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I think we should change the name of Restrooms to "Taking Care of Business". T.C.B.for short. It would be a tribute of sorts to The King of Rock and Roll and at the same time represent more of what a bathroom is.......a personal war zone! There is no resting in there. I mean you sit down and all....hell men don't even have to do that at times. I mean "Taking Care of Business" is more to the point. People strain, sweat, vomit, shit, sneeze, fart and bleed (add personal list here) and then ya have to clean up. Finish the job so to speak. This is not resting. I mean maybe for some this is some sort of resting but my definition of resting is lying on the couch in my boxers with a beer in hand and watching reruns of Three's Company on the T.V. while sliding tacos down my throat. I'm I getting through to you people? Is this registering in the old noodle? Restrooms are not for resting. A coffin is more of a restroom than an actually Restroom. Anyway, On November 6, 2012 vote for Nielzine! I promise you I will change the Restroom signs of America! I promise there will be a beer in every refrigerator and a taco on ever old and young Americans napkin! I promise you a poster of my handsome mug will hang in every garage across this great land! The Mary Jane leaf will replace the olive branch as our symbol of Peace and Hope .California will return to the cornucopia super power of yesterday!
I Nielzine promise you !...burp.

Welcome to Issue #87

Swamp Horse - Subtle Dementia
Swamp Horse is music that you will listen to over and over after the

first needle drop and after about the seventh time you will say to yourself "These fucking dudes mean business". Swamp Horse is not for the light kindred spirit, not for the manic wondering mind, not for someone with skeletons festering in their closet, not for someone who is seeking revenge against an individual and just needs that final push, that last sigh before his or her life is forever changed. Luckily the sleeve art, created by Morgan Rankin speaks for itself. A warning for would- be listeners? Or a perfect "Welcome" mat for the sounds that are about to escape from the vinyl before you. I personally enjoyed letting the warped hypnotic sounds of Swamp
Horse: Subtle Dementia open doors in my mind that have been shut.

Fires in my mind that should or should not be re kindled. Reanalyzed. There are not a lot of musicians now days that can do that for a listener. Subtle Dementia is not a toe tapping, finger snapping record but more like a medium to conjuring ones inner self. I guaranty you that no matter what the outcome will be after listening to Subtle Dementia, it will be interesting to say the least. Mine was. - Nielzine
Swamp Horse - Josh Lay and Morgan Rankin

Recorded in Nicholasville ..Kentucky.. Fall 2011.
huskrecords.blogspot.com, facebook.com/huskrecords facebook.com/swamphorse

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The other day while cleaning the cannon powder off my tri cornered hat and glugging spirits from a container that looked suspiciously like a fish bowl with my wharf rat of a cohort Sir .McElwee, we decided to create a "Club". We bantered back and forth on what this club was going to be about. What this club was going to give to mankind. What this club would contribute to the history books of The United States of America! We came up was absolutely nothing. If anything we wanted to go down in the history books as fun loving, back slapping, red nosed, beer swilling Pint Pirates! We wanted our club to be a "Drinking Club"! No more, no less. If you too get tired of the day to day grind of Religion, Politics, Sharon Osbourne's voice and hearing about the end of the world as we know itl. ....Then damn it! We are the club to join! I would give you more information, but like I already said today! there is none. We may drool out some thoughts in the 1need a beer, so go here and join near future and well.

Pint Pirates Drinking Club


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The PMRC Filthy Fifteen
The ParentsMusicResourceCenterpublishedthis list in 1985. It is the top fifteensongsrecommendedto be banned,andtheir presumedsubjectmatter. ~I



Prince Sheena Judas Easton Priest

!Darling Nikki ISugarWalls 'EatMe Alivel IStrapon RobbieBaby IBastard!

!sex,masturbation Isex ,--se-x-----Isex ,--vl-·o-Ie-n-ce----

Is I

Vani t y Motley Crue

fill [12'

it5! AC/DC 17! Twisted Sister
W. A. S . P.

!LetMe Put My LoveInto You !sex IWe're Not GonnaTake It Iviolence IDressYouUp '!se-x------I !Animal FuckLikeA Beast) Isex ( IHigh'n Dry I~dru-g-an-d-a-Ic-o-h-ol-u-se-' IIntoThe Coven ITrashed 'InMy House IPossessed IShe-Bop loccult 'Id-ru-g-an-d-al-c-o-ho-I-u-se-' Isex ,--Io-cc-u-lt-----I Isex,masturbation


flO I

Def Leppard Mercyful Black Fate

Sabbath Girls



Venom Cyndi Lauper


I am proud to say I own 12 out of 15 of these songs. Now to find these other songs! Damn itt Burp.



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