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CNVH Petition to AG Schneiderman - Online

CNVH Petition to AG Schneiderman - Online

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Published by: paul_newell on Feb 04, 2012
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The Honorable New York State Attorney General Eric T.

Schneiderman WE THE UNDERSIGNED call upon Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman to use his authority including New York State N-PCL Section 511 (a)-(b) and Section 511 (a)(4) to block the sale of the former S1. Vincent's Catholic Medical Center of Manhattan to the Rudin Organization in the absence of the inclusion of a full service hospital with an emergency room in compliance with NY State law and the needs of the lower West Side of Manhattan, and New York State. In specific, under New York State N-PCL Section 511 (a)-(b) 81. Vincent's is required to serve you with notice of the sale transaction, and under Section 511 (a)(4) must show the disposition of substantially all assets is for consideration that is fair and reasonable and that the sale is in the best interests of the community. We also believe that this sale does not comply with the provisions of 501 (c)3 of the internal Revenue Code in that this sale and the proposed Rudin plan does not continue the charitable mission of St. Vincent's as it is required to, namely a full service hospital. Last year, Mr. Schneiderman, you said "The closure of St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Center was a tragic blow for Greenwich Village, Chelsea and the entire West Side of Manhattan. Unless a 24-hour acute care hospital with an emergency room opens in this neighborhood, entire communities of New Yorkers will go without the adequate health services they deserve." and "The bottom line is: the west side of Manhattan both deserves and needs an acute care hospital with an emergency room. Anything and everything should be done to make certain that becomes a reality." This is your opportunity to in fact ensure that reality and fulfill your campaign promise. We call upon you to block this sale pending the inclusion of a full service hospital and compliance with all relevant state and other applicable laws. Thank you.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Manojkumar Bhoyar Barbara Pennington Andrew Butt Emma Spurgin Hussey Carla Antunes Ellen Mccabe

Pune, India Lancashire, United Kingdom Port Glasgow, United Kingdom Truro, United Kingdom Almada, Portugal Seattle, WA



No brained Hospitals top condos everytime.

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Signatures 1 ~6

7. 8.
Brent Bartholomew Paula Hurley charles mclachlan Brian Drake Susan M R David Erik Barsati Lisa E. Davis Linda Longstreet Jean Tait Fran Nesi Jennifer Davis Sherrie Levy Donald Moss

San Francisco, CA North Royalton, OH None, United Kingdom Purcell, OK Dublin, Ireland Edsbyn, Sweden New York, NY New York, NY Ny, NY NY,NY New York, NY NYC,NY New York, NY


11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Thanks for always doing such a great job and being on the side of the people.


We oppose the Rudin plan and ask you to do a full investigation. Thank you.

18. 19.

Has our Council Member for the West Side, Christine Quinn, been silent because her real estate donors are planning luxury condos? She sold us out. We need a hospital. Since 1974 I have been involved in the planning and administration of healthcare in NYS. The loss of St. Vincent's cannot but be detrimental to the local community in terms of health care and economy.


David Rubin

Niskayuna, NY

21. 22.

Erica Kagan Sherrie Villano

Brooklyn, NY New York, NY Seems criminal what's happening. Should not be allowed at all. Don't we want more jobs in New York? Not more apartments - there are plenty of empty high priced apartment - we need our hospital.

23. 24.

Linda Bianchi tom Nazziola

New York, NY brooklyn, NY We need to focus efforts on sustaining this much needed hospital as well as investigating and punishing corporate crooks.


John Kastan Catherine Benedek Rose DiMarco Elizabeth Macklin

Brooklyn, NY New York, NY It is outrageous that no one is held accountable for bankrupting an institution that properly run would thrive in the community!


27. 28.

New York, NY New York, NY

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Signatures 7 - 28

29. Beth Sopko

New York, NY

It seems that 81. Vincent's never actually needed to close in the first place, if only the people that ran it into the ground could have been kept away from it. I want to work for a new full-service hospital to take its place. A hospital is an essential part of the west Village and lower Manhattan. Luxury condos would contribute to the sense and ethos of the growing economic disparity in NYC. Bring back the hospital.


loren caplin

new york, NY

31. 32.

Daniela turley Patricia Rudden

Ny, NY New York, NY I live on the same block as S1. Vincent's and have used the emergency room. Businesses are closing all over the immediate neighborhood and no emergency medical care is available. And all because of greed. This must stop. We must have another full-service hospital/emergency room on the west side. People have a greater risk of dying without one. Also the noise and emergency traffic on the far west side are much worse-even unbearable--as a result of closing St. Vincent's. This is unconscionable. I will remember this when it's time to vote. Please act responsibly for ALL the people of New York.


Mary Day

New York, NY


Dominique Nahas Cleve Lamison Patricia Walker

New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY At the time of the bankruptcy, there was a significant amount of money in restricted accounts to be used for research and specific patient care projects, Despite claims submitted to the court, most of us have not heard about the status of these monies, It is highly inappropriate if not unlawful and unethicalto pay lawyer and consultant fees in the millions of dollars before releasing money for research and patient care, Why is the bankruptcy court addressing the claims of fellow, lawyers but not those of the physician/patient advocates. Any support to right this wrong would be appreciated. We need a trauma center not more condos across the street form an already very overcrowded school. Unbelievable that a city like New York would not provide real emergency care for our area, This is outrageous and a slap in the face to our community. This is terrible. We need a hospital. .. not working to line the pockets of the already rich influence peddlers and those they reward for assisting them 1.3 Million New Yorkers + Tourists + Daily Workers need a full service hospital for their accidents and illnesses. They do not need the planned urgent care emergency room unsupported with a hospital. Investigate all criminal matters involved in the SVH closure.



Catherine Boursier

. New York, NY .


Rod Granger Bruce Garfield

New York, NY NY, NY


Alan Timothy Lunceford

New York, NY

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Signatures 29 - 40

41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46.
Amanda George Richard Scalera Ingrid Buckner Jonathan Siaft Eric Hess FRANK MERRITT

New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY NY,NY New york, NY New York, NY

I definitely affirm that the people of Greenwich Village need and deserve a full service hospital

It is time to bring the embezzlers to justice.

How can a great City have a whole quadrant of it without a hospital? How can we allow swindlers to co-opt an entire major hospital and get away with it? Thanks. when do we start caring about th people? PLEASE HELP, IT'S TOO IMPORTANT A hospital in this area a matter of life or death to me an 83 year old person with a heart cndition.

47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53.

HELENE DENTON Patricia Brennan Muriel Beach Denielle Licciardo carl stark Phong Lan Hoang Cie Sharp

New York, NY NY, NY New York, NY New York, NY ny, NY New York, NY Huntington Station, NY New York, NY New York, NY

Bring back our full service, community hospital.

I used to volunteer at St. Vincent's Hospital. We must maintain a non-profit hospital here with virtually the same mission of serving the sick and undeserved of New York.

54. 55.

sandra pomerantz Charles Walker

I had a very successful coronary bypass operation at St Vincents Medical center 12 years ago. I don't know if I would be alive today with out it. ! might not be so lucky today. I can't believe the Lower West Side does not have a hospital. We don't need more residents; the residents that are here need a hospital I am both sad and angry at the power of money to willfully disrupt the coherence and safety of a community in a so-called democracy. We need a Hospital in the Village help us please! People before profits! The village community needs a hospital and ER, not a "band aid type clinic for bruises and cuts. There are already 2 such clinics in our area.


Judith Chazen Walsh Stanley Dorn

New York, NY New York, NY


Steven Hill jeffrey hoffman Georgia Wever Robert Adelman

New York, NY new york, NY NYX,NY New York, NY

59. 60. 61.

62. 63.

Esther Zamora Robin Karp

Hesperia, CA New York, NY

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Signatures 41 - 63

64. Karen Socolow


Who needs a stand alone emergency room? that's ridiculous. The serious cases will have to be shipped elsewhere anyway. We need a hospital.

65. 66.

GERIE GORE Prof. Jeffrey Hest

New York, NY NYC, NY I would have died on 10/6/05 of the "most massive Pulmonary Embolism they ever saw on a living person" had it not been for the amazing ER doctors at S1. Vincents. 1 now live in fear every day that they are not here for us---PLEASE HELP US!!! I am very sick with a bacterial infection and am now suffering the side effects from levaquin which are horrendous and are much worse than the disease itself. St vinnys was always there to help the city Greed and profit before our fellow human beings? WTF is wrong with mr rudin and lij? lt's so typical of lij though! I was recently at the north shore lij hospital and I wanted to see a psyche doctor and the doctor, a Chinese woman, refused Telling me that the hospital doesn't have one at night time! This sounds illegal. I am very suicidal at this time due to my long illness and the bad doctors I just saw in the last 3 months and how none of them gave me a swab to see what I have. We have 385,000 residents and 500,000 dally commuters and tourists with ZERO hospital beds and NO emergency room. The upper east side and east harlem has a population of 325,000 and 3900 hospital beds and 5 emergency rooms. This is a healthcare travesty. Please help us.


Patrick Lally

Woodside, NY


David Kaufman


69. 70.

wren maclachlan Alice Peterson

new york, NY new york, NY Resident for 65 years. Close association with St. Vlncents. Community is in imminent and constant risk without a full service hospital. Allowing St. Vincents to close is a scandal that the politicians and developers should answer for. I live in the West Village. St. Vincent's hass been my neighborhood hospital for 40 years.

71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80.

Susan Brownmiller Joann Schellenbach Carol Keyser Donna Gould Leigh Golterman James Keenan Greg Carr Elizabeth Smith Meghan Donovan veronica stevens

New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY New york, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY new york, NY new york, NY PageS

Please save St. Vincents.


Signatures 64 - 80

81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86.
Ruti Teitel Joan Hoffman Susan Perry Catherine Perebinossoff Yvette Beigel fred newton

NY, NY Ny, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY new york, NY

It is urgent that the village have a hospital, bring back St Vincent's.

We need a Level 1 Trauma Hospital. We need 8t. Vincent's to re-open. The for-profit condos are a very bad idea - please stop this If politicians are so gung ho for anti-smoking bans for the sake of peoples' health,why was St. Vincents allowed to bite the dust? Please investigate Rudin and this outrageous proposal to rob the city of a much needed hospital. People are dying because of the greed of developers.

87. 88. 89. 90.

Jay Matlick Suzanne Kaufman Flora Resnick Marguerite Lewitin

New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY

It took years for 8t. Vincent's Hospital to achieve the excellent reputation that it enjoyed at the time of its untimely closure. Its gerontology section headed by Dr. Monte Peterson was unparalleled in the City. The Emergency Room which was connected to the full service hospital saved untold lives, one a young woman who had been hit and dragged by a Sanitation Truck. She and my mother recuperated together in their excellent Acute Care Rehabilitation floor. She most probably would not have survived had she been brought to a stand alone facility. It is unconscionable that our elected officials have allowed this to happen

91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97; 98.

Alejandro Cruz Sam Wiener Mikel Rowe Jana Jevnikar . Vaishali Desai Carol Demech Steve Goulding Erika Munk

Mexico, Mexico NYC, NY New York, NY New York, NY Wappingers Falls, NY Please stop Rudin now. We need a hospital!! Population growing constantly. We need more care, NOT less. Please

New York, NY New York, NY NY,NY

St. Vincent's loss has already had a terrible impact on the lives of West villagers. I am 74, living quite close to the old hospital. If I get a heart attack or stroke, or have a serious accident, it will now take much more time for me to get medical attention -- possibly a death-dealing amount of time. As for the children in the neighborhood, I shudder to think ." Our population is growing, and young families are coming in. Why are they denied proper medical services?
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Signatures 81 - 98

Erika Munk


(continued from previous page)

Why is real estate money so much more important than people's lives?


