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List of HEC Recognized Science Journals

List of HEC Recognized Science Journals

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Published by: M Uqaab Madni on Feb 05, 2012
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List of HEC Recognized Science Journals

The journals provided in the list meet HEC criteria for recognized journals and are approved as research journals by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Compiled by:
Shahzad Abbas Assistant Librarian Library Information Services COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Park Road, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad. Cell: 0321-6956080 Email: shahzad_abbas@comsats.edu.pk

Assistant Librarian 2 .List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) Table of Contents Criteria for Selection of Local Journals Selection of International Journal Category System List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) 3 4 5 6 Compiled by: Shahzad Abbas.

The journal should be regularly published. The journal published in any language other than English should publish abstract of each paper in English.gov. from Industrially/Academically advanced country in the respective discipline.gov.  Annual publication it should have published 2 issues in the last 2 years  Six monthly publication It should have published 4 issues in the last 2 years  Quarterly publication It should have published 8 issues in the last 2 years  Monthly publication It should have published 12 issues in the last one years  The universities / organizations interested to have their journals recognized by HEC should send gratis copies of the issues mentioned in the last column of the above table to HEC Library on gratis.  Fifty percent of the Board members should be from t he outside. The old journals published regularly should meet the following criteria in order to prove the regularity.  Peer reviewed: at l east by two reviewers (including one international reviewer [i . It should be Peer Reviewed. 3.  Annual publication It should have published 5 issues in the last 5 years  Six monthly publication It should have published 6 issues in the last 3 years  Quarterly publication It should have published 8 issues in the last 2 years  Mont hl y publication It should have published 24 issues in the last 2 years The New journals published should meet the following criteria in order to prove the regularity.pk/ 5.pdf Compiled by: Shahzad Abbas.hec.’ A journal published regularly.) ld be abstracted / indexed internationally. The meeting phrased the following definition of t he HEC Recognized Journal / Journal of International repute. peer reviewed by at least two reviewers (including one international) and abstracted /indexed internationally. The journal should have diverse Editorial Board / Advisory Board  The credential s of the Board members should be taken into consideration. having diverse editorial /advisory board.e. 6. It should the policy of blind review should be followed.  Abstracting and Indexing Services as posted on HEC website http://www. References should be provided according to the international standard as per policy of the journal. Assistant Librarian 3 .pk/InsideHEC/Divisions/QALI/QualityAssurance/QADivision/Documents/Criteria%20for%20HEC%20Journals. Source: http://hec. 4.List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) Criteria for Selection of Local Journals 1. 2.

com/JCR/JCR?SID=Q1IdkG4hadKgmAmbpEM) of ISI (www.gov. Assistant Librarian 4 .pk/InsideHEC/Divisions/QALI/QualityAssurance/QADivision/Documents/Recognition%20of%20International%20Journals%2 0by%20Higher%20Education%20Commission. Source:http://hec.List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) Selection of International Journal The International Science Journals having an impact factor and are listed in Journal Citation Report (JCR: http://admin-apps.pdf Compiled by: Shahzad Abbas.isiknowledge.isiknowledge.com) are considered as HEC Recognized Journals in “W” category.

W.pk/InsideHEC/Divisions/QALI/QualityAssurance/QADivision/Pages/MSSJournals. recognized journals in the subject of archival quality. 2011.Journals having an Impact Factor. Y. X. Y: Acceptable for BPS appointments. ii) Abstracted / Indexed Internationally by a recognized Agency. Z. and Publication of research of PhD work until June 30th. recognized journals in the subject of archival quality.List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) Category System All science Journals to be classified as W. HEC Approved Supervisor and Publication of research of PhD work until 30th June 2011.aspx Compiled by: Shahzad Abbas. X.gov. Assistant Librarian 5 .Experts groups certify that they are top. Source: http://hec.Experts groups certify that they are top.  Journals not having an Impact Factor  They meet all HEC Journal Criteria except i) Review of each paper by at least one expert from an Industrially/Academically advanced country in the respective discipline. recognized journals in the subject of archival quality.  Journals not having an Impact Factor  They meet all HEC Journal Criteria except review of each paper by at least one expert from an Industrially/Academically advanced country in the respective discipline. Z.  Journals not having an Impact Factor  Verified by HEC that they meet all HEC Journal Criteria and have paper reviewed by at least one expert from an Industrially/ Academically advanced country in the respective discipline.Experts groups certify that they are good. W: Acceptable for Tenure Track System X: Acceptable for BPS appointments/ promotions. Y.

