujarati author first used the term 'Asmita' for Gujarat's heritage? Kanaiyalal Munshi How many districts were formed at the time of Gujarat's establishment? 17 Which resident of Sabarkantha became governor of Andhra Pradesh? Dr. Rao www. 1905 Under whose guidance was Lothal excavations take place? Dr.Ahmedabad Which liberary was established by retired justice Andrews in Surat for preserving old books? Andrews Library Which is the meeting place of three states Gujarat. Maharashtra and Madhyapradesh? Surpaneshwar How much is the capacity of the Vanakbori Electric House? 1470 Mega Watt Who received 'Mayo' medal for being judged as the best student in the Diploma exam of J J School of Art. R.                        Which Gujarati advocate defended Azad Hind Fauj by his sharp intellect and won the case in the court of Law? Sir Bhulabhai Desai Who set up the first Teachers' Training college in Gujarat.gujaratquiz.

Mahakshatrap Rudradama and Skandgupta? Pandit Bhagwanlal Indraji Which freedom fighter of Gujarat took the Initiative of Exercising and Athletics in Gujarat? Ambubhai Purani What is the height of Girnar? 1117 On which Viceroi was a bomb thrown in Ahmedabad? Lord Minto What was the capital of King book system introduced for upliftment of the backwards? Madhavsinh Solanki When was the first State Assembly election held? 1962 Give the ancient name of Vadodara. Establisher of Maitrak dynasty? Valabhi Who set up Champaner? Vanraj Chavda In which jail did Indulal Yagnik stay with Gandhiji at the time of Non cooperation movement? Yervada Jail in Pune Which freedom fighter was the chief justice in Gujarat high court? Abbas Taiyebji www. Vatpadra Which Gujarati female became governor of Karnataka? Kumudben Joshi Who wrote the first work of Grammar in Gujarati? Hemchandracharya During which chief minister's reign were the districts restructured in Gujarat? Shankarsinh Vaghela How many islands are there in Nal Sarovar? 360 Into which bay does the Mahisagar river of district of Baroda meet? Bay of Khambhat Which hills are there between Danta and Palanpur? Jessor Hills Who has prepared the drafts from the stone engraves in Girnar by Samrat Ashok.                         Which book having got influenced by. did Gandhiji translate to Gujarati as 'Sarvodaya'? Unto the last Which remains are found in Gujarat of Kshatrap age? Stup and Viharswarup Caves Which Jain philosopher from Gujarat did Akbar invite to his kingdom? Acharya Hirvijaysuri Where was the Mughal king Aurengzeb born in Gujarat? Dahod What is Dandakaranya of olden times known as in modern times? Daang In which city did Marathas rule in Gujarat? Baroda When was Maha Gujarat Parishad set up for Maha Gujarat movement? . 1956 When was Majur Mahajan Sangh set up in Gujarat? 1920 During the reign of which chief minister was the 'Kutumbpothi' .

                       Where is Mahadevbhai Desai's tomb situated? What is it known as? At Pune. Om Samadhi Who was the first minister of the opposition party in State assembly of Gujarat? Nagindas Gandhi Which Ashram did Gandhiji set up in Vardha? Sewagram Ashram When did Kanaiyalal Munshi serve as the governor and where? Uttar Pradesh.born? Chapaiya What is the rank of Gujarat in the country as far as nuclear electricity generation is concerned? 2nd rank Which region of Saurashtra is famous for the 'Tippani' folk dance? Chorwad Which place in Kutch isfamous for Ahir embroidery? Dhaneti Which place in Kutch is famous for block printing? Dhamanka For how many years did Gujarat have Mauryan rule? 137 Years Who composed the poem 'Gujarat Stavano' in 1960? Umashankar Joshi Which dynasty ruled over Porbandar for the longest term/reign in Gujarat? Jethwa Dynasty Which place is famous for block printing technique called 'Ajrakh'? Kachchh Which place is famous for rogan-printing embroidery? Nirona Which place is famous for Haliputra embroidery? Hodka Which place in Kutchch is famous for Kutchchi Rabari embroidery? Nakhatrana From which place did the famous immigrant scholar Abul Fazl Ghazaruni came to Gujarat during the reign of Mahmud Begada? Persia Who is known as the Father of Gujarati Drama? Ranchhodbhai Udayram Which folk dance of Gujarat is derived from the Sanskrit word 'garbha deep'? Garba Which popular form of theater in Gujarat is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Bhava'? Bhavai Where the Vithor fossil park is located preserving billions of years old fossils discovered from Kachchh? Mandvi .Muslim unity? Rajab Ali Where was Sait Sahjanand Swami . 1952 to 1957 Which freedom fighter from Gujarat got the title 'Darbar'? Gopaldas Who died a martyr's death with Vasant in Ahmedabad. while independence movement.gujaratquiz.(who lived and worked in Gujarat) . for Hindu.

gujaratquiz.                       Which well known Philosopher and Mathematician came to visit Gujarat during the reign of Mahmud Begada? Haibatullah Shah In which century the North African traveller Ibn batuta visited Gujarat? 14th When Vande Matram was first rendered in Gujarat? 1906 On which river the Hydroelectricity station in Surat district built? Tapi In which reference is history of Gujarat delineated? Prabandh Chintamani and Mirat-e-Sikandari Which Sultan used cannon gun for the first time? Ahmedshah Who is known as historian of Gujarat? Ratnamanirao Jote Who was the reporter of Prajabandhu and Mumbai Samachar who also reported on A to Z of Dandi March? Kaliprasad Dave Which fight was called 'Dharma ladat' by Gandhiji in Gujarat? Ahmedabad Mill Satyagraha How long and wide is the fort in Dabhoi? 1000 yards long and 800 yards in width In which place in district Bhavnagar are the remains of ancient times elephants & unicorn found? Piram bet Which part in Gujarat was known as Laat in olden times? Bharuch Where is the rare stone engraving found in Gujarat that was get made by the king Sidhdharaj? Bhadreshwar How many Nagarpalikas are there in Gujarat? Eight Which famous poem was written by Sundaram for the celebration of the formation of Gujarat state in 1960? Gurjari Bhoo Which area of Gujarat is famous for Kesar mangoes? Junagadh Under whose undertaking the cultivation of the salty land has taken place? Gujarat Rajya Khar Jameen Vikas Mandal Which bird lays it’s eggs on hills of sand in the desert of Kachchh? Flamingo How has the famous traveller Tolemy mentioned the river Mahisagar as in his travelogue? Mophis In which city the famous 'Shah – E – Aalam' fair is organized? Ahmedabad How many seats were there in first state assembly of Gujarat? 132 What is the ancient name of Dabhoi? Darbhavati Name the magazine that is published by Gujarat Vernacular Society for one and a half . Budhdhi Prakash (1848) www.