Margaret Segall

New York, NY

Not only community residents, but also everyone who visits the lower west side of Manhattan for work, play and tourism is endangered by the lack of a full-service hospital. Public health and safety should not be sacrificed for a shady real estate deal. Please help restore a hospital to the lower west side!


Leslie Gwyn Mark Lonergan steve & nancy gould Linda Zerella antonia auber-hirsch Marla Green marty friedman Barbara Oakes Kathryn Young Michael INfantino martha leahy Mark Filstein Larry Conroy

New York, NY New York City, NY New York, NY We need your help. If the bankruptcy proceedings were flawed, then PLEASE halt the process and investigate. 650,000 Westsiders are counting on youl


104. 105.

Brooklyn, NY gLEN HEAD, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY Holmdel, NJ Winchester, MA new york, NY New York, NY Having personally experienced the problems created on the West side when going in for surgery --twice last year -The overcrowding of the East side hospitals, the extremely difficult journey to get there -- I beg you to stop this folly and re-create a hospital to replace St. Vincents. God help us should there be another catastrophe such as 9/11. We need a hospital here in Greenwich Village. Bring one back.

107. 108. 109.

110. 111. 112.

i 13. 114. 115.

OJ Hanning Bud&Francine Korotzer Richard Wolff Sudhesh Srivastava

New York, NY NY, NY New York, NY Brooklyn, NY Saint Vincent's and it's ER provided compassionate care to the people that surrounded it in many crises including the AIDS crisis which was at it's peak when! first started working there. If a similar crisis arose again the entire west side of Manhattan will regret the lack of a hospital such as Saint Vincents. You cannot build these institutions in a day, rather they must be established over time to be ready when the need arises.


Page 7


S;gnatures 98 - 116

Jay Kallio

New York, NY

I was a St Vincent's cancer patient, and I desperately need a community hospital in it's stead. As a disabled firrst responder I know my neighbors also desperately need a hospital, perhaps more that they even appreciate, because I know from years of service how critical minutes spend standing in traffic are when it is a matter of life and death. The lower west side needs a full service hospital and emergency room.

118. 119.

Camryn Ramgoolie seth black

New york, NY ny, NY what we need is a hospital, not a for profit condo and unregulated ER. People are dying!! St. Vincent's was a real hospital and answered the needs of our community for many years. What we don't need are more luxury condos.


Shirley Littman

New York, NY

121. 122.

Annette Zaner Bruce Boyce

New York, NY New York City, NY Enough of the luxury Condos and catering to the rich. We need a Hospital for West Village. (Periodl) This whole story with closing of St. Vincents is TOTAL INSANITY. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING FOR OUR COMMUNITY AND ITS, PEOPLE, SENIOR CITIZENS, DISABLED ETC. ST. VINCENTS MENTAL WARD HELPED ME GET THROUGH MY DEPRESSION WHEN MY FATHER DIED. i think it is criminal literally the way teh bankruptcy court has given the Rudin's the go ahead to be able to purcahase priem real estate at sub prime prices. I am sure if this was investigated by a non corrupt independant , if thier is such a thign left in New York state that there rpobably woudl be gorunds for criminal prosecution found.


john cadue

nyc, NY


martin bondell Madeline Kripke Ann Bramefer Kate Tentler Lewis Taishoff beatrice guarino Robert Sklar connie attanasio Julie Van Ness Margaret Mastrogiacomo

new york, NY New York, NY New York, NY NY,NY New York, NY nyc, NY New York, NY middle village, NY New York, NY New York City, NY We elected you to enforce the law. Do it! st vincent's was very important to my husband and myselfespecially when he had a heart attack!

126. 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133.

Page 8


Signatures 117 - 133

134. 135.
Timothy Schadt Doris Casella

New York, NY New York, NY

Please do everything that you can to bring a full-service hospital to our neighborhood. Are we to be without a full service hospital on the West Side because RE Developers have the money and clout to run over us? We will not be deterred. We need a New Village Hospital. Put the needs of our community ahead of profits for developers. The switch from neighborhood health care to luxury housing is like Nazi destruction of human values - please, please stand up for usll We need a hospital not more condominiums in Greenwich Village

136. 137.

Ron Hunnings Ellen Ensig-Brodsky Allen Messia Hugh Burns Lawrence Galante Linda Sharp Thomas Crabill Julia anale George Carter Steven Lowenthal Carol Venticinque

New York, NY ny, NY

138. 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. 146.

New York, NY Pleasantville, NY New York, NY Huntington Station, NY New York, NY New York, NY Brooklyn, NY new york, NY New York, NY

We need a Lower West Side hospital, this means lives. Now, give it back ... Please stand up for a real hospital in the Village area. We need it. Thank you. WE NEED OUR HOSPITAL BACKl!!!

Please represent New Yorkers who need a full-service hospital with an ER so that they will not be permanently impaired, disabled or worse. Please demonstrate that people's lives are important, not just profits. URGENT - PLEASE read Dr. David KAUFMAN'S analysis of the absurd contrast between Upper East Side versus Lower West Side medical facilities - over-abundance vs. alarming absence. THE WEST VILLAGE AREA URGENTLY NEEDS A FULLY EQUIPPED, FULLY STAFFED HOSPITALNo Impostors, No More Real Estate Skullduggery, No More Pusillanimous Politicians ... PLEASE. THANK YOU. The community needs a hospital more than luxury apartments. Dear Mr. Schneiderman, Please help bring to light this travesty of a transaction. The Board of Directors, headed by AI Smith, need to answer questions. Saint Vincent's was a fantastic hospital with a dedicated and wonderful staff. I am saddened every day I go by the hospital to see what has happened to the area. Thank you.


Maggie berkvist

New York, NY


P Ball
Peter Pasley

New York, NY New York, NY

Page 9



134 - 149

150. 151.
152. EMIL Y STANLEY Harriet Fraad Jonah Price David Klass Marlene Feingold Frederick Siegal Victor Rink Angela Chimera Will Rogers . Dorothy Breslin suzanne sahi

New York, NY NY,NY Hasti ngs-on-Hudson, NY New York, NY New Yprk, NY Ny, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY new york, NY

We must have a furl service hospital in this area of NYC. YOU must investigate this scandulous process and sale. Our neighborhood needs health care, not more condominiums! Thousands of people NEED A HOSPIT


153. 154. 155. 156.
157. 158. 159. 160.

As a member of the 11th st., greenwich avenue and 10 st. block association, Jefferson community garden and GVHS, and fifty five year resident of the Village, whose children grew up here and went to st. Vincent's doctors aand whose own child(my grandchild) was born and was teated by doctors of saint vincent's I am more than concerned about the need for a hospital in our area. What on earth does Rudin care about our children, grandchildren and elders? We don't need any more empty condos and we don't need any EMPTY hospitals!!! HELP!l


Pamela L La Bonne C.J. Gelfand Judy Clarke Connie DiMari

NY, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY

163. 164.

Bring back a hospital to cover this important area. A free standing emergency room cannot possibly replace St.Vincent's. The area has also lost physicians as they have been forced to vacate the property and have moved either uptown or crosstown to be closer to their new institutions.

165. 166. 167. 168.

John Chimera Kathleen Ryan Daffy McGee Serena Fallon

Nyc, NY Ny, NY South Gate, CA Brooklyn, NY Losing the hospital impacted the community on so many levels ...7th avenues local businesses gone, valuable health care services gone, caring professionals gone. A true disservice to NYC. I VOTE, AND I WANT A FULL SERVICE HOSPITAL!

169. 170.

Katharine Wolpe melida gil

New York, NY new york, NY please do not accept the sales of st vincent hospital buildinq.we need our hospital back

Page 10



150 - 170

Name 171.
Millie Petroski

New York, NY

New York absolutely does not need another luxury high rise apartment building. There are already too many of them in the city that are half empty. What Greenwich Village needs is a hospital.

172. 173. 174. 175. 176. 177. 178. 179. 180.
181 ..

KaHroi East Elmhurst, NY Tsamboukos-Cooper Regina Gormley John Rojak Frieda Evans HERMAN PHILLIPS Kevin Kwan Diane Litwin Dalia Hettfield Evelyn shepard nina birnbaum NYC,NY New York, NY New York, NY NY,NY New York, NY New York, NY South Gate, CA New york, NY New York, NY My child Was born at St. Vincent's, and its clinic serves many of my friends. The hospital is necessary to seNe the immediate area with emergency care as well-- people will die going through crosstown traffic to Beth Israel. The West Village needs a good, functioning hospital. The village does not need additional luxury residences. We need a full service hospital and emergency room for the many families that live in the village It is vital: We must have a #1 trauma center hospital. Please help us get one back. This NYC community needs St. Vincent's Hospital, not luxury condominiums! Please think about people and what makes our neighborhood and city great.


Ashlea Clark

New york, NY

183. 184. 185. 186. 187.

Leila Mustachi Marie Hoch Joseph L. Irizarry theresa tretter leonard nord Barbara Riddle-Dvorak Lucinda Franceschini Pam Boland Katherine O'Donnell Williamson Henderson

New York, NY Ridgewood, NY New York, NY croton, NY Massapequa park, NY NY,NY New York, NY Grovetown, GA New York, NY Manhattan, NY

Please save this necessary institution The Lower West Side needs a new hospital not more condos and a fake Emergency Room.

190. 191. 192. 193.

This is another American disgrace! Two billion dollar$ annually for the traitorous Pakistan -- as just one shameful example -- and no Greenwich Village hospital which was
(continues on next page)

Page 11


Signatures 171 - 193

193. Williamson Henderson Angela LaMonte

Manhattan, NY

(continued from previous page)

previously in place since before the Civil War?! Support begins at home! New York, NY Greenwich Village/the West Side of Manhattan needs a Full-Service Acute Care Hospital with a Level 1 Trauma ER yesterday. St Vincents was the only hospital in my area I have no health care as many in my part of town do not and we counted on that hospital for care



Gaylin English-Young Nathaniel Kaufman Jacqueline Taylor Basker

New York, NY

196. 197.

New York, NY New York, NY It is a dangerous situation for us to have no hospital for Greenwich Village. Are we sinking to a 3rd world nation? I needed to go to an ER and had no place to go recently! Will it take many deaths of New Yorkers for us to get a hospital back?

198. 199. 200. 201. 202. 203. 204. 205.

Sonia Goldstein Louis Flores paula saunders Richard Chase Mary Beth Malone Shain Milan Adrienne Harris Laura Lopez

New York, NY Astoria, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY Colombo, Sri Lanka New york, NY New York, NY I live in the catchment area of this hospital. its closing is/has been! continues to be a tragedy The bankruptcy was suspicious,coming so quickly. The lack of transparency was criminal. Where was the oversight? The responsibility to the community? Our community needs this hospital. Jane Jacobs would have saved

st. Vincent's


206. 207. 208. 209. 210. 211. 212. 213.

Norma Anthony David Olin Jerry Balch Desiree Rodriguez Mary Morrell Ronald Blazer Ken Dow Joe Oi Marco

New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY NY,NY Brooklyn, NY NYC,NY New York, NY New York, NY As a 3rd generation Villager, the value of having a full service hospital there has proven itself in my family, and beyond. Now,the Village has more inhabitants than ever before. The closest hospitals are too far away. Moving through traffic alone could cost precious time in effort to reach the closest hospital to save lives. A full servo hasp. is
(continues on next page)

This case represents the largest "Theft Of Services" situation I've ever seen.

I urge to block the sale of S1. Vincent's Hospital and oppose the Rudin plan.

Page 12


Signatures 193 - 213

Joe Di Marco

New York, NY

(continued from previous page)

needed in the Village nowl We don't need a "building" that will only be able to forward us on the another facility to actually be able to get full medical help. The current plan is a dreadful mistake. We do not need more residential buildings in the already over crowded Village. We surely do not need these in place of a good hospital. Thanks!