Habib Ullah Khan Compiled by: Shahzad Abbas.edu. Pain & Intensive Care Journal Z Dr.pk/annals. Fax # 042-7212227 Email: drsmaswais@gmail.com URL: http://www.com 2 Anesthesia. Lahore Tel # 92-042-9213340. Nazim-ud-Din Road.edu. No 1 Title of Journal Al-Shifa Journal of Ophthalmology Category Z Editor Prof. Fax # 051-5487827 Email: info@alshifa-eye. Dr. Rawalpindi Tel # 051-5487820-5.gjms786. tariqhayatkhan@hotmail.org.edu. Dept. F-8/4 Islamabad Cell # 0321-5149709 Email: apicare@yahoo. Syed Muhammad Awais 4 Biologia Journal Z Prof. Dr.pk URL: http://www.pk House # 60-A. Dr.pk URL: www.kemu.html Dept. D.anwarmalik@gcu. of Orthopaedic Surgery King Edward Medical University & Mayo Hospital. I. Anwar Malik 5 Gomal Journal of Medical Sciences Z Dr.com Chairman. Tayyab Afghani Address Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Jhelum Road. Fax # 042-9213341 Email: dr.org. Tariq Hayat Khan 3 Annals of King Edward Medical University Z Prof. of Zoology The Biological Society of Pakistan.List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) June 30.gcu. Biological Laboratories. Ext # 320.com. Khan Tel # 0966-9280338-9. Government College University.pk/Biologia. Fax # 0966-9280340 Email: gjms786@hotmail.alshifa-eye. M. 2010 Sr. Lahore Tel # 042-9211110. Assistant Librarian 6 .htm Gomal Medical College.com URL: www.

Fax # 92-42-9202911 Email: info@jar. 6617278 Email: idsp123@yahoo.idspak.pk. St # 49.pk.nwfpuet.org Department of Botany University of Agriculture. Fax # 091-9216663 Email: rgul@nwfpuet.pk/jeas/index.List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) 6 Infectious Diseases Journal of Pakistan Y Dr. M.pk Dept. Tel: 92-41-2655293.pk URL: www.htm 7 International Journal of Agriculture and Biology International Journal of Pathology Journal of Agriculture Research Y Dr. Dr. F-11/3 Islamabad Tel # 051-2293707.net. 6617178.pk Ayub Medical College Abbottabad.jsp House # 116.net.edu.pk/jamc. Faisalabad-38040.com URL: www.fspublishers.edu.edu. 4824924-5 E-mail. Ayub 11 W Prof.com URL: http://www.org/ijab/index_ijab.jar.pk URL: http://www. Pakistan Email: drawahid2001@yahoo. jeas@nwfp. Korangi Karachi Tel # 0092-21-2040843. Dr.com. Agriculture House.edu. International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences University of Karachi.html HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry. of Mechanical Engineering NWFP University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar Phone # 091-9216499. of Infectious Diseases Indus Hospital Korangi Crossing. vuahmad@cyber.Sir Syed Agha Khan Soyam Road Lahore. 21. 3rd Floor. Karachi Tel # 92-21.edu. 2294099 Email: anwar51@cyber. Anwar Ul Haque 9 Y Muhammad Rafiq Akhtar 10 Journal of Ayub Medical College (JAMC) Journal of Chemical Society Pakistan Y Prof. Dr.com.pk Directorate of Agricultural Information. Abdul Wahid 8 Z Prof. Naseem Salahuddin Dept. URL: http://www.ayubmed. Viqar uddin Ahmed 12 Journal of Engineering & Applied Sciences X Dr.4819011. Rizwan M. Gul Compiled by: Shahzad Abbas. Assistant Librarian 7 . Res: 0992-381907-381908-Ext # 3077 Email: JAMC@ayubmed.

