by John Orloff

based on Books 1-3 of "The Guardians of Ga'Hoole" by Kathryn Lasky previous revisions by John Collee John Orloff current revisions by Emil Stern

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(NOTE: The early part of the movie is more stylized, more impressionistic than the rest -- as a legend being told by Noctus.) BC 01 WHITENESS The white seems to be rushing -- in motion -- and we begin to make out little speckles of black and brown mixed into it... and soon the whiteness separates to reveal feathers. The feathers are in flight, rustling in the wind -- we’re above a lattice of owls, flying through the sky... NOCTUS (V.O.) It happened in the old ages. Well before I was a hatchling. They called themselves the ‘pure ones’ and they led a crusade against us. Their aim was to take control of the owl kingdoms... SUPERIMPOSE: a MAP (with an owlish aesthetic) shows the spread of the forces of the Pure Ones spreading across the Owl lands. NOCTUS (V.O.) ... and their methods were harsh and unyielding. A lonely, wounded OWL looks up from his scorched hollow. He sees the skies fill with owls -- Pure Ones -- massing en route to a battle, and retreats deeper inside... NOCTUS (V.O.) What they didn’t take, they burned to the ground; and those they couldn’t enslave, they destroyed. Owls, the noblest of the birds, found themselves humbled and, soon, in despair. One by one, their lands were subjugated... Slave owls work tilling for the Pure Ones, building their great edifices... NOCTUS (V.O.) Owls’ feathers were torn out, wings clipped. Those who surrendered became... earthbound. (MORE) BC 01


BC 01


NOCTUS (V.O.) (CONT'D) All would have been lost to the pure ones but for a different band of owls who rose from the mists of the Sea of Hoolemere and from the Great Tree itself.

2. BC 01

The Ga’Hoole tree, glorious, taking up its own small island. From its mists emerge the GUARDIANS, a formation of owls in battle finery, each leaping into flight off each of the tree’s limbs. (Their feathers were in the opening image.) NOCTUS (V.O.) A group of warriors who had sworn an oath to make strong the weak, to mend the broken, to vanquish the evil... SUPERIMPOSE: THE GUARDIANS OF GA’HOOLE

The Guardians fly over ocean and forests, their leader -LYZE OF KIEL -- in front... NOCTUS (V.O.) ... the Guardians. They followed their leader, Lyze of Kiel, to meet the Pure Ones, and their leader, Surtr, in a great battle, above the rocky coastline of the Northern Kingdom. The Pure Ones come into sight. Their leader -- SURTR -is a whiskered screech owl in full battle paraphernalia. The GUARDIANS wait and bank... War. The sky darkens as feathers and claws crush together. NOCTUS (V.O.) The two sides fought fiercely -the Guardians, at least, with honor... Wherever we look, the Pure Ones seem to be getting the advantage, unafraid to use their Battle Claws in the most brutal of ways... NOCTUS (V.O.) But Surtr’s men were great in number. And the Pure Ones seemed to gain the advantage. (MORE)


O. EGLANTINE.. and his fight with Surtr.. KLUDD. 3. the middle owlet. and he wavers. Seeing this gives the Pure Ones impetus to push forward.. his wings fold SCREECHING lamely and Surtr DIVES down..but at the last possible moment OVER on his back.two claws of his natural talon sliced off with his Battle Claw. and the Guardians’ eyes turned to Lyze.O. Their older brother. they want more story. trying to slice Lyze’s neck -.BC 01 CONTINUED: NOCTUS (V. Lyze disengages -. and his sister. (CONTINUED) . looks skeptical and bored. Lyze flies the top of Lyze FLIPS right into falls. Surtr banks around to attack Lyze once more. What? SOREN FL 01 NOCTUS I don’t want to give you daymares. and he drops like a stone. in anguish as he disappears into the clouds. His flying is affected. Surtr gets a Battle Claw free. SLASHES at Lyze’s right foot. SHAKE their heads vigorously. NOCTUS.MORNING The morning sunlight shines on three young Barn Owls looking up at their father. Lyze is much smaller but holds his own.) INT. preparing to go in for the kill.Battle Claws interlocking with a stream of SPARKS. Shall I stop? FL 01 NOCTUS (V.. a downy hatchling. AN OWL HOLLOW . His into his body. BC 01 Lyze is engaged in claw to claw combat with Surtr. They HIT each other full force -.. and Lyze’s Battle Claw FLIES INTO THE AIR and STICKS into a piece of rocky cliff. thrusts his good Battle Claw Surtr’s face.) (CONT'D) (beat) The battle grew desperate. SOREN. Surtr SCREECHES as his helmet face sliced open by Lyze’s Battle Claw.

It’s all Soren ever wants to hear. PLITHIVER (to herself) Oh. She listens with sympathetic concern for Kludd.. I do... la la la. Kludd. MRS. We’ve heard it a thousand times. straightens out the nests for the owlet’s beds.. we’d all be slaves to the Pure Ones. SOREN EGLANTINE * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) . Because they won. FL 01 MARELLA (gently) Then for goodness’ sake. PLITHIVER. young owls and their stories.. they go home.FL 01 CONTINUED: 4. we’re free. NOCTUS . NESTING AREA A SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT ANGLE ON the hollow as MRS. the family’s blind nurse-snake. there’s no shame in it. too. . BACK TO SCENE KLUDD The Guardians win. KLUDD To listen to silly stories. boy. why not tell them the end of the story? KLUDD Because we know how it ends. KLUDD How can I be scared by something that never happened? It happened.. NOCTUS If the Guardians hadn’t won. as Noctus talks. if you’re scared.

I don’t. MARELLA Noctus? Let’s find a happy note to end on. Soren. slithers out. I won’t be my gizzard’s slave. Through our gizzards. too. PLITHIVER We snakes have our ways. it tells us which way’s home. (MORE) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) . And above all I feel it in my gizzard. the voices of the ages whisper to us.. Noctus and Marella leave. NOCTUS A gizzard is an owl’s most important asset. And tell us what’s right. PLITHIVER Kludd. It’s almost firstlight and we need mice. Plithiver. PLITHIVER Oh.FL 01 CONTINUED: 5. your father loved that story when he was a hatchling. And I won’t be a slave to the ‘voices of the ages’.. All creatures need to make their path through it together! KLUDD Snakes don’t have gizzards. FL 01 NOCTUS My father told me this story and his father told him. Mrs. MRS. KLUDD I know what’s right. the forest is large. sensing that Noctus is growing concerned. MRS. Mrs. KLUDD SOREN EGLANTINE (echoing) So do I. It tells us which way’s north. I do. Plithiver slithers over to help tuck the children in tighter. MRS.

CRICKS for a moment before unkinking herself. It’s time for young owls to roost! Mrs. PLITHIVER (firmly) I could see the truth of it! (completely kindly) But those are enough stories.. I feel as if something’s wrong in the forest.. stop telling it to him! It’s only making him more frustrated -NOCTUS I want him to understand. Plithiver. and maybe now just isn’t the time. Kludd looks at the whole scene with impatience.MOMENTS LATER Noctus and Marella pause for a moment on the branch outside their hollow.and then she slides off their nests. FL 06 EXT. Mrs.FL 01 CONTINUED: MRS. FL 01 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * FL 06 * KLUDD How could you read it? even see? You can’t MRS. PLITHIVER (CONT'D) I used to read it to him every night! 6. (CONTINUED) . as if she knows their shapes) -.. bordering on contempt. PLITHIVER The moss and down are extra soft for you. Eglantine. An owl * * MARELLA He has one. TREE BRANCH . arthritic.. without a gizzard. But he’s losing his down. MARELLA Noctus. Plithiver kisses and “hugs” them for a moment. NOCTUS Now is precisely the time. if he doesn’t want to hear the story. As she goes back to her part of the hollow. MRS. wrapping herself around them (she moves...

. EGLANTINE (whispers) Soren! What happened next? Soren has a book nearby to consult. standing in their down-and-moss lined nests.he’ll be a fine owl.. FL 06 MARELLA What do you mean? NOCTUS . and reflects in their trough of water. In tandem. heading into the very beginning of autumn. sending Surtr spiraling to his death. just my gizzard. SOREN (whispers) You remember. Noctus takes heart.. TREE HOLLOW . as they fly further afield. What kind of owl will Kludd be? Marella gets Noctus’ attention. heads dipped into their wings... Lyze striking the final blow. FL 07 INT. SOREN Well.DAWN FL 07 The younger owls are supposed to be sleeping. they leap off the branch and launch into flight -And we REVEAL the expanse of the forest. where they silently and swiftly pick a mouse up. EGLANTINE Yes. MARELLA Noctus -. once the ‘pure ones’ were vanquished. (CONTINUED) * . But I want them to be prepared... Dappled sunlight filters through the branches. I remember. and I’m worried. Noctus and Marella fly down to the ground. peace returned to the land and Lyze led the victorious Guardians home across the Sea of Hoole’mere and back to the Great Tree. It’s late summer.FL 06 CONTINUED: 7..

. but not graceful: each time he lands.NIGHT Outside. it’s with an audible CRUNCH. The reflected. I know.. Soren. SOREN But maybe Kludd’s right. troubled. for a change. we TURN TO the hollow wall. I’ll try. we know. He has the skill but no finesse. KLUDD You have a soft head. Think about real things instead. and reveal the story has indeed been etched in naive owlish hand. Prove it. (CONTINUED) * . But Soren looks crushed. FL 07 KLUDD Soren. Soren looks a little abashed. Kludd hops from branch to branch.. Think about something real like flying or hunting. He’s quiet in the air. TREE BRANCHES .FL 07 CONTINUED: 8. (hurt) . EGLANTINE (whispers) Soren. . dappled light almost makes the pictures come to life.. Soren... FL 10 SOREN Eglantine goes to sleep. You’ve drawn it on our wall and we’ve heard the story a thousand times. How? SOREN KLUDD SOREN KLUDD Just spend one day not thinking about the Guardians. Da say it’s in your nature to think of better things. FL 10 EXT. stays awake.. I do.. Noctus teaches Kludd to branch.

owls make the best hunters for one reason alone -KLUDD I know. And you and your hatchlings’ll go hungry. FL 05 Soren jumps INTO FRAME. EGLANTINE You told me I’d be Lyze! Next go. but she doesn’t reply. My beak! EGLANTINE (CONTINUED) .but Soren strikes back. too. channeling his father as Lyze.NEXT NIGHT Soren and Eglantine are playing. cutting off her play-beak. FL 10 NOCTUS Kludd. NOCTUS Not just in flight: in landing. TREE HOLLOW . I’ve given you every chance. I’ve given you every chance. Eglantine is dressed as Surtr. SOREN Alright? EGLANTINE I trust you wouldn’t lie to -Surtr! Eglantine “strikes” -. which is made of a curled leaf. their silent flight. By the time I have my claws out -NOCTUS The mice will have run away.FL 10 CONTINUED: 9. angrily. SOREN Surtr. SOREN (trying again) Surtr. KLUDD It doesn’t matter. Kludd focuses. and tries again. FL 05 INT.

MRS.. (beat) Now. I’m here to catch you if you -(CONTINUED) . PLITHIVER But aren’t you supposed to be branching? SOREN Da said. Plithiver. Noctus gently takes the helmet off. isn’t there a gibbous moon? Soren rushes to take off his armor and go out. Mrs. Kludd makes a FL 02 NOCTUS Kludd. Don’t worry. NOCTUS You’ll get there. PLITHIVER Soren. I don’t think your first branching lesson will be that dangerous. You have strength. young Guardian. FL 02 EXT. Kludd looks frustrated. FL 05 MRS. too.MOMENTS LATER Kludd and Noctus are branching together. you need grace. not till there was a gibbous moon. NOCTUS Well.. NOCTUS (to Soren) Let’s give your brother a rest. Soren rushes up towards them. and Soren’s not a little abashed.FL 05 CONTINUED: 10.. but in branching.. PLITHIVER (sounding crisp) Soren! SOREN Oh -.we were only playing. poor and noisy landing. TREE BRANCHES . MRS. don’t worry how much noise you make in the beginning.

Noctus looks proud. Soren glances back up to his father. loves this -.ambitiously.FL 02 CONTINUED: 11. NOCTUS But. FL 02 Soren leaps to the next branch -. Soren. who’s lost interest in it now -. NOCTUS You’re doing very well. then wrap your talons gently -I know. Land first. NOCTUS He Noctus and Marella acknowledge one another as she comes out to join him. at least you have the helmet for it. It falls to the forest floor. Noctus hands the helmet back to Soren.flying and landing’s what he’s been waiting’s not flying. NOCTUS Kludd. when the time comes. Noctus puts a wing on Kludd’s shoulder. KLUDD SOREN It helps when I picture where I’m going to land -KLUDD I don’t need your help. Then he branches again. KLUDD (whispers) Beginner’s luck. much better than Kludd. but Kludd snaps the branch he lands on. frustrated. (CONTINUED) . Soren’s momentarily hurt. Well done! NOCTUS Kludd looks at Soren with cold fury and. to try and cheer him up.. SOREN Can we come with you on the hunt? Not tonight. leaps -..

Kludd shrinks. Ow! EGLANTINE SOREN Eglantine.. You just have to trust your gizzard and you’ll grasp it. it’s alright. you fool! SOREN To trust Surtr! While they’re playing.. shocked. let it! (CONTINUED) . Wait till you -Then Soren sees how disappointed Eglantine looks. PLITHIVER Oh.MOMENTS LATER FL 03 Soren comes back in to see Eglantine... before flying off. Eglantine. .are you ready to be sent to your doom? SOREN Oh. if it wants to come out. Plithiver senses what’s happening. FL 03 HOLLOW .. EGLANTINE Surtr -. and comes over to help. proud Noctus has given him this responsibility. FL 02 NOCTUS Kludd. dressed as Lyze and waiting to play. dear. I’m tired of playing games. His parents watch him go inside and make sure the owlets are safe. NOCTUS And don’t worry about your branching.. look after your brother and sister tonight while your mother and I are hunting. MRS. Kludd nods.FL 02 CONTINUED: 12. alright? They look up to you. Eglantine looks surprised. He picks up the claw and pretends he’s been playing all along. are you alright? Mrs...

excited.a small lumpen thing. I think I’ve kept the boys’ first pellets.. SOREN (good-natured teasing) Don’t you recognize it. MRS. what is it? MRS.. anyway. She stares for a moment. He looks back to the branches and.FL 03 CONTINUED: 13. Kludd? SOREN (CONTINUED) . Maybe you’d like to see them?. Now where did I put those? SOREN/KLUDD (embarrassed) No. Eglantine looks at it in horror.. there’ll be more? MRS. P.! But it stops Eglantine’s tears. EGLANTINE I just thought they were disgusting.. whispers.. I might even have your father’s first. then! MRS.. Cheekily. Eg.. Come on. is safely out of earshot. PLITHIVER You know. Plithiver takes her to the back of the hollow. she nods and Mrs. Eglantine starts to cry. EGLANTINE . PLITHIVER It’s your first pellet! EGLANTINE (horrified) . PLITHIVER Of course! You know your brothers have them. out of Eglantine’s beak comes -. PLITHIVER Soren waits for a moment until Mrs...... FL 03 Soon. Eg? It was the mouse you ate! Its fur and bones.

. KLUDD SOREN Take a deep breath. landing gracefully. quietly -KLUDD (overlapping. but not expecting he will fall. feel the air.after you. lean forward. alright! Kludd shoves Soren -. who falls too.. You said I should stop playing games? Yes. but the sooner we can fly... increasingly resentful) Alright. . FL 03 What? KLUDD SOREN Want to go out and try some more branching? Kludd is impressed and quite delighted by this. SOREN I know. alright... KLUDD Kludd spreads out his wing to Soren -. KLUDD (leading him on) But Da told us to stay in. BRANCHES . Put your wings back.CRUNCH.. Soren branches over.annoyed. FC 01 SOREN Could I just show you how? Alright. the sooner we’ll be owls.. As Soren falls he opens his wings. FC 01 EXT. knocking Kludd back.FL 03 CONTINUED: 14.MOMENTS LATER Kludd branches -. I did. Again. and picture how your talons’ll curl around the branch.

has him in his paws in an instant. Not just mice. SOREN Kludd -.. but the Tasmanian Devil is much faster... How? KLUDD It’s a long. was that? Before they have time to respond -What A TASMANIAN DEVIL leaps out of the underbrush and charges right for Kludd. It (CONTINUED) . Thank you for showing me.. lifting themselves up with some difficulty. the Guardians’ll save us and take us to the Ga. THE GROUND . we could climb our way up? Soren tries to fly -. KLUDD Maybe if we wait. very quiet. Mrs.he flaps his wings. FC 02 EXT. they both hit the ground. P.! Quiet! Why? SOREN KLUDD SOREN KLUDD There are strange things down here. There’s a NOISE. SOREN If we can fly to that branch.. but it just exhausts him.. Soren and Kludd glance around. FC 02 The forest looks very different on the ground than it does in the hollow -.full of menace and strange shadows. Kludd runs. Kludd doesn’t even try.. long way Soren looks up the trunk of tree. KLUDD ..15. Soren lowers his voice. fangs bared.MOMENTS LATER ... up to the hollow.we have to get home.