214. 215. 216. 217. 218. 219.

Greg Lord Anni Bergman Gloria Bianchi Reid Baker MARK LAWRENCE Terrence Fitzgerald Marilyn Hank,RN Amy Badeau Daphne Parker Raymond Haenlein Dana Greco Diane Root Mary Hudson

New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY NYC, NY New York, NY We need a hospital downtown, it should be a priority.

It is outrageous that these thieves stole our hospital. A new
hospital should be a condition of any development of the St. Vincent's campus.

220. 221. 222. 223. 224. ·225. 226.

Parsippany, NJ Alta Lorna, CA Aiken, SC New York, NY NY, NY New York, NY Brooklyn, NY

AS a former employee of St.Vincent's this entire situation needs to be investigated

The neighborhood needs a full service hospital not a hospiltal that serves the Rudin Family.

The health .of our citizens must not be sold to fatten the purses of the already too rich. The people need health care - it is our human right; it should not be for sale.

227. 228. 229. 230.

Ramonita Ortiz julius vingereili John Romano Agnes Frank

NY,NY nyc, NY New York, NY New York, NY It is vital that the Greenwich Village community be served with a full service free standing hospital. It will save many lives and lot of anguish in the community. i have had to use this hospital many times over the years, please bring it back as soon as possible. thank you.

231. 232. 233. 234. 235.

Norma D'Amico Vivien KZak JAMES HEDGE Suellen Rubin Richard Grossman


Page 13


Signatures 213 - 235

236. Robert Goldberg


The facts will speak for themselves. Who will speak for the patients during a crisis? Errors of omission and commission will be evident to those who look.

237. 238. 239. 240. 241. 242. 243.

Patricia Weston

lido beach, NY Glendale, NY New York, NY NYC,NY new york, NY Bayside, NY New York, NY I am 79 years old and may never see the new hospital, but

jill nord
Andrew Bohmart Gwen Engelhard elizabeth petit Usa Cresnar Earl Shields

it would be good to die near my home and friends. I can't
believe that our elected officials have been so hidden in this matter. Why did I vote for all those years? 244. 245. Eugene Fedorko Rose Marie Manger new york, NY Fort Lee, NJ the west village has no emergency service hospital! It is outrageous that St. Vincent's closed; it was an important hospital who served the community well., The N. Y. Attorney General should undertake a thorough investigation on how some $25 million was spent paying people in charge. HOw can 81. Vincent's representatives be paid $8million to secure a $7 million loan. Also it is my understanding that there has been no competitive bidding for the hospital properties, instead there appears to be a sweetheart deal made with the Rudin Organization. How is that possible. Rose Marie Manger, Esq. Closing the hospital that served as headquarters after the 9/11 disaster is so short sighted, and depriving a population equivalent to many cities of a hospital is unconscionable. I have personal experience with using the 8t Vincent's emergency room after a back injury- thankful that I was able to reach a hospital 3 blocks from my home. Removing a genuine emergency room, with full services to treat heart attacks, strokes, etc, will mean the death of people in the west village. Is this what you want?


Hal Citron

new York, NY


nanette funk

Ny, NY

248. 249. 250. 251.

Douglas morris Gregory Johnston Susan Drexler Judith Keller

New York, NY New York, NY Rutherford, NJ NYC, NY

It is essential to have a hospital in that part of the city. 81. Vincent's Hospital is still possible to reinstate. It exists in body and can again in soul. Any other choice for a needed hospital in this area would be prohibitive re cost. DO IT NOW while it still may possible to salvage 81. Vincents Hospital, a viable choice we can ILl... afford to lose.
We need more hospitals not luxury condos

252. 253.

cade pemberton james robilotti

NY, NY new york, NY Page 14


Signatures 236 - 253

254. MATTHEW HEDGE Erick Berg Gwen Waldron



255. 256.

New York, NY NY,NY

It outrageous that the very hospital that was the first
responder for 9/11 is now gone without a replacement! Is this how New York cares and protects their community and the people who live and work here?

257. 258. 259. 260. 261. 262. 263. 264. 265. 266. 267. 268. 269. 270.

Mario Mazzoni Charles Martin Evelyn Codd Leslie Garber Graceann Weick Nancy Raso Ed Laurson marie cooper Jane Mayle Jim Pacholka josephine musto robert matovic TIMOTHY MCAULIFFE Gail Williams

New York, NY NYC, NY Morristown, NJ New York, NY Brooklyn, NY bBloomfield, NJ Denver, CO new york, NY New York, NY Larchmont, NY new york, NJ sound beach, NY BROOKLYN, NY New York, NY I was glad St. V's was nearby when my husband had a heart attack, and got a quad bypass. We need a Chelsea hospital. And, put the crooks in jail! The administration and Board of Trustees failed the community and employees as 81. Vincent's big time. There should be an investigation of the misappropiation of funds and possible criminal charges What a travesty that St. Vincents Catholic Medical Center was allowed to close!!! We need a hospital that serves all people, even the poor, not luxury housing that serves only the rich. this is an insttution and needs to stay in the village We need a hospital in the Chelsea area I want an investigation into all the consulting firms St. Vincent's paid money. There should be a criminal investigation into where the money went, and to whom.


Tony. Ciuffini

Staten Island, NY

272. 273. 274. 275. 276. 277. 278.

Patricia McGuire Diane Martella Juel Wiese livette johnson Diane Tyler Katherine Alt Keener Mary Ann Lawrence

New York, NY NY, NY New York, NY ny, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY Page 15

The toxic greed and manipulation in this City has GOT TO STOP. Please BLOCK this criminal act.


Signatures 254 - 278

279. Syeus Mattei

New York, NY .

I have had reason to use the emergency facility at St. Vincent when happened to be in its vicinity.had it not been there then I might have faced loss of an eye. The continuation of this medical facility must not terminated.

280. 281.

Joan Lunoe Steven Packard

Bronx, NY Buckkey,IL S1. Vincent's saved my life twice in the two decades I lived in NYC. It provides vital health services and thousands of jobs to the community it serves and is a valuable asset to Manhattan as a whole. If the need for luxury condos is so great, convert Gracie Mansion -- but leave St Vincent's alonel the greed here is unbelievable also involving the church and the dislike of sisters of charity

282. 283. 284. 285.

joan kedziora Susan Kaplan Maureen Matturri Josh Torgovnick

nyc, NY Hastings on Hudson, NY NYC, NY new york, NY

It IS time to restore health care in a significant way to the 385000 people who live in the catchment area of S1. Vincents and the 500000 people who commute there each day. Close Lenox Hill and open a new level 1 trauma center at 12th S1. and 7th Avenue Having spent time in most of NYC's overcrowded hospitals, never was I given the compassionate care that! received at St. Vincent's Hospital. Its closing has left a massive hole in our community.


james ireland

new york, NY

287. 288. 289. 290, 291. 292. 293. 294. 295. 296. 297. 298. 299.

Lani Steed Ellen Garland Hal Freiman Robert Martin mary ann vinson Jamees Presley Elizabeth Hardy Roe Bressan John Roccosalva Margaret Griffith alice abel! Albert DeFabritus Geraldine Natwin

North Vancouver, Canada Brooklyn, NY NY, NY New York, NY new york, NY NY,.NY Brooklyn, NY NY,NY New York, NY Staten Island, NY ny, NY New York, NY Secaucus, NJ I have been shocked and appaled by the negligenceand corruption that have resulted in the loss of SVH. my former employer which I also used both for emergency and planned in patient care over the years. The Village deserves a full operating 24 hr hospital.lt does not need condos

Page 16


Signatures 279 - 299

300. 301. Phyllis Eakin stuart fischer

New York, NY bronx, NY

we need a hospital, not more condos Because the people in charge were crooked and schemeing, the result of having to force the hospital to close was the end result. They were also helped by Mr. Bloomberg, who everyone KNEW wanted that hospital to close sooo Badly!!! Because it was costing the city so much money to run. Again, it was the people that ran that hospital, who literally didn't even care about how the hospital could be saved.They were in trouble early on, and no one worked out anything to correct what was wrong, they seem to just let it go. so tragic

302. 303. 304. 305. 306. 307. 308.

Angela Zorzi Mary Birmingham George Plagianos Electa Brown Richard Hollister Patricia Greene Mairsol M

New York, NY Weehawken, NJ NYC,NY New York, NY Tucson, AZ Staten Island, NY Nyc, NY It is a shame that the very people we elect into office tell us to trust them, that they will do the right thing for us. are the same elected criminals that buried us alive. A broken toe was attended to in the St. Vincent's ER some 13 years ago ..My husband, having already had a cardiac arrest, was seen in the S. V. ER by a wonderful doctor named Dr., Curry, and fortunately didn't have a repeat heart crisis. It is terrible that we lost this neighborhood hospital, and also that the greed and selfishness of those people at the top cost us the hospital. May they account for themselves down below when passed! St. Vincent's provided critical triage on 9/11. New York is now medically defenseless if, God forbid another attack happens in Times Square, the tunnels or lower Manhattan. The death toll will be higher without a strategically located Level 1 Trauma Center. Anyone who blocks restoration of a hospital--and anyone who ever moves into those condos-Is a terrorist enabler. They are helping AI Qaida to maximize the death toll. Please do the right thing! Having been rushed to the emergency room at St. Vincent's with blood pouring from an open wound, i feel I would have been at a loss to seek treatment at a more distant locale.


Linda Millet

New York City, NY


Peter Matthews

New York, NY

311. 312.

Patrick Trout Robert MeHaffey

New York, NY New York, NY

313. 314. 315.

Tanya Stanich Joseph Moskal Elizabeth Lovinger

New York, NY New York, NY Brooklyn, NY

Page 17


Signatures 300 - 315

316. Helene Nelson

New York, NY

Corporate greed and disregard for individual needs, rights and requirements must be curbed. Government must take the lead in ensuring a process of fairness for all citizens, The ER DOCTORS at S1. Vincent's saved my life in Oct. 2005 when I suffered "the most massive Pulmonary Embolism" they had ever seen on a living person. I live in fear every day now without them here l


Jeff Hest



Ronald Buxbaum

New York, NY

Wlo st. Vincent's last year my partner mosty likely wouid
have been DOA in traffic an additional 10-20 min to nearest hosp can and would b fatal with accute cardiac situation whch is what it was. How much is a life worth to our elected city/state officials?

319. 320.

Phyllis Steiner Jessica Hildreth

New York, NY New York, NY

This area needs a hospital not more condos A stand-alone emergency room is not adequate to meet the demands of the population of the lower west side of Manhattan.

321. 322. 323. 324.

Ann Littlejohn lawrence Stern Rb Tylim Hugo Dwyer

NY,NY NY,NY New York, NY NYC, NY The people responsible for destroying our community hospital are now trying to profit on this real estate scam. I say we kick them out of the neighborhood and make them pay for the new hospital on the grounds of our beloved S1. Vincent's. How is it possible to not have a hospital In Chelsea anymore????

325. 326. 327. 328. 329.

Karen Lamberti Mary Corliss geeta bachani Athan Gregori James Harnett

New York, NY New YORK, NY brooklyn, NY Ny, NY NYC,NY

I lived in the Village for over 40 years. St. Vincent's was a valuable resource for me and many of my friends. Got wonderful care there more than once.

330. 331. 332. 333. 334. 335.