in . 'Deshi Karigari ne Uttejan' (promotion of Indigenous crafts)? Hargovindas Kantawala Which Gujarati cricketer made a record breaking partnership with Pankaj Roy? Vinu Mankad Which surti is considered 'Napolean of the share Bazaar'? Premchand Raichand Who first formed the mill owners' Association at Ahmedabad? Ranchodlal Chhotalal Where is the Gujarat Energy Development Authority located in Gujarat? Vadodara www.Sudharak Yug? Bapani Pipar (Poet Dalpatram) Which organisation did poet Dalpatram set up with the help of Alexander Kinlok Farbes? Gujarat Vernacular Society Which work has Dalpatram created on Chhand Shastra? Dalpat Pingal Which Swaminarayan sect sage did poet Dalpatram took his vows of spiritual life (Diksha) under? Bhumanand Swami What was the first original Gujarati play? Mithyabhiman Who wrote 'Neminath Fagu'? Poet Rajshekhar Who wrote the book in Gujarati in 1875 entitled.gujaratquiz.                       Which known Bhavai artist has written poetic story. 'Hansaulli'? Asait Thaker Which school of thought has influenced Narsinh Mehta's poetry? Prem lakshana Bhakti What is the predominent sentiment in 'Kanhade Prabandh'? Zeal and valour Who wrote 'Kanhade Prabandh' which is an authentic work for Gujarat's Medieval age History? Poet Padmanabh In which King's rule was poet Padmanabh popular? Zalor Kingdom Which school of thought has influenced Akho's poetry? Shankarmat What is the characteristic of literature in Sudharak Yug? Social upliftment & Social change Which tradition is Akho known as the initiator of? Gnanmargi Kavyadhara Which work based on Geeta is created by Akho? Akhe Geeta Which work by Premanand was rendered every Saturday? Sudama Charitra Which poet is honoured as 'Arvachin Yug na Arun' (the Sun of Modern Age)? Poet Narmadashankar Labhshankar Dave Which work by Premanand was rendered in the Hindu month 'Chaitra' every year? Okhaharan Which was the first poetic work in modern age .

literature and criticism? Keshavram Kashiram Shastri Jivan ma bhukh bhundi che ne tethi ye bhundi to bhikh che' in which novel by Pannalal Patel does this line come? Manvi ni Bhavai In which novel by Munshi are the famous characters of Kaak and Manjari? Gujarat no Nath www. 'Wah re manvi taru haiyu ! Ek pa lohi na kogla ne biji pa prit na ghuntda' ? Malela Jeev Who was the first Chairman of Gujarati Sahitya Parishad? Govardhanram Tripathi Who has contributed significantly to Gujarati language. 'Chhandolaya Bruhat'? Niranjan Bhagat Which magazine by Umashankar Joshi is considered as best in literature and journalism? Sanskruti In which novel by Pannalal Patel. the last note is.gujaratquiz. streebodh printed? 1857 Which two authors have jointly written the . 'Ame Badha'? Jyotindra Dave and Dhansukhlal Mehta How many parts is Munshi's Krishnavtaar divided into? Eight Which national award has poet Rajendra Shahreveived? Gyanpeeth Award Which well known poet has given the collection.                       Which Judge of Ahmedabad gave the first call to adopt the Swadeshi attitude using Indian products in the place of imported ones? Gopal Hari Deshmukh (1849) In which city was the first printing press started? Surat (1842) By what name the period between 1920 and 1947 referred to according to the literary history of Gujarati? Gandhi yug Who wrote the prize winning essay titled 'Pardeshimaal Aapna Deshman Taiyar Karva sha upaay yojava' in 1889? Bhavanishankar Joshi Under whose was Stewardship the Kala Bhavan set up at Baroda? Tribhuvandas Gajjar In which year during the British rule Gujarat experienced the process of election for the first time? 1883 Who was the first president of the Gujarat political conference? Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Who established Ahmedabad Rifle Association? Udayan Chinubhai Baronet Who created 'Ranmalla Chhand'? Shridhar Vyas Which sport Vijay Hazare was known for? Cricket Which renowned Gujarati Cricketer has received Padma Bhushan? Vinu Mankad Which Gujarati player is known for the sport of Water Polo? Kamlesh Nanavati In which year the first Womens' magazine in Gujarati.

for his friend Alexander Kinlok Forbes In which book did Govardhanram delineate character of his daughter? Leelavati Jeevankala Name pen name of Balashankar Ullasram Kantharia. Kanaiyalal Munshi Who made Prithvi chhand lucid? Balwantrai K Thakor Name the magazine taken out by Gujarat Vidyapeeth which was established by Gandhiji.Kusum Mala Which English novel is translated into Manilal Dwivedi's 'Gulabsinh'? Lord Litton's Xenoni Which is the play by Ramanlal Neelkanth that is strong at stagecraft? Rai no Parvat In which book has Swami Anand delineated characters of brave Bhatiya community that shaped his life? Kulkathao What is Ramanlal Neelkanth's collection of essays known as? Kavita ane Sahitya Who said.arvachino ma adya'. 'aankh. Poet Narsinhrao Divetiya . kaan ane naak ni kavita'? Poet Prahlad Parekh Who is the elegy by Narsinhrao Divetia 'Smaran Sanhita' addressed to? to his died son Nalinkant In the backdrop of which historical movement is R V Desai's novel 'Bharelo Agni' written? Independence movement of 1857 Who wrote the first elegy in Gujarati? For whom? Dalpatram . Bhankara Which novel by Ramanlal Desai inspired many youth from Gujarat for rural development? GramLakshmi Who wrote PARODY in mordern Gujarati poetry? Poet Ardeshar Farmanji Khabardar www. Bal Who has wrote first Gujarati lyrical poems in English style modern Gujarati poetry? Name the collection. 'poetry is the immortal art of the soul'? Anandshankar Bapubhai Dhruv Name the collection of sonnets by Balvantrai Thakor. thoda fool'? Jayshankar ‘Sundari’ In which collection are all poems by Niranjan Bhagat taken? Chhandolaya Who laid foundation of poetic element 'Pad' in Gujarati medieval literature? Narsinh Mehta Which litterateur was known as acidic journalist? Chandrakant Bakshi Name the author of biography 'Narmad . Vidyapeeth What is Gujarati Vernacular society known as now-a-days? Gujarati Vidya sabha Which play by Navalram is an adoption of French playwright Moliere's 'Mock doctor'? Bhatt nu Bhopalu Which poet does Umashankar Joshi appreciate by .                        Which dramatist wrote 'thoda aansu.

gujaratquiz. 'Short story means Spark'? Gaurishankar Joshi In Dalpatram's 'Ven Charitra' what social evil inflicting women is discussed? child widowhood Which library in Ahmedabad preserves Muslim literature? Peer Muhmmadshah Library Which is the main sentiment in 'Vasantvilas Fagu'? Not clear Who has written the song.                         In which social play by Kanaiyalal Munshi does he write about breking free from social evils? Kaka ni Shashi In which English book has Kanaiyalal Munshi discussed 'Gujarat and its Literature'? Gujarat and its Literature Which three act play by Darshak is based on Mahabharat? Paritran Who said. 'Paralysis'? Chandrakant Bakshi Which organization was set up for Gujarati language and literature research and studies? Social and literary association When and where was the Gujarati Sahitya parishad's first conference held? Ahmedabad-1905 When was Narmad Sahitya Sabha set up? 1939 Which litterateurs start to donate his body for medical research after his death? Nanabhai Bhatt Which magazine is published by Gujrati Sahitya Academy? Shabda Srushti Who made poetic translations to Gujarati from Puranas? Poet Bhalan Who is the creator of the Garba for Shakti Upasana? Bhatt Vallabh Mewada Who has written 'Kaagwani'? Dula Bhaya Kaag Who has written 'Sorath Tara Vaheta Paani'? Zaverchand Meghani Which is the main sentiment in 'Nalakhyan'? Shrungar Ras Which is the magazine of Guajarati Sahitya Parishad? Parab Who has written ‘Sambhavami Yuge Yuge’? Harindra Dave . 'Aa nabh jhukyu te kanji re'? Priyakant Maniyar Who has written the poem. 'Bhagwan no Bhaag'? Ramesh Parekh Who was the first researcher and editor of Gujarati folk literature? Zaverchand Meghani Who was the first Gujarati Urdu poet? Wali Gujarati Who has written the well known novel. 'Rakh na ramakada mara rame ramta rakhya re'? Avinash Vyas Who has written.