And out of the sky -A GREATER SOOTY OWL SWOOPS down from the moonlit sky. but still. home. Kludd doesn’t return the favor -. They lift Soren and Kludd up into the air. Soren jumps back onto his talons and watches the Sooty Owl battle the Devil. The distraction is enough for the Devil to let go of Kludd and go after Soren. SOREN .he scurries away to tend to his wound. just as it looks like Soren is going to be a Tasmanian Devil’s dinner.FC 02 CONTINUED: 16. JA 01 JATT AND JUTT are bullies -.. JUTT Just not your old * JA 01 * * * JATT We’ll take better care of you than your parents did. and it’s too late. And then. we hear a tremendous SCREECH -making the Devil turn its head. WIDER The Devil DROPS Soren and defends itself. beak agape. Who -SOREN (CONTINUED) . from where the Devil clawed him. Letting you play down in the muck like that. Kludd now bears a scar on his cheek..silently flying towards them until they’re in their shadow. and quickly attacks the Devil with its BATTLE CLAWS. Soren and Kludd are mesmerized and don’t hear two other owls -. Soren desperately tries to avoid the Tasmanian Devil’s teeth. CLAWING and PECKING at it with all his might.JATT AND JUTT -. where are you taking us? To a home. FC 02 Soren jumps on the Tasmanian Devil’s back.not unfunny bullies.

Kludd and Soren are united in their fear. This is GYLFIE. unusual trees. JATT Quite enough. until finally it’s no bigger than a dot.. At the same time Soren notices a baby Elf Owl (not a Tyto) in the owl’s talons. Yes. he’s a large owl. with brownish-grey plumage and large. Nevertheless. THE AIR .. KLUDD (shakes and twists to get out) Put us down then -Jutt angles Kludd’s head to look at the distance to the ground. One of the new owls comes right next to Jutt -. bright-yellow eyes. really? Kludd shuts up.. Good owlet.boulders.. anything to guide the way home? Soren looks back towards his home.JA 01 CONTINUED: 17... For a moment. JATT JUTT Soren tries to look for landmarks -. and then it’s invisible. JATT No more wh’s at all. a long-suffering servant. No more whats. JA 03 EXT. She’s tiny.. Grimble! JUTT JA 03 * * (CONTINUED) . . Our owlets are joined by other owls holding other kidnapped owlets. a bit more humane than the others: the Ray Winstone of owls. JUTT No more whys. and commands respect. only 5 inches long. it’s receding.EVEN LATER IN THE NIGHT We RISE OVER a desert.GRIMBLE. JA 01 JUTT That’s enough questions now.. She looks terrified.

GYLFIE SOREN I’m Soren. owl.. They’re small. Jutt. Jutt. (can’t stop laughing) Looks like you dropped your owl! GRIMBLE I’m holding it.JA 03 CONTINUED: 18. friend. GYLFIE Did they bring you from the forest? SOREN And you from the desert. Kludd -- (CONTINUED) ......? Gylfie nods. Soren and Gylfie are close enough to speak..his stare is enough to shut him up. JA 03 . it reminds me of a story my Da told.. but. A desert JATT Sure it’s not a hairy snail? JUTT Or a pellet? Wait. SOREN It can’t be... though. And this is my brother.. GRIMBLE JUTT Grimble.. (sniggers) I don’t want to alarm you. I’m Gylfie. Who are they? GYLFIE SOREN It’s so strange. it blinked! blinking pellet! Amazing! A * * Grimble looks at Jutt -. KLUDD Of course it does.

ABOVE THE CREVICE .but Jutt’s gone.. JA 04 EXT.NIGHT The formation passes through two tusk-like rock formations. AA 01 INT. wing back aggressively. On top of each tusk.a labyrinth of jagged canyons.. Soren.. and it’s supposed to be. landing among other owlets. Soren takes in what’s around him -. looking to strike back at Jutt -.. all of them trying to understand where they are and what’s going on around them.MOMENTS LATER . FROM HIS POV JUTT He sees. Soren makes his way through the crowd -. midway up (like Petra. ST. Gylfie? SOREN Kludd? * * AA 01 JA 04 * * * * It’s chaos. AEGOLIUS .until they find one another. It looks ancient: worn from centuries of weather. They’re flown inside. The formation flies toward an edifice carved into the face of the canyon. deep ravines and scraggy trenches. where a plume of smoke emanates from some unknown source deep within the crevice. BACK TO SCENE The formation banks and heads for one of the larger canyons. It’s awe-inspiring. They’re heading for an ominous series of cracks in the earth -. (CONTINUED) . SENTRIES -.JA 03 CONTINUED:’s like a Dickensian orphanage. Gylfie and the other owlets in their formation are DROPPED.stand watch.Sooty Owls -.and so does Gylfie -. JA 03 Stop talking! Soren looks ahead. Jordan for owls).. and we SWOOP IN WITH them.. Soren stands.

and watch as Jatt and Jutt move through the crowd. Soren realizes the Tytos and non-Tytos are being separated.. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * They’re toward the back of the crowd of owlets.Jatt beams when he pushes through two non-Tytos to reveal a Tyto.. pointing the nonTyto owlets to a little area in front of a doorway: JATT Go over there and wait! a picker. reach a Tyto and say. all will help serve the Pure Ones! GYLFIE (cries out) We don’t want to serve the Pure Ones! OTHER OWLETS Let us go! (etc. Aegolius! You’ll be sorted! For your own good! Some will be pickers. getting closer to Gylfie and Soren -. * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) .. just as Grimble stands on a platform and takes charge. GRIMBLE Quiet! You owlets have been brought to St. He has no idea.) GRIMBLE I said. some will be soldiers. Jatt and Jutt keep sorting. in their ways. too! him! Some owlets panic and cry.AA 01 CONTINUED: 20. But. ASGEIR. AA 01 GYLFIE What on earth are they doing? Soren just shakes his head. You’ll be Go with Soren sees Jatt and Jutt JATT You’ll be a soldier! if you will! Over there. JUTT You’re a picker.. be quiet! This shuts them up for a moment.

AA 01 JATT You pickers -. JUTT You’ll be back at home -. SOREN Leave her alone! Hush.Jutt finds his way to Gylfie. it’s the talking pellet. Asgeir makes his way to the little gathering area to join the other a picker! No! GYLFIE She doesn’t move.. GYLFIE I want to go home. I want to stay with my friend! Let us go! GYLFIE (CONTINUED) . owlet. though he can see how this is going. JUTT Look who it is! The talking pellet! JATT . JATT You’ll be a soldier! SOREN A soldier! And fight for what? No. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Alright? She nods. just before -. if you please. he manages to push past Kludd quite aggressively (Kludd hasn’t been sorted yet. As Asgeir walks there.) SOREN (to Gylfie) We’ll stay together.clear a path for this soldier! (to Asgeir) Over there.AA 01 CONTINUED: 21..Soren gets in his way. Jutt and Jatt try to manhandle Gylfie -.

and all activity stops at the sound of owl wings (deliberately) beating... Gylfie. The glorious cause is lost! The high Tyto will be very disappointed.the Vanessa Redgrave of owls.. Soren. you are here. They’re all in NYRA Is there any one among them who is pure? I can barely see them! Oh. and I am sorry if your flight was rough! But here. AA 01 WHOOSH.. orphans. spreading her wings to show her amazing plumage and making a great entrance -. flies through the assembled owlets. it’s lost. our charges. thrall to her. irritated. And we will -GYLFIE We’re not orphans! She’s right! Let us go! SOREN We aren’t orphans.. NYRA What is this? (to Soren) Tyto. Jutt. and yet. I am Nyra. She glides overhead. majestically) This is a sorry group.AA 01 CONTINUED: 22. don’t soil your feathers -SOREN She’s my friend. Leave her be! (CONTINUED) . you will find succor! You’ll find relief! This is your home. A scruffy group. Everyone looks up when they hear the sound of owl wings being deliberately flapped together -. Nyra. don’t waste your time. Jatt and the others look abashed. flaps her wings and flies over to confront Gylfie. Oh! NYRA (flaps. (beat) And yet. Kludd and everyone else looks up to see -NYRA..

. * . very deliberately...AA 01 CONTINUED: 23. Oh? NYRA Where’s he? SOREN Nyra Kludd. until then. turns so his back is to him.! He raises a wing and sees Kludd in the distance. Nyra sizes Kludd up and raises her wing at him. NYRA There is a soldier. too. SOREN I want to stay with my brother.. this misplaced concern of yours is merely offensive.. NYRA (bellows) As pickers! The guards move them along. then.. Soren can’t believe it. NYRA (to Soren) Perhaps when you remember your nobility.. Soren looks relieved. approvingly. Tyto.. swoops over towards him. but he’s shoved along. NYRA Owlet! That one says you’re his brother. Kludd is guided towards the other Tyto-soldiers. Is that true? Kludd makes eye contact with Soren and then. we can make a soldier of you. AA 01 NYRA Oh! A spirited little Tyto! How touching! You and your patch of felt will stay together.

(CONTINUED) . GYLFIE I think I got you in trouble. What’s that? SOREN GYLFIE Oh... no. PICKERS’ PASSAGEWAY . SOREN .... I think ‘trouble’ began some time ago. SOREN What’s wrong with him? GYLFIE He looks like he’s been moonblinked. the ‘pure ones’ stole children and made them slaves. Hey. You should never sleep right under the moon. I thought it all stopped a long time ago. They pass a moon-blinked owl. only he has some requisite nobility. with a heavy basket on his back. Who? GYLFIE SOREN The Pure Ones. AA 02 INT. The owls around him do look much scruffier than he does..LATER AA 02 Gylfie looks to Soren as they march down the line for pickers. He almost knocks Soren over.. They needed slave power to take the owl territories. SOREN But the owl keeps walking. you’d know..24. GYLFIE What is this place? SOREN In Da’s stories. if you’d grown up in the desert. It’s an eerie scene.

conciliatory. owls get exhausted and they end up collapsed under it. But when they wake up. something’s wrong with their gizzard. JUTT Yes. But sleep first. Yes! ST.SAME TIME An open-air box canyon filled with hundreds of owlets of various breeds. colors and sizes. JATT Come in. most lit by the warm. and now it’s time to rest! They both fly and walk through the crowd. Jutt and Jatt (among other guards) guide the owlets inside. MB 01 EXT. and they’ve forgotten who they are. But sometimes in the desert.. It’s been a long journey. GLAUCIDIUM TWO . Soren and Gylfie are among them. AEGOLIUS OWLET Let us out! JATT Alright.AA 02 CONTINUED: 25. AA 02 Why would you? SOREN It’s not natural! GYLFIE It isn’t. come in. owls. all of you! Stand straight! Your heads up! All up! JATT MB 01 SOREN No! You have to let us go. reddish light of a moon slightly fuller than it was the last time we saw it. they reach. and then tomorrow -Don’t sleep! SOREN (CONTINUED) .. Just as Gylfie finishes saying this.. rest.. us out! Let Quite a few of the other owlets nod and hoot in agreement. They’re trying to sound gentler.

MB 01 Jatt flies over and raises a wing to strike Soren and Gylfie -. But guards are at the edges -...with a kind of focused menace -withdraws. owlets! Your beaks up! Turn your faces to the light of the glorious moon! As they settle in.. Not my fault if he’s soft in the head and wants to be in here. I brought the Tyto. GRIMBLE It’s alright. I’ll take care of her now. Gylfie directs Soren towards a spot under an overhang. Jatt backs down. no vole for you. JATT Brought her in? Yeah. they manage to angle their faces away. too. (CONTINUED) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * . and he shades Gylfie. a few owlets look up -. and then goes back to supervise the others. why did they call us orphans? SOREN I don’t know. is this alright? GYLFIE And at least it’s not full yet.he pushes the owlets on the fringes closer to the center. too. SOREN . Still. I brought her in. It shades him. GRIMBLE No. JATT Put your heads’s Grimble who restrains him. Jatt. that’s right. Grimble watches Soren and Gylfie for one more moment -. but huffily. GYLFIE Soren.and soon all the others join in. very true. Jatt gives Soren a little shove. He pushes Soren and Gylfie closer to the center.MB 01 CONTINUED: 26. Maybe they don’t know what it means.. Jatt. Gylfie.

all watched and guarded. How good it’ll feel once we’ve learned. SOREN Think about something else. WP 08 INT. GYLFIE (charmed) You’ve given it a lot of thought. keeps going.but stand closer to one another.LATER The moon completes its arc in the lightening sky. Soren and Gylfie quieten down -.look slower. Alright? Think about flying. Soren notices the other owlets -even the one who cried to be let out before -. Gylfie. That’s enough rest. Soren and Gylfie are the only owls who haven’t been moonblinked.. Soren glances around everywhere. owlets. (CONTINUED) . less like themselves. JUTT Alright. MB 01 Nonetheless.MB 01 CONTINUED: 27. Zombies. to see if there’s some way out. trying. but all he sees for now are levels and levels of rocky plateaus and ledges. As they’re marched out. Gylfie looks saddened. PASSAGEWAY .DAY WP 08 The MB 03 The pickers are guided deeper into the Pelletorium and shuttled down a passageway deep inside. Jutt pokes in. Soren lowers his voice even more but SOREN Think about how the air’ll feel ruffling your feathers and running over your beak. With your claws tucked neatly underneath you. owls are moved onwards from their places in the glaucidium.. MB 03 SAME SCENE . Gylfie nods. to feel each other’s warmth. SOREN Think about where you’ll go.

pick. come forward) You! You’ve a nice strong beak. as all these owls pick... WP 01 SOREN . PELLETORIUM LEDGE .. WP 08 A weird sound starts to echo up.MOMENTS LATER Soren and Gylfie march forward..CONTINUOUS ACTION Where they see a box canyon. maybe it’d have been better if we were moonblinked.WP 08 CONTINUED: 28. PELLETORIUM . GYLFIE Other owls’ pellets. Pellets. greedy-seeming.why don’t you show ‘em? (CONTINUED) * * * * * . WP 01 PELLETORIUM LEDGE . This is the source of the SOUND -. Standing on the ledges. a leader’s beak -.. Soren and Gylfie’s boss is KLUMP -Cockney. hundreds of owls bob their heads up and down over thousands of owls’ pellets. into the passageway.. filled with ledges. and we pick and we sort. They reach the end of the passageway. KLUMP I am Klump and it is my honor to guide you in this glorious Pelletorium! These marvellous pellets come from all over the owl kingdoms! We go through them.MOMENTS LATER At their station. and it opens out to..even weirder and sharper up close. Gylfie gets a fix on what they’re treading on... Right before the passageway opens up to the Pelletorium: SOREN (whispers to Gylfie) What’s that noise? GYLFIE I don’t think I want to find out. pick. and we separate for the Lord High Tyto! (gesturing to Soren..

.WP 01 CONTINUED: 29.. KLUMP Ah... bones. One more night under the moon should put a stop to that. a question? Klump comes closer. Not too far away. oh.. over there.. WP 01 Soren. leery. such care you must take... Soren carries it . a little glowing piece of metal... approaches Klump -. so all the owlets can see) You’re all watching? Klump points Soren towards the ledge. (to Soren) Take it.she kicks him. You all see where the Flecks belong? (swivels her head around. Is he * * * * KLUMP Was that. and bring it back.. (beat) And feathers and fur go. Klump goes over to take it. She brings it back in her talon. what do you feel? SOREN (sickened) Teeth. threateningly. to.. KLUMP Tell ‘em. KLUMP Well. KLUMP But what you must take care to separate... Those go over here.. a moonblinked owl picks up a Fleck.. so his face goes into the pellets. and put it there... There is some excitement. Tyto. KLUMP Are these! Our Lord the High Tyto seeks these glorious Flecks! SOREN Who is the Lord High Tyto? here? Wait. yes...