Janice Bernard Robert Press Sam DeWitt Jay Ruttenberg John Green Romy Ashby

New York, NY New York, NY East Hampton, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY We have no hospital for this whole big section of the city, my nabe included. This is wrong. This city has an abundance of luxury condos and places to build more luxury condos. We don't need more luxury condos, we need a real hospital. Please help us. Thanks

Page 18


Signatures 316 - 335

336. David Walsh ..

10014, NY

Its pritty clear that a significant part of the closure of St Vincents was in fact a real-estate deal. This has damaged the community and in no way should we concider rewarding these people by any changes in .zoneinq,

337. 338.

Michael Weyand GEORGE KOURY cgeraldone laps Stephen Cooley Jerry Balch Catherine Benedek Alison Mahoney Jeanine Corbet Frank Upham frank Vriale

New York, NY cllifside park, NJ my wife and I spend most week ends in thr west village and know how much good the hospital did

339. 340. 341. 342. 343. 344. 345. 346.

new york, NY New york, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY Brooklyn, NY New York, NY New York, NY Just The Idea of leaving 1million people without a Full service Hospital is enough to make you sick at heart. We who live in lower Manhattan are jeopardy of losinq their lives from floods and predicted storms. Rising Sea Levels Have City and State at Odds January 3, 2011 6:30pm Updated January 4, 2011 7:20am9commentsshareprint The state's proposal would restrict new development, a city official said.

347. 348. Satish Bhardwaj Kenneth Geist New York, NY NY,NY We can do without Condominiums. Let the Hospital stay at this site. But we need Hospitals.

The Village's need is urgent. St.Vincent's played such a large role in the AIDS epidemic and treating victims of 9/11 it should never have been allowed to fold, it should have been taken over except for Catholic fanaticism on abortion. KEN GEIST, NYC

349. 350. 351.

Peter White JonShaver Holly Carrol!

New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY People have to be placed in a higher priority than just making money. There must be some other way to fill the coffers. As a tax payer, I would gladly pay a little more to give me confidence that my health can be attended to in a timely manner when needed and that my government really cared to find a way to serve the community in an honest and responsible manner.

352. 353.

Jen Halbert T raci Fields

Brooklyn, NY New York, NY Page 19


Signatures 336 - 353

354. henry kaminer

new york, NY

this is a basic health care issue. the time needed to arrive at a full service emergency room backed by an inpatient hospital on site is crucial for survival of heart attack or stroke. I have personally witnessed the impact that not having a full service hospital in the West Village has had on care at the other downtown hospitals. My 97-year old aunt had to wait over three hours to be admitted at Bellevue after being seen in their ER, because of the lack of beds at Bellevue. A stand-alone ER is not the answer for lower Manhattan. We do not need more luxury condominiums in the West Village. We need a full service hospital! The patient bed ratio on the upper east side is 1 bed per 63 residents. On the lower west side it is zero beds per 365,000 residents. There is something wrong with that picture! We don't need more Rudin real estate at that site. A REAL emergency room with the correct facilities is needed


ethel sussman

new york, NY


Adrianne Moran

New York, NY

357. 358. 359. 360. 361.

ev felsten Sol Rymer Rickie Shuster Tavares Suzannah Troy

New York, NY New York, NY NY, NY NY, NY NYC,NY

The hospital saved my husband's life. IT needs to be here. We need a hospital now Bloomberg pushes community crushing development as reckless and stupid as what caused the implosion of Wall S1. and guess what we need a hospital and open fire houses! http://youtu.be!ofbgUsYJsX8 Dear Mr. Schneiderman: My mother-in-law lives around the corner from me on Bleecker Street. St Vincent's Hospital saved her life three times in the pastfour years. I fear for her if she should need emergency surgery again. Please help us restore a real hospital to the west side of lower Manhattan. Thank you! Ann F. Thomas


Ann F Thomas

New York, NY

363. 364. 365. 366. 367.

Joseph Robidoux Charles Michael Cone Barbara Johnston Sam Faeder Joan Tramontano

New Canaan, CT New York, NY New York, NY Brooklyn, NY New York, NY This hospital is essential for the community. New Yorkers need and deserve better healthcare, not more condominiums. Use your authority to keep the quality of life in New York on a high level. I voted for you because I believed that was your mandate. Do not disappoint me.

368. 369.

James Nugent Andrea Osnow

New York, NY NY,NY Page 20


Signatures 354 - 369

370. 371. 372. Nicholas Kepros Nina Reznick Glenn Berman

New York, NY Nyc, NY New York, NY


On more than one occasion Saint Vlncint's Hospital has been a life saving institution, in our community as weI! as in saving the life of my wife.

373. 374. 375. 376. 377. 378.

Jackie Rudin emily rich Matthew Conlon judith raboy sandra cohn susan talk

New York, NY new york, NY NY, NY NY,NY ny, NY new york, NY we need a hospital here at the s1. vincents site. NO CONDOS

it endangers the health and life of seniors and others who
might need to get to a hospital quickly not to have a hospital in our neighborhood.

379. 380.

fran winant JORDAN SCHAPS Mary Antonakos sallyaliano rene Dobronski William Mapp penelope carter George Jones


381. 382. 383. 384. 385. 386.

NY, NY Escondido, CA Brooklyn, NY FPO, AP New Rochelle, NY New York, NY

St. Vincent's doctors and nurses were the most efficient in their work and also the warmest group of human beings in our community. Many members of our church and neighborhood friends have been give excellent care in the StVincent hospital and without this hospital, thousands of New Yorkers in this area are at risk of being shipped across town or other areas of the city in ermegencies. This is a timely risk since traffic can be impossible to get through. There is no other hospital that is so central to the village residents. Please restore it soon. Having two very young children to raise in a neighborhood without a hospital nearby is a constant stress. I worry that one day we will have an emergency situation with one of my boys and have very far to go for medical intervention. We need a hospital not simply a free standing ED!


Giorgiana Biazzo

New York, NY

388. 389. 390.

Pitita Lago Richard Bagley James Hubbard

Ny, NY new york, NY New York, NY

It's outrageous that there is no hospital on the west side of Manhattan south of 59th Street. We need healthcare not more condos. Signatures 370 - 390

Page 21


391. 392. 393. Christine Nieland Kenneth Rey Viola Amy Johannesen

New York, NY Newark, NJ New York, NY


I am a resident of the West Village, the population of which has increased tremendously in the 15 years I have lived here. I do not believe a stand-along emergency room is sufficient to meet the needs of the large population on the West side south of 23rd street. We need a real hospital. We certainly pay enough taxes to have reasonable services in this neighborhood. Rather than caving the the short-term interests of one developer, consider the long-term real estate value of the entire neighborhood. If you must, repurpose the wedding cake building, by preserving the lower architecture and building above it for a hospital. We will hold our representatives accountable on election day. Hudson Yards will increase the population. We need a hospital. You have longer waits for specialists at Gouveneur, Bellvue and other hospitals since the loss of 81. Vincents. This is a disaster for Manhattan healthcare. This is a disgrace Is healthcare a right or is it a privilege? Do we really need more condos in NYC or a full-fledged hospital that can also provide Level 1 Trauma support on the Lower Westside of Manhattan? It's time to send a message to predatory land developers. I support the Coalition's battle to put people first and land-lock the property for the re-establlshment of a full-fledged community hospital. Mr. Schneiderman, please consider for a moment a city the size of Tampa or Salt Lake without a hospital.Conslder also that this neighborhood of over 300,000 once relied on 5 hospitals. Consider also that a routine journey through the local phone book would reveal too many animal hospitals to count. Consider where this area, this city indeed this nation would have been if not for St. Vincent's on 9/11. Consider that I myself would have died in 2006 if not for its proximity. Finally consider the absurdity of the first unnecessary death in the new condos from a preventible cause if only the ER and hospital that used to exist downstairs were still operational. Consider our priorities. Thank you. We the neighbors from midtown NY are in the need of a hospital and medical services that all Newyorkers deserve.


C.M. Leonard


395. 396.

vanessa hollingshead George Sosa

ny, NY Woodside, NY


Thomas Cahill

New York, NY

398. 399. 400.

Wilda Lago Ken Berlin Jane&Tony Musante

N.Y,NY New York, NY New York, NY

We must have a full service hospital to continue to serve our community in the West Village!

Page 22


Signatures 391 - 400

401. 402. John Turner Jill mintz

New York, NY NY,NY

We need our local hospital back. I have two small children 7 and 8 years old and several elderly neighbors. I have been a resident of the West village living on 12th street for the past 20 years. it is incomprehensible to me that we do not have a hospital in the West Village or lower west side of Manhattan. PLEASE do not let this opportunity go!!!

403. 404. 405. 406.

Elide Manente Susan Kagan Joseph DiNapoli Susan Howard melanie sheer

New York, NY Bronx, NY New York, NY New York, NY Brooklyn, NY I worked at St Vincent's for 14 years, and watched "expert after expert" come in and financially RAPE our hospital. It is very sad and disillusioning that a 160 year old hospital should die this way.


408. 409. 410.

Gloria Sukenick Alicia White Janice Graham

New York" NY New York, NY New York, NY Losing Saint Vincent's Hospital was like losing a member of my family. I no longer feel safe medically without it!!! Give us our hospital back, forget the greed. Janice Graham

411. 412. 413. 414. 415.

Caroline Shiba Deborah Scott RAUL BARQUET Marina Adams John moses

Brooklyn, NY New York, NY NY,NY NY,NY New York, NY the fact that a whole community should lose a much needed hospital because of mismanagement & then have it replaced with much unneeded luxury housing is a disgace to our community, our city & our state. My friends wont take their kids bike riding on the West Side because of lack of emergency room. I looked out My window one night this week and there was a fire engine with lights blinking in front of my apartment building and an ambulance lights blinking and a person lying on a stretcher in the street West 12th Street at corner of Greenwich Avenue. They then had to take that person all the way across town rather than to the old SVH ER just across the street. THIS IS DANGEROUS!!! what are people in need of medical care in the village area supposed to do without a nearby hospital????? because we the citizens of Manhattan needs St.Vincents hospital for our medical needs


liz ryan

new york, NY

417. 418.

joel jason Janine Del Salta AISanza

nyc, NY Brooklyn, NY Florida, NY

We need a major hospital in lower NY - on the West Side.

Page 23


Signatures 401 - 419

420 ..
Eric U

New York City, NY

I was born here and I used St. Vincent's Clinical services in Chinatown for my whole life and when it closed, i had to go to Flushing for a check up now. I lost contact with all my doctors and I am really mad. Many of the Fujianese immigrants rely on St. Vincent's Chinatown Clinic and the hospital. It really needs to be either reopened or have a new hospital placed there.

421. 422. 423. 424.

Douglas Petitjean julia bray Nancy McGuire Gerrie Nussdorf

New York, NY staten island, NY NY,NY New York, NY Restoring a full service is potentially a lite and thousands of residents area. This is not about about our lives. hospital and real Emergency Room death issue for the hundreds of and visitors to the West Village politics or business as usual. This is

425. 426. 427.

Susan Bergholz Fred Hersch Celia Wu

New York, NY New York, NY Ny, NY As a Village Independent member, I worked and voted for your election to become Attorney General, please give this all your resources and effort possible. Born there as was my Grandson. Lost without the ER which has saved family lives. This hospital was ripped away from the poor and the old people who REALL Y need a hospital.. ...closed by the rich, powerful, money hungry, evil people who will never have enough money ..... no matter how much they have! If Rudin REALL Y cares aabout the lives and souls of people, he will return the hospital to the people who need it!!!

428. 429.

Cynthia Story Pat Dierking

New York, NY Center Valley, PA

430. 431.

Kate Linker Casey Craig

New York, NY Miami, FL Please help us protect S1. Vincent's, it's a vital part of the NYC community and it must be preserved in its original form!

432. 433. 434. 435. 436. 437. 438. 439.

