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Leap Year An Extra Day to Love You!

Now, I have a Leap Year A little longer, February But, without my love for you I wouldnt, have, nary! Three hundred, sixty-five Is never near, enough days To show how I love you And, never near, enough ways. I can say all the words There are, for love, to say How much, you mean to me As Im searching, for a way. To make you believe them all (Sometimes, they may seem, hollow) But, the path to your heart Is, the only one I can follow. A leap of faith, in leap year Is, all that keeps me going And theres no way to stop love That, just keeps on aflowing. Day by day, week by week As they slip, so quickly by Just another year gone, past As my mind, asks my heart. Why? Del Abe Jones 02.04.2012