Assistant Librarian 8 . Peshawar Tel # 091-2218690.com URL: www. Saeed Farooq 18 Journal of Postgraduate Medical Institute (JPMI) Y Prof.com.org. jlumhs@yahoo. info@medsci. 3877520. Peshawar Tel # 0092-91-9211430 Email: jpmi@jpmi.com URL: www.lumhs.pk/geologicalbulletin.jmedsci.List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) 13 Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences (Formerly Geological Bulletin) Journal of Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences Y Prof. Peshawar Tel # 091-9216340. Ext # 148 Fax # 0092-22-2772389 Email. of Publications Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences (LUMHS).jpps.org 14 Z Abdul Sattar Memon 15 Journal of Medical Sciences Z Prof. editor@jpma. editorjpmi@yahoo.pk URL: www. M. Lady Reading Hospital & Hayatabad Medical Complex.com.upesh. Peshawar. Fax # 091-9216213 Email: druliman@yahoo.com.pk URL: www. Habib Medical Complex Dabgari Garden. Arshad Javaid Compiled by: Shahzad Abbas.jpmi.pk http://nceg.org. Jamshoro Tel # 0092-22-2772585. jlumhs@lumhs. Phone: +92-91-9216767 Fax: +92-91-9218183 E-mail: ncegeo@upesh. Fatima Jawad 17 Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society Z Prof.com PMA House. VPTCL : 5418192 Email: jpma_jpma@hotmail. Agha Khan III. 9211430-40 Email: sfarooqlrh@yahoo.org.edu. Noor ul Iman 16 Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA) Y Dr. Asif Khan National center of Excellence in Geology.edu. Road Karachi Telephone/Fax : +92-21-5418192.html Dept.pk/JLUMHS Incharge Publication Cell Khyber Medical College.pk Postgraduate Medical Institute.com.uk URL: www.pk 29-30.edu. Dr.com.jpma. University of Peshawar.

College University(GCU).jsp.D.pk URL: http://www. of Paediatric Surgery National Institute of Child Health.edu. Seventh Central St. Defence Housing Authority.pk/jcpsp/ Institute of Surgery & Medicine (ISM Hospital) Room # 210.edu.sms.R Chaudhary School of Mathematical Sciences(SBS) Govt.edu.pk URL: http://www. of Architecture & Planning. 9231189 (2 Lines) E-Mail: info@sms. Garden Road.cpsp.org.edu. Dr. Karachi. Lahore Tel # 042-9230344.edu.pda. Inayat Padhiar Compiled by: Shahzad Abbas. Najeeb-ur-Rab Ansari 24 Journal of the Pakistan Dental Association Y Dr.org. NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi Phone # 021-2620793.htm 1st Floor. Jamshed Akhtar 23 Journal of the College of Physician Surgeon of Pakistan (JCPSP) W Dr. A.pk URL: http://www. Tel # +92-21-9207100-10 Ext: 224 & 9266439 E-Mail: publications@cpsp. Lahore Phone: +92 42 9231859.edu.pk College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan.pu. Fax # 9231159 Email: director@iqtm.pk/faculty/iqtm/journal/ Dept. Karachi Tel # +92-21-2028130-31 Fax # +92-21-2736790 Email: jpda@cyber. M.net.9213058 Email: coccd@neduet.php Institute of Quality & Technology Management University of the Punjab. Nouman Ahmed 22 Journal of Surgery Pakistan Z Dr.org. Dr.pk 20 Journal of Quality & Technology Management X Prof. Dept.pk/ARCHJOURNAL/index. Assistant Librarian 9 .pk/JPRMArchieve. jpda@pda. 5867114.pk.neduet. Fax # 021.edu. Ext # 219 & 201 Email: jsurgpakistan@yahoo.pk URL: http://www. Niaz Ahmed 21 Journal of Research Architecture & Planning Z Prof.List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) 19 Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics X Dr.com URL: www. 2nd Floor.pu.edu. Karachi Tel # 021-9201261-3.pk URL: www.