Stanley Lachow PAT FERNANDEZ eva olgiati Peter Hauser Maria Fahey Elizabeth Monaghan Elizabeth Scibelli Paolo Possiedi

New York, NY NEW YORK, NY New York, NY New York, NY NY, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY UNLESS THERE IS A HOSPITAL IN PLAN, MANY PEOPLE IN WEST VILLAGE WILL DIE I!! also we! need a hospital

Page 24


Signatures 420 - 439

440. 441. 442.
Maxine Glorsky John Early Christina Gradassi

NYC,NY New York, NY New york, NY

We don't need huge buildings in the Village. We need a proper hospital. This NYC community needs a full service hospital, not luxury condominiums. I was deeply disappointed when Saint Vincent's hospital was closed one week before my son was born. At the last minute, my physicians were forced to deliver at New York Downtown hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital was ill-prepared to handle such an influx of patients. Downtown women are very much in need of the world class obstetrical services that Saint Vincent's provided.

443. 444. 445.

Jharon Silva Kwoklai Fan Aaron Frishberg

New York, NY New Yolrk, NY New York, NY I don't live in S1. Vincent's catchment area, but I spend fair amount of time downtown. A "stand alone" ER, based on my experience with ER services, cannot call on the resources of a staff of doctors, and obviously, can't admit someone who is not in shape to go to another hospital. Having to be transported after being patched up is a poor substitute for real service. In addition, Manhattan's hospital beds are overtaxed as it is. Diminishing the capacity of the hospitals in Manhattan by the number of beds lost with St. Vincent's has a huge impact on the availability of in-patient and walk-in clinical services throughout Manhattan and all of New York City. WHO NEEDS LUXURY CONDOS? We need a hospital. I worry because I live on West 16th Street; what if I need emergency care? Other signatories have made very good points, and I hope you read them. A point I'd like to add is that luxury condo tower projects are being abandoned, incomplete, to rust and rot all over NYC because the funds are drying up and the need for them is not there. Read the writing on the wall.--The Rudins have been hanging around S1. Vincent's for the past few years, with one luxury-condo proposal after another. They're not for the community. Get them out of here. This is a great tragedy for our area. The auto and bike traffic is heavy. To. Get to. A hospital now is very time consuming, when a real emergency occurS we. Will be in serious trouble. The hospital closing never should have happened


Carol Yost

New York, NY


mary jane murgolo

New York, NY

448. 449. 450. 451.

Michael Zegarski Rev. Lawrence Grecco Harrison Manin Zoe Li

New york, NY New York, NY NY, NY New York City, NY Page 25


Signatures 440 - 451

452. 453. 454.
tony Cruz Margot Albrecht

NYC, NY New York, NY New York, NY

I am an AIDS person and have lost my ER

E. Kelly

The emergency room proposed is nothing more that a doctor's office. We need a full service hospital and ER that receives ambulances and treats trauma victims. Emergency care has suffered dramaticlly throughout New York City since the tragic closing of St. Vincent's. It is a shameful mark on the characters of our sponsors and the state and city administrators to collude with agendas of GREED that underlie this action.


Pamela Call

New York, NY

456. 457. 458. 459.

robin shepard Joseph Cavoto Anthony Galante Jacqueline Bisbee

new York, NY New york, NY New York, NY New York, NY Having a hospital in this neighborhood is of critical importance for all the people in NYC! Still in shock over the closing of st vincents!! It makes no sense ...We need a hospital.. Not more condos. The only moral, ethical option for the St. Vincent's facility is to restore it as a full service hospital. The community needs the healthcare and the JOBS. The West Village does NOT need another luxury condo. It needs 8t. Vincent's to rise from the ashes as a sectarian hospital for the people of Greenwich Village.


Lauri Romanzi


461. 462. 463. 464.

John Hynes David M. Fromm Elissa White Jane Martln-Lavaud

New Providence, NJ New York, NY New York, NY Brooklyn, NY I grew up in the West Village. Both of my parents were treated at 81. Vincent's Hospital, as were many of my friends and neighbors, of all ages. My first daughter was born there. I cannot imagine how the community will manage without the services that it needs and deserves. Additional housing would only add to the number in need of those services which would no longer be available. Please take the health and weH-being of your constituents into account when making your decision.

465. 466. 467. 468. 469. 470.

Frances 8magala liz margolies Molly Pearson Usa Rubin Ruby Juster james ward

Yelm, WA New York, NY New York, NY Larchmont, NY New York, NY new york, NY Without a doubt, we need a full service hospital in the West Village area. Nothing less. Please. Families like ours desperately need a hospital facility in our neighborhood.

Page 26


Signatures 452 - 470

471. avra cohen

New York, NY

Live have been, and will continue to be lost unnecessarily until we regain the life saving capabilities of a Level One Trauma Center. This IS a matter of life and death. Please give it the attention it deserves.

472. 473. 474.

Deb Freedman Chris Asch Tony Furguglietto

New york, NY New York, NY Stony Point, NY a free standing er clinic is not the answer for the area served. we need a full service community hospital to be established in the area. Two years ago, my son nearly died of a seizure. Only because we rushed him to SVH he is alive. If SVH wasn't there I would have needed to take him to BI or RH -- he would have died. WE NEED A HOSPITAL IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD


Ellen Hagopian

New York, NY

476. 477. 478. 479. 480. 481. 482.

Amanda Dubois Irene Crespo Robert Knapp Richard Tihany Patricia Galante Charles McCarty Virginia Smith

New York, NY Bronx, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY NY, NY new York, NY AS A resident of Manhattan for 30 years and once on the West SideNillage area, I know many people who have depended on St Vincent's.Please stop developers and favor the population.

483. 484. 485. 486. 487. 488. 489. 490. 491. 492.

Larry Littman Peter

New York City, NY New York, NY Portland, OR NY, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY Those large numbers of new Rudin tenants are also going to need a Full Service Emergency Hospital. The Honorablel Eric T. Schneiderman: Sir, The most callous closing of St. Vincent's Medical Center has deprived what amounts to the population of a mid sized American city of it's immediate hospital. The inherent risk of this loss is transposed into relevant care for firemen,
(continues on next page)

J. Sarfaty

I don't want to die on way to fu!ly equiped trauma unit, if I have another heart attack.

Lori Hymowitz Carolyn Cross Diane Stein Dan Nigro Mary Doris Stuart Anthony Maury Hopson Henry Joseph

The downtown Manhattan community needs a fully functional hospital on the West Side.


Page 27


Siqneture« 471 - 492

Henry Joseph


(continued from previous page)

police workers, victims of auto accidents and care for the ill and elderly. I am writing this note to indicate my concern, It is difficult to equate the replacement of a hospital serving a population of many hundreds of thousands with a housing unit serving a very few thousand, at most, of people. Thank you for your consideration, Sincerely, Henry Joseph

493. 494.

Peter Gale Robert Gallagher

New York, NY New York, NY st. Vincent's saved my partner's life in 2005. He was close to death from HIV/A1DS related infections. He is thriving today thanks to the outstanding care from St. Vincent's. They were excellent, professional, caring, patient. I could not have asked for better care for him. I am 78, alone and just back from major surgery, if something should happen where would I go?

495. 496. 497. 498 .. 499. 500. 501.

Marilyn Schwartz Terry Villalba

NY,NY New York, NY Nyc, NY New York, NY Tenafly, NJ New York, NY New York, NY

L Young
Marion Lane Steve Greene Naomi Weinstein Henrietta Stern

A hospital is more important to the community then luxury condos. Rather than a reduced need for a hospital, the LWS needs a full service hospital more than ever!

We don't need luxury housing. We need a hospital for this community. Hospitals should not be about profits. They should be about health and service. Our community desperately needs a hospital. We need the services--and jobs-It will bring. Allowing the Rudins to build a luxury building without being required to reinstate the full medical facility that our community long had at S1. Vincent's would simply be unconscienable and against the , interests of this community. The loss to our community is immense. We need a place to turn in a time of need, not luxury condos. Gov. Cuomo Sr. was a great custodian of our health care and a watchdog over our hospitals. I hope and trust his son's administration will rise to the father's high standard. Without 8t Vincent's fully operational and fully staffed emergency ward, both my parents would have died before an ambulance could have reached the next closest hospital where specialists immediately began life preserving and brain preserving treatment. I, too, have been taken by ambulance to st. Vincent's where I was given immediate care and admitted. The stand alone band aid being offered to we Villagers in no way will provide
(continues on next page)


Jane Stewart

New York, NY

503. 504.

Jaime Wolf Marilyn Moorcroft

New York, NY New York, NY


Jillian Slonim

New York, NY

Page 28


Signatures 492 - 505

Jillian Sionim

New York, NY

(continued from previous page)

these services. Without a fully certified hospital, Villagers will die or suffer unnecessary brain damage/heart damage! lung damage/nerve damage due to the lack of a neighborhood hospital and the resultant need for unnecessarily long ambulance rides.


Tina Johnson

Ny, NY

I have a 6 year old and can't believe there is no hospital anymore!!! Shame on the officials who took their salary and ignored the need of the neighborhood.

507. 508. 509. 510. 511. 512.

Nidia Rodriguez Janet White Thomas LaRossa Ken Gowen Evan Phalon David Monberg

New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY I work in this area, I have many friends and clients near St. Vincent's. This sale is illegal and should be blocked. It is bad for New York, bad for medicine, and bad for the lives of people. This community needs a full service hospital I

513. 514. 515. 516. 517. 518.

Lori Singer Scott Russo lee slnovol jasiri manzanarez WAYNE SUNDAY mary watson

Ny, NY New York, NY new york, NY new york, NY New York, NY hammond, LA

as a former resident,i am well aware of the need for this hospital many lives will be saved having this hospital close by. don't put lives on the line, please! keep st. vincent open.

519. 520. 521.

Jackie Miller Rita Alexander Gillian Warmkessel JANE WHEATLEY Judy Kaplan Barry Muhammad Kathryn Petras Greg Drasler Martina Murphy Cammy Dierking Barbara Crane

New York, NY Scarsdale, NY Worthington, OH Was served by S1. Vincent's many times when I lived in NYC -- do not think the sale of the hospital for condos is a good choice.

522. 523. 524. 525. 526. 527. 528. 529.

new york, NY New York, NY new york, NY New York, NY New York, NY River Edge, NJ Mason,OH Smithtown, NY Page 29


Signatures 505 - 529

530. 531. 532. Patricia DiLillo Lynne Crane Patricia Kane RN

Bronx, NY Smithtown, NY Staten Island, NY

The people who live and work in that area deserve a hospital. Their lives are more important than condos.

From Staten Island to the Bronx, our communities are hurting. Tens of thousands in NYC have lost their homes and their jobs. Bloomberg and Cuomo propose devastating budget cuts as the only solution to the economic crisis that Wall Street caused. Thousands of teachers could be laid off. Firehouses, hospitals, childcare and senior centers could be closed down while our homeless shelters are overwhelmed. All while our subways, schools, and parks decay. At the same time, our Mayor and our Governor are pushing for more tax cuts for the wealthy and giving away billions in corporate welfare, bogus property tax exemptions, and sweetheart deals like this one. Enough is enough! [lived on W. 11th St. near 7th Ave. for 15 years and know that the lower West Side of Manhattan cannot do without a full-service hospital and trauma center. Please do your duty to the people of New York and do not allow the Rudin sale to close as is. Insist on a new hospital as part of the plan.


Emily Grishman

New York, NY

534. 535.

keila greenaway Richard Amaro

jamaica, NY new York, NY DO the right thing ...it's what makes New York City a great place to live. st. Vincent's is on prime real estate, with great views that will be available to the very RICH people that will buy the condominiums. THAT is disgusting and wrong. My family members have been patients in St. Vincent's. I was shocked to hear that the hospital was closed with such haste and bypassing all controls for the closing of any business or agency that is such an integral part of the community and employed so many people. Studies have shown that stand alone emergency rooms and for-profit medicine only bring up the cost of patient care. While the property may have been hijacked for the benefit of those who will profit from real estate sales and payment of public funds to "heal" other hospital facilities, it is not too late for someone to stand up and say "We are mad as helL"


Winifred Kennedy

Brooklyn, NY

537. 538. 539.