It swoops down and takes the pouch of Flecks into the air. This Fleck does the trick and levels the scale....30. and emits a high-pitched sound. BACK TO SCENE Soren shakes off the effects of having been close to the Flecks and recovers more Bats return with empty sacks. gold-hued BAT. I’d be worried if you didn’t. Being so close to this quantity of Flecks makes Soren reel. operated by an old. strange. the other with bones to measure the weight. one side holding a small pile of Flecks in a leather pouch. SOREN No. We FOLLOW a it takes a completed sack of Flecks and flies -. and out of the Pelletorium. The bat shoos him away. Another BAT flies in from above.. GYLFIE After what we saw. who takes it in his gnarled and disgusting hand. The sky’s filled with them. Soren hands the Fleck to the bat. the Flecks made me feel -Dizzy? GYLFIE (CONTINUED) . from is they take them. What happened? GYLFIE SOREN I felt. and we get a sense of the vastness of the operation.. The bat dives into -ANOTHER CAVERN Where other fruitbat as off with it wherever it WP 04 bats are sorting Flecks by size. and places it on the scale. WP 04 THE LEDGE Where there sits a scale..

We’ll take their feathers soon enough -feathers they don’t deserve. trying to work out what the Flecks do.SAME TIME A HIGH ANGLE ON the Pelletorium.. TS 01 INT.WP 04 CONTINUED: 31. Well. WP 04 SOREN More than that. Nyra is already teaching them how to fly. Soren casts a glance back towards the sorting room and the Flecks. and the Tytos Nyra designated “soldiers” are looking down from their perches at the poor owlets in the Pelletorium. As workers. know you were chosen. It’s decorated with tapestries woven from the fur and feathers salvaged from the pellets. they have taken what’s ours. NYRA’S CHAMBERS . desperate to please her. don’t worry. particularly Kludd.we are LOOKING DOWN THROUGH a circle cut into the floor. For too long. Kludd. The Tyto soldiers nod in agreement. before going back to pecking. Clogged our skies. The lower species have their uses. (CONTINUED) . (beat) Rise. raises himself up even further. Higher! NYRA The Tyto owlets all fly up. shakily. through sheer force of will. NYRA You see. You TS 01 * * * Kludd and the others rise as best they can. WIDER ANGLE The hole is carved into the floor of a chamber that’s relatively luxurious by owl standards. NYRA They think they were taken. into the air. Kludd.. Nyra. irised around the edges -. (smiles) As slaves. Choked our lands.

) Soren glances up from his picking for just an instant.LATER Their day’s picking done. Every moment they’re not watching. But you shouldn’t have to stay down here with me. TS 01 PELLETORIUM .SAME TIME Nyra’s voice echoes down here. PASSAGEWAY . SOREN Just keep stretching.. SOREN Then we’ll learn. GYLFIE Soren. though? INT.. I know we said we’d stick together. They’ve wearily found their place. GYLFIE The only way out’s to fly. Gylfie. Gylfie sees the wistfulness in Soren’s look. SOREN We will stay together. we’ll stretch our wings. WP 06 INT. Higher! NYRA (O. Soren and Gylfie march back up to the Glaucidium with the other pickers. SOREN (whispers) Gylfie.. and are trying to avoid the moonlight. And we’ll leave together. He catches sight of Kludd trying to fly. Soren stretches his wings..NIGHT Soren and Gylfie are tired from working. (CONTINUED) WP 06 . You could be flying with the other Tytos. GYLFIE When aren’t they watching us. though.S.TS 01 CONTINUED: 32. GLAUCIDIUM . He moves: keep stretching.

. GYLFIE . Aegolius -. looming over them. stammers) What do -Grimble shoves them. Jatt grins -. But they’re not going up higher.good idea! EC 01 INT. He looks furious. quite far (the guards seem to be paying less attention.) What do you think you’re doing? Soren and Gylfie look up to see Grimble.S. PASSAGEWAY . GRIMBLE (O. Soren and Gylfie are scared. But not yet. you’ll get what you deserve. They happen to be passing a guard. what’s this place? * * (CONTINUED) . They’re going deeper into the maze of St.. (beat) We both will.towards the back of the complex but higher. GYLFIE Now. Quiet! GRIMBLE EC 01 * * * * * * * * * They reach his quarters. eventually. SOREN Stretch! Gylfie takes heart from Soren. Grimble! JATT What are you doing? * * * GRIMBLE I’m taking ‘em to Nyra. now that most of the owls are moonblinked).NIGHT Grimble marches Soren and Gylfie. where Nyra’s chambers are. WP 06 GYLFIE I have to sleep. Grimble shows them inside and they see the place is filled with ropes and ledges carved into the rock. and stretches her wings back. SOREN (afraid.WP 06 CONTINUED: 33.

here. and they won’t be happy if I teach you to fly.. GRIMBLE’S QUARTERS . with all the wisdom of the owl kingdoms. I’d help them. GRIMBLE It’s been getting worse. getting it ready for their lesson. (amazed) SOREN Fly? Grimble flies around the room. (CONTINUED) . EC 02 INT. but still with some menace) Get inside.. which makes the owlets even more afraid. if any came who were smart enough to resist. You did. So it’s time I did my bit. adjusting things. Grimble helps put Soren and Gylfie onto a rope to perch..he’s making an effort. EC 01 GRIMBLE (quietly. Owlets. GRIMBLE EC 02 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GYLFIE (all her courage) The Pure Ones won’t be happy if you don’t let us get back to the Pelletorium! GRIMBLE No. SOREN Was this a library? Da told me about the Guardians’ Chronicles. some of which Grimble’s tried to arrange in some order -. either. now.EC 01 CONTINUED: 34. I told myself... and stop asking questions. There are moldering books strewn around. Grimble makes sure it’s private in here..CONTINUOUS ACTION Grimble’s cavernous rooms show signs of being more civilized than the Pure Ones.

GRIMBLE Well.. but after a moment. They’ll be busy taking ‘em in. A large one. both fall to the ground. Not just flutter! SOREN We have to learn before we’re moonblinked. Have you flown at all before? SOREN I’ve been branching with my father. The Pure Ones took what they needed when they found this place. Grimble lifts himself into the air and flies back and up a few feet. That’s your chance -. little ones. GRIMBLE You must keep your strokes powerful and consistent. as far as they can go.and then peters out halfway. a new intake’s coming. Grimble sets them back into the wall. Grimble gestures. Branching is leaping downwards on a tree. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) . To fly means you have to lift yourself up.. EC 02 GRIMBLE This was a library. Soren and Gylfie try flying across the room to Grimble again.EC 02 CONTINUED: 35. and pulped the rest. GRIMBLE Well. his manner gentle. Soren and Gylfie flutter. Gylfie doesn’t even make it that far. Soren almost makes it -.I know a way out of the canyon that’s not as watched. come to me. GYLFIE Is two days enough time to learn? GRIMBLE It’ll have to be. In two days’ time. (beat) Alright! Stretch your wings back.

ST.who are her audience. like Barran and Boron. -. AEGOLIUS . She holds it in her talons and -. and then we see a gnarled old thing that looks more like tree than owl -. their gizzards move them to point true north.displays it to the Tyto owlets -. Soren’s still a bit stunned by what he saw. fog rolling over its surface. And then in a FLICKER MONTAGE almost too fast for us and for Soren to grasp each image.. It’s all too fast to process. unconsciously.SOAR OVER the surface of the Sea of Hoole’mere.SOAR OVER treetops -. It leaves Soren more disoriented than anything else. and tell me which way you’ll go.SAME TIME Nyra takes a small. how’ll we get home? GRIMBLE How’ll you get home? What would the great fliers do? What would Lyze of Kiel do? Close your eyes.EC 02 CONTINUED: 36. TM 01 INT. -. EC 02 SOREN Even if we can fly.including Kludd -. we --. Gylfie and Soren are almost surprised when.see flashes of OWLS we haven’t met yet (majestic snowy owls. but Grimble puts them back up. a landscape we haven’t seen yet.. we see the Ga’Hoole Tree. for the briefest moment.GRAND HALL . Soren. -. the water churning with whitecaps. I saw. delicate songbird out of a wicker cage. viscerally.And finally. SOREN * * * * * * GRIMBLE See? Your gizzard knows your way home. and INTO plains. NYRA Let’s see how much you’ve PAST the edges of Tyto forest.Ezylryb). (MORE) (CONTINUED) TM 01 .

TM 01


NYRA (CONT'D) Let’s see if you’ve earned your place among the chosen. The best of you, the fittest and the most brilliant, will be presented to the High Tyto. (beat) Now, rise.

37. TM 01

Kludd and the others hover upwards -- better, this time, though it’s still more of a struggle for the others. Stay... NYRA Kludd

Some fall. Most manage to stay up, though. manages to fly higher than the others.

Nyra makes a show of being impressed. She flies up, bringing the songbird with her, squirming more now. As Nyra flies, she reveals more of a long hall, like an abandoned cathedral. Columns dot it. The bird certainly sees the window at the end of the hall. Nyra lets it go -- and it flies with all its might. Kludd and the other Tyto owlets wait for a moment. ... well? TM 02 ANOTHER ANGLE The owlets realize they’re to catch it. They fly ferociously, frantically flying over each other as they make their way through it. Nyra hovers to watch. The race comes down to Kludd and Asgeir, who bumped him earlier -- and Kludd finally, and dirtily, triumphs, grabbing the bird in his talons. TM 03 ANOTHER ANGLE Kludd brings it back and presents it to Nyra, who demurs -- all his. NYRA Well done. The High Tyto will be most pleased by your progress. Kludd squeezes. TM 03 * * NYRA

TM 02

* * * *


TM 03


38. TM 03

NYRA Tell me, does your brother have similar potential as a flier? KLUDD (sly) Soren? No. He was wounded as a hatchling. He’s lame. NYRA (amused) Oh, owlet. You mustn’t confuse praise for license. Don’t lie to me. Kludd smiles, glad to be caught out lying. current passes between Nyra and Kludd. NYRA For the High Tyto we need as many strong fliers as we can find. Come. We’ll tell him together what rewards there are for those who recognize their true family. TM 04 INT. GLAUCIDIUM - LATER Jatt and Jutt are pushing more owlets into place -JATT Your necks straight, I said. up! Look TM 04 A perverse

-- when Nyra, trailed by Kludd, swoops in, looking for Soren, and Jatt and Jutt shrink into themselves. NYRA Where is that Tyto? If he’s not in here, I hope you haven’t sent him to have his wings plucked? JUTT (trembling) No, ma’am. Grimble said... EC 07 INT. GRIMBLE’S QUARTERS - EARLY MORNING Soren looks grave, Gylfie disappointed. They’re back on the ledge carved into Grimble’s wall, across the room from the window. EC 07


EC 07


39. EC 07

GYLFIE It’s not a matter of trying. My wings just aren’t long enough yet. GRIMBLE They said Lyze of Kiel’s wings were short, but that didn’t stop him, did it? SOREN How do you know about Lyze? GRIMBLE What owl worth that name doesn’t? I used to tell my owlets stories of Lyze. SOREN (confused) They’re not here, though? GRIMBLE No. There was a famine in the West, where I’m from. I needed to provide for my family. What Nyra and them said made sense... then. SOREN What did they say? GRIMBLE That we’d make a world without want. GYLFIE (gently) I’m sure you’ll see your family again. Grimble cuts the moment short -- perhaps his family’s no longer alive; perhaps, he just wants to use their time, redeem himself by helping them get out. GRIMBLE We’ve got one more night. At least you should be able to glide by then. SOREN Couldn’t you fly us out, Grimble? No. GRIMBLE If they noticed I was gone -* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


himself. her beak.and make it across the room to the window ledge. Soren! GYLFIE SOREN Come on. and she rises... Flap! Gylfie does. Nyra SCREECHES and attacks.. but hangs’s pitch black. EC 07 NYRA (O.. Soren and Gylfie flap.and teeter for a second before launching themselves into.! Before Grimble has a chance to put them on the window ledge.EC 07 CONTINUED: 40.never having seen anything like this. They flap their wings. EC 03 THE AIR EC 03 Kludd is behind her. (CONTINUED) . harder. NYRA Would you wound your queen. GRIMBLE (to the owlets) Go now -. the enormity of the canyon becomes clear. Kludd cowers at the door -. but it’s now or never. Deep down -... Once they’re on it. lift off -. Grimble? Grimble slashes. then harder.) What would happen then? They turn to see NYRA at the door. Grimble keeps her busy -. Grimble is using all his strength and skill to stop Nyra from getting at Soren and Gylfie.a surprisingly ferocious fighter. They lose altitude. Soren and Gylfie may not be ready to fly. which sets some of Grimble’s papers on fire. every ounce of her energy. Soren and Gylfie are terrified. Gylfie..S. As they fight they knock over an oil lamp.. She’s possessed -she uses her talons. They have no choice -.

She sees that the owlets are gone and SCREECHES -VARIOUS SHOTS Around St. Grimble wraps his wings around her and becomes a deadweight. they swarm Nyra and Grimble -as Grimble intended. various sentries (wearing battle claws) respond to her alarm. EC 05 THE AIR Grimble and Nyra plummet deep into the canyon. rising. but their instinct is to protect their queen. EC 03 GRIMBLE’S QUARTERS Grimble is losing. THE AIR Soren looks back. (CONTINUED) EC 05 . GRIMBLE’S QUARTERS Nyra charges. she’s formidable. together.. their lives depending on it. Even as Grimble’s life ebbs away. arrive. all wearing battle claws. Instead of chasing Soren and Gylfie.. she flies after Soren and Gylfie.. Aegolius.. surrounded by a phalanx of sentries. As she does. struggle against the powerful cross-currents. but fly as fast as they can.EC 03 CONTINUED: 41..! THE AIR Soren and Gylfie. Nyra gets ready to strike the death blow. THE CANYON Nyra finally heaves Grimble off and. The owl sentries. so they fall out the window. he holds on tight to Nyra. Nyra’s gaining and. even wounded. NYRA (as Grimble smothers her voice) Follow the owlets! Follow -.. Grimble breathes heavily as he drags himself along the far wall (near the window).

. the canyon turns more boxy -with a rocky overhang. Soren and Gylfie come together.there! GYLFIE (worried) Soren? Where? SOREN The air tunnel! Gylfie shakes her head -. A current blows them across the sky. Soren realizes if they enter one they’ll be invisible to Nyra. Nyra and the sentries follow -..this way -..CONTINUOUS ACTION As they fly through this canyon... He sees it getting sucked into a point deep in the box canyon. Follow me. Soren falls -. walls on either side. EXT.then flies -..EC 05 CONTINUED: 42. EC 05 SOREN Gylfie -. move apart . it’s as if the air goes three-dimensional -.they fly up to an altitude higher than Soren’s so they can get a better view. SOREN Alright? Soren gestures -..and he and Gylfie fly through an almost impossibly narrow kind of tunnel in the stone.she doesn’t see it. (CONTINUED) * * * * * * ...just look forward. Gylfie! SOREN * * Ahead of Soren and Gylfie. As Soren and Gylfie enter an area with more rocky overhangs.but Gylfie just tumbles. full of needle-like stone spires. SOREN Gylfie -. Soren sees something: for just a fraction of a second. SPIRE CANYON .and takes them towards an adjoining canyon filled with tall spires... Soren gets his bearings as best he can -. they move into the densest area of rocky spires. but she nicks her foot against the stone.. She’s small enough to mostly make Jell-O.

She doesn’t raise her voice.EC 05 CONTINUED: 43.NYRA’S QUARTERS . What kind of soldier are you? I’ll hardly present you to the High Tyto. KR 01 INT. now! Kludd bows his head in shame.. Moving through the fog is a strange sensation -. And then they’re pushed upward. NYRA is furious. EC 05 The honeycombed rock make it impossible for Nyra to follow. Aegolius to tend to her wounds. and afraid! I might have been killed. She’s merely “disappointed. THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CANYON . AEGOLIUS . Grimble got her quite well. They move deeper into the fog. and emerge to skim through the sky.. anxiously. SOREN .almost like swimming. exhilarating flight. SOREN We need to find a place to hide. But she sees there’s no way forward.MORNING Kludd cowers before Nyra as a nurse-owl tends to her wound. This is real. EC 06 EXT. ST. Soren glances back and above. does it feel the way you thought it would. along the top of cloud. She flies back to St. KR 01 EC 06 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) . GYLFIE I just can’t see where we are. it’s so viscous.CONTINUOUS ACTION Soren and Gylfie plummet out of the narrow rocky tunnel and practically shoot into the clouds.” NYRA Weak. under the moon? Gylfie shakes her head.

this looks very different from that. Hey! DIGGER (O. KR 01 NYRA Did you forget? An owl who turns his back on his breed is no brother to you! KLUDD What if I replaced the Tyto I lost? NYRA (intrigued) .NIGHT Now the clouds have finished.. if you don’t. will you present me to the High Tyto then? NYRA I’ll tell you.S. using what he learned in branching with his father.his hunting instincts kick in and he flies down toward it. but.. how? KLUDD If I do.a marshland. trying to guide his landing -. you’ll be blunting your beak on pellets..KR 01 CONTINUED: 44. FY 03 EXT. SOREN Do you see anywhere to rest? GYLFIE Sometimes in the desert we have floods. prone to flooding. MARSHLANDS . SOREN Are you hungry? Why? GYLFIE FY 03 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SOREN I think I see a snack! Soren sees a cricket on a reed -. neither forest nor desert -. Soren and Gylfie find themselves in an eerie landscape.he moves shakily. but catches it in his talon..) (CONTINUED) .