                          Which litterateur first received Ranjitram Gold medal? Zaverchand Meghani Who has written the famous work Kendra ane Parigh? Yashwant Shukla Which poet from west seems to have inspired Narmad's poetry? Wordworth Which poet first used the expression. Dariyachhoru In which city in his youth did Shri Aurobindo dwell? Baroda Who established Gujarat Kala Sangh? Ravishankar Raval Name the film made on a Gnanpeeth award winner novel by Pannalal Patel. yugo thi dhikhela prakhar sahra ni taras thi'? Sundaram Who has written 'Tane sambhare re.gujaratquiz. who first wrote criticism on comic literature? Ramanbhai Neelkanth Who advocated Bhakti Rasa . 'Gujarati Bhasha'? Premanand Name the long lasting Gujarati magazine.sentiment of spirituality as an independent Rasa? Balashankar Kantharia Who has written the play. 'Pencil Kalar ne Minbatti'? Aadil Mansuri Who has written 'Jal kamal chhandi ja ne bala. 'Tane me jhankhi che. swami amaro jagshe'? Narsinh Mehta In which play has C C Mehta expressed his experiences of Railway life? Aag Gadi Which poem did Zaverchand Meghani write seeing the martyrs? Mrutyu no Garbo Who has given the adage. Manvi ni Bhavai From when did Sardar Awas Scheme get implemented? From 1972 www. Budhdhi Prakash In Gujarati . Raste bhatakto shaayar? Shekhadam Abuwala What is Dalpatram's play Lakshmi based on? Plutus Who wrote the biography of Shyamji Krushna Varma in English? Indulal Yagnik Who has written the award winner book 'Vyaktitva Ghadtar'? Father Wales By which Sanskrit play is Rasiklal Parikh's play 'Sharvilak' inspired? Mrichchhkatikam Which scheme in Gujarat works for overall development of Panchayats? Teerthgram Yojna Name the first Gujarati film made in “35 MM cinema scope”. 'Vaheta sathe sau koi vahe'? Gyani Kavi Akho Who has written. mane kem visare re'? Premanand Which magazine published Aadil Mansuri's first creation? Kumar Who has written the book.

Harshdev Madhav On whose popular novel was the film Liludi Dharti made in 1968? Chunilal Madiya Which epic poem did poet Bhatti write? Ravan vadh Which poet came to Gujarat from Kashmir at the time of rule of king Karnadev? Poet Bilhan Which geographical movement has created the region of Kachchh? By the lifting of Plate www. Talati. Taluka Development . Taluka – District Chairman etc.gujaratquiz.                        Which Scheme is implemented in Gujarat for folk culture preservation? Panchvati Yojna Which Award is instituted for commendable work by the Sarpanch. 'Rang Tarang .? Gujarat Gramothhan Award As a Gate way of Freedom. which Gram Panchayat is declared Samras Gram Panchayat? Dandi Gram Panchayat Where is the Railway defense training centre in Gujarat? Valsad When was the Religious tourism set up in Gujarat? 1995 In which city was the first registration of Housing co operation made in India? Ahmedabad In which city in the district Kachchh is the 'Dates research centre'? Mundra Which organization was set up by Durgaram Mehta for social upliftment? Manav Dharma Sabha Which organization was set up by Mahipatram Neelkanth following the set up of Brahmo Samaj? Prarthna Samaj Name the play in which for the first time a scene depicting the airport was shown in Gujarati theatre. Aatmane ojhalma rakh Uday Majumdar gave music for which movie based on Gandhiji? Gandhi my Father Which area of Gujarat is famous for Ponk? Surat Whose comic essays are collected under the title.part 1 to 6'? Jyotindra H Dave What is the portion of Calcite known as in the Gir forest in district Junagadh? Panala Deposit Which literary society did Narmad set up? Budhdhivardhak Sabha What system is suggested in Saraswatichandra for the ideal state? Kalyangram What is the title of Gandhiji's biography written by Narayan Desai? Maru Jivan ej mari vaani Who first initiated the thought provoking poetry in Gujarati? B K Thakor Whose biography is 'Agnikund ma ugelu gulaab'? Mahadevbhai Desai Who created Haaiku-Tanka-Sijo poems in Sanskrit? Dr.

the birthplace of Kavi Dayaram? Chandipur Who had created the favorite verse of Gandhiji – 'Kachaba –Kachabi nu pad'? Poet Bhoja Bhagat Which Gujarati poet has established principle– 'Brahm Satya Jagat Mithya' of Kaivaladwait? Gyani Kavi Akho Name the Ashram set up by Jugatram Dave in south Gujarat for upliftment of tribal people.                         Which religion spread in Gujarat during the Solanki Dynasty? Jain In which mosque in Ahmedabad is there a separate prayer facility for women? Juma Mosque In which known hotel in Gujarat is there a collection of Brass utensils? Vishala Hotel-Ahmedabad What genre is more frequent in poet Dayaram's works? Garbi What was the Kachchh state currency known as before independence? Kori What was the special theme in Narmad's poems? Vatanprem Which is the first original comic play in Gujarati literature? Mithyabhimaan Which area of Ahmadabad was earlier known as Venganpur. the native of Shamal in medieval ages? Gomtipur By which name poet Narmad has written the world history? Raajyarang Which novel is written by Mahipatram Neelkanth. which pays tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. Balmukund Dave www. a social reformer? Saasu Vahu ni Ladaai Personal experiences of prison life have been depicted in which novel of Manubhai Pancholi 'Darshak'? Bandighar What did Poet Narmad's friends call him because of his happy nature? Laalaaji Whose works inspired poet Narmad to write poems? Poet Dheero Where did Gujarati poet Bapusaheb Gayakwaad originally hail from? Vadodara Narmad's which poem depicts his autobiographical sketch?’ Veersinh Whose creation is 'Ek Varyo Gopijan Vallabh'? Poet Dayaaram Where was medieval Gujarati poet Pritam born? Bavala Who reigns supreme in the field of poetic prose in Gujarati literature? Shamal Whose poetic line is 'Kahyu Kathe te Shano Kavi? Shikhi Vaat ne Shane Navi”? Shamal What was the original name of chanod. Vedachhi Ashram In which city of Gujarat Martyr Bhagatsinh's idol was set up for the first time? Vadodara Who has written the poem 'Hari no Hansalo'.in .gujaratquiz.