Rudolph Perry rachel Rippy Judy Becker

New York, NY New York, NY el cajon, CA The community served by St. Vincent's Hospital needs their hospital back ...too many people affected by its closing ...

Page 30


Signatures 530 - 539

540. charles pollard

ny, NY

St. Vincents (and the proximity of a full service hospital and trauma/emergency room absolutely saved my life on more than one occasion. This community requires, no demands a full service hospital on the site. The death of St. Vincent's hospital would be a near-mortal blow to the area of NYC which the N.Y. Times survey of recent date, has reported being "A New York Times survey of 25.000 households found that Greenwich Village residents are among the most satisfied with city life. -New York Times, Sunday edition March 8 2009, page 28"



new york, NY

542. 543. 544. 545. 546.

Ashleigh McGowan Katheren Koehn Cheryl Schwartz john wetherhold ken haynie

Syracuse, NY St Paul, MN North fort myers, FL NY,NY NY,NY I was a patient at St Vincents and the care i got there was excellent. The burden placed on Bellevue Hospital since the close of SVs, is dangerous.

547. 548. 549. 550. 551. 552. 553. 554. 555.

Jeremy Mack Nancy Neefe Betty Weighknecht Alicia Bloom Roderic Roca Nina Chernik Timothy East Leslie Weeden Elliott Johnson

Oxford,OH Center Valley, PA Philadelphia, PA Burlington, CT Ogdensburg, NY New York, NY Schnecksville, New York, NY New York, NY A city the size of New York, without the proper services to care for and support its population and visitors, is a sterile and unsafe city indeed. To add condominiums to this neighborhood would be adding insult to an already injured infrastructure. City developers should know by now that the reason people are attracted to a neighborhood--whether to live there or to visit-is directly related to the services that it offers. A hospital not only provides a much-needed service to this neighborhood and beyond; but it also strengthens the economic backbone of this community. It is time to realign our priorities for New York City. PA

556. 557. 558. 559.

Denise DeGeronimo Jeanne Avey Kelly Trautner Sarah Fosdick

T oms River, NJ Longview, WA Westerville, OH Hellertown, PA Page 31


Signatures 540 • 559

560. Salvatore Iannello

new york, NY

As a healthcare admin. I know the void that the closing of S1. Vincent's has caused. WE MUST HAVE A FULL FUNCTIONING HOSPITAL ON THE LOWER WEST SIDE NOW!l

561. 562.

Susan Mcinerney Erin Kunzman nancy kaleda patricia holloman, RN Michele Brosnan

New York, NY Andover, MN ny, NY East Elmhurst, NY the mission of the sisters of charity must be retained. a full service hospital, not condos is what is needed. It is irresponsible to leave a community without an accessible health care facility. Luxury condos do not meet the health care needs of this West side community. This disgrace should be cleared up and the hospital reopened wth new technology and the sisters should be on board. Shame on the greedy and self-serving, who think more of tha "almighty dollar", Than "ALMIGHTY GOD" . It is a matter of saving lives. As a resident and a worker in the area served by St. Vincent's Hospital, we need to block the sale and create a full service hosptial now.

563. 564.


Hauppauge, NY


Chuck Ziatkin

New York, NY

567. 568.

Maria Ocasio maria kruk

So. Ozone Park, NY apeldoorn, Netherlands As a former emplyee of st Vincents Hosp,l experienced the dedication the nursing staff had at the onset off the.then still unknown,deaths of very young men(aids).The care of the people living on the streets.We all took care of them.This community needs this hospital!!!Ofcourse these would be prime location appts.But only for the richlCivilisation is not measured by income,but by caring for your fellow New Yorkersl I worked there for 17 years was there for 9/11 saw the 2nd plane go into WTC and cared for many of the victims as an RN @ 81. Vincents. God help lower Manhattan if there is an other disaster. I was also there for Miracle on The Hudson. Public safety is more important than corporate profits! As A Person Who Went Through The Correctional Institutes of NY, 8t. Vincents was tone of two facilities that was available for those with HIV/AID8 to get medica! help without medicaid coverage. after graduating from Phoenix House I Continued My Therapy For Anxiety Disorders as well. St Claires Was Closed, Then St. Vincents. People Coming Out The The Penal System Will Need These Types Of Care To Prevent Those That Did, From Heading Back Into Negative lifestyles. Save The City Much Needed Funds By Preventing More Incarcerations and Provide the poor with Healthcare For nyc residents .....


Claire Buckley

Holbrook, NY

570. 571.

Donna Florkiewicz Luis A. Ramos

G[enville, NY brooklyn, NY


Judyth Silverstein


Page 32


Signatures 560 ~572

573. 574. 575. 576. 577. 578. Bernadette Evangelist Maria Church MaryAnn Bloom James Kaston Joy Romanski Sue Schlegel

New York, NY macungie, PA newburgh, NY New York, NY Brooklyn, NY Stony Brook, NY


We need a hospital in the village/ Chelsea area. Replacing a hospital with yet more luxury condos is unconscionable. How sad that a .few inept and corrupt people can put the lives of so many in jeopardy ...... l wonder if the Rudin Org. and the people responsible for the closing of 81. Vincents were on speaking terms before the closure?????

579. 580. 581. 582. 583.

Eva Ting Nip Sarah Valdez norma courrier Leong Kam Brenda Donaldson

brooklyn, NY new york, NY New York, NY Hong Kong, Hong Kong Lewistown, MT Over 300,000 people no hospital. Upper east side has 9 hospitals for few people! This is wrong, wrong, wrong!!!! We need a dam hospital to serve the Chinatown district. I can't imagine a population of poeple that large without access to an acute care hospital and ER. I would have never given it a second thought to travel to New York City and NOT have access to healthcare

584. 585. 586. 587.

Mary McDaniel Angela Panopoulos Usa Summa Rafael Sanchez

Brooklyn, NY New York, NY Brooklyn, NY New York, NY I cannot believe that anyone with any conscience would feel comfortable owning a condo at the former S1. Vincent's Hospital. Does anyone remember St. Vincent's role during the events of 9/11 ? OUR COMMUNITY NEEDS A HOSPITAL. Shame on NYC government. Shame on YOU, Rudin Organization. Shame on your GREED. Stop giving away our serves to big business as a former employee of st vincents ! clearly seeand have seen the need for a hospital in this vital area of nyc,. 10 Administrators paid themselves 1 million dollars plus perks they should be tried for the crimes they committed.

588. 589. 590. 591. 592.

Bruce Garfield julie finnegan Patricia Rochford George Anderson Grace Sierra

Dix Hills, NY n babylon, NY Brooklyn, NY Merrick, NY New York, NY

Page 33


Signatures 573 - 592

593. Henry Dardeno

New York, NY

In the time it takes to transfer a patient in a life and death crisis from this proposed E.R. setting to another facility, we could be saving someone's life. The building of a full Hospital will create jobs in Manhattan of which we are in dire need. No, a "stand alone" emergency room is simply not acceptable. When my son was 7, he received care he needed in St. Vincent's pediatric emergency room for a serious facia! wound. Getting prompt pediatric treatment was essential to his good recovery. He healed very well. Most hospitals near us do not offer this and the wait can be frighteningly long. I don't want to think about what it could have been like. St. Vincent's was opened in 1849 to treat victims of a cholera epidemic that was raging through the city. Besides providing healthcare to those in the Chelsea and Greenwich Village area, over the years, St. Vincent's also treated victims of disasters, such as the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory conflagration on March 25, 1911, the sinking of the Titanic in April 1912 and the World Trade Genter terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. That's why we need S1. Vincent's. It is our history! ___ ~__~_w. __ _ ~________________________ ~______________________________ ~_____


Anne Haas

New York City, NY


Mihaela Galea

Jackson Heights, NY

596. 597. ·59S. 599. 600. 601. 602.

Rory Dunn Leslie Olsen Rose King Usa Lopez Beatrice Williams-Rude Susan Myers Diane Earl

Falmouth, ME New York, NY Lockport, NY Cambria Heights, NY New York, NY Virginia Beach, VA Oneonta" NY What about the patients that 8t Vincents served? Luxury condo's and stand alone Emergency Rooms/Urgent Care are not an acceptable substitute for a Hospital !1 Do the right thing We need a hospital for Greenwich Village and Chelsea residents! you have enough condos etc the people need a good hospital

603. 604. 605. 606. 607.

lois granda samuel caquias Pamela Leik Marcelo Maia amelia tedesco

manchester, NJ middletown, NY North Fort Myers, FL Ny, NY staten island, NY Open this hospital as soon as possible!!! I think that a full service hospital in that area is very much needed and will save lives. Greenwich Village is desparately in need of a hospital. We don't need anymore luxury condos.lBorn and raised in the village, and so were my children. We must have a full-scale hospital!


Amy Harlib

New York, NY Page 34


Signatures 593 - 608

609. Martha Avey

Spokane, WA

Can you honestly take a hospital that is the only one for those people in that area and make in into a condo with a free standing ER. Well Shame on you! That hospital has more history than most buildings in New York and you want to destroy that. Not to mention the people whose health you risk by making them travel farther to get medical care. Can you live with that?? Please don't make this a country where the rich can buy any thing and work the laws for themself. I will not forgive whoever causes deaths of my neighbors for their personal interests.

610. 611. 612.

Dan Choi Terrence Nicholson Ron Tunning

New York, NY Boston, MA Laconia, NH

St. Vincent's has been a vital ingredient in the city's healthcare network for generations, serving one of the city's most vibrant, diverse neighborhoods. It's loss lowers the overall quality of life and reduces the city's ability to respond to trauma. I recall the essential role that St. Vincent's played during the height of the AIDS crisis as well as on 9/11. Although I'm no longer a resident of NYC, I care deeply about the city and its people.


R Rubens Kevin Smith A Sierra John J Frawley Jr Lana Geidane carol baran Susan Schecter Emily Paine

groninge, Netherlands New York, NY New York, NY Stony Point, NY Riga, Latvia staten island new york, NY New York, NY New York, NY St. Vincent's went from being a good solid neighborhood hospital and class 1 trauma center to a dreadful mismanaged facility. I hope it can be revived as a place of good medicine and good care. My Mother lives in Manhattan and has Alzheimers and requires ER services periodicaly and the trip to Beth Israel is taxing on her. I had two major surgeries at St. Vincents. They have treated other family members. When I was a patient the service was excellent I had very good doctors who all left due to the shut down. My children live in the neighborhood and there are no hospitals that service that area. My grandchildren have no hospital that services that area. Right now they are being transported for miles just to get to a good hospital. This is not right. This is America and as
(continues on next page)

614. 615.

617. 618.
619. 621.


Gail Nash

New York, NY


ihsan amatullah


Page 35


Signatures 609 - 623

623. ihsan amatullah


(continued from previous page)

Americans we have a responsibility to be good neighbors and not just scavengers who look to bottom feed off the lives of others. The Rudin's are basically good people gone wrong and selfish. Life has to more than just about money. 624. 625. 626. 627. 628. 629. George Feinn Karen DeMasi andy cohn Denise Leschinski Patricia Colosimo Mary Lee Evers New York, NY New York, NY new york, NY Sarasota, FL Long Beach, NY New York, NY As a former New Yorker, I know the importance of St. Vincent's to the area. Please don't sell it for condos. Please bring a Hospital back to Lower manhattan.lts rnustllllllll I!! !l!ll a

In 1990 I was the victim of a mugging and sustained a bullet to my chest. St. Vincent's Hospital and the fine doctors; nurses and staff saved my life. In 1994, ! delivered my now 17 year old daughter at St. Vincent's Hospital. The fine doctors, nurses and staff made this a safe and spectacular event. In 1996, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and again, the fine doctors, nurses and staff saved my life and made my treatment and recovery completely comfortable.