We were just looking for a place to hide and rest. DIGGER (twitchy) Yes -. who follow. No. DIGGER Oh! Nice hunting. Soren is not as impressed as Digger thought he’d be. from which he’s been watching his prey. a totally different way of seeing to Soren and Gylfie. brushing off the dirt as he goes.well. FY 03 Soren comes face to face with DIGGER.FY 03 CONTINUED: 45. quick on his feet. Soren peers into the burrow and offers the cricket “back. and ends up in a little burrow.” SOREN We didn’t mean to take your cricket. to catch a cricket that’s already been caught! SOREN You hadn’t caught it. DIGGER I was very close! I’d been following it for -(seeing Gylfie approaching) An ambush? Well -. You could join me and my friend? Thank you. no! SOREN In the ground? DIGGER Digger rushes towards a tree. It’s fantastic! I mean guests! (CONTINUED) . a burrowing owl. wide-eyed and jittery from his hardscrabble existence here. DIGGER It’s been so long since we’ve had an audience.I bet you didn’t count on this! Soren braces as if Digger’s going to attack. we all need that out here. who rushes out from his concealed burrow. He seems alive to everything on the ground. But he suddenly digs.

DIGGER No. Digger bustles Soren and Gylfie into his hollow. there might be a bit much for you out here. TWILIGHT SOREN He’s at least four Gylfie can’t believe Twilight’s size. at a surprising pace -.FY 03 CONTINUED: 46. TWILIGHT If you came to the marshlands looking for adventure.. of a kind.MOMENTS LATER FY 04 It’s strange inside. It’s leaky. it’s alright! friend. GYLFIE How’d you come to be here? DIGGER My friend and I are entertainers.. who is enormous. built for two very different-sized owls. thank you.Digger’s eye twitches. SOREN Quickly -. Whenever he hears some outside noise -. Sometimes we just don’t travel to the best places. Soren and Gylfie look up to see something enormous making its way into the hollow. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . times as big as her. Welcome! ... furnished with whatever its dwellers have scavanged.over-attuned to the dangers around him. FY 04 INT. he reacts to SENTRIES approaching in the distance. Rain drops through -.that’s who we need to hide from... but it is shelter.and then it’s blocked. no.a fox or a wolf howling -. This is clearly a hard place to live. DIGGER’S HOLLOW . It’s my Soren faces the glowing eyes of TWILIGHT. FY 03 Digger reaches a baobab tree and scampers into his hollow. We travel.

. Twilight shakes his head: they’ll get hit.. TWILIGHT We do more than that.FY 04 CONTINUED: TWILIGHT (CONT'D) Still. SOREN (trying to be impressed) I’ve seen. He tunes it as they speak. TWILIGHT Yes you do -. hungry) Did you find anything out there? A rich bounty! TWILIGHT * Twilight puts out what he found. It’s the three of us who travel together. myself. a not-inspiring mix of beetles and bits and pieces. and reaches for a crude kind of lute. TWILIGHT (to Soren and Gylfie) Which I hope you’ll share with us. * DIGGER Are you planning to stay? (CONTINUED) .be our audience. 47. Gylfie is amazed by it. FY 04 GYLFIE You must be at an advantage. Digger and this lute. Twilight smiles.. SOREN We don’t have any way to repay you. a hollow’s where you make it. if it comes to it. DIGGER (anxious. me. Not that I mind a fight. TWILIGHT It gives me something to write songs about. And anyone tries to harm any one of us. the digging.. made of horn.

we’re going to my home. really.MORNING RH 01 * * * * * * * The sun rises. GYLFIE To be honest. Twilight. SOREN Twilight.. there. (CONTINUED) * . Soren. berries. ON THE GROUND ..CONTINUOUS ACTION Digger picks the leaf of a plant and carries it up to the others.he’s really starving. We’re getting closer to Tyto Forest. There’ll be vole. the Tyto forest. TYTO FOREST .. anything you’d like. a little piece falls off and spirals downwards to the ground.... Gylfie and Digger burst through cloud.. So are Jatt and Jutt. too. leans back and sings a kind of Celtic owl blues (whose words we don’t understand). as he sings. RH 01 EXT. If you’d like to come with us. FY 04 SOREN Tomorrow. SKY OVER FOREST . Do your parents like music? (nods) Very much.. We REVEAL that Kludd is flying with this Pure One squadron. going with an owl your size would probably help us.. I could properly thank you for your kindness. Digger sees a plant on the ground.. He thinks it over. EXT. TWILIGHT Sounds like it might be worth a thought.NIGHT Sparks scatter off hot coals as a Pure One squadron flies through the night. with a surprisingly good voice. It’s urgent -we have to tell my Da about something awful. and he hurtles down.FY 04 CONTINUED: 48. Digger’s eyes go wide -.

BRANCH . He lands on the branch outside his hollow and sees that it’s all burned inside.. GYLFIE Thank you. SOREN RH 04 Soren flies up faster. SOREN This looks familiar.. Gylfie and Twilight come to join him.. RH 01 THE SKY . We are. friend. there’s all kinds of useful things on the ground..LATER Soren and the others fly over a rising embankment -still green -. and sees that the whole area’s been burned. scratches around pockmarks in the earth. getting closer. It can’t be. Digger.. (CONTINUED) * * * * RH 06 * * * .SAME TIME Digger lands to investigate at ground level. He picks through to find a few coals nestled in the burnt bits of grass. RH 06 EXT. He loses interest in the knitbone. FOREST FLOOR .and then react to some wisps of acrid black smoke rising. He can’t bring himself to go inside.MOMENTS LATER DIGGER It’s knitbone! When we can put it on your foot..AS BEFORE TWILIGHT It’s the worst forest fire I’ve seen. Soren speeds up. as he tries to fight the realization something awful has happened.. RH 04 We must be * TWILIGHT EXT.. THE AIR NEAR TYTO FOREST . He makes his way to the hollow. it’ll help your nick heal.RH 01 CONTINUED: 49. DIGGER Oh.

P. who’s coiled up in a corner (around Eglantine’s burnt doll. MRS. P’s voice -. PLITHIVER Get out! Be gone! Haven’t you done enough. Or bats.CONTINUOUS ACTION Mrs. PLITHIVER (amazed) Soren! You’re alive! Are you alright.RH 06 CONTINUED: 50. followed by the others. (beat) What happened here? (CONTINUED) . to HISS and rear up. Twilight enters from overhead -. Mrs..MOMENTS LATER RH 05 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Charred. coals got dropped from the sky. in fact). DIGGER No.. RH 05 INT.they’re each others’ link to their past. Mrs.provoking Mrs.and he runs inside. Twilight signals the others to wait. He goes in to investigate and likely fight. RH 06 GYLFIE It doesn’t look like an accident. They hear a small sound coming from the hollow. Digger flies up holding a coal in his talon. P! SOREN MRS.SAME TIME Soren hears Mrs. SOREN They’re my friends.. HOLLOW . P! SOREN HOLLOW . birds did this.. my dear? Who are these owls? Soren pets her soothingly with his wing -. Plithiver. already? BRANCH .

. my dear. I was in the forest. and the terrible weight of what’s happened sinks in. PLITHIVER Oh.? (can’t believe it) They’re all gone! Oh. I don’t even know if our flying’s good enough to take us there. then. It was too late. It’s what my Da would have done. SOREN (quietly) . SOREN It’s going to be a long way. MRS. Soren can barely take it in.. MRS. (CONTINUED) .you mustn’t. He picks it up. the Guardians. PLITHIVER You shouldn’t stay here. Soren. Soren sees that she has Eglantine’s burnt doll. still glowing. It kicks up embers. Soren? GYLFIE SOREN (with more resolve) I have to go to the Guardians of Ga’Hoole. The doll drops out of Soren’s grip. SOREN They’re all gone... Soren looks up to Gylfie and the others. GYLFIE Of course I’ll come with you. and their whirl makes the burnt mural glow. RH 05 MRS. They’ll know how to stop those owls.... PLITHIVER * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The others lower their heads in sorrow.. By the time I got back -it was all burned.RH 05 CONTINUED: 51. too. and I heard the most terrible noises. What if they came back? No -. Soren.

SOREN (kindly) Do you know the way to the Sea of Hoolemere? TWILIGHT I could find it.RH 05 CONTINUED: 52. Slave owls can be seen doing the exhausting work of enhancing large dents in the Beaks. we’re each other’s family now. either. THE STONE PALACE . (CONTINUED) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * KB 01 * * * * KB 02 * . I knew there. KB 01 EXT. Nyra lands on it. why they called us orphans. friend. She is followed by a line of other Tyto owls. We have been since they took us to that place. I’d like to go to the Kludd. But we can only go as far as the shore. with military precision. building.she will. is impressed -. carrying sacks of Flecks with them. RH 05 GYLFIE Soren. including Kludd. Plithiver slithers around behind Soren -. Digger and Twilight look at each other. too. if we can. In the Beaks. As it gets dark.. take into view: KB 02 THE STONE PALACE Non-Tyto slave owls are still clearing. too. more bats arrive. forms we recognize from St. I can’t go back to the desert. embellishing an old site on the side of a mountain.. Mrs. SOREN I’d be honored to fly with you to the shore. We MOVE AROUND -. TWILIGHT We’d like to help you.DUSK At first we see a sandstone platform extending into dark space. Digger’s not much chop over the ocean.

KB 02 CONTINUED: 53... THE STONE PALACE . I’ve brought you an offering with beating of them holds Eglantine in its talons. But Metal Beak keeps his face hidden from them. Behind them. overwhelm. but more like a supplicant. The place is scaled to Kludd takes it all in. KLUDD Your Highness! -NYRA (terse) Be quiet. climbing higher and higher up the building.. NYRA Master. Your new soldiers. something Kludd notices and is about to comment on. Your Lordship. angled away in a (sort-of) Roman battle helmet. You still have to earn favor in the lord Tyto’s eyes.. The whole platoon proceeds into the palace. METAL BEAK. (CONTINUED) * . Kludd and the other Tyto owlets follow suit. Tested and pure. NYRA KB 03 Kludd’s interest grows. She looks terrified. more Tyto guard owls land -. as he follows in Nyra’s wake. Nyra isn’t behaving with her usual imperious manner. mesmerized. INT. KB 02 As she draws nearer.LATER Nyra and the others walk inside..MOMENTS LATER Nyra bows her head as she approaches a throne. is obliquely visible -on a kind of throne-perch. an owl sitting in grand regalia. KB 03 TEMPLE/THRONE AREA . until they reach. and even from where he’s standing. NYRA (to Kludd and the others) Bow your heads. Nyra flies up to meet Metal Beak. he tries to catch sight of Metal Beak..

Mrs. Kludd and his mates march. JG 02 (CONTINUED) . METAL BEAK Are these owlets ready to fight? Kludd is looking for a way to distinguish himself. Soren! Digger clambers down. and then more definitely. though there just isn’t much around here. needing to touch earth.DUSK Soren. RUINS . above the River Hoole. cautiously. ABOVE THE RIVER . JG 02 EXT.KB 03 CONTINUED: 54. Plithiver explores nearby. KLUDD We are ready to die. JG 01 EXT. KLUDD Ready to fight? Mm? METAL BEAK * * * * * * * * * * Nyra looks pleased. and then flies back up. Plithiver pops her head out. SOREN Are you enjoying flying.GOLDEN Twilight’s lute flies through the air -. Digger scratches around looking for food. PLITHIVER (it’s a surprise even to her) I think I am. not far from the shore of the River Hoole. with military precision. The river extends as far as they can see. come forward. KB 03 She gestures. Gylfie.and then Mrs. Mrs. Metal Beak gestures. JG 01 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Metal Beak looks surprised by this upstart. Twilight make camp in these abandoned ruins. as she comes to enjoy the air rushing over her scales. Plithiver? MRS. The fliers are heading over a stunning landscape. come forward and.

I’m sure even Lyze of Kiel had to close his wings every now and then.. But.’ . in case Soren didn’t realize he was speaking for them.. Twilight subtly glances at Gylfie and Digger.. TWILIGHT (continuing the story) And then the Guardians flew back through the black cloud! SOREN Da said they were ‘mists.JG 02 CONTINUED: 55. Digger’s delivery hardly scares Soren or Gylfie. TWILIGHT It was Lyze of Kiel who’d learned the Hagsfiends’ weakness! He led the charge and those miserable beasts withdrew to the canyons of Perrock! SOREN (ready to move) We shouldn’t spend too much time here talking about the Guardians. if I can close my wings for the day. SOREN Of course. JG 02 TWILIGHT (telling a story) And then the Guardians turned and saw rows of Hagsfiends coming from behind them. Soren. I’ll fly faster at night. too! Hagsfiends? GYLFIE * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) TWILIGHT Horrible creatures! Half crow. not when we could see them! TWILIGHT I know. Not when we’re close. still.. half owl! DIGGER They say they roam out in the Beaks.

this was the battle song that Lyze of Kiel sang. Twilight looks up the river. and Twilight’s song carries out over the hills as Soren and Gylfie drift to sleep. as he led the charge against the Hagsfiends. But * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * JG 02 * * * * * * * * * * * * * TWILIGHT Well. SOREN He did mention a gate once. And they say. GYLFIE (sleepy) One day. calls up -DIGGER We must be close to the Sea! The shell moves -.this is no song he’s heard. in a language we don’t understand. sleepy. but it’s lovely.he’s got it. grabs a seashell. which extends to the horizon.a HERMIT CRAB scuttles out.DAY The fliers are in the air again.. we’ll have our chance to see who’s right. He flies back up into the sky. no black cloud. Twilight starts to SING. nestles into a (momentarily surprised) Soren. Ah! DIGGER Then Digger grabs the crab -. There is a faint dull roar that’s audible. Digger harmonizes. when the river ends. Gylfie. JG 02 EXT.JG 02 CONTINUED: 56.. JG 02 TWILIGHT You must stop interrupting me. as if they’re coming closer to the sea. Twilight. THE RIVER HOOLE . The ground is getting sandy. TWILIGHT But there is some time to go. surprising him. I’ll teach you a song from the desert. Digger clambers down to the shore. (CONTINUED) ... Soren looks skeptical -.

Up ahead. MRS. TWILIGHT But. JG 02 GYLFIE Can you hear it? TWILIGHT We can share the crab at the Shore -. is it getting dark. too. It’s crows. Twilight looks somewhat torn... the black cloud is something we have to get through. PLITHIVER (confused) It’s cooler! Soren. And these crows. canyon grows visible. They billow around the fliers -. I don’t think we have to fight them. JG 03 A LOW CANYON . already? Twilight sees it first. They fly towards and into..not meaning harm. I think this is the black cloud. Twilight. TWILIGHT (calmly) It’s not getting dark. SOREN Twilight.LATER Cliff shoots up on either side. GYLFIE I’m sorry you won’t get to meet the great warriors at the tree. But their intention is hard (for the fliers) to read.JG 02 CONTINUED: 57. the sky is getting darker -.before we part ways.but in streaks. SOREN I’m sorry we won’t get to hear any more of your songs.. (CONTINUED) * * * * * * * * * * * * . a low * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * JG 03 * * * * * TWILIGHT I wonder if that’s that Gate your Da spoke about. Up ahead...

Digger sets the hermit crab down. ECHIDNA My dear! How far you’ve flown! This is not a region known for being kind to snakes. The Echidna looks irritated -. He moves to catch it. JG 03 He tries to move forward but can’t. PLITHIVER I am.CONTINUOUS ACTION Soren and the others gingerly land.this is not respectful -and Digger stands straight at attention. I say you should let these through! (MORE) .JG 03 CONTINUED: 58. In the b. But I want to know who you are? MRS.. And if my words mean anything to you. Plithiver. JG 04 THE ECHIDNA’S PERCH . PLITHIVER ECHIDNA This is my shore. near? Sh! ECHIDNA Are we The Echidna directs his speech to Mrs.g... And I say who may pass. but welcome. sir. TWILIGHT * * * * * * * JG 04 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) The crows more clearly herd the fliers. ECHIDNA I go by many names. SOREN I seek the Guardians. Won’t budge. It scuttles a couple of inches away. SOREN You want us to go down there? Towards a little outcrop on which sits an ECHIDNA.. Who are you? MRS. or was. SOREN ‘The gate’ Da spoke of.. nurse snake to this brave young owl.