shamalia'.gujaratquiz. Kashi no Dikro Who wrote songs for 'saraswaticandra' TV serial? Tushar Shukla Oldest rocks of Western Gujarat are of which period? Pre-Cambrian Who is the musician of film 'Lakho Fulani'? Gaurang Vyas Which dam is constructed to curb expansion of the Kachchh desert? Surajbari At which place in Gujarat did the earth water research started for the first time? Mehsana Which geographical time is a part of Archien Age? Dharwad Which rocks are full of minerals in Gujarat? Pre-Cambrian Where is the longest Ignasian wall (Dike) in Gujarat? Saradhar Where in Gujarat is the Lokbharti-Sanosara institute that was set up by Nanabhai Bhatt? Bhavnagar What kind of pattern do the rivers in Saurashtra form? Triangular form Which port is on the national highway series – 3? Kandla In which district are the small scale industries in maximum? Ahmedabad Which highway is developed to connect all ports in Gujarat so as to encourage the port industry? Lakhpat to Umargam Which place in Gujarat is known for turner work? Sankheda In which city near Surat is the plant for producing Filament yarn from wooden viscos? Udhana In which film the song 'Rakh na ramakada mara Rame ramta rakhya re' is taken in? Mangalfera Zaverchand Meghani was honoured by the title “Rashtriya Shaya'' for which popular anthology of poems? Yugvandana To which district does Navlakhi port belong? Jamnagar Who is the author of 'Jeev ne shwas tani sagao.                         Where is the gas cracker plant in Gujarat? Hazeera What is the name of Kanti Madiyaa's theatrical group? Natyasampada Name the movie based on Vinodini Neelkanth's story. ghar ghadi na rakhe bhai'? Poet Bhoja Bhagat Name the poet who has written – 'Maru manekadu risanu re. which received 13 awards. Premanand Who created the poetic form ‘Hadula' in Gujarati literature? Poet Dalpatraam Manilal Dwiwedi has translated which novel of Lord Litteon? Zenoni .

gujaratquiz. Satyagrah Who tried first to write World History in Gujarati language? Poet Narmad Aacharya Aanandshankar Dhruv was vice chancellor of which university? Varanasi Hindu University Where did Ashtavakra Muni write Geeta to express his opinions? Prabhas Patan Which branch of Samved is preserved in Gujarat? Kauthumiya By which name the performers of Bhavai are known? Bhavaiya Who was the script writer of strolling players (bhavai) like 'Jasama Odan'. 'Zunda Zulan' and 'Raja Deghan'? Asait Thakar Who is the creator of 'Sangeet Kaladhar' scripture? Dhyalal Shivram Nayak What was the group of men called playing female characters in Bhavai? Kanchalia To which city does Rupayatan handicraft industry belong? Junagadh Which lake of Gujarat has been referred in Vishnupuran? Narayan Sarovar Who has created the famous Sanskrit poem 'Kumarpal Charitam' that talks about the kings of Chalukya dynasty in Gujarat? Hemchandracharya Which is the famous scripture by Shri Rang Avdhoot Maharaj? Shri Guruleelamrut Who translated Sanskrit poet Bhaan's book Kadambari to Gujarati? Poet Bhalan www. Desai Which was the first one act play written by Umashankar Joshi from Visapur prison? Shahid nu Swapn Which anthology of poetry by Zaverchand Meghani comprises poems on Gandhiji? Bapu na Parna In which collection of poems did Zaverchand Meghani write revolutionary songs about independence and dependance? Sindhudo By which name Bhavai Mandali was known in Gujarat? Peda Name the magazine for which Snehrashmi was imprisoned for nine months.                        Which periodical did Aacharya Aanandshankar Dhruv bring out? Vasant Who experimented first with poetic forms 'muktadhara' and 'mahachhand' in Gujarati? Aradeshar Khabardaar What was the name of Ramanlal Neelkanth's father? Mahipatram Neelkanth Discourses on religion by Mahatma Gandhiji are collected in which book? Vyapak Dharmbhavana Who is known as 'Gandhiyug na Sahityaguru'? Ramnarayan V Pathak Who is the author of artistic novels like 'Bharelo Agni' and 'Divya Chakshu'? Ramanlal .

which now is active as a very reputed state level University? 1935 What is the monthly for popularizing Sanskrit language by Brihad Gujarat Sanskrit Parishad known as? Sammanasyam Which visionary from Gujarat contributed significantly in the field of Hindu and Jain philosophy even after losing his eyes at the age of 17 on account of? Pandit Sukhlalji Who did Gandhiji give a title of Gujarat Bhushan? Jaykrishna Thaker.gujaratquiz. Kachchh What was the ancient name of Godhra? Goruhak Where is the temple of Lord Ghantakarna Mahavir who was the 30th of 52 Jain deities? Mahudi Where in Gujarat is the organization which is associated with Vedmurti Satvalekar who edited the compilations of the four Vedas? Killa Pardi (District Valsad) Which litterateur from Gujarat were home minister and chief judge of Mumbai state? Kanaiyalal Munshi www.                      In which city was Sacred fire (Yagna) held by Bali . as it is known in mythology? Bharuch Which Department is set by Government of Gujarat for the development and administration of libraries in Gujarat? Library Department Who set up Arya Kanya Vidyalaya in Porbandar? Nanji Kalidas Whose spiritual heir isVinoba Bhave who started Bhudaan movement known to be? Gandhiji Which is the only lipi preserved in Gujarat's manuscript collections? Pandu Lipi Which poet has poetically translated the tenth canto of Shrimad Bhagwad? Poet Bhalan In which embroidery tradition do the artisans make a geometrical design of a shape of a diamond? Mahajan Embroidery In which lipi is the noted text on Sanskrit Aesthetics 'Kavya Mimansa' printed? Pandu Lipi Where is the noted text on Sanskrit Aesthetics 'Kavya Mimansa' preserved? Hemchandracharya Gnan Bhandar. Patan In which age was Bhadrakali temple in Ahmedabad constructed? Maratha Age Which organization of Gujarat got international fame for printing edited chapters of Valmiki Ramayan with appreciation? Prachya Vidyamandir. Vadodara Which film by Mrinal Sen was picturised in Gujarat? Bhuvan Shome Which genius from Gujarat separately set up collections called 'Bharat Samhita' and 'Jay Samhita' from Mahabharata which contains one lac shlokas? K K Shastri Which hymn by Shankaracharya is poetically translated to Gujarati by poet Mitthu Hans? Saundaryalahari When was Ahmedabad Education Society set up.

'A prince of Plagiarists' for Premanand? Kanaiyalal Munshi Who was known as the best translation poet in medieval poetry in Gujarati? Poet Bhalan What adjective has Umshankar Joshi used for Akha? Hasto Filsuf Who wrote the work 'Rasik Vallabh'? Poet Dayaram Who has written'Joonu to thayu re deval'? Meerabai Who first talked about Shudhdhadwait Sidhdhant? Poet Dayaram Which work by Jaydev did impress Narsinh Mehta a lot? Geet Govind Which age is known as ancient Gujarati age? 1100 to 1400 Which work is created by Padmanabh? Kanhade Prabandh. 'Jigar no yaar judo to badho sansar judo che'? Balashankar Kanthariya Which language did poet Bhalan study in depth? Sanskrit Who wrote the original Kadambari that was translated into Gujarai by Bhalan? Baan Bhatt Who started writing 'Kadvabadhdha Akhyan' in Gujarati? Bhalan In which text did Bhalan use the term 'Akhyan' for the first time? Nalakhyan Who is known as 'Vividh Dharmanuyayi' because of his religious understanding? Poet Bhalan Who made a statement .                         Which embroidery tradition do the artisans make in the Kathi population villages of Amreli district? Moti Embroidery Which river is known as 'Rudra Kanya' in Puranas? Narmada To which saint is the name of Pipavav port of Gujarat associated? Sant Pipaji By which name the head of Bhavai mandali is known? Nayak What phrase is used for Manilal Dwivedi in Gujarati literature? Abhed Marg na Pravasi Who experiment maximum with the type of poetry 'Rekhta'? Poet Dayaram Which is the first translated play in Gujarati? Lakshmi Which magazine did Navalram run? Gujarati Shalapatra Who wrote the Ghazal. 'gujaare je shire tare. jagat no nath te saheje'? Balashankar Kanthariya Which is the first text on criticism in Gujarati? Navalgranthavali Who wrote the Ghazal. 1456 www.

