1.Do you have proper navigation in each page? Ans) Yes navigation is present in all pages, but Scrolling should be avoided. 2. Have you provided sitemap (this is not necessary but its good if you have it)? Ans) No not provided. 3. Are you providing path in your navigation like the breadcrumbs navigation? Ans) 4. Have you placed your navigation correctly (left or top of the web page)? Ans) Yes all the navigations are present at bottom of the pages. 5. Is your navigation based on images if it is have you provided alternate text? Ans) 6 .You should not have lots of external links which take the user away form the webpage 7. Don¶t use lots of graphics which delay the download of the page. Have you checked your web page in the website provided? 8) Does your page have enough space (it should not be too cluttered)? 9) Is the background which you have used subtle? (Not too gaudy to take more attention). 10) Is your font readable? Have you used different sizes for headings to differentiate? 11) Have you used the same font face throughout the web site? 12) Is the text spacing appropriate? (Not too close not too much space). 13) Now coming to text, have you provided your contact information in your website? 14) Have you mentioned form where have you taken this game from or the board form? 15) Have you given instructions for playing the game? 16) If someone has sponsored your web site have you mentioned their name?

1) Every navigation button should have an alternate name. 2) Navigation should also be on top of the page.

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