ECHIDNA (pleased) Then you may all pass by. She can see the way. ECHIDNA (to Soren) Tell me why you seek the Guardians? SOREN (sincerely) I have to tell them of a wrong that’s been done in the owl kingdoms. stop talking. Soren and Gylfie look to Twilight and Digger.and escape over the side of the rock. JG 04 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * She * * * GYLFIE And we have flown some way to come here.JG 04 CONTINUED: MRS. 59. PLITHIVER (CONT'D) They have good gizzards and mean you no harm. (CONTINUED) . but it shifts his focus to the ocean. TWILIGHT (grumbly) . nods. I have my eye on you. SOREN We fly on this bearing? ECHIDNA Follow the whale’s fin and then you will see Glaux. Digger looks disappointed. And I wish you luck! The hermit crab finally manages to scuttle away -. It looks clear as glass. Gylfie looks to the sky -. TWILIGHT Maybe it’s immaterial to you! The Echidna gestures.the stars are visible.. friend. yes.. ECHIDNA That is immaterial.

(CONTINUED) . Twilight beams. We flew so far together.) And of course you. This is the shore.. P. and now we’ll be parting. (to Soren) I hope to see you again someday.I think I could reach it. (to Mrs. I’d be food for some other creature. friend.. Are you sure? It’s so clear. So you should go further! Digger looks over the clear sea. As they fly off. yes! Without any one of them.. agreeing) Mmm. TWILIGHT Alright. yes! As an echidna needs all its spines. TWILIGHT DIGGER * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ECHIDNA (overlapping. so a band needs its tracker.. its navigator. That is material.JG 04 CONTINUED: 60. gets louder) All my spines cover me. JG 04 TWILIGHT (reluctantly) Well.. ECHIDNA (starts softly. my dear. Not just hear of them. DIGGER And I would like to. The crows part. its leader.. the Echidna calls. You’ve all come this far. see the Guardians. friend. its fighter. and the band flies up into the sky and off towards the Tree. DIGGER Twilight -.

do you think? Twilight glances back to the shore -. OCEAN . over the middle of the Sea.. He sees one icy flake coming towards him. And fog is starting to obscure the stars in the sky.. the echidna said.. . SOREN So far we reached the black cloud and the gate. Digger’s breath condenses in the cold. They’re better off flying on. JG 04 ECHIDNA (faintly) When you’ve flown as far as you can. then.barely visible. when we’ve gone as far as we can.. DIGGER Ah -.. you’re halfway there! IN THE AIR .how much further to go. He notes how the mist is thickening. good! We must be halfway there. DIGGER Oh..LATER MG 01 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The fliers head out. we’re halfway there.JG 04 CONTINUED: 61. but she puts a brave face on... MG 01 EXT.SAME TIME DIGGER (not quite hearing) . As he says the last line.. GYLFIE (encouragingly) Digger. Digger is already tired. The tree must be on the other side. on his rock. But all the calm has gone: the ocean’s getting wilder underneath them. what did he say? Gylfie did hear. as long as we’re going by my flying.. We’re in the mists.

At least. desperate. Soren. I’d like to see their sleet! Really? DIGGER I’d rather not! TWILIGHT (getting pelted) Ah! This is worse than the marshland! (to Digger) Shake your wings. MG 02 SAME SCENE . He makes out little flashes of patterns in the air and the rain. he sees a path through the worst of the storm. GYLFIE Just keep this way. If there were somewhere I could just rest for a moment -- * * * (CONTINUED) . keep the water out! Too much weight. the two smaller owls don’t have to fly quite as hard as they did. SOREN (to Digger) Can you fly in my wake? Digger and Gylfie nod. SOREN This must be the reason they wrote poems about these mists! Of course the Guardians’ mists wouldn’t be like normal ones! TWILIGHT If these are their mists. But.62. and you’ll go right down! Digger tries to shake them out. Digger? like that? TWILIGHT Why are you flying * * DIGGER You know how I fly. For just the briefest moment. This is the right bearing. flies ahead to see if there’s a way out. The fliers struggle to keep going. friend. and have to yell to make each other heard.LATER MG 02 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Sleet fills the sky.

He dips a little and feels how turbulent the currents are below. MG 03 LOWER ALTITUDE MG 03 * * * * * * * The currents are fierce. separating Soren from Digger -. but it’s pointless. TWILIGHT * Look! * * GYLFIE Digger. too. TWILIGHT We have to find the island. can’t fly properly either. DIGGER I think. A wave emerges from the ocean. suddenly. MG 02 It’s not that. He blinks. drops too -.and then Gylfie. Soren bursts forward as best he can -.anything to keep it from happening. P nearly falls out and he has to catch her -. Digger can’t take it anymore. Plithiver is freezing up. He tries to brush them off. (CONTINUED) * * * . Digger sees his wing is in fact covered in shards of ice. goodbye! Digger drops. it’s your wing! It’s icing up. And he sees how violent the currents are in the seems as if Digger’s been taken by the seas.but the currents keep them further apart. catch him -. Digger! TWILIGHT Mrs. too. His talons are now full..MG 02 CONTINUED: 63.. Soren’s blasted by gale forces. Mrs. He * * * * * * * Soren feels his face freezing. He tries hard to see Digger and. who’s nearer to him. moves his beak -.or tries. There’s a moment of desperate eye contact between Twilight and Soren -And Soren realizes it’s up to him to save Digger. Then.and Twilight catches her. when he has made him out. getting heavier for even Twilight to carry.

BARRAN Can you fly with me? Soren nods -. but little points of light -candles -. The sun is setting.five of us. GA’HOOLE TREE . SOREN (gets the words out) There are -. ancient-looking way. I know. a graceful. a female snowy. in the updraft. Winter means it’s leafless.. striking. emerging with Digger in his talons.MG 03 CONTINUED: 64. AG 03 INT. a gnarly volcanic plug. a civilization.BARRAN. Soren is astonished -. They all fly in towards the tree’s entrance at its base. BARRAN * * * * * * * * * * * * AG 01 * Soren has to blink back the frost and watering in his eyes. he can. Boron keeps shooting past him. it almost looks like rock as much as tree. a AG 03 * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) . too. together -Yes.a vision -. The tree takes up almost the whole some of the branches.CONTINUOUS ACTION Magical and dreamlike in here.though his vision is still obscured by sleet. Waves crash against its rocky shore. powerful snowy white owl. MG 03 And then -. The tree is everything Soren would have hoped for: city. a whirl of activity.. organic. Stark against the wintry sky. As they approach the tree. two more Guardians emerge to form a flank. crashes through the sea spray.BORON.and then his head turns as another GUARDIAN whooshes by his other side -. but Soren forces himself to see -AG 01 THE ISLAND OF GA’HOOLE The tree is magical. in an unexpected.

Healers! BORON * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPEO -..but he makes himself remember why he’s here.. Meanwhile. and they all disappear into the healing hollow -TWILIGHT (protectively) I’ll come with him. ah.AG 03 CONTINUED: 65. gentlemanly burrowing owl -flies down to join Boron. an old. AG 03 Soren. Alright. wherever he looks -. But no one is quite in charge. voice -Then Soren raises his SOREN We have to report a terrible injustice! (CONTINUED) .we have to report. Up ahead. Nurse-snakes join him. to take in these new arrivals with sympathy and curiosity. the tree’s normal inhabitants come out and line the tree’s levels. need to warm them up! We’ll just Speo gestures..whether it’s the tree’s power system or its inhabitants’ studying or playing or practicing their skills. Boron and the other rescuing Guardians are taking off their armor. yes. despite his weakness. He puts his wing to Digger.. SPEO (reassuringly) . He would happily stand here and just take it all in -matron owls surround Soren and Gylfie and groom them.. their bugs and grit washing off -. He says to everyone who passes: SOREN We have to report -. keeps his eyes open to see something extraordinary.a doctor. caught in the whirl of activity. SPEO Did they land in the ocean? BORON We caught them in the mist! Speo puts his wing to Digger’s forehead.. SOREN is agape.

your highness. And then -.. quite awed by it all. by themselves! To spin. STRIX STRUMA. Apart from them sits EZYLRYB. SA 01 INT. Soren and Gylfie try to contribute. as far as we could. a fairy-tale?! Ezylryb coughs in support of this idea. A short pause.AG 03 CONTINUED: 66. and turns to face him -ready to hear and take this seriously. ALLOMERE. my owls and I returned from our broad search only a day ago. in begins. STRIX STRUMA M’lord! It beggars belief to think these brave owlets would fly.. Boron sits as mediator. and the Parliamentary crosstalk mostly happens over them. we saw no evidence of them.without any warm-up period -. the finest armor! And it’s not that we couldn’t fight them -Of course not! STRIX STRUMA (CONTINUED) . AG 03 Boron hears Soren speaking up. He’s surrounded by Barran. ALLOMERE Boron. but they are awed. GA’HOOLIAN PARLIAMENT HOLLOW . And then you found us. too! SA 01 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * BUBO Yes.if these owls do have metal -.they could make armor! What of it? BARRAN We have armor.about a dozen owls. BUBO -. scratching himself (we may not even see him yet). BUBO What concerns me is -. As compelling as these accounts of these horrors are -.I must say. We reveal we’re in a majestic parliament hollow. quite weird. Soren and Gylfie stand at the center of the room.NIGHT SOREN We flew over the ocean. SPEO.

ALLOMERE (overlapping) Perhaps he’d write a nice poem about it from his hollow! While the rest of us.young owls have been known to embellish. Strix -. Ezylryb. too! But I say caution! When the losses could be so many! EZYLRYB (overlapping) For a cause such as the one the boy described? For a violation of the peace so blatant? (MORE) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) . while the rest of us had our talons deformed.. we must engage them. ALLOMERE Does that notion strike Ezylryb as amusing? EZYLRYB What cheek! To cover yourself by besmirching these fliers! ALLOMERE Perhaps my good fellow... no. Ezylryb makes a oh-ho-ho chuckling wheeze and then coughs. if there is malice in the gizzards of these -STRIX STRUMA (overlapping) Indeed! If these so-called Pure Ones are real. regardless of their trappings -(to Allomere) I wonder why m’lord feels they aren’t? ALLOMERE (overlapping) It must be said.. how armed should we allow them to be. wishes us to race back to a fight! EZYLRYB (overlapping) No.. SA 01 BUBO But how long should we wait.SA 01 CONTINUED: 67. well..

EZYLRYB (plainly) And you would argue with that? BORON I will not argue with it. owls! We’re trying to seek the truth -The truth? Everyone looks at him.. EZYLRYB M’lord perhaps a sharper set of eyes would do the trick -ALLOMERE (chuckling) M’lord. (beat) Allomere -. you can judge the winner! Strix and Boron put up their wings and block him. BORON Mildly. SOREN Sir. and my family is gone. These owls burned my hollow. perhaps Ezylryb thinks it should be his sharp eye! . You have one moon.I’ll fight you right now! Boron.SA 01 CONTINUED: EZYLRYB (CONT'D) So powerful! Of course I’d fight! What other course to take! and your owls. Boron. we were kidnapped. They killed my Ma and Da.. Soren’s sincerity quiets the room. a broad search of the owl kingdoms. What luxury! EZYLRYB Good Glaux! SOREN Do BORON We’ll need to be thorough. the truth is. SA 01 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) Ezylryb FLIES up to be right in Allomere’s face. EZYLRYB And if you think I’m a coward or I’d simply urge others on -.

SA 01


69. SA 01

EZYLRYB No, not mine -- Strix’s! BORON Allomere is the commanding owl of search -- and that is that. Boron bangs his gavel -- the session is over. Parliament breaks up, and Soren and Gylfie are swept out, too. As everyone leaves, they’re surprised to note that even the most vehement opponents in Parliament now speak like friends. Soren makes an effort to approach Boron. SOREN Sir? Boron? Your highness, can I ask you a question? Of course. BORON

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

SOREN We thought you might send an army to that terrible place right away. BORON No, we don’t make haste. We never have. A search party’s recommendation guides our course. That has always been our way. Soren nods -- coming to understand it’s a positive resolution. Boron smiles and addresses Soren and Gylfie. BORON We recognize your courage in having flown here. We hope you and your friends will stay in the tree, and study with us. We’ve prepared hallows for you. Soren and Gylfie, overwhelmed, nod. We hear Bubo as he leaves... BUBO (muttering) If they’re right, sounds as if there could be a lot more armor to be made... The exception to all the politeness is Ezylryb, who brushes rudely past Allomere and the others. He wipes his talon as if trying to get rid of the aftertaste.


SA 04

EXT. GA’HOOLE TREE - BRANCH - NIGHT A full moon over the sea. on a branch. Soren and Gylfie sit outside

SA 04

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Beneath them, at the base of the tree, Digger (looking healed) and Twilight PLAY a song, surrounded by an appreciative audience of owlets. Soren and Gylfie look up to see, in full Guardian regalia, Allomere and the other SEARCHER OWLS zoom out. GYLFIE I know we thought they’d go to battle right away. But that search party is no small thing. SOREN It’s not at all. In fact, I wish I were with them. But he’s too young. Soren and Gylfie look out at the beauty of the place. He taps the branch with his talon, as if to convince himself that he’s really here. SOREN It’s just as Da said it’d be! (beat, he smiles) ... though he didn’t entirely mention the way they talk in Parliament! GYLFIE And that owl who argued so strongly for us! I’m glad he did. But he was so strange-looking! EZYLRYB (O.S.) (coughs, then) Oh? I thought he was very handsome! Soren and Gylfie turn and realize Ezylryb’s been standing there, listening to them. SOREN Were you... how long have you been there, listening? EZYLRYB Long enough. You might have spared me a thought and said something interesting sooner!


SA 04


71. SA 04

Ezylryb comes forward. Gylfie edges away from him slightly as if he smells. Ezylryb scratches himself violently. EZYLRYB Ohhhh. To be a young owl with a taste for adventure, arriving at the tree for the first time! And well done to hold your own in there. Some more nice strong gizzards... the tree always needs them... Ezylryb is talking, but he looks them up and down. EZYLRYB Well... excitement tomorrow! (drawing it out) Ex-cite-ment! Soren beams as he anticipates what great things might come tomorrow. INT. TREE OF GA’HOOLE - GA’HOOLOGY - NIGHT Boron underlines a word on the board. And then drones on, in front of the fliers. Everyone’s bored but Soren, who’s fascinated. BORON The first owl to come here found the tree, growing right out of the rock, under the constellation of the Great Glaux. He took it as a sign, and began to build on the knowledge the Glauxian monks had gathered! SOREN Are the mists around the tree always as harsh as we found them? BORON No, not always -- and Guardians know the ways through them. They have been helpful at times in keeping us safe, though. TWILIGHT (whispers) Hey, Digger -- he really is Borin’. Digger laughs.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

. So. The fliers are in here. truly.. Digger has the giggles now. SEA OF HOOLE’MERE SHORE . to find where they’re going.NIGHT A dome arches over the owlets. the crows all cower. Truly. Boron. Boron raises an owlish SOREN Can we read the tree’s chronicles? Is the library really as vast? I want to know about the battle of the ice claws! Boron simply nods.72. your highness.NIGHT Allomere converses with the Echidna (silently) and then leads the other two searcher owls off and away. FD 02 INT.CELESTIAL NAVIGATION ROOM .Boron. CONTINUED: Twilight? BORON What did you say? * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * FD 02 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) TWILIGHT I said you truly were -. STRIX STRUMA The mists that surround the Ga’Hoole tree can make it hard to see the skies. Gylfie is particularly interested. GA’HOOLE TREE . eyebrow. TWILIGHT You know what that sounds? more Borin’)! SOREN (cutting him off) Twilight! EXT. they use the stars! (MORE) (Even . But. we’ve brought them inside! Strix puts a slide in and reveals on the dome -STRIX STRUMA Glaux! (beat) Owls use their gizzards to find home.

which expands the iris and reveals a whole new ring of outer constellations. are vast! Gylfie is entranced -.this one. Strix moves a lever.. the Whale. BUBO’S FORGE .this one -. BUBO This tree. the owl kingdoms. as he CLANKS. it can be harder to see connections -. Gylfie lands. STRIX STRUMA (impressed) Well done. the whole island is powered by nice fresh coals! Ah? We need a constant new stream! (CONTINUED) . GYLFIE (modestly) We can see it from the desert.LATER The class sits around Bubo. GYLFIE This one -. (beat) But sometimes.the “new” constellations reflect in her eyes. nay. beating out a piece of metal for armor. flying between them. He turns to address the class. It’s from here that he lights the dome up. STRIX STRUMA Of course. 73.FD 02 CONTINUED: STRIX STRUMA (CONT'D) The constellations’ names can be the Eagle. INT. but not the stars that actually constitute it. as Strix lights the full sky up in the dome. Would someone like to try? Strix reveals the eagle. and the constellations in the sky... FD 02 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Strix puts in more slides to reveal: STRIX STRUMA The Serpent.. using coals and magnesium. Gylfie flies up and actually points out the stars.

he doesn’t care. BUBO (satisfied) Ahhh. any old flame will do... BUBO Welcome. to warm food! Sure. FD 02 DIGGER .bearing blue coals from a forest fire... They hold them in a kind of modified battle claws.. BUBO Ahh.FD 02 CONTINUED: 74. colliers! busy tonight! You’ll keep me Soren and Gylfie are both taken aback to see Ezylryb among the colliers... like steel! Bubo masterfully tosses a handful of different Flecks into the forge. but he’s so engaged. Like these! BUBO The blue ones! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Bubo holds the coal up (using a modified battle claw so he doesn’t get burnt) to impress them all. (CONTINUED) .. to find the hottest one he has. I can get to mixing metals to make stronger ones. why can’t you just use the fire you have going? BUBO (mild contempt) Ohh! To light candles.. But. The heat singes his feathers. He melts them down... to get ‘em. once! That’s how important it is! (beat) When the coals are brought in. and every king we’ve had here fetched coals for it... our best fliers dive into the forest fires. including Ezylryb -. As the sound of a nearby landing.. (with pride) To make armor! To make battle claws! We need the hottest! The most bonked coals! Bubo shuffles around in his little pile. Bubo kicks open the gate to his forge to see a stream of collier owls coming back...