gujaratquiz.                        What is the 17th century known as in Gujarati medieval poetry? Age of peace and prosperity What is the age from 1400 to 1800 known as in Gujarati literature? Medieval Gujarati poetry age What are the words in Gujarati that are directly adopted from Sanskrit known as? Tatsam Which is believed to be the oldest work of Gujarati medieval poetry? Bharteshwar – Bahubaliraas Whose love story is depicted in Kanhade Praband that tells history of Saltanat time in Gujarat? Alauddin Khilji's daughter Piroja and Zalor's prince Virmade Who has written 'Jamo thal jivan jau vaari'? Bhumanand Swami Who has written 'Tyag na take re vairagya vina'? Nishkulanand Swami Who has written 'Udhdhav gita' and 'Sati gita'? Muktanand Swami Who said 'Pre-eminent place in the galaxy of Indian Poets' for Narsinh Mehta? Narsinhrao Divetiya Which Fagu poem is believed to be the best in medieval poetry? Vasant Vilas Which is known as first Barmasi poem in medieval poetry? Neminath Chatushyadika What is the age that started with Narsinh Mehta known as? Bhakti Yug Which were the two cine magazines in Gujarati? Mauj Majah and Chitrapat Who has used adjectives like 'Khara Ilmi. 1970 Which film on Pannalal Patel's novel was showcased in Chicago international film festival – 1969? Kanku www. real mettle) for Narsinh and Meera? Kalapi Who has written Raas Sahastrapadi? Narsinh Mehta In which work by Hemchandracharya are Apbhransh duha found? Sidhdhahemshabdanushasan What are the languages that derived from Prakrit? Apbhransha Which poet from Bhavnagar was given the title of 'Raj Kavi'? Poet Dalpatram On which Gujarati . nine other films in different languages are made? Mahiyar ni Chundadi Which magazine was started by Indulal Yagnik in 1915? Navjivan and Satya Who made film Kanku that was showcased in Chicago international film festival – 1969? Shantilal Rathod Which was the first film that got international repute? Kanku Which film was made on Chunilal Vardhaman Shah's novel? Jigar ane Amee. khara shura' (real magic.

                         Who made the President's Award winner film 'Kasumbi no Rang' in 1969? Manu Gadhvi Which Hindi film is based on Gujarati film Mahiyar ni Chundadi that came in 1983? Sajan Ka Ghar Which Gujarati actress received the best actress award in Chicago international film festival .gujaratquiz. Dave Who has written the play 'Kanta'? Manilal Dwivedi Who has written the play 'Bhatt nu Bhopalu'? Navalram By which name did Dahyabhai Dholshaji set up the Drama Company? Shri Deshi Natak Samaj www. 1936 Which play did Dalpatram write in the beginning of Modern Gujarati literature? Mithyabhimaan Who has written the play 'Guru Govindsinh'? Poet Kant Who has written the tragedy 'Lalita Dukh Darshak'? Ranchhodram .1969 for film Kanku? Pallavi Mehta Which poetic work by Kalapi was made into a film? Hradayatriputi Who first made the blocks of Gujarati alphabets? Jijibhai Behramji Chhapgar Who started the magazine 'Rastgoftaar' in 1851? Dadabhai Navroji Which Gujarati film was showcased in Indian International film festival in Delhi in 1993? Hun Hunshi Hunshilal Which Gujarati magazine was started by Ichchharam Suryaram Desai from Mumbai in 1880? Gujarati Which magazine was first published with lead blocks in Gujarati language? Budhdhiprakash Which magazine was started by Bhanubhai Karbhari from Ahmedabad in 1898? Prajabandhu Which silent film was made in 1998 that expressed the theme of care for nature and environment? Saad Who started magazine 'Saurashtra' from Ranpur in 1912? Amrutlal Sheth What name did Gandhiji give to Indulal Yagnik's Navjivan and Satya and continue? Navjivan Which was the first talking short film in Gujarati? Chavchav no Murabbo Which magazine was started by Kakalbhai Kothari in 1931? Phoolchhab Who started magazine 'Vande Matram' in Gujarati from Mumbai? Amrutlal Sheth Which evening daily did Amrutlal Sheth start from Mumbai? Janmabhoomi Which daily did Kakalbhai Kothari publish from Ahmedabad? Prabhat Champakbhai Reshamwala converts which Gujarati weekly into daily? Gujarat Mitra.

1928 . 'Sayabo maro Gulab no Chhod. 1948 Which film was made on Ramanlal Vasantlal Desai's novel? Kokila-Purnima What is the name of the chief female character in Premanand's Abhimanyu Akhyaan? Uttara For which Gujarati film did Avinash Vyas first give Lyrics and Music? Gunsundari noGharsansar Who wrote the play Sidhdharth-Budhdha? Nrusinh Vibhakar Who got the title 'Natya Maharshi' in Gujarati theatre? Prabhulal Dwivedi Who received the Best Dramatist Award from the Government of India in 1961? Prabhulal Dwivedi Who has written the plays 'Devi Vatsala'.gujaratquiz. Bhoj Samovad Bhoop' for? Rakhidas Under which banner did Indulal Yagnik make the film Pavagadh nu patan? Young India. Surat Where did Narottam Shah started the daily Jayhind? Rajkot. ghunghat nahi kholu re' taken in? Vallabhipati Which monologue was written by Chandravadan C. Mehta in Baroda? Kala-samaj Which tri monthly for Indian theatre was started by Nrusinh Vibhakar? Rangbhoomi Who started the weekly 'Gujarat Mitra'? Dinshaw Taliyar Khan. 'Jhat jao Chandanhar lavo. C. 1864. 'Malavpati Munj'. in which play did Manilal got popular as 'Pagal'? Zeri chhoori How many Roles were incorporated in the first edition of Mahipatram Rupram Neelkanth's Bhavai Sangrah? 15 Whose life sketch is written by Mahipatram Neelkanth? Karshandas Mulji Which Historical Gujarati film was made by Indulal Yagnik? Pavagadh nu Patan Who did Shamal write the lines 'Rakhiyal Rudo Rajvi. Veli hu to Laving ni'? Hansakumari In which play there the popular song. Mehta? Laliya Parapar Which Institution was set up for theatre activities by C. 'Vadilo na vaanke' and 'Sampatti mate'? Prabhulal Dwivedi Which play by Kant has been performed so many times? Jhalim Tuliya Which is the longest Akhyaan of 165 Kadvas by Premanand? Dasham Skandh By performing the role of a lunatic king.                       Who set up 'Mumbai Gujarati Natak Mandali'? Bapulal Nayak In which play there comes the popular song.