org URL: http://www.com/ Faculty of Pharmacy.medicalchannel.com. Karachi-3 Tel # 021-2727337. Tel # 561 31457-9 (308). 0300-3712792 Email: medicalchannel@yahoo. Tel # 041-8522126/9200161 Ext 2903. Dr. Behind Qila Gujjar Singh. 9261300-7/2259 Fax # 021-9243173 Email: pakjps@hotmail. University of Karachi. Adjacent IBA College. Sindh. University of Agriculture.com & info@pafmj.org/aboutus. Sohail Ahmed 30 Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceuticals Sciences W Prof. Abid Majeed Road Rawalpindi.pk/research Army Medical College. Lahore Tel # 042-6361436.com Dept of Chemical Engineering Mehran University of Engineering & Technology (MUET) Jamshoro.Forum@hotmail. First Floor Off Garden Road. 4200 URL: http://www.2904. Fax # 042-6366809 Email: Med.com. Faisalabad. 56133256 Fax # 0519273664 Email: pafmj305@gmail. Tel# 021-9243173. Tel # +92 (22) 2771642. Tassawar Hussain 29 Pakistan Entomologist Z Dr. URL # www.muet. Gen. Abbott Road.pakentomol.php Dept of Agri. Medicalforum@gmail.pjps. Opposite Apwa Medical Complex. Assistant Librarian 10 . Azhar Masud Bhatti 27 Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology Y Dr. Syed Waseem Uddin Compiled by: Shahzad Abbas.com URL: http://www. 2772250-67 Ext.com URL: http://www.List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) 25 Medical Channel Journal Y Dr. Email: mailto:saha786_pk@yahoo.edu.pafmj. Khadim Qureshi Medical Channel Publishing Network 4-5. pakistandrugmanual@yahoo. 6301430. Entomology Pakistan Entomological Society. Kiyani Shaheed Plaza-11.pk 15-A.com. Abdul Khalique Ansari 28 Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal Y Maj.pk 26 Medical Forum Z Dr.

University of Agriculture. Faisalabad.com URL:http://www. Dr.html Institute of Clinical Psychology University of Karachi.edu. Fax # 041-9201221 Email: jjaskani@yahoo. Iqbal Bhanger 34 Pakistan Journal of Biotechnology Z Prof.com Institute of Soil & Environmental Sciences University of Agriculture Faisalabad Tel # 041-9201077. Iqrar Ahmed Khan Vice Chancellor 33 Pakistan Journal of Analytical & Environmental Chemistry Z Prof. Jamshoro Tel # +92 22 2771379 Fax # +92 2771560. University of Karachi. 4615384. M.ceacsu.pk/ Institute of Biotechnology & Genetics Engineering University of Sindh. Dr. Karachi Tel # 92-21. pakjbot@yahoo.com Dept of Botany. Fax # 0092-22-2771372 Email: udahot@usindh.pk/ National Center of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry University of Sindh.com. Umar Dahot 35 Pakistan Journal of Botany W Prof.4387867 E-mail shaji@super.com URL: http://pakjas. Jamshoro Tel # 0092-22-9239024. Abdul Ghaffar 36 Pakistan Journal of Clinical Psychology Z Dr.org/pjbot/pjhtmls/PJB. dbhanger2000@yahoo. Dr.Pakistan Fax: 92-41-647846 E-Mail: mushroomking041@yahoo.pakbs.List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) 31 Pakistan Journal of Phytopathology Y Prof.net. Karachi Tel # 0092-21-4614944.com 32 Pakistan Journal of Agriculture Sciences Y Dr. Assistant Librarian 11 . Riaz Ahmad Compiled by: Shahzad Abbas. 2772056 Email: pjaec.com.com URL: http://www.pk. Fax # 0092-21-4615369 Email: directoricpku@hotmail. dr_riazpsy@hotmail. M. udahot@yahoo. Dr. director@ceacsu.nceac08@gmail.edu.com.pakjs_uaf@yahoo. Aslam Khan Department of Plant Pathology. 38040.edu.pk.pk.com.