630. 631. 632. 633. 634. 635.

Rosie Cains Julie Harnik Patricia Mack Patricia Mclaughlin Joanne Stevens Carolyn A Martin

New York, NY New York, NY Coopersburg, New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY SVH was where I and my family were cared for. I trained there and had a private practice there and the place gave great care and had a special family like feeling. No free standing ER could replace a full service hospital. PA I think it is a crime that corporate greed has taken away quality health care for the people in New York.

636. 637.

Pat Hargrave Patricia Mansfield

Stanton, NJ East Lyme, CT My family and I are frequent visitors to NYC, as my brother was a victim of the 9/11 attacks on the WTC. Lower Manhattan needs a viable hospital in this area, large enough to treat, from the millions of visitors, those who experience a health crisis while visiting the Memorial and other areas of the lower west side. NYC needs a Village Hospital


francene lanigan

staten island, NY

i was proud to be part of a dedicated health care team at st. vincents for more than thirty years.the lower west side, NEEDS a trauma center now!!!


Guadalupe Valles

Lake Elsinore, CA Page 36



623 - 639

Kathleen DiAngelo Judith Becker

New York, NY

We need a hospital NOT more luxury apartments for wealthy people. No one cares about people anymore. It's just horrible. St. Vincents is an outstanding location for medical help and should not be sold to just anyone. For years this hospital stood among the most secure way to seek the help that is often needed in lower Manhattan. As a patient myself I recognized the professionalism of the staff and the need to have accomplished Doctors and Nurses to help keep this wonderful institution available. Many of my nieces and nephews were born in St. Vincents Hospital. I had many friends who worked there. The hospital was a vital part of the community. There needs to be some form of a hospital back on that site. Thank you.


Mahopac, NY


Patty Smith

Forest Hills, NY

643. 644. 645. 646.

Carl Howard Mary Finnin Alice Palmisano valerie pauline

Columbus, OH Central Islip, NY New York, NY ny, NY
j dont know how a city can let st vincent hospital go. this whole area with out a hospital. and how can you make more apt with out a hospital . it a disgrace. we cant stand by. we need a hospital now. not more apt. valerie paulino

647. 648. 649.

James Hargrave Michele Arrington Carola Walton

Nutley, NJ Newark, NJ New York, NY I hope we can save this Hospital, full scale HospitalM The last thing our neighborhood needs is more luxury housing. What we do need is an adequate medical facility. The proposed ER sounds like a sop, rather than a real plan for delivering care.

650. 651. 652.

Maureen Whalen Diane Kret judith martin

Selden, NY Lindenhurst, NY clayton, CA A free-standing ER would be a danger to people who need emergency medical attention. A full service hospital is the only business that can support an emergency room. Please consider the unsafe repercussions for those who live and visit in this area. By adding condominiums you will also be increasing the residential population to this area while decreasing sufficient access to a local healthcare facility. Losing time could mean losing life.


Eileen Mausler

Hauppauge, NY

654. 655. 656. 657. 658.

Jennifer Baxter Michael DaMato Cheryl Seacord Robert Lepere annita treacy

New York, NY Staten Island, NY Worcester, NY New York, NY New York, NY Save the hospital or lose my future vote.

Page 37


Signatures 640 - 658

Jane LaRock

Phoenix, AZ

As a former New Yorker 1understand the need for a hospital In this area. Very important for community and visitors to the area too. Jane LaRock

660. 661.

alice aiello Julia Macauley


NY I have met a number of nurses from St Vincents they are the most dedicated people I have ever encountered, especially to the community they serve. I am a proud St Vincent's graduate/RN since 1983. I would love for the building to be reopened. It served the community so well for so long. It would be a shame to sell it.

Port Jefferson, NY


Desiree Clegg

West Islip, NY

663. 664.

Christopher Tower Virginia Meyers

Hampton Bays, NY East Islip, NY There is a trememdous need for a hospital in this area of Manhattan otherwise St Vincent's would not have been in existence for such a long time. It is because of poor fiscal management that it became bankrupt and paying over 25 million dollars to people in charge of bankrupting this 160 year old institution

665. 666. 667. 668. 669.

Bill laccarino Anna Baxter patricia barry Mary Melzer Patricia Roberts

East Islip, NY Austin, TX Pearl River, NY N. Ft. Myers, FL Wading River, NY I think it is a disgrace how the hospital was shut down and how could anyone think its services were not needed. As an RN I am aware of the lives saved by a full service hospital. I think New York deserves this, and I support my nursing colleagues who have been on the front lines there, and are still fighting for adequate health care in Manhattan. It is outrageous for the city to not have a hospital on the lower West Side!

670_ 671. 672. 673. 674. 675. 676. 677. 678. 679. 680.

Rosemary Finocchio Marilynn Miner bernadette Rohan Gortney Miller Diane Groneman carol bergeron Christine Church Silvia Beam Bill ritchie Anna Komarova Mary D'agostino

Kings Park, NY OAKDALE, NY NewYor, NY

New York, NY Riverhead, NY mt. sinai, NY Shirley, NY New York, NY Albany, NY Moscow, Russian Federation East northport, NY Reopen St. Vincent's Hospital

Page 38


Signatures 659 - 680

681. Katherine Bini

New York, NY

Chelsea has been my home for over 40 years. I always knew I could go to St. Vincent's in an emergency. Now my neighborhood is left without a hOSPITAL, WHICH IS INEXCUSEABLE. plEASE HELP US. Having lived through the experience of not having proper medical facilities available after hurricane Katrina, I urge you to think about the people served by these facilities and to not give in to short term thinking. People have got to be the primary concern for all of us. To have a healthy township you have to take care of your people. Don't take away much needed access to treatment in this area. Thank you Leslie Smith


Leslie Smith

New Orleans, LA

683. 684. 685. 686.

Amelia Napoli Patricia Biasotti frances barnes Melissa Trindade

Centereach, NY Selden, NY new york, NY Cranford, NJ I worked at St. Vincent's for 25 years. New York City needs a full service hospital on the west side in the downtown area. It is heartbreaking to see how the area is now almost a ghost town since the closing of St. Vincent's. How can anyone say that a stand alone emergency room will suffice, when the other hospitals are having increasingly longer wait times, and not enough beds for patients needing to be admitted? We must keep on fighting until we have a hospital. Period. Please make a stand for SVH which served the community tirelessly for almost 2 centuries.

687. 688. 689. 690. 691. 692. 693. 694. 695.

Eugene Glaberman S D'Emic RN Nancy Burke Katherine Montefusco Alexandra March Frank Bonello Nancy Carrozza Steve Seegmiller Diane Nichols

New York, NY Brooklyn, NY New York., NY port jefferson station, NY Oneonta, NY New York, NY Morganville, NJ Jersey City, NJ New York, NY

What are you even thinking? If there is another disaster aU of those people are screwed!

We desperately need a full service hospital. Please allow downtown residents to reclaim their 340-bed hospital instead of allowing the Rudins to turn it into luxury condominiums! This is an outrage.

696. 697. 698.

judith marconi Ellen Halloran john Groneman

rexford, NY new york, NY riverhead, NY

Page 39


Signatures 681 - 698

699. 700. 701. VICTORIA LIPARi Deirdre Kennedy Ann Carlson RN

SOUTH SETAUKET, NY East Brunswick, NJ Gold Hill, OR


As a health care professional and visitor to your city, I know the need for a hospital in this part of your city. Please re think what the needs of your population are]

702. 703. 704. 705. 706. 707. 708.

Jeanne Heifetz Marie Brady kathleen cully Ann McDonnell Marlene Mancini Robert Timmerman Michael Murphy

Brooklyn, NY Prt Washington, NY west islip, NY River Edge, NJ New York, NY Little neck, NY New York, NY I am a physician who has lived in the West Village for 36yrs, was trained & worked at St Vincent's have my private practice in the area & required 2 emergency admissions, one for a heart attack & the other for a separate cardiac condition. It is incomprehensible that such a large part of NYC as ours has NO hospitaUt is only too comprehensible that all the politicians have bowed to big business & failed to represent & support the overwhelming majority of their constituents who recognize the necessity of a full-service hospital. Mr. Scheiderman should do the honorable & trustworthy thing by fulfilling his electoral promise with total conviction.

709. 710. 711. 712.

melba hopkins Elizabeth Grodzka Richard Spencer Coral Fayd'herbe

bohemia, NY Westfield, NJ New York, NY Gooseberry Hill, Australia I was appalled during my recent visit to New York to find out that 81. Vincent's had been closed. I have a son living in the West Village and if St. Vincents had been closed when he had an allergy attack a few years ago he would not be alive today. I can't believe anyone would be so stupid as to close such a great hospital in such a densely populated area. Let common sense prevail and put your residents first before the almighty dollar.

713. 714.

Janie Zeitlin Sarahjeanne Goldstein, R.N., NP Christine Fahey Jenmarie Byrnes

New York, NY Centereach, NY My brother and slster-ln-law live just a few blocks away from St. Vincent's and it helped save my sister-in-law's dad's live more than once. If he had to travel further uptown he wouldn't have made it.

715. 716.

Woodside, NY farmingdale, NY


Page 40


Signatures 699 - 716

717. 718. 719. 720. Peter Bloom karen Koziol mona ramjas Joseph Vetrano

Burlington, CT Orangeburg, NY bayshore, NY Ny, NY

The Village needs a hospital. Please do the fight thing.

The US should stop funding wars and build schools, hospitals, fix infrastructure - I want my neighborhood hospital back, NOWl

721. 722.

MARYDEACY robin voigt

MASPETH,NY islip, NY i'rn a graduate of st vincents diploma program.i feel st vincent's was an incredible hospital and learning center. it had a philosophy and care for its patients like none other.what a shame to lose this spirit of the west village and heating center for so many.please bring it back to nyc!robin voigt rn

723. 724.

Steve Schneider Ann Bastian

New York, NY East Windsor, NJ My family has lived in the community since the 1930's. A hospital is critical for this part of the city and is much more important than additional housing. The well being of the community is more important that creating profits for a builder. If you don't protect the public, who will I was born & raised in NYC, graduated from SVH & come back as a frequent visitor. The lack of a level one trauma center & general hospital on the lower west side is a disgrace & a dis service to the people who live & work there! Please do not satisfy the greed of some to the detriment of the masses!!! t worked at St. Vincents' Hospital for many years. It was a terrific hospital. It did not go bankrupt on its own. People were deliberately paid to destroy the hospital and bankrupt it for their own financial greed.


Elizabeth Hearty

Denver, CO


Sheila Mahon/Ruvolo

New York, NY

727. 728. 729.

Charles Meacham Scott Waltmann Karen Ballard

Brooklyn, NY New York, NY NYC,NY The people of the Lower West Side have been deprived of vital health care by the closing of this prestigious hospital; this selling of the property is another travestry against the residents of NYC The hospital needs to be reopened. Do it now before more people die! St. Vincent's Nurses and Doctors saved my life. I had the best loving care NY we support your effort to get st vincents opened again The Lower West side needs a full service hospital. Anything less is not acceptable and will cost precious lives.

730. 731. 732. 733. 734.