in .                       Which Gujarati poet has written the song 'Mohe Panghat pe Nandlal' in the film Mughal-eAzam? Raghunath Brahmbhatt For which play did Raghunath Brahmbhatt write the song 'Mohe Panghat pe Nandlal'? Chhatravijaya For which Gujarati play. Mughal-e-Azam film's famous song 'Mohe Panghat pe Nandlal' was actually written? Chhatravijaya Who was the editor of the first cine magazine in India? Jayshankar Khodidas Dwivedi In which film there the song. 'Bhabhi tame thoda thoda thao varnagi' taken in? Gunsundari no Gharsansar Who wrote the play Rustom and Sohrab? Aedabji Khori. 1870 Who has written the song 'Keva re malela mann na mel' that is taken up in the film Kashi no dikro? Anil Joshi What is the cuckoo origin bird Bapaiyo also known as in Gujarat? Papiha Who wrote and composed the song 'Bhabhi tame thoda thoda thao Varnagi' in the film 'Gunsundari no Gharsansar'? Avinash Vyas Which was the first film of Avinash Vyas as composer? Sati Ansuya Which was the first film made in Lucky studio – Halol? Santu Rangili In which Gujarati film the Hindi film star Rajendrakumar who is known as Jubilee Kumar has acted? Mehndi Rang Lagyo In which Gujarati film did the Bengali actress Rita Bhaduri first act? Lakho Fulani Who has acted in the lead role in the Hindi film Saraswatichandra? Nutan Who has written the book 'Pakshi Jagat' that gives information about birds in Gujarat? Pradyuman Kanchanrai Desai Which Gujarati film was first made in the Capital of Gujarat Gandhinagar? Dharti na Ami How many types of wild mammals are found in Gujarat? 107 types How many types of pet mammals are found in Gujarat? 12 types By what name is the white eared Bulbul known in Gujarat? Jogido in Kachchh and Kanra Nightingale in Saurashtra Where is the biggest Aviary of India? Indroda Natural Park.Gandhinagar What is The Indian Robin known as in forest area of Kachchh? Kali Buchak Which bird from the Roller origin comes to Saurashtra in Winter? Kashmiri Chas Which famous bird attracts the female by its amazing art of weaving the nest? The Common Weaver Bird www.gujaratquiz.

Mumbai and Dean. G. 'Satat'? Adil Mansoori Name the poet who has written the poetry collection called 'Yugvandana'. 'Pagrav'.                       What is the English name of Bharat or Jalagan that keeps singing in high skies from morning till evening? Sky Lark What is the cuckoo origin bird Bapaiyo also known as in Saurashtra? Kharadiyo Which company had for the first time issued partly convertible debantures in the Indian Share Market? Reliance Industries Which architectural construction of the Sultanate era situated in Memdavad is a site worth visiting? Bhammariyo Well Who established the independent rule of Gurjar Pratihars? Nagbhatt the First Who was Daasi Jivan? Saint of Ravibhan Sact 'Vicharpradhan kavita ej dwijotam jaati ni kavita chhe. Baroda Medical College? Jivraj Mehta The dictionary of Physical exercise science was published from which place? Rajpipla Which Gujarati woman is considered to be a leading industrialist? Sumati Morarji Whose autobiography is 'Smaranyatra'? Kakasaheb Kalelkar 'Kala e anukaran nathin.Medical College.' Name the litterateur who has made this statement. 'Valank'.S. sarjan chhe. Aapghaat'. Pathak Who made the film on poet Kalapi's life? Manhar Raskapur www.' Which literary analyst gave this principle? Poet Balvantray Thakor In which of his compositions has Poet Nanalal applied the experiment of epic poem? Kurushetra Name the historical book written by Sundaram on critique or review of poetry. Zaverchand Meghani Which is the popular monthly magazine in Gujarati published since 1924? Kumar Who was the doctor who became the chief minister of Gujarat after being at the post of Dean. Arvachin Kavita Who is the writer of the famous novels like 'Akhovan'.in . 'Allabeli'? Gunvantray Acharya Who is the writer of 'Liludi Dharti'? Chunilal Madiya What is the alias name of Labhshankar Thakar? Punarvasu What is the original name of the litterateur who writes with the alias name of 'Savyasachi'? Dhirubhai Thakar Who founded the Gujarat Chambers of Commerce in 1949? Kasturbhai Lalbhai & Amrutlal Hargovandas Who has written the poetry collections namely. Ramnarayan V.gujaratquiz.

Bay of Khambhat Anandshankar Dhruve was a Professor of which subject in Gujarat College of Ahmedabad? Sanskrit Who has written 'Swarg ni Nisarani'? Premanand Which district was separated from Surat in 2007? Tapi Who is the writer of the book titled. how many are there in Gujarat? Four In how many agroclimactic zones is Gujarat divided? Eight Name the Gujarati statesman who was posthumously awarded Bharat Ratna. 'Hindu Ved Dharma'? Anandshankar Dhruv Which is considered to be the first raas of medieval Gujarati literature? Bharateshwar-Bahubali Raas Who is the writer of 'Vasantvilas Phagu'? Unknown Which Gujarati literary personality has presented to the country the idea of tree plantation through forest festivals? Kanaiyalal Munshi The celebration of the week-long Forest Animal Festival starts on the birth anniversary of which great personality? Mahatma Gandhi Which area of Gujarat has been declared as 'Biospheric Reserve'? Kachchh Of the 12 bio-geographic areas in .                        Which city of Gujarat has the maximum number of underground wells? Mehsana Which was the first Conservation Reserve in Gujarat? Chharidhandh Kavi Nanalal created which style of writing poetry in order to free poetry from 'chhand'? Dolan The White-backed Munia is seen in which district of Gujarat? Dang Which is the lone collection of poems written by Govardhanram? Snehmudra In the beginning of his career. what was the alias name used by Sursihji Takhtsinhji for writing poetry? Madhukar How many short stories are included in Shamal's 'Sudabahoteri'? 72 Which natural phenomenon is responsible for the separation of Daman and Diu.gujaratquiz. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Which area of Gujarat has been selected as an alternative lion sanctuary? Barda Where is the largest saline desert in the world located? Kachchh When was the Gir Lion project started? 1972 Which sanctuary in Gujarat is considered the largest area for night halt for the migrant bird Pattai? Velavadar www. . having legs have been found? Python Which serpent.                       In which district of Gujarat were the fossils of vegetation found? Surendranagar What is the meaning of the name of the serpent Dhaman seen in good numbers in Gujarat? A Rope Which serpent seen in Gujarat is recognized as a 'two-faced' serpent? Andhali Chakan Fossils of which serpent.4 meters? Rukhdo In his autobiography the Mughal emperor has noted which forest of Gujarat as having a large number of elephants? The forests of Pawagadh and Rajpipala What are fire flies called in Gujarat? Aagiya In which district of Gujarat the highest numbers of protected areas (five) are located? Kachchh According to the new approach of 'forest culture' from where did the forest festival begin in 2004? Punitvan . the Jhulta Minara were built by whom? Sidi Bashir Name the musician who created the background score for the film Kaashi No Dikro? Kshemu Divetiya www. has a mark like an arrow on its head? Furaso The circumference of which tree located in the village Pal in Sabarkantha is 12. Kandla In which district of Gujarat is the 'Malava Plateu' located? Vadodara Which bird. H. Technical Name the economist from Gujarat who has served as India's Minster of Finance? Dr. Patel Located in Ahmedabad and considered as a wonder of architecture. Morarji Desai In which year did Taataar Khan the first Muslim regent take refuge in Gujarat whenTaimur Lung invaded Delhi? 1398 AD Name the first free port in Gujarat. Gandhinagar Name the Gujarati statesman who was the Prime Minister of India and the recipient of Bharat Ratna. existing in Gujarat. seen easily in Gujarat. does not have a crest? Devchakali The creation of Ahmedabad city is based on the basis of which city of Gujarat? Patan Name the first collection of poems in Gujarati literature. Kavyadohan Who founded the Maha Gujarat Janata Parishad? Indulal Yagnik By which name is Lord Krishna called by tribals around Shamlaji ? Kaliya Dev Which is the oldest polytechnic in Gujarat? R. seen in Gujarat. M.