He reads the chronicles of the battle of the ice claws.MORNING The library is amazing.FD 02 CONTINUED: 75.NIGHT Coals here in the burnt-out Tyto forest. DC 03 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) . DC 03 INT. Bubo looks approvingly at how blue they are. FD 02 He comes inside and tosses his fresh coals into the batch. Many of the documents in here have a little red mark at the bottom (so many. It was my Da’s favorite story. Allomere and the searcher owls. you’ve got good taste in authors! I like his poems better. At its base is that little red mark. Soren looks distressed by what he’s been reading though. full of sympathy. GA’HOOLE TREE . vast. And mine. Soren sits in here. before flying off and on. TYTO FOREST . alone. shuffling rudely through papers. in fact. doing his own research. Ezylryb comes inside. myself. burning the owl equivalent of midnight oil. eh! SOREN It’s the battle of the ice claws. EZYLRYB Well. inspect Soren’s old hollow. EZYLRYB Doing some wee-hours reading. that we barely notice it). SOREN I’m more interested in battle histories. BUBO Now I’ll show ye how armor gets made! Who knows? One day you might be fitted for battle claws! From the coals in Bubo’s forge -MATCH CUT TO: EXT.LIBRARY .

.. Why’s that? EZYLRYB * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) SOREN Are these chronicles true? Oh yes. Read some poems. EZYLRYB Mmh.DC 03 CONTINUED: 76. Like hell.. hard to read. EZYLRYB Ezylryb makes a sound.. It’s almost first light. Come on. EZYLRYB SOREN Then the battle wasn’t at all as my Da told it. Well? EZYLRYB SOREN In these chronicles.. the battle sounds.. maybe I will be more interested in poems now. No? EZYLRYB SOREN Da always made it out to be a great. just keep that up! SOREN (upset) . He said -every owl in the kingdoms who knows of him thought Lyze of Kiel was a great hero. And don’t scare yourself with old stories. SOREN Were there really so many Guardians lost? . victory. DC 03 EZYLRYB (offended) Ah! If you wish to remain a wild owl. boy. Soren nods.

Me. EZYLRYB Me. that I need to read ‘em most. didn’t it? It brought the peace! The chronicler says -. too.. doesn’t mean it was glorious to look at or live through.TRACKING CHAW . TWILIGHT This is where he said to meet him. boy. Ah.GOLDEN Vegetation at the base of the tree (maybe even a cultivated garden). Soren and the rest of the chaw are gathered here. (CONTINUED) . GA’HOOLE TREE .. Soren shakes his head. too: that battle was right and just. But after reading about it all -EZYLRYB It got rid of Surtr. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * DC 01 * * * * * * * * * Ezylryb takes an ancient piece of lettuce from his things and offers to split it with Soren. DC 03 EZYLRYB (sadly) Yes. who’s blending in. SOREN There are so many questions I wish I could ask whoever wrote this. Speo gives them a grin at how clever he’s been. SOREN How can I read these poems now? EZYLRYB I find it’s when I’m most shaken. too. SOREN It says so. Ezylryb takes the chronicle away and replaces it with poems. So many. But you saw in the Chronicle.DC 03 CONTINUED: 77. Some brown leaves blow away and unmask a little hollow -to reveal Speo. DC 01 EXT.

and wings.put it down. scratching around. though skeptical. (CONTINUED) . SG 02 INT.. Twilight and the others look.. SPEO Ga’Hoole sits on black rock -which doesn’t make it easy to track.but Speo restrains him.. On seeing what others don’t! Digger. all happy to be here. filled with moths and many other caterpillars. Digger and the others get the message -. don’t you think? (grins) See this rock. puts the caterpillar down. you young owls.NIGHT The moths and caterpillars that Digger found sit on the table. an owl’s only as good as his eyes are sharp! Everything we do relies on observation. The caterpillar recovers. Digger calms his usual frantic gaze and sees something of note first -. of course.the tiniest trace of a caterpillar’s trail. Digger.follow him. When he finds it. Gylfie. and feet. but if you ask me. SPEO But wait -. Soren and the other fliers tuck in. but looks up in agreement at this. and just see rock. Digger rushes to follow the track to the caterpillar. DC 01 SPEO An owl is made of parts! A gizzard. Look closely at it.. He follows it. he’s ready to cram it into his mouth -. but mud is for amateurs. and it inches toward. Ah. Soren. doesn’t see anything worthwhile yet.DC 01 CONTINUED: 78. SPEO * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SG 02 * * * * Speo gestures -. a little’s worth waiting. DINING HOLLOW .

. Soren grins. SOREN I wonder how the searcher owls are going. Soren pats Mrs.SG 02 CONTINUED: 79. DIGGER (solemnly) And I just want you to know. If I hadn’t been away from the hollow -SOREN Then they’d have killed you. the nurse snakes here are so very gifted.. MRS. PLITHIVER Oh. too. helps to dole out food to the band. Mrs.this makes up for the cricket. looking rejuvenated. Mrs. SOREN Mrs.. PLITHIVER It’s weighed on me. Thank Glaux you were there. I’d never have done any such thing. PLITHIVER Your parents would be so very proud to see you. PLITHIVER . Plithiver! MRS. Soren. He catches sight of the moon. midway through its cycle. to help serve food to the others on the perch. a student at the tree! And I am proud. thank you for bringing me here. then unburdens herself.? And * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * . Plithiver. Plithiver slithers on. SOREN You look so well. P gently with his wing.. I’d have understood. too. if you’d wanted to leave me in Tyto. She glides up and nestles around Soren comfortingly. MRS. to tell us. Soren -. Soren. MRS. SG 02 Mrs. Plithiver.

Kludd. KLUDD Da and his stories! Now we’re not just hearing a story. look around for signs of the fliers’ story. walks Eglantine across the expanse of the Stone Palace. and then move off. Eg.NIGHT Allomere and the other searchers have landed at Digger’s hollow. too. Now I just think he told them wrong. Kludd looks angry. KLUDD It’s overwhelming. EGLANTINE I miss Ma and Da. We’re really living one! We’re making one of our own! (beat) I always thought Da’s stories never really happened. KLUDD Where was Da when the Pure Ones came? EGLANTINE He wasn’t far.80. We’re strong. But the other owls in the kingdom have to see it and be overwhelmed by it. They alight. Eglantine shrinks at its size and strangeness. SE 01 EXT. trying to play older brother. We MOVE WITH them. By our strength! EGLANTINE I don’t think I’m overwhelmed. SE 01 * * * * SP 03 INT. STONE PALACE . I know.NIGHT Kludd.. You’re with me now. KLUDD EGLANTINE SP 03 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * KLUDD Don’t be. Then what? I’m scared. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . Eg.. He and Ma were out looking for you. MARSHLANDS .

You only have to understand -EGLANTINE I know where I’m from. SP 03 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) From here. Eglantine can see the nearby burning forest. like the Devil that did this! Kludd points to his scar. ‘sometimes.. you need to destroy first. EGLANTINE Kludd.. they will! They’ll remove want from the kingdoms! They’ll take hunger from forests! 81. And this time. have you forgotten? KLUDD I’ve remembered. And then. We need protection! From the creatures who’ve taken over our air and lands.. EGLANTINE Why are they burning that one. maybe you belong here -KLUDD We both belong here! We’re both Tytos! Metal Beak will protect us both. then? Why do they want to destroy everything? Everywhere they fly. Kludd. KLUDD EGLANTINE Kludd. Who should have won. you can recreate!’ EGLANTINE The kingdoms don’t need to be recreated -KLUDD Eglantine.. whose hunger do you mean to remove? Ours. From animals. I’m a Pure One! . they fly with coals! KLUDD Metal Beak says.SP 03 CONTINUED: KLUDD (CONT'D) (beat) It’s the Pure Ones who were right.

. The chaw looks at one another. MOONBLINKING CHAMBER . Eglantine sees the look on his face.CONTINUOUS ACTION As a beam of light comes down on her. I promise I won’t tell anyone what I’ve seen here. Eglantine realizes -. SP 03 Nyra flies overhead en route to Metal Beak. Eg. When they’re finished. rhythmically.SP 03 CONTINUED: 82. they turn to the chaw: BARRAN And now -. Kludd is overwhelmed.NIGHT Bubo’s clanking carries up here (faintly) and provides a rhythm as -Outside on a branch. but do it with a great amount of wit and play. GA’HOOLE TREE . Please take me home! Alright. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SP 04 * * * * * * * * EL 02 * * * * * * * * * * * * * EGLANTINE Kludd. She’s in full battle regalia. Can we go? Tomorrow.. in love.BUBO’S FORGE . playfully. INT.she’s been left in a moonblinking chamber. using kendo-like sticks. They are fearsome fighters. EL 02 EXT. (CONTINUED) .. I just want to go home. Soren and the rest of the class watch with some awe as STRIX AND BARRAN FIGHT over and around them.. SP 04 KLUDD EGLANTINE KLUDD But first. Just rest. acrobatically and with great relish.’s your turn! Beat. KLUDD INT.NIGHT Bubo HUMS contentedly to himself as he CLANKS armor. GA’HOOLE TREE . not sure how to proceed. She is terrified.

The searcher owls look sorrowful -how could we have missed this? Allomere sees the line of bats moving off in the sky. NEAR ST. Silently. AEGOLIUS .. STRIX STRUMA (to the two of them) Barran tosses hers * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SE 03 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Go! SAME SCENE . TWILIGHT (a bit humbled) Ah.. the searcher owls follow the bats and where they’re going. In contrast: CC 02 INT. to Soren. St.. which they’ve blended into.. SE 03 EXT. Aegolius looks even more ominous than ever before. getting used to its weight and feel.LANGUAGE CHAW .LATER Allomere and the other searcher owls elegantly lift up and away from the rocky canyons. as Twilight doesn’t want to hurt his friend. but I do usually use my lute! Strix tosses her branch to Twilight. But they both come to enjoy the drills as they move acrobatically through the air. GA’HOOLE TREE .EL 02 CONTINUED: 83.. TWILIGHT Cawcawcawcaw! CC 02 (CONTINUED) . It’s a funny exercise.LATER As Soren and Twilight play-fight. EL 02 STRIX STRUMA Twilight? Boron said you’ve been waiting to fight. Twilight clearly has the advantage in size and skill. yes. and Soren juggles the branch..NIGHT The class looks crazy as they practice crow with Barran. They skillfully fly past the sentries and see the expanse of the operation.

covered in vegetation. Allomere hovers mid-air. High rocky * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) Allomere and the other searcher owls have followed the bats here. TWILIGHT (abashed) Caw caw caw.the CRIES of baby owlets and they expertly advance towards them. The other owl flies to help his fellow and falls in pain. One searcher raises his wing and points -About a dozen owlets cry from the beaks. The chaw laughs. not wanting to approach.just faintly -. even as he calls back. They even have their own songs! (recite-sings) Caw caw caw caw caw! Soren and Gylfie look at each other.CC 02 CONTINUED: 84. EXT. she sounds crazy. easing up. Twilight. Allomere! SEARCHER OWL Allomere watches from a distance. He seems to be torn. And then -NYRA (O. you make it sound like poetry. whether to advance or pull back. One of the searcher owls is suddenly paralyzed mid-air.. but when we speak the language of the other birds. CC 02 BARRAN When you speak crow. when they HEAR -. outcrops rise. BARRAN It might sound simple to our ears. Two searchers approach but.. agonized as his friends fall. THE BEAKS . but it’s charming. wincing.S.) (calls) Yes! Allomere! Come! .DAY A landscape at once dangerous and elegant. new kinds of knowledge are opened to us. at the last moment.

Its light catches and illuminates tendrils of energy. NYRA I expect you to bring them back in daytime. yes.even though it’s losing strength -is horrified to see -Allomere joins Nyra.. NYRA (mocking) Yes. I didn’t think they would be in such pain.VIEWING PLATFORM ..BATS fly towards the Fleck triangle.and equally enjoys seeing Allomere’s discomfort. NYRA You didn’t think they’d call your name as they flew in! Allomere turns away. writhing in the pit. We can see now the field’s been created by three enormous sacks of Flecks. They’re all jittery. you knew it would happen. hidden in the Beaks. Even if it is to rescue downed owlets. showing the fleck pit. The flecks’ connections are invisible until the moon rises. CC 02 The searcher owl -. when you see the consequences of your betrayal! ALLOMERE It is true. (CONTINUED) . dear. He flies with her to the Stone * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * EXT. NYRA If you’re having second thoughts.CC 02 CONTINUED: 85.GOLDEN Nyra watches with some enjoyment as the Guardians writhe -. Allomere looks down at the owls. STONE PALACE . As the sky darkens -.. unable to stand it anymore. It’s just different. Palace. you are welcome to join them.. ALLOMERE The Guardians will never fly right into something so visible.

Why wait? Nyra hands the moonblinked owlets to Allomere. ALLOMERE He says his name is Soren. into. it must be bats.and let the Guardians come. I’m pleased those owlets found your tree. but they have no gizzards to be affected. INT. From his training post with another Pure One soldier. ALLOMERE Well? Do you have the bait. STONE PALACE .. She picks one. Horrid things. NYRA Go back to your post.CC 02 CONTINUED: 86. interested. listening in. CC 02 But some of the bolder ones approach to see if they can bite into the Guardians yet. like a parody of a mother. Yes. NYRA Take these to the tree -. NYRA Allomere. and Allomere follows her. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) . The Flecks work! The trap is set. ALLOMERE Must it be bats who bleed them? NYRA I’d do it myself. Is one of them a Tyto? Aye. But I can hardly get closer to the Flecks than you can. to lure the Guardians with? Nyra withdraws. strolls among the moonblinked owlets they have in here. then another. KLUDD Of the owlets who found the tree. Kludd watches. Nyra looks down and realizes that Kludd has flown over. I tell you..MOMENTS LATER Nyra.

EXT. all looking a little worried as thunder cracks. Nyra is impressed by Kludd’s cold-bloodedness. CC 02 Kludd’s eyes narrow. Ah! ALLOMERE NYRA That should help. But he still NYRA What is it? ALLOMERE I only hope the Guardians will believe my story. Your sister? NYRA * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * KLUDD Let Soren see what Pure Ones do with Tytos who forget their real kind.EVENING Allomere. Allomere has the owlets.BRANCH .CC 02 CONTINUED: 87. hesitates. EZYLRYB Tonight. Eglantine in one talon and the other moonblinked owlet in the other. driving rain lash the Ga’Hoole Tree. even the slowest of you should be able to feel the gutters! The currents in the rain! (MORE) (CONTINUED) . take this one with you.. flies off. Nyra smiles -. the fresh gash on his face. and picks out Eglantine. EXT.she slashes his face with her talon.NIGHT Thick ropes of a pounding. KLUDD Then. He goes through the moonblinked owlets.. STONE PALACE . The chaw sits outside. GA’HOOLE TREE . who looks completely zombified. Well? He’s ready to go.