edu. University of Karachi. Building # 2. 9029213. Quddusi B. Fax # 042-9250202 Email: journal@uet. Kazmi 41 Z 42 Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences W Maqbool H.pk.net. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.pk URL: http://www. Masood Akhtar 704-Amin Town.com. Faiz ul Hasan Directorate of Research University of Engineering & Technology (UET)..pjlss. F. 5689285 Fax # 0092-21-5689860 Email: pjms@pjms.com. Assistant Librarian 12 . Sector G-5/2 Islamabad. Constitution Avenue. URL: http://www. 5th Floor.pk 38 Pakistan Journal of Hydrocarbon Research Pakistan Journal of Life & Social Sciences Y Hilal A. Faisalabad Tel # 92-0300-6622170 Email: dr.9029230.html?RID=research_journal Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan.pk Pakistan Medical Research Council. Panorama Centre. Dr.pjms.masood@pjlss. Saddar Karachi Tel# 0092-21-5688791. P O Box 1308.7/4. Ahsan ul Haq 40 Pakistan Journal of Marine Biology Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences Y Prof.pk URL: www. Dr. Karachi FAX: 92-21-473226 URL: www.pmrc. Lahore Phone # 042. Mustafa Shameel Prof. Nishatabad Faisalabad & University of Agriculture.com.pk/research/researchinfo/inde x. Raza 39 Z Dr.edu.edu. drakhtar@brain.pk.O.uok.pk Centre of Excellence in Marine Biology. Tel # 051-9207386.pk URL: www.pk/hydrocarINFO&DES. Jafary 43 Pakistan Journal of Medical Research Z Dr.org.hdip.edu. 230 Nizamuddin Rd.uet. Islamabad URL: www. Off. Huma Qureshi Compiled by: Shahzad Abbas. Shahrah-e-Jamhuria.htm Managing Editor: Dr.net.List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) 37 Pakistan Journal of Engineering & Applied Sciences X Dr. 9216793 Email: pmrc@comsats. Telephone: +92-21-9261300-06 Ext:2256 Marine Reference and Resource Collection Centre University of Karachi.pk Room # 522. P.edu.

I Ahmad 49 Pakistan Journal of Science Y Prof. Jawaid Alam 47 Pakistan Journal of Pathology Z Rizwan Hashim 48 Pakistan Journal of Pharmacology Z Dr. Ext # 355 E-mail: pj_pharmacology@yahoo. 1st Floor.pjn.pk URL: www.com.pjorl@hotmail.pjbs. Fax # 021-5340545 shabih_haiderz@hotmail. Saleem Chaudhary Compiled by: Shahzad Abbas.List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) 44 Pakistan Journal of Nematology Y Dr. Faisalabad Tel: +92-041.com.com URL: www. Hamdard University. Dr. Assistant Librarian 13 .com.com 45 Pakistan Journal of Nutrition Y Asian Network for Scientific Information(A N S I N E T) 46 Pakistan Journal of Otolaryngology Z Prof.org/pjnonline/index.pk. Karachi Tel # 021-6440142-6996001-2. Shahina Fayyaz National Nematological Research Centre University of Karachi.com.pk Pakistan Association for the Advancement of Science. Lahore Tel # +92-42-7578770 Fax # 92-42-7532014 Email: cm_saleem@hotmail. Shadman Plaza. M.com URL: www. Karachi Tel # 021-9215740-45 Ext # 2297. Karachi Tel # 92 (021) 9261387.com Institute of Pharmacology & Herbal Sciences.com Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Department of Chemical Pathology & Endocrinology Rawalpindi Tel: 0092-51-9273649 E-Mail: riznajmi20011@hotmail. drjaved_khalid@hotmail.7685830 Fax: +92-41-215206036 E-Mail: pjn@comsats. S. editorpjn@gmail.pakjp.pakjpathol. Sargodha Road.8787234 Mobile: 0345 . Fax # 92 (021) 9261387 Email: info@pjn. Shadman Market.com URL: http://www.net. Dr.pk 308-Lasani Town.htm Head of Neck & Surgery Dow University of Health Sciences & Civil Hospital.

net. arshak@zsp.9231248 Fax: +92-42 -9230980 Email: Info@zsp.pk/PJZ. Peshawar. Block H.com URL: http://www.com. Karachi. PCSIR Laboratories Campus. A.net. Tel # 92-21-4651739.html 19.org.pk/ 51 Pakistan Journal of Weed Sciences Research Z Prof.pk Faculty of Veterinary Science.com/PPJ.com. Fax # 0092-5846304 Email: ppj@ma-tech. Dept.wssp.R Shakoori 53 Pakistan Oral and Dental Journal Y Prof. Dr.ppa.org.pk/ 101-.pk URL: www. Said-ul-Haque 55 Pakistan Veterinary Journal Y Professor Dr. Lahore Tel # 0092-42-5846301-3.com URL: www.pk. pcsirsys@super.List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) 50 Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research Y Mr. 4651741-2 Fax: 92-21-4651738 Email: pcsir-sic@cyber. Khan Bahadar Marwat 52 Pakistan Journal of Zoology W Dr.com. www. Shahrah-e-Dr.zsp. Lahore Tel # +92-42. Pakistan.org. Salimuzzaman Sodium.org. Faisalabad. Sector F-7/3 Islamabad. University of Agriculture. 2873996 Email: driqbal7@gmail. Street No