ANN TAHANEY, RN Mary Hanerfeld victoria arrick Tina Gerardi Joy Miller

CENTRAL ISUP, NY New York, NY poughkeepsie, Albany, NY Port Orange, FL Page 41


Signatures 717 - 734

735. 736. 737. 738. 739. 740. Coleene Armstrong James Parente Kerry Meads Cliff Trotter Michael Bearish Gail Tucker

. Olalla, WA Copiague, NY New York, NY Lake Grove, NY Coopersburg, PA New York, NY

Please don't deny these people easily assessable health care

The hospital will provide much needed jobs to the local community.

The last thing my neighborhood needs is another "luxury" condo or hotel we have glut of them already; however, we no longer have a hospital at all. I would like the see the st. Vincent's site opened as a hospital once again. a full service hospital in the lower west side is crucial to saving lives. A 45minute ride in an ambulance to BI for someone in the village could cost him Iher their life. I was born in the St. Vincent's hospital and continued receiving quality health care there for the better part of my life. They saved my Father's life twice, and serviced many of the 9/11. In it's day, St. Vincents serviced so many people from the surrounding neighborhoods irregardless of your economic or social status. For St Vincent's to be anything but a medical center is a foolish waste. NY needs good access to great healthcare. Bring back St. Vincent's now!


Dixie Beckham



David Frey

New York, NY

743. 744. 745. 746.

Kathleen Ricchetti Daniel Campanelli Ariane Tschumi Shelley Rice

northport, NY Brooklyn, NY New York, NY Nyc, NY

In the past few years, the hospital and nursing home have closed in my neighborhood, to make way for luxury condos. How deluxe can condos be if there is no support for human life and needs in their environment? Please help our neighborhood return to the human friendly values for which it is known, Thank you. Dear Attorney General Schneiderman, Please block this illegal sale. Further, investigate fully the administration of S1. Vincent's going back at least 5 years, the Rudin Corporation and all transactions between them. Restore a fun service hospital in the Village!!


Robert Pinter

New York, NY

748. 749. 750. 751.

susan yecies jackie Ferrara Patricia Gama christine donnelly

new york, NY New York, NY Lisbon, Portugal new York, NY

Page 42


Signatures 735 - 751

752. sally gross

ny, NY

no one could survive a heart attack to the nearest hospital how can such a densely populated area not have a hospital?

753. 754. 755.

Patricia Norvell GARY LACINSKI Mary Beth Buchner Ted Prichard Virginia Martin Debbie Hecht lana Di Bona Christina Kozmor Mary Shanley Maureen Early Denise Clarke

NY, NY NEW YORK, NY Latham, NY This area is in desperate need of a community hospital. Please do all you can to make it work. Thank You, Mary Beth

756. 757. 758. 759. 760. 761. 762. 763.

San Antonio, TX Elizabeth, NJ New York, NY Brooklyn, NY Somers Point, NJ Ny, NY Breezy Point, NY Baldwin, NY There is a great need for a hospital, not condos. Please relook at this horrible situation. Thank You Stop this inhumanity! Restore the level 1 trauma hospital now! Absolutely an acute care facility is needed.

764. 765. 766. 767. 768. 769. 770.

Margaret O'Gara mary riechers Alfred Anguera Jr Gayle Dizon Elliot Silber David Karopkin Joshua Wellman

Glendora, CA Katonah, NY Astoria, NY New York, NY NY,NY Brooklyn, NY New York, NY We must have a full service hospital in the neighborhood. I have friends and family in the area around St Vincent site. I am very concerned about this issue. A few weeks ago, I saw a man struck by a car on Seventh Avenue at Christopher Street. His wounds were grave and possibly mortal in nature. The ambulance was delayed while the responders discussed where to take the victim. This would not have been the case had a full-service emergency room been right down the street. How many lives must be endangered or lost before we fix this problem? Two hospitals for 8,000,000 people in NYC is not enough. Please work to bring St Vincent's back.

771. 772. 773.

Kathleen Leventhal Ketzl Polson Maria Pietracatella

Maplewood, NJ New York, NY Secaucus, NJ We need St. Vincent's hospital to help the community

Page 43


Signatures 752 - 773

774. Allen Singleton


We need a full service hospital in our immediate community, which we do not have at present since the closing of Saint Vincent Hospital. NY

775. 776. 777. 778. 779. 780. 781. 782. 783. 784. 785. 786.

emily parker Robin Weiser A. Poulos Patricia Vurckio Jessica Borstein Courtney Gentleman n bullock Eileen Miller Jamie Rude Laura Sewell Edward Frey jodypint Pinto

NewYorl, NYC, NY

Brooklyn, NY Staten Island, NY New York, NY Rd, NC Neh, ME New York, NY 10003, NY New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY Don't let us down Mr. Attorney General. Keep the your election promise. It is one of the reasons I voted for you. S1. Vincents' has been the center hospital for generations of people living in the Village and surrounding area. How criminal that St. Vincent's pledge was to treat all those who needed assistance, meanwhile the executives and board were scheming ...first to build a new hospital, then suddenly to declare bankruptcy! For sure, there will be condominiums on this site. Shame! What is happening to this citylll As a graduate of St Vincent's Nursing School and a lonq-time resident of lower Manhattan, I recognize the importance of a REAL hospital in lower NYC. Don't sell out to the real estate interests! I trained for my nursing career at St. Vincent's and learned to appreciate the excellent care that was delivered there. I have family Hving in that area now and I want to urge youto listen to the voices of the community. I have a small child and it scares me to know that we don't have a hospital nearby


Gloria Merlino

Easton, PA


Helen Gill

Charlotte, NC

789. 790. 791, 792. 793. 794. 795. 796.

Michael Murphy robert rabinovitz Margaret Basile Michael Fullam Carolyn Wright Mona Molarsky Margaret De Santo Iva Ulam

Somerville, MA ny, NY East Dennis, MA San Francisco, CA Sloatsburg, NY NYC,NY Wescosville, PA New York, NY Page What a shame! Greed took away a precious neighborhood staple!! Please don't let this continue--



Signatures 774 - 796

797. Alene de la Houssaye

New York, NY

A full ~scale hospital is necessary to our community. The desirability of Greenich Village is based on its unique community. A hospital will increase th_evalue for everone (including developers).

798. 799. 800. 801.

Karen Laurence Maggie Vlazny Lesly Weiner louise despointes

NYC,NY Mt. Bethel, PA New york, NY new york, NY st vincent's is a real help for people in that area, we need our hospital, stop speculating & keep health facilities instead of more luxury condominiums Must we wait for the inevitable to happen? Watch, as we scramble, to figure out what to do? So Sad ..... After 49 YRS of service no neighbor hospital only in America. I am a very proud SVH school graduate (1965) Please do not allow this precious resource to be lost. I visit the are often and I have friends who live in the area.

802. 803. B04.

dolly garcia John McBride helen vail

Nyc, NY NY, NY brewster, NY

805. B06.

Myre! Chernick gailandmartin fox

New York, NY

ny, NY

see june 2011 westviewnews.org for many compelling reasons to block the sale of St Vincents. We have no area hospital

807. BOB. B09. BiD. B11.

Louise Januzzi james januzzi Eileen Thornberry Christopher Boos Kevin Wright Joel Bernstein gary sacks Lawrence Schnur Eduardo Bacares Lee Silverman Robert Brown

Harrington Park, NJ harrington park, NJ Delmar, NY Brackney, PA Suffern, NY New York, NY NY, NY New York, NY NY,NY New York, NY New York, NY In my 20 year residency of the neighbourhood I made use of the emergency room and was an in-patient on more than one occasion. I have chronic pancreatitis and the proximity of the hospital was reassuring and gave me some comfort of mind.


814. 815.
816. 817.

818. 819.

Anne new york, NY Blackstock -Bernstei n Marsha Ajhar New York, PA Nothing would improve the quality of life and health of this neighborhood more than to reestablish a full service hospital and health care facility.

Page 45

~ Signatures 797 ~819

Name 820.
Sandra Paci

New York, NY

The residents of downtown Manhattan need a full service hospital on this site. The Coleman Building is not even 30 years old. There is no need to tear it down, expect of cours,e to maximize profits for the developers. The 100 million that would be used to set up the stand alone ER should be used to update and reopen the Coleman Building as the full service hospital the community needs. This is just another real estate boondoogle -- the neighborhood needs a hospital, not more luxury condos. We just wish you to do the right thing. Our children are coming home from war, and children they are. We need a community hospital and so will their families. War affects. the family. Please, for those who gave so much let us be there for them. A community hospital like 81. Vincents would be one way to show that we care.


Patricia La Sal a RN.M8

San Francisco, CA

822. 823. 824. 825.

Allan Knee Rosemary Brown Patricia Zarnowski DALE CANDELA

New York, NY Port St Lucie, FL New York, NY The lower West side of Manahattan needs a full service hospital We need a full service hospital in the West Village. I FEEL DESPERATE AND WITHOUT A PLACE TO IF I GET SICK - ALL MY DOCTORS WERE THERE TO HELP ME


826. 827. 828. 829. 830.

Rita Proies Barbara Head Karen Fisher Gutheil Silvia Kolbowski Janet Fisher

Asheboro, NC NYC,NY New York, NY new york, NY NY, NY Since St. Vincents has been closed I have lost neighbors who lived directly across the street from the hospital who might still be alive today. Work is already well on its way already in that space. Not good.

831. 832. 833. 834. 835.

Rachel Vaughan Usa Schiller Rosemary Goldford Darlene Cocccaro Eric Fretz

Bronxville, NY New York, NY NY,NY sayreville, NJ Brooklyn, NY My father was always treated so well by excellent Dr.s there. My mother now has to travel much longer to get to a hospital. What kind of society values condominiums and billions for war over maintaining a needed hospital? PA

836. 837. 838. 839.

Patricia Bearish Dan Zittel Nancy Hedeen Bridget Albright

Coopersburg, New York, NY NY, NY Seattle, WA

Page 46


Signatures 820 - 839

jeff weinstock

new york city, NY

There should be an investigation into the mismanagement of hospital funds .... l'v lived in the village my whole life and what we don't need are luxury condominium. A stand alone emergency room is not helpful. we need ultimate care and beds to serve our long living community

841. 842. 843. 844. 845. 846. 847. 848. 849.

geoff greenberg Ann Craig Gina DaRosso Gloria Korecki Sarah Romero Pauline Olsen Ann Reilly Jim Lamb Frank Hosticka

nyc, NY New York, NY whitestone, NY NYC,NY Colchester, CT Farmington, CT Brooklyn, NY New York, NY NYC,NY

Once again, the Power of a big Corp., not in public interest

A full service hospital is desperately needed for the people in this area.

Stop developing for the rich at the expense of the middle class. Why do Powerful interests persist in deception, misleading statement and outright misrepresentation to accomplish self interested goals which are not in the best interests of a community, people or neighborhood?

850. 851. 852. 853. 854. 855. 856. 857. 858. 859. 860.

Erika Hales Daisy Tejera jane stroll Joan Callanan Pat McAdam anthony rodriguez carol hollenbeck joyce malin Joey Dluzak Morisa Schiff Mayer Eve Beals

NY, NY New Milford, NJ New York, NY congers, NY Northport, NY new york, NY NewYork,NY new york, NY nyc, NY NY, NY Woodstock, Canada When I went to school in this neighborhood I enjoyed the convenience of services provided at St. Vincent's as well as being able to refer others; the neighborhood definitely needs a full service hospital, and seHing it would be doing a huge disservice to the community.


anita Kea! Anne Dunn John McAdam

New York, NY Rockville Centre, NY East Northport, NY I worked at St Vincent's, caring for the poor for 30 years. Now that St. Vincent's is gone, who will care for these New Yorkers?

862. 863.


Kathy Clemente

Freehold, NJ Page 47


Signatures 840 - 864

865. 866. Jennifer Rose ellen cotter

Phoenixville, PA bronx, NY


Page 48


Signatures 865 - 866

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