EZYLRYB See! Find a good meaty one and you can fly faster. bends! (beat) The air currents warm in different ways. takes it all in -. not wanting to repeat his experience on the way here. you just have to know what to look for! Ah! See that one? Great fliers can see currents like these on days that are clear as glass. I am teaching you to see where’s the air’s thicker. 88.and tries to withdraw into the tree. CC 02 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Ezylryb points at different ways the rain is bending -EZYLRYB A scupper! (points) A swillage! (points) Yes! Baggywrinkles! Digger.. on the branch. (MORE) * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) . most of all? Digger reluctantly comes back outside. GYLFIE (whispers to Soren) Know what? What’s he talking about? EZYLRYB Young miss.CC 02 CONTINUED: EZYLRYB (CONT'D) (looking at Soren) Some of you with better gizzards might’ve slipped into ‘em on the way here! But I’ll show you how to find them. from the sky to the ocean! You can’t fight ‘em! You have to feel ‘em with your gizzards! (beat) Gutters are the broadest ones -He points.. easier -. warmer. EZYLRYB Burrower! Shouldn’t you know this.

Strix once let me hold my wing overhead. Use your gizzard! Trust it! Trust it! Fly inside! Soren flies through the raging storm. the “ropes” get knottier. Ezylryb turns his attention back to Digger and Gylfie. plenty of rain manages to get through anyway. great. EZYLRYB (calls to Soren) Keep going! Follow it all the way to the outlying islands.CC 02 CONTINUED: EZYLRYB (CONT'D) (beat) But I thought this was the best way to make it. He puts his wings over them. they’re so tattered. EZYLRYB He sees it! (calls) That’s it. Ezylryb stays closest to Gylfie and Digger.. EZYLRYB Don’t worry -. if you can! As he flies. who are soaked. completely unperturbed. EZYLRYB Can you see where it’s ropy? Ezylryb takes his focus off Soren for an instant. Soren sees the gutters. EZYLRYB Oh... They start to cross and make it harder for him. come up! Fly out! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Soren is first. like this! (CONTINUED) * * * * * * * * * * * * . come alive for you all! 89. But when he glances back. but as he gets deeper. like a gentleman.. thank you! Well? EZYLRYB Come up... and we see them.I’ll guide you! Gylfie reacts. he sees Soren flying headlong through a gutter in the rain. and shield her. The others join him to fly deeper into the rain. CC 02 * * * * * * GYLFIE Yes. too.

I guided you into that twister. CC 02 Ezylryb keeps watching Soren.EZYLRYB’S HOLLOW .. and nothing like that -EZYLRYB You’ve got to reason to worry. boy. please! Do you need -No! TWILIGHT * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * EZYLRYB I have it! Ezylryb flies over to Soren. Even Boron would have a tough go of it out there. He picks him up and almost hoists him back while he’s groggy -. completely disoriented. I think you have the makings of a collier! Outstanding. down towards the ocean. I wanted to test your gizzard.. Finally.surprisingly expert. GA’HOOLE TREE . Good! EZYLRYB Come to my hollow then! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * INT. Soren spills out. back inside. SOREN Outstanding? I feel like my head was nearly wrenched off. and the pattern of gutters and cross-currents seems to be spitting him out. (CONTINUED) . who’s having a far harder time of it.LATER Ezylryb pours some tea out for Soren.CC 02 CONTINUED: 90. Ezylryb flies over to rescue him. EZYLRYB Can you get back to the tree? Soren nods. We flew a great way out here. EZYLRYB The rest of you. I confess. SOREN I don’t know what happened.

. Aegolius! When? EZYLRYB * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) SOREN They had us picking through pellets for metal. EZYLRYB The Flecks affected your gizzard? (concerned) Tell me more about these Flecks... but. Ezylryb sees Soren is really woozy.. SOREN I didn’t think they were for armor.. owls.. EZYLRYB .CC 02 CONTINUED: 91. don’t fly in! Soren can’t shake it. I got too close to a pile of the Flecks.. and they made me feel strange. SOREN (overlapping) Well. potion to steady his nerves.. by the way. SOREN I haven’t felt this strange since I was at St. metal gets picked up by mice. Ideas. mimicking the tornado that Soren all but flew into.. They were too soft. at St.. when you see the rain doing that -Ezylryb moves his talon.. carried along the food chain -coward’s way to mine it.. Aegolius. CC 02 EZYLRYB Yah. boy! I believe in testing things. He finds a little EZYLRYB Forgive me. EZYLRYB Whatever you do. even if Bubo says they can melt them with another metal to make something else.. I’m starting to wonder if Parliament was asking the right questions.

. Ezylryb rummages through his miscellany. I shudder to think. such as the ones who caught you. I might fly out there. The ones we were looking for were softer and darker..CC 02 CONTINUED: 92. watching over. EZYLRYB Mmh. GA’HOOLE TREE . pushes through the crush -. A CALL goes up inside the tree.. looking for some Flecks as a prop.a little box of metallic nuggets.MAIN ENTRANCEWAY .it echoes his arrival at the tree. but this time. He discards all kinds of things. CC 02 As he talks. curious. he is among the spectators. Plithiver rushes out with other nurse-snakes to tend to the new arrivals. till he gets to -. EZYLRYB Were they like these. I wonder what the uses of these Flecks might be. (beat) But it’s the Glauxian monks in the north who really study such things.LATER AR 01 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Soren... Soren’s attention is taken by -(CONTINUED) . of course. What happened? SOREN BORON Allomere found two owlets in the Beaks. Mrs. the ones you were picking? SOREN No. What’s that? SOREN * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * EZYLRYB (listens) Rescue! Downed owlets! AR 01 INT.? If they affect owls’ gizzards. He said he intercepted a party of raiders. Soren finds Boron... Bubo knows something about metals and their qualities and effects..

PLITHIVER Soren! Come fast! It’s Eglantine! Soren’s eyes go wide. Speo is standing over her.. cradling her head in his wing. SOREN Let me through! Let me past! Give her room to breathe! Soren stops short when he sees -Eglantine? SOREN He is simply shocked by her appearance. PLITHIVER (O. SOREN Eglantine. expected to hear. Soren flies up with Speo and Eglantine. and see. Can you hear me? Do you know who I am? Please.S. Eg. but there’s nothing behind it. it can’t be! MRS. Her tongue flickers -. who’s being carried...sensing something -. It’s me! . SOREN Can you do something for her? SPEO We’ll take her to the healing room.) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) Mrs Plithiver is among the group of snakes who’ve come out to tend to the newly-arrived owlets. P. PLITHIVER I know what we thought. Mrs. AR 01 Soren! MRS. Eglantine? SOREN Eglantine blinks.AR 01 CONTINUED: 93. This is something he never SOREN No.and then -MRS. Soren! But I'd know her shape anywhere! Soren pushes the owls away from crowding her.

(CONTINUED) . PARLIAMENT .AR 01 CONTINUED: 94. AR 01 Eglantine doesn’t. But they were more gravely injured by the Raiders. INT. but there isn’t much they can do.Allomere sits in the middle of the chamber. BORON And you think further raiders will come? I do. STRIX STRUMA If we make haste? ALLOMERE I pray we can bring them back. ALLOMERE BUBO I’ve already run your claws on the whetstone for you! BORON Good -. being questioned by the Parliament. BUBO How did they wound them so? armor was superb! Their * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ALLOMERE The cowards used the owlets to shield themselves. eventually -.we’ll need them sharp.but we had to protect them first.MOMENTS LATER A whirl -. STRIX STRUMA How many more owlets are there? ALLOMERE A dozen in the Beaks! BUBO And the ones you went with? ALLOMERE (sorrowful) I was lightly wounded. thank Glaux. Twilight and Digger surround Soren to try and offer him some support. We got them. Gylfie.

Yes. SOREN Is that your mark? Yes. my sister’s at the tree! But. and prepare to fly out. EZYLRYB’S CHAMBER .. Ezylryb puts up a wing to stop Soren from speaking for one moment.. He then rummages through his things for a red stamp. while he finishes the thought. Soren comes in to plead. SOREN Were you there? Oh yes. AR 01 BUBO (overlapping) Sharp they’ll be. by contrast. EZYLRYB SOREN So you wrote the Chronicle of the Battle of the Ice Claws. she’s moonblinked! And I just don’t know. rising) To arms! To arms! The Guardians put on their armor. too? Ezylryb nods. To arms then? ALLOMERE * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) GUARDIANS (one by one.. He puts the stamp on the poem and looks up. EZYLRYB . Soren? now? EZYLRYB What can I do for you But Soren is now freshly-astonished. Ezylryb was in the middle of getting ready to go to the Glauxian monks when a poem occurred to him. EL 01 INT..MOMENTS LATER EL 01 Quiet. so he’s now writing it out. SOREN Ezylryb. not wanting to stop his flow.AR 01 CONTINUED: 95. I don’t know what to do.

I tell you because of who I am. EL 01 SOREN As a. You have to listen to your gizzard. You’re Lyze of Kiel. SOREN You’re Lyze of Kiel. What? SOREN EZYLRYB I tell you in flight. funnily enough. you won’t be -.why go by Ezylryb? EZYLRYB All the owls at the tree know who I am. And it shouldn’t matter if my name is least you’ll know.. scribe? As its leader. And that battle is a distant memory.EL 01 CONTINUED: 96.and I know.... (beat) That’s how a Guardian should act. There’s nothing important I can say. who defeated Surtr?! The same. When you do what you think is right. for young owlets like you! SOREN Why didn’t you tell me? EZYLRYB I keep telling you. you did as your gizzard told you. even when you’re not thanked afterwards -. Except. But my days as Lyze are well behind me. . SOREN Lyze of Kiel was my hero. or my name is Ezylryb. EZYLRYB * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) Soren can hardly believe it. EZYLRYB SOREN But -. And everywhere I can.

(beat) This is their tree.LATER Eglantine lies on a mossy bed.Lyze? EZYLRYB Yes -. My gizzard tells me it’s pressing. exactly. She doesn’t know who I am. She doesn’t remember me. EL 01 EZYLRYB Fancy it must be hard meeting your hero and seeing what it looks like to’ve been in battle. pours his heart into it. What can I do? EZYLRYB She doesn’t remember you? For Glaux’s sake! Make her remember you! With that. he really AR 04 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SOREN Eglantine? Can you hear me? (beat) We used to play together. Never had a hero myself. Soren walks inside and As he talks. SOREN It’s not awful. So I count myself lucky. It’s their real tree! (CONTINUED) . leaving Soren behind. puts his wing on her forehead. In our hollow in Tyto forest. HEALING HOLLOW . SOREN Ezylryb -. I’d read them to you.yes again? SOREN My sister’s here.EL 01 CONTINUED: 97.. Ezylryb flies out his hollow entrance. AR 04 INT. EZYLRYB Well. I’m leaving for the monks.. We told each other stories about the Guardians.

by the end of his speech. the rest of his band. SOREN Remember when your first pellet came out? It was disgusting.. You saw mine.. Eglantine! SOREN Eglantine looks a bit cowed by seeing the others around her. ... (CONTINUED) . AR 04 Soren focuses intently on Soren. Soren cries and kisses her on her forehead. EGLANTINE Then.. around. I’m so glad you’re here! I really am! MRS. It was embarrassing. He barely notices as. SOREN ‘You fool! To trust Surtr!’ I didn’t think I’d see you! Eg. SOREN It’s alright.. This is Ga’Hoole. SOREN Remember? Mrs. ‘Noo!’ Eglantine blinks. Eglantine nods -. Soren? EGLANTINE He clowns * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The light comes back in her eyes. we’re not at home? SOREN No. Plithiver was there.‘I’ll show you their pellets’! And Kludd and I said. one after the other. including Mrs. come inside and.. P.. Soren. they’re all in here. Keep talking. We’re at the Guardians’ tree. P said -. You’re not supposed to remember them.AR 04 CONTINUED: 98.this does sound familiar from when Soren said it earlier. PLITHIVER Keep talking. too. Mrs.

SOREN Of course he did. she’s been through a great deal. (CONTINUED) .. To have made it through what you did. Miraculous! But.. Allomere brought you in... EGLANTINE No. SPEO You must stay EGLANTINE SOREN * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * AR 06 * * * * * * SPEO (overlapping. soothing) Shh.but he’s one of them! Soren -.MOMENTS LATER Speo puts an avuncular wing around Soren. he brought me here -. dear -But Soren wants to hear what she has to say.. you must have a real strong gizzard. GA’HOOLE TREE .Kludd gave me to him! It’s a trap! Kludd and Allomere are part of it! Sh. SPEO It’s wonderful she remembers. he didn’t rescue me.HALLWAY . EGLANTINE (to Soren) Soren. dear. He took you from those raiders. EGLANTINE .AR 04 CONTINUED: 99. AR 04 SOREN Eg. Soren -Let her speak! Sh. you have to stop them! AR 06 INT. calm. Thank Glaux Allomere rescued you! Something about this jaws Eglantine..

It’s not her mind playing tricks. But it can still be the mind. GYLFIE We follow the whale fin. GA’HOOLE TREE . and I do.. You won’t go by yourself. but you must trust the knowledge of the tree. confused. (beat) I have to go find the Guardians. TWILIGHT Well. (beat) Soren.. It’s the right thing to do. we’ve seen the Pure Ones. EXT. they would have gone. and considers it. (beat) I have to go. AR 06 You heard her. He considers it. friend. That’s what I think it is. Speo goes back inside the healing hollow. SOREN Speo might be a healer. Gylfie and Eglantine fly out of the tree and over the Sea of Hoolemere. I need to tell them it’s a trap. Twilight. But he doesn’t know Eglantine. playing tricks. They’re capable of anything. Reluctantly.. shutting out Soren and his little band outside. Soren thinks. DIGGER . to tend to her.AR 06 CONTINUED: 100. But Gylfie and I. It’s how . The mists today are relatively calm. Soren nods. couldn’t the Guardians work it out themselves? SOREN They are the Guardians. SOREN It wasn’t * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) SPEO No.LATER Soren.. I know it’s hard. it sounded lucid.

and he and Ezylryb pore over it..which way did the Guardians fly? The Echidna gestures with his arm. their way into here.. Ezylryb and the MONK standing guard exchange a glance -.. Ezylryb flies down to the monastery. AR 06 With some trepidation but complete resolve. TT 01 EXT.. SEA OF HOOLEMERE SHORE . GLAUXIAN MONASTERY .NIGHT The fliers pass by the Echidna’s spot on the shore -SOREN (calls down) Echidna -.before Hagsfiends came upon them. may Glaux remember ‘em. MONK It was the brothers in Perrock who studied such things -.NIGHT A snowy landscape. Ha! Ezylryb and the Monk corkscrew GM 02 GM 01 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * MONK To inquire about Flecks! EZYLRYB And whether a weapon could be made from them. GM 01 EXT. ECHIDNA But their bearing was not straight! They flew towards the Beaks! TWILIGHT Did your crows see? (CONTINUED) TT 01 . He blows the dust off it.. I come on business. GLAUXIAN MONASTERY . they fly on. GM 02 INT. EZYLRYB old friends..AR 06 CONTINUED: 101.LATER A dusty old library. The Monk thinks and browses to find the right volume. a flat structure.

showing them the path. Once the fliers’ course is clearly set. TWILIGHT (thanking them) Cawcawcaw caw! CROW (in response) Caw caw caw. The CROWS hover for a short moment. APPROACHING THE BEAKS .LATER As they near the Beaks.LATER The crows fly for a ways with Soren and the other fliers.TT 01 CONTINUED: 102. to see little scrapes in the rock. TWILIGHT (to the crows) Caw caw caw? The Echidna gives them his nod. DIGGER You said there were bats at that awful place? (CONTINUED) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * . GYLFIE The Beaks are vast. the fliers naturally show more caution and start looking for signs of the Guardians’ presence. that’s enough out of you! EXT. Should we have come -Digger flies out in front and around. EXT. TT 01 The Echidna nods. SOREN I don’t see them. and make sure our heroes are on the right path. as if they don’t want to go on any further. the crows start to get agitated. THE AIR . He sees bat guano on the ground. and the crows rise to meet Soren and the others. before turning back. DIGGER It’s true! You do make it sound like poetry! TWILIGHT Ah.

There’s not even a finch out there! . TWILIGHT (ready to fight) Let’s go! Twilight takes out his lute. mid-air.the Guardians’ low hooting MOANS reach them -.wait. For what? TWILIGHT * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) SOREN It’s not right..and Gylfie flies close to the ground. DIGGER There are bats here. SOREN (clenched whisper) Twilight -. The fliers hide behind a large outcropping of rock to get their bearings. She’s the first to see: GYLFIE (horrified) Soren -. My gizzard says we should stop here. Maybe they’re worth careful. until he stops. but -. The Guardians are trapped. too.TT 01 CONTINUED: 103.Soren does. and flies forward -. too. They fly on -. but with a look of growing concern. TT 01 Soren nods. TWILIGHT So? We’re looking for the Guardians. pinned and flailing on the ground. TWILIGHT I don’t see anything stopping us.look. DIGGER These are the only tracks I can find. SOREN We should..