Jivraj Mehta elected? Amreli Which musical work did Pandit Adityaram – who has won titles like Gyaanacharya and Mrudangacharya .the New Jehangir Vakil Mill .                       Who was the writer of the first collection of poems in Gujarati? Kavishwar Dalpatram For her contribution to which folk dance was the empress Govardhankumari of Santrampur given the Padamshree Award? Ghumar Which scheme of the Government of Gujarat has won the Asian Innovation award? Chirajeevi Scheme In which year did Gandhiji leave Porbandar to pursue higher studies? 1888 AD From which constituency of Gujarat was the first Chief Minister Dr. who defeated . who was the first poet to compose Garba? Vallabh Mevada Where in Gujarat is the ashram Shrimad Rajchadra.gujaratquiz. established? Agaas Who created the fundamentals of Gujarati grammar? Hemchandracharya Which ruler's court did the altruists Vastupal and Tejpal serve as ministers? Rulers of the Vaghela dynasty Where in Kutch is the Sun Temple? Kotyark www.write? Sangeetaditya Which award did the Government of Gujarat get from the Government of India in 2008? Tourism Award Which is the oldest mill in Saurashtra? New Jehangir Vakil Mill Where was the oldest mill . Gandhiji's spiritual mentor. belong to? Champaner Who was born in the Kayavarohan near Vadodara? Bhagwan Lakuleesh In Gujarati literature. Dave Which city of Gujarat did Baiju Bavra.located in Saurashtra? Bhavnagar Name the city that has the highest number of seats in the Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) in Gujarat? Ahmedabad Where is the largest hydropower generation plant located in Gujarat? Surat Which city was the first beneficiary of the E Governance in Gujarat? Ahmedabad Which extrusive volcanic rock popular for contributing raw materials for construction projects in Gujarat dates from the Jurassic period? Sand rock of Dhrangadhra Till which year could the feudal system of governance remain active in Gujarat? 1576 AD Who started the periodical Chitralekha? Vaju Kotak Who does the famous comedy writer Taarak Mehta consider his Guru? Jyotindra H.

gujaratquiz. following Gandhiji. popular in the later Mughal Era. which corporation in India achieves the most kilometres for every litre of diesel that it consumes? Gujarat Road and Transportation Corporation Ltd. (GRCTC) Who was the first editor of Gujarat's oldest periodical Buddhi Prakash? Maganlal Vakhatchand Sheth Which mayor had Kankariya Lake renovated on the 500th anniversary of Ahmedabad? Chinubhai Sheth Who developed the areas near the zoo and children's park near Kankariya Lake? Reuben David Which mayor of Ahmedabad's influence went as far as the Mughal court? Nagar Sheth Shantidas Jhaveri Which mayor of Ahmedabad was referred to as 'uncle' by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir? Sheth Shantidas Jhaveri Where was the Urdu poet Vali Gujarati. an Empress during Solanki Era? Mayanalla Devi 18 out of 19 members in Gujarat's first Legislative Assembly (established by Alexander Forbes) Name the 19th and only Gujarati -Indian member? Maganlal Vakhatchand Sheth In the field of road transportation. Lake Sudarshan From which of village of Kutch were 65 millionyear old fossils of reptiles found? Virigam Which igneous volcanic rock available from Kutch and Saurashtra is used in construction? Basalt For which religious cult Kayavarohan (near Vaodara) is the center? Pashupat Which member of a royal family. from? Ahmedabad www.                      What kind of stone is the idol of Chaturbhuj Vishnu in the famous Shamlaji (located on the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan) temple made of? Black marble Who started the Kutchi Gharana in the field of arts? Ramsinh Malam Which ruler had his inscriptions made on the Ashoka's inscription stone in Junagadh? Rudradaman The Somnath Tirth that is home to one of the 12 Jyotirlingams of India is also known by which ancient name? Prabhas Patan Name the lake that was created as a result of a dam being built on the river Suvarnasikta by Chandragupta Maurya (322 – 298 BC) to meet the irrigation needs of the areas around . abdicated his throne to join the freedom struggle? Darbar Gopaldas th What was Porbandar known as in the 10 century AD? Pourvelakul Who was the first historian to document the history of Ahmedabad? Maganlal Vakhatchand Sheth What was the capital of the Maitrak a Dynasty that followed the GuptDynasty in Gujarat? Valbhipur Which corporation has made significant contributions the development of industries in Gujarat? Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) What was the maiden name of Minal Devi.

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How many medium-scale ports, with exports and imports of 1 lakh tonnes, are there in Gujarat? 11 Name the board for management and development of the ports in Gujarat. Gujarat Maritime Board Which temple in Gujarat built in the 5th century still exists? The temple of Gop What was the name of Dwarka before Lord Krishna founded it? Kushasthali Which ruler of Solanki Era ruled over Patan when Mahmud of Gazni invaded Somnath? Bhimdev the First Who got the construction of Rudra Mahalaya completed? Siddhraj Jaysinh Which ruler of the Solanki Era had the Rudra Mahalaya built? Mulraj Solanki Having refused lucrative job, Acharya Anandshankar Dhruv chose to become a professor in which college? Gujarat College Which Samvat did Siddhraj Jaysinh start?

Sinh Samvat
What was Patan called when it was the capital of Gujarat during Sultanate period? Naharwala Which book is the most definitive source of the history of Sultanate period in Gujarat? Miraat-E-Sikandari Which pol was the first to be established after the city of Ahmedabad was founded by Emperor Ahmed Shah? Mahurt Pol (Manek Chowk) During the rule of which Mughal emperor did the royal mint in Ahmedabad commence minting coins? Emperor Akbar In which year was Gandhiji accused of treason and sentenced for six years in prison? 1922 Who pleaded for Captain Shahnawaz, Captain Dhillon and Captain Lakshmi of the Indian National Army (Azad ind Fauj) in the famous Red fort trial ? Bhulabhai Desai Under what name are Gandhiji's collection of writings, lectures, letters, etc. published? Collected words of Mahatma Gandhiji What did Narsinh Mehta do to earn livelihood after been termed ‘idiot’ by his sister-in-law? Ayurvedic Physician How many languages did poet Dayaram know? 12 Which society did the great patron of Gujarati language and literature, Alexander Kinloch Forbes, establish in 1848 AD? Gujarat Vernacular Society What was poet Dalpatram fond of composing in his childhood years? Hadula (Rhymes) Which social reformist established the school where poet Narmad was educated? Durgaram Mehta What was Govardhanram Tripathi's profession? Lawyer

