Solving Problems Using MagNet Summary

Prepared by: Mohamed Abou El-Yazid

Pre-drawing Starting new model File > New Setting units Tools > Set Units Setting Grid View > Set Construction Grid Viewing the grid View > Construction Grid Adding Keyboard input bar (optional but recommended) Tools > Keyboard Input Bar .

Drawing Draw tools Draw the outline of the shape Selection tools Select the closed space Sweep tools Sweep the body to create solid object Make necessary changes on the shown values .

Making a coil On the project bar click on the body needed to be transformed into a coil > Model > Make Simple Coil Modifying coil properties Click Coil tab on the project bar > Change number of turns > Change the current in the coil .

Pre-solving Set Solver Options Solve > Set Solver Options > Change Polynomial Order to specified one Solve > Set Adaptation Options > Check on h-adaptation > Set h-adaptation to specified value > Set Tolerance .

Energy… etc.g. Showing field Distributions Click Field on project bar > Choose the type of drawing (Contour. |B| Smoothed) > Update View . Shaded. Arrow) > Choose field needed to be shown (e. Flux Function.Solving Solve > Static 2D Post-Solving The post processing bar appears Click on the global values tab to get values of Force.

Q: I solved the problem but the values of Force don't appear? A: Resize the post processing bar to show the values Q: When I solve the problem I get #IND at the value field? A: Draw the outline of your problem in the +ve side of the x-axis then create the shape as illustrated in the figure below .Plotting Graph for Field Distributions Show Field Distribution by the same method above > Tools > Field Line Graph > Set the initial point and the end point using mouse or keyboard input bar TAKE CARE: When drawing air box "Ignore hole" MUST be checked You MUST sweep all the bodies using the same model sweep Using Keyboard input bar is optional but recommended Drawing the Air box first guarantees accurate results FAQ Q: I solved the model but the global values I got aren't correct? A: Repeat your model drawing the Air Box first.

Q: I get sweep error when sweeping the shape? A: Make sure ALL the surface drawn is in the +ve x direction Q: When I click solve I get a warning "The object "whatever" doesn't follow the model sweep it will be ignored" and then I get values of zero? A: Make sure you swept all the shapes in the model in the same way. Q: When I click solve I get an error due to a hole in the model? A: Make sure "Ignore holes" in the Air box is checked .

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