SAME TIME Metal Beak and Nyra are entranced by the sunset. Metal.and sees how the rock doesn’t quite all measure up -. INT. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) Digger looks at the rock -. I see them.VIEWING PLATFORM . the sun is setting over the mountains.. that the monks of Perrock were not prepared to fend us off.the clouds -. Now. either... DIGGER Those three grooves in those Beaks? There are nests in them. . METAL BEAK Sad. I’ll wager. Soren flies as close as he dares. he compares the Beaks around them with the ones in front -.. they knew their business with these Flecks. Finally.the bats are ready. From inside the Stone Palace comes the sound of flapping and scraping -..TT 01 CONTINUED: 104. SOREN They’re filled with -DIGGER SOREN Those Flecks that hurt my gizzard. m’lord? NYRA METAL BEAK It would be cruel to make them wait.. TWILIGHT Then we can’t get any closer either? Stunningly. SOREN Not a single owl. TT 01 No. Too big for birds.the leather sacks of Flecks are (just) visible to the observant burrower. STONE PALACE . too -as well as the Guardians’ pain.the vegetation.

as it does. What do we do? GYLFIE * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SOREN We can’t let them bleed the Guardians. Digger picks up a rock. He gives a signal and a messy cloud of bats comes forth -. to form a barrier between the Guardians and the bats.TT 01 CONTINUED: 105. a kind of battle march to keep their spirits up. waiting for.a messy volley. and start their SCREECHING journey towards the Guardians. Twilight swings his lute. THE MOON peeks over the mountains. They have no gizzards.. SOREN They won’t be affected by the Flecks. feeding.. Digger and I came across a field of them once. TWILIGHT Have you ever seen bats feed on downed animals? It’s revolting. which are quite beautiful.... on the plains of Lage.. But the bats see them too. it illuminates the Fleck tendrils and makes them visible to -THE FLIERS who are astonished by the tendrils. SOREN AND THE BAND See from their vantage point that about fifty bats have flown out of the Palace: they circle and swarm to get their bearings. (CONTINUED) . The little band advances. for a moment. He SINGS softly but rousingly. TT 01 Metal Beak does wait. Soren and Gylfie snap off branches en route to use as weapons...

to double their weaponry. You can break it with fire! The monks snap their staffs in two. boy! (to the monks) Told you he’d be here -.assuming it’s an enemy -. MONK Soren. EZYLRYB Tonic to see you. They see the trap. It’s up.. faster fliers than Ezylryb -Go to the boy! SOREN’S BAND EZYLRYB Soren starts -. it’s alright. We’re here SOREN You’re the monks.TT 01 CONTINUED: 106.the monks say there’s a way to break the triangle. EZYLRYB The trap is up. yes -. Is Ezylryb with you? Ezylryb appears behind him a moment later.. The monks are * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The monks give it their all in flight. SOREN (the bats) Ezylryb -EZYLRYB Yes. forming them into a flank -- (CONTINUED) .when he sees one of the Monks approaching. though. Ezylryb issues orders as the bats regroup. Ezylryb flies as fast as he can with four monks. too. TT 01 FROM THE OTHER SIDE approaching the Beaks. You can lose it. this one -(re: the Guardians) Watch you don’t get too conceited.he’s got a good gizzard. to help you. too.

TT 01 EZYLRYB I’ll need you around me. EZYLRYB Go! They’ll be sending more than bats! SOREN I’ve never flown into fire before. getting messier to attack. if they’re whetting their appetite on some other birds. And you’ll use it to burn one of those fleck baskets! Ezylryb tosses Soren his “spare” battle claw. METAL BEAK Ah. Soren flies off. EZYLRYB Well. VIEWING PLATFORM . Some bats break through -. the bats keep breaking up into more and more clouds. first. Go! EZYLRYB As the bats surround the others. no one in their right mind would.she senses something is wrong and flies up to Metal Beak.. As they fight them. NYRA They should be bleeding the Guardians by now. you lot! Around me! (to Soren) Not you! What? SOREN * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) EZYLRYB You’re getting the coal. .TT 01 CONTINUED: 107.Ezylryb and the monks hold them off. they’ll still be hungry..MOMENTS LATER Nyra watches -. Go! Soren shares a moment’s heartening glance with Gylfie.

is still concerned.among their number is Kludd. Me? Now? KLUDD NYRA You wanted to be a soldier. TT 01 takes in a few additional Pure One soldiers who thought they’d be waiting until later -. troops and gives her orders -- She swoops towards the * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * NYRA First squadron at the ready! She sweeps around with her wing -. though. THE FOREST FIRE Soren flies up around the Beaks and into the fire. trying to hide in the shadows. the belches of updraft blowing him around. Towards a bed of coals so hot they burn blue. didn’t you? Submit to the orders of the High Tyto and soldier -Nyra sees Allomere. Fighting scalding updrafts. (beat) You’ll fight for us. or I’ll add a deep gash to join that light one. he has to get deeper. NEAR THE FLECK TRIANGLE The Pure One soldiers are visible making their approach. NYRA I can see you in the shadows. and it gets hotter.. On the uppermost level it’s just smoke. EZYLRYB (to his “soldiers”) Are you listening? We’re going to fight them into those Beaks! (CONTINUED) .. Don’t you dare think you’ll turn your feathers again. NYRA You’ll join them.. as he flies deeper into the fire. but he flies through and it’s almost a meditation.. Soren extends his claw downwards and picks one..TT 01 CONTINUED: 108..

. but the old warrior is enjoying himself in the battle. only just manages to tear a bat off his wing and fling it away. Digger and Gylfie are elated -.. Where there are more loose rocks and other natural features they can take advantage of.and then Digger “digs” and lets loose a flurry of rocks. weak. Even though their strength is waning. Amazing. and they see Jatt and Jutt.she lures a Pure One into a crevice -. you are a rude bunch! Gylfie and Digger fight in tandem -.. Gylfie and Digger lure them into a little ledge. Some clamber over the Guardians like flies. the Guardians try to protect the moonblinked owlets.Digger rises above them and lets loose a volley of rocks on them.victory! But then their field of vision clears. We need the advantage of that landscape! The fastest of the Pure One soldiers are approaching and Ezylryb lures them towards the mountains. JUTT * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Jatt and Jutt fly to attack. Forget the rest.. . Boron. Twilight uses his lute to smash who he can. TT 01 GYLFIE What of the bats? EZYLRYB Get the ones you can. amazing. Jutt. TWILIGHT Oh. Gylfie’s expression hardens. Jatt and Jutt wildly claw -. Ezylryb has only one good talon..TT 01 CONTINUED: 109. full of weakened limestone. (CONTINUED) . which take the Pure One down. It’s the talking pellet. JATT Look who it is.. FLECK PIT Some bats are starting to break through.

so it’s taken care of. He flies up and further away into a nearby system of branches. Soren reacts with a start -.) SOREN Kludd! You don’t have to fight with them.he leaps to a higher branch.the little twigs and kindling surrounding it catch on fire and burst into flames. you might have moonblinked Eglantine -. Why can’t you? * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) .. She remembered what her gizzard told her. too. Trying not to be seen.g. he manages to fly to a little area of vegetation just outside the perimeter of the fleck towers. just in time to HEAR SOME LOUD FLYING.TT 01 CONTINUED: 110. Soren is struck down by the power of the Flecks though. TT 01 SOREN surveys the scene from high up on a mountainside.. (In the b. he follows the edge of the mountainside as best he can. Still dazed. skimming the rocky mountainside. KLUDD I know the side I fight for. flying down towards a Fleck basket. tangling in its ferns and vines.the fire spreads to the second Fleck nest. and two monks tossing fire to the third one to melt it. KLUDD Is that what they did? SOREN Kludd. He holds the coal in his talon. And he recovers himself. He gets as near as he can without his gizzard failing and drops his coal into the Fleck nest -. till the Pure Ones started a war against us. Almost every line is punctuated by Kludd CRUNCHING after Soren Kludd CRUNCHES the branch below echoes the branching scene. SOREN There weren’t ‘sides’! There was peace. -. just in time -.but she remembered me. He tumbles.

From his position.a great sight to behold. Ezylryb. joined. while blocking the moonblinked owlets’ view. She’s * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The Fleck towers have been melted. who is. only to find himself surrounded by others. (CONTINUED) . There’s no way out.. Two Pure Ones land nearby. Ezylryb musters himself to fly over towards the Stone Palace. FLECK PIT In between slashing away the last remaining bats. emerges behind him. allows himself a moment’s rest. Bubo speaks kindly to the moonblinked owlets. Ezylryb sees Nyra take off and fly into battle from it. BUBO Can you come towards me? Nay? Well. Bubo stands to take care of them. It was over quickly. SOREN What happened at our hollow? KLUDD Not much. Kludd dodges. At least I found a way to use her. As Soren pursues. Soren.. enjoying this. he and Kludd get deeper into the main fray -. he looks over to the landing platform of the Stone Palace. Soren. like you’re weak. TT 01 KLUDD I thought she could be saved.. and the Guardians are rising like Phoenixes -. Ezylryb is perplexed and curious. We’ll protect you now! (helping them) Ah! Mind those falling embers. Now that the Guardians have entered the fray. nestled in a beak. IN THE BEAKS Twilight is losing it -. Our parents were weak.TT 01 CONTINUED: 111. quite old. a moment later. it’s alright. furious. now. by Strix. like a vision. charges Kludd.and closer to the fire.. Until Barran. after all.he attacks one Pure One soldier.

STONE PALACE Ezylryb lands. And Metal Beak comes out of the darkness and slashes.. you’d sacrifice our hatchlings? ALLOMERE Hasn’t the tree made many sacrifices? Under your kingship? Under Lyze’s? BORON Allomere shan’t be able to say my name in a moment! .TT 01 CONTINUED: 112. TT 01 BUBO Best if you look away shan’t count as one of them. METAL BEAK ALLOMERE And that I would be its * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) EZYLRYB Well -. The conversation is punctuated by fighting.. cautiously advancing. poised to fight. He and Ezylryb engage -.Boron fights Allomere. THE SKY Because. Boron wins. though it pains them both. Between slashes -BORON To betray your trust! To betray your oath! What did they promise you? The tree! King! Allomere attacks -BORON For that. Ezylryb sees Metal Beak’s empty throne.two old warriors. They push deeper inside as they fight. up here -. Lyze. Bubo matter-of-factly goes to get these nearby Pure Ones. owlets.

METAL BEAK The waters carried me to shore.and then little sparks become visible.advancing are fruit bats with blades on their wings. What the hell is this? Ezylryb braces only buys her time to escape. Nyra grabs a Pure One soldier in her talons. EZYLRYB * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) METAL BEAK See what we have built. He disappears into a dark passage. and put it between her and Strix -.TT 01 CONTINUED: 113. EZYLRYB You weren’t killed. to show real fear. NYRA is fighting Barran.and Nyra starts. slashing their wings. He peers into the blackness. for the first time since we’ve seen her. Lamentably.he and the bats tumble and fight. Ezylryb advances cautiously. They CHITTER and then surround him. Strix teams up with her -.Ezylryb slashes and wounds Metal Beak well.the Pure Ones won’t win! You’re a fool to believe them! . Two monks fly up to engage the bats -. TT 01 METAL BEAK Don’t you recognize me? Ezylryb does. There’s a strange noise -metal dragging on stone -. Ugh! EZYLRYB Unnatural! They advance -. doesn’t it? Enough talking -. SOREN Kludd -. pushing deeper into the forest Metal Beak reemerges to charge Ezylryb. to use as fodder. SOREN AND KLUDD fight. Lyze! The stone dwarfs your tree.

when Soren rushes through a gap in the Stone Palace’s architecture. Pure Ones! VIEWING PLATFORM The bats are finally defeated. when -Soren! GYLFIE (O.already wounded from her encounter with Barran. but it seems as if there’s nothing to be done.TT 01 CONTINUED: 114. NYRA To me! To me! (CONTINUED) . TT 01 KLUDD It’s going to be glorious. A curtain of fire billows up from below -and Kludd falls back into it. METAL BEAK (in agony) Ah! EXT. Soren sees that Ezylryb is flagging.) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Gylfie points to the Stone Palace. Pure Ones are scattering.SAME TIME Metal Beak’s cry reaches Nyra -. Gylfie and Digger fly over to join them on the viewing platform. Soren snaps out of his shock. Everywhere she looks. Soren and Twilight help Ezylryb out of the Palace.S.and then Soren pushes him back -powerfully. an old owl who is finally exhausted. Soren’s shocked by what’s just happened. He rushes the burning branch under Metal Beak’s helmet. He grabs a burning branch and flies through the window -STONE PALACE The monks are busy with the bats. Soren. Metal Beak is about to finish Ezylryb. Metal Beak is looking over Ezylryb. THE BEAKS . No hunger! No want! No weakness! Kludd charges Soren -.

we will have to emend the Chronicles. their eyes flickering with hope. with kinds of long boats. Mrs. to carry back the owlets who can’t fly.CONTINUOUS ACTION Speo. For a moment. watching above the tree’s guards. Mrs. They hear Boron before they see him -Healers! BORON (O. and the nights that followed.) As in the Old Ages.O. TREE OF GA’HOOLE . if you will.S..NIGHT GO 02 The moonblinked owlets look up into the skies.. EXT. Gylfie and Soren lean in to each other tenderly.. Plithiver waits next to her. (CONTINUED) . Rolling mists * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Eglantine perches on a branch. The Guardians upheld their oath that night..115. Ezylryb? EZYLRYB (nods) . SOREN Can you fly. SOREN (V. GO 02 EXT. EZYLRYB Boy -. TREE OF GA’HOOLE . AEGOLIUS . obscure it... Nor can they believe that they survived it. the Guardians land. so it was in the new. ST. Lyze.NIGHT The view from the tree out onto the ocean. INT. CONTINUED: They can’t believe the extent of the exhaustion and devastation. Strix is so wounded that she wobbles as she flies. Plithiver and the other snakes spring into action.) And then the Guardians (and the others) emerge from the mists.

. armor.O. BORON How are Guardians chosen? In the way they distinguish themselves in the clash of battle claws. and whispers. INT. SOREN (V..) They mended the broken.HEALING ROOM .O. GO 02 SOREN (V. BUBO’S FORGE .O. as well as Soren’s band. GA’HOOLE TREE . Twilight leans in to Digger. resharpens battle claws that have been blunted.) And began preparations for future struggles. stamp next to Ezylryb’s.LATER Parliament is hushed as Boron addresses it. GO 05 INT. SOREN (V..NIGHT Speo and the healers bandage the broken wings of owlets rescued from St. he CLANKS deep into the night.NIGHT Bubo HUMS to himself as he makes the new helmets. Soren records the history. certainly. GO 04 INT.. Aegolius.PARLIAMENT .WRITING AND INSCRIPTION HOLLOW NIGHT With Ezylryb.. BARRAN But Guardians should also be chosen for the size of their gizzard. TWILIGHT Still Borin’. GO 03 INT. GA’HOOLE TREE . (MORE) (CONTINUED) GO 03 * * GO 04 * * * * * * * * * * GO 05 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * He adds his own ..) They made strong the weak...) They vanquished the evil. SOREN (V.O.GO 02 CONTINUED: 116. alright... GA’HOOLE TREE .

themselves. Kludd -.we haven’t forgotten. their quality. EZYLRYB (calls out from his post) I know how these ones were chosen! We wouldn’t be here without ‘em! Or have you forgotten? BORON No -. GO 08 EXT.NIGHT Smoky. Soren and the others step forward to receive their breast plates. THE BEAKS .GO 05 CONTINUED: BARRAN (CONT'D) (to Gylfie) Or rather. thanks. abstract. BUBO How well they listen to the whispers of the ages. (to Soren) And so -. charred. TYTO FOREST .. It would be our honor if you did. but for the sakes of others. GO 07 EXT.. THE END . A small family of owls finds its way to the hollow where Soren grew up. FADE OUT.Spring. STRIX STRUMA How their hearts beat not just for themselves. All that’s been left of the scene is Metal Beak’s helmet. toys with it in his talons. 117.we hope you’ll join us as Guardians. You’re right. GO 05 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GO 07 * * * * Gylfie smiles. Leaves and shoots break through the burned charcoal of the forest floor.wounded but capable -drags himself. Kludd inspects once more.MORNING GO 08 But here in Tyto forest -. bringing their eggs with them -. No: the band are still honored.


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