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gov Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2012 5:24 AM Subject: Support of HB 2542 Provision for Citizens Reiew Panel Dear Chairman Kiegerl and Committee Members, I am writing in support of the provision in HB 2542 that establishes a Citizens Review Panel for child custody cases. Attached is an open letter from December 2010 that reflected some of our groups concerns. There is little in life more precious or important than our children and the sanctity of the family. As citizens we should take an active part in protecting both. Matters related to the separation of the family by government must be accessible and open to public review. The Citizens Review Panel is step in the right direction provided the panel selection process is not unduly influenced by the same government agency or personnel responsible for administering or adjudicating the cases. The case loads in some counties and/or districts could be very large. Additional panels to serve specific communities or areas within the same district should perhaps be considered. Thank you for taking an active part in protecting the family. Larry Halloran

Chairman Wichita South Central KS 912 Group