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In order to compile which historical account of dynasties of Gujarat did Alexander Forbes travel on foot? Raas Mala Which Gujarati author did not follow norms of writing? Balwantrai K. Thakore Who was the first poet to experiment with and introduce lyrical poetry in Gujarati? Narsinhrav Divetia Which sultan of the Sultanate period was known as the SaintSultan? Muzaffarshah the Name the historian who recorded the history of medieval Gujarat. Manekshah Sohrabshah Commissariate How many autonomous bodies operate in Gujarat to promote development of industrial sectors? 51 Which theater company did Jayanti Dalal pioneer? Desi Natak Company Name the collection of poems by Niranjan Bhagat that added a new dimension to Gujarati poetry. Chhandolay Which award did Gujarat Sahitya Sabha start from 1928 in memory of Ranjitram Mehta? Ranjirtam Suvarna Chandrak Which institution did Kanaiyalal Munshi establish in Mumbai with a view to revive Indian Culture? Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Name the playwright, who started the voluntary unpaid theater tradition? Chandravadan C. Mehta Who did Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel appoint as the Agent General of Hyderabad? Kanaiyalal Munshi Which is the first collection of stories by Gulabdas Broker? Lata and Other Stories In which school of Ahmedabad did, author and educationist, Zinabhai Desai work as a teacher and administrator? Sheth C. N. Vidya Vihar Why did the noted novelist, playwright and essaywriter Manubhai Pancholi drop out of school at the age of 16? To join the Satyagraha Which institution did the noted author Makran Dave establish to study the ecology of the tribal areas in the district of Valsad? Nandigram Under which title was the entire collection of Ghazal poetry of Amrut Ghayal published? Atho Jam Khumari Name the university, the literatures and educationalist Manubhai Pancholi (Darshak) established to provide higher education in the rural areas. Lokbharti Gram Vidyapeeth Who deserves credit for introducing Ghazals in Gujarati dialects? Amrut Ghayal Inspired by the novels of Pannalal Patel, which was the first novel written byIshwar Petlikar? Janmtip Which newspaper column by journalist and author Ishwar Petlikar became very popular? Lok Sagar Ne Teere Teere

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Which collection of poems by the Ghazal poet Adil Mansuri won the Best Book Award by the Government of Gujarat? Pagrav Name the three-part drama written by Chandrakant Bakshi. Jyuthika What was the family business of the poet Priyakant Maniyar? Making bangles How many seats does Gujarat have in Lok-sabha? 26 Which humorous writer has won the Best Book Award five times? Vinod Bhatt Who started Saurashtra Trust and news paper Jan ma Bhoomi? Amrutlal Sheth Who started the first pictorial magazine in Gujarati - Vismi Sadi? Haji Muhammad Alarakhia Shivji Name the first collection of humourous articles by Ratilal Borisagar. Marak Marak Which institution of music did Pandit Omkarnath Thakur start in Bharuch? Gandharv Niketan Name the book Pandit Omkarnath Thakur wrote on Music? Sangeetanjali Which people's party did the Gujarati journalist Shamaldas Gandhi form to persuade the Nawab of Junagadh to merge in India? Arzi Hukumat After listening to whom, the ruler of Gondal, Naresh Bhagwatsinhji, appoint him as the Court Singer? Shivkumar Shukla Who honoured the musician Shivkumar Shukla with the tile of Sangeet RasRaaj? Pandit Omkarnath Thakur Which musician-singer introduced the classical music of the north of India to Gujarat? Rasiklal Andhariya In which conference, held in Budapest in 1953, did Pandit Omkarnath represent India? World Peace Conference Which musician has earned a status to the music as equal to the modern dance styles in Gujarat? Atul Desai Which is India's first Gokuliyu village? Raysan Name the children’s magazine that Shamaldas Gandhi statred. Ramakdu When was the capital of Gujarat moved from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar? 1970 When did the capital Gandhinagar acquire its name? 1969 A.D. Name the founder of Kumar Magazine? Bachubhai Rawat and Ravishankar Raval When did the Secretariat in Gandhinagar begin functioning? 1985 A.D. Who established the first Gujarat Sahitya Sabha in Ahmedabad? Ranjitram Mehta Who first informed Gandhiji about the unjust taxes levied at Viramgam Junction? Motilal Darji

gujaratquiz. Poet Dalpatram From which port was most of India's trade with West Asia carried out during Gupt Period. established for rehabilitation of refugees and asylum-seekers from Pakistan? Gandhidham Who accompanied Shamaldas Gandhi during the Aarzi Hakumat? Manubhai Pancholi www. serve as the chief minister? Junagadh Who was the man behind the ‘Zanda Satyagrah’ in Nagpur? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Where was Sardarsinh Rana. who led revolutionary activities abroad. who has discussed the issue of widow marriages in his Ven . born? Kantharia (Limdi) Name the style of architecture of the Somnath temple? Nagar style Name the writer of the famous play Karnsundri? Poet Bilhan Who founded the Raniparaj Service Society for the upliftment of tribals of South Gujarat? Jugatram Dave Which Purana has a chapter titled Sabhramati Mahatmaya describing the importance of river Sabarmati? Padma Purana What is the source of the history of Maitrak dynasty? Copper Plates Name the social worker known as Vedchee No Vadlo? Jugatram Dave Based on the recommendations of which committee has the government of Gujarat accepted the principle of decentralisation of governance? Balwantrai Mehta Committee Name the poet.                       Where did the first Gujarat Rajkeey Parishad meet? Godhara Which Chief Minister of Gujarat promoted the trilevel panchayat? Balwantrai Mehta Which district in Gujarat has the maximum seats in the Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha)? Ahmedabad Name the weekly started by Karsandas Mulji? Satyaprakash Whose prolonged revolt did Okha-Dwarka region witness during revolt of 1857? The revolt of the Vaghers Which state did Shyamji Krushna Verma. who led revolutionary activities abroad. Bharuch When was the first volume of Gujarati Vishvakosh (encyclopedia) published? 1989 AD Who started Gujarat's first Uttar Buniyadi school? Babalbhai Mehta Which port in Gujarat became vital for the entire nation after the partition? Kandla When was the Lalit Kala Academy founded in Gujarat? 1961 Name the city.

Jivraj Mehta (19 March 1960) Where did the first kindergarten start in Gujarat? Vaso (District Anand) Who started first 'Circulating Library' for women in Gujarat? Ranchhodlal Chhotalal Who started first mobile 'Travelling Dispensary' in Gujarat? Ranchhodlal Chhotalal During the struggle for independence. 2481 to 2500 www.-Que.               What was the earlier name of Fulchhab – the newspaper that played a vital role in the independence struggle? Saurashtra Name the Chief Minister who declared that Gujarat's new capital will be named Gandhinagar in honour of Gandhiji? Dr.Kachhoru Who translated Jaydev’s Geetgovind in Gujarati? Keshav Harshad Dhruv Who wrote the play Chhoru – Kachhoru that was performed in Russian in Tashkent in 1959 AD? Pragji Dosa Who translated the Sankrit play Hanuman in Gujarati? Pandit Manilal Dwivedi Which playwright of Saurashtra was honoured as the best Playwright by the Government of India? Prabhulal Trivedi Where is Skand Puran believed to have been written? Vadnagar Which Sufi saint of Visnagar wrote divotional songs devoted to Radha-Krishna? Anwar Kazi When was Gujarat Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) moved from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar? 1971 -. which Punjabi revolutionary preached and publicised exercises and national feelings in Bhavnagar and Saurashtra under the alias Swamirao? Azad Prithvisinh Jhala When did the first Gujarati traders reach Java? 75 AD Which Gujarati play was performed in Russian in Tashkent in 1959 AD? Chhoru . .-.-.--.gujaratquiz.-.-.-. .-.-.-.-.