Our Vulnerable Food Supply The current food survival scenario goes something like this: * Only one

in a hundred Americans grow the food that the other 99 eat. * Most Americans haven’t a clue about where their food comes from and what it takes for the food they require for their very survival to get from farm to the supermarket. * Much of our food comes from grain or grain fed livestock and is grown in the Midwest. * Grain is moved from America’s grain belt to the coasts on only 2 vulnerable railroads. * We consume what we produce each year, with almost nothing stored in case of future shortage. * Should drought or other disaster occur, food stocks will be quickly consumed with little backup possible. * If people in Los Angeles were willing to burn down their own neighborhoods due to a court case, imagine what people will do when there is little to eat and small prospect of having enough for some time to come. * Of course people in rural areas have a greater chance of finding or growing enough food to feed themselves and survive, but in urban areas this is virtually impossible. * When food shortages occur, there is likely to be a great outpouring of urbanites into rural areas, creating havoc with their survival efforts. It will be difficult to grow crops or raise cattle with so many transient people attempting to survive on what little food and resources they can scrounge. You can prepare by storing plenty of survival food in the form of rice, beans, honey, wheat, and garden seeds. I agree, these cheap survival foods can form the basis of your survival cache as they are easy to acquire and store. I would also add a couple gallons of olive oil to the list of survival foods for your cache.


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