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Published by: BALAJI NADAR on Feb 05, 2012
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CRY - Child Rights and You America Inc. P.O.

Box 850948, BRAINTREE, MA-02185
Receipt No. CRY-2009-006407 Donor ID. US-2009-002108 BALAJI GOPAL NADAR A6/514, SAHAKAR NG 1, MUMBAI – 400 071, MH, INDIA.
Dear BALAJI GOPAL NADAR, Welcome to CRY America’s movement for the rights of underprivileged children. A movement that, thanks almost entirely to individuals like you, has ensured that thousands of children, especially in India, enjoy their basic rights to survival, development, protection and participation - in a word to a childhood. Your support will not only help children attain education or healthcare. It will bring freedom from want and exploitation by permanently changing the situation of their families and communities. It will ensure sustainable livelihoods for parents so that children can enroll and stay in school rather than become child laborers. And prevent girls from being killed at birth or being deprived of education and healthcare simply because they are girls. It will help children in slum, tribal and rural communities to overcome the barriers of caste, class and poverty that even today condemn millions to lives of hunger, illiteracy and hopelessness. In making this contribution you have joined tens of thousands of average citizens who believe that every child, regardless of birth, is entitled to equal opportunities. And that if we each simply do what we individually can, we will together build a nation that keeps the promises we made to our children. We’d love to hear from you. If you would like to send us your views, find other ways to get involved or would like more information on how CRY America uses your contribution do log on to www.america.cry.org or write to us at support@cryamerica.org. Thank you again for your support. With faith and goodwill,


Shefali Sunderlal President

FED ID No: 02-0659244


Receipt No: CRY-2009-006407 Receipt Date: 11/14/2009
Received with thanks from BALAJI GOPAL NADAR, sum of USD 100.00 towards Donation, through Credit Card - NA - dated 11/15/2009.

Shefali Sunderlal President

In compliance with IRS Code Section 170(f) (8), this letter serves as verification that you receive no goods or services from CRY, Child Rights and You America in consideration of your gift.

CRY America Inc P.O. Box 850948 BRAINTREE, MA-02185 Phone: (617) 959 1273 Email: support@cryamerica.org Website: http://www.america.cry.org

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