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2012 UT Fishing Brochure

2012 UT Fishing Brochure

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In 2011, the state launched its frst wiper-production program.




Powell and made a modifcation to the milt life
extender. That milt was alive upon arrival at Utah
Lake. Unfortunately, someone had tampered with
the holding cage and removed the female fsh.
Despite their frustration, the biologists
learned a lot in 2011. They learned about the
importance of timing in wiper production, and
they learned how to successfully extend the life
of milt.

What’s planned for 2012?

Spring 2012 will be the Division’s next
attempt at wiper production. The lessons the
biologists learned last year should ensure a more
successful efort in 2012. If all goes well, it won’t
be long before the Division can produce millions
of wipers here in Utah.
Until that day, the biologists will continue to
purchase wipers from KEO Fish Farms and work to
expand the wiper program.

More than 70 percent of Utahns live in the
heavily populated corridor that stretches from
Ogden to Provo. If you’re one of these individu-
als—and you love to fsh—you may want to try
one or more of the following fsheries in 2012.
These waters ofer great fshing for a variety of
species, and they’re all relatively easy to reach.
You can get to most of them in about one to two
hours if you live in Salt Lake City.

Mantua Reservoir

Mantua (pronounced man-uh-way) is a 500-
acre reservoir located 15 miles east of Brigham
City. This is a place where you can catch fsh easily,
whether you’re in a boat or on shore. Onsite
restrooms and a boat ramp make it a convenient
recreation spot, and shoreline access around the
entire reservoir draws many foat-tubing anglers.
Mantua has two fshing opportunities that
are hard to beat. The bluegill in Mantua are very
plentiful and can grow to record-breaking sizes.
The current Utah state record bluegill was caught
in Mantua (2 pounds 7 ounces). In the spring,
bluegill are very catchable on fies, jigs and pop-
pers. Just wait for the water temperature to reach
60 degrees in May or June and go have a blast.
The other opportunity you shouldn’t miss is
Mantua’s topwater largemouth bass fshing. It’s
second to none throughout the spring, summer
and fall. Throw any topwater bass bait along the
shoreline and just hang on to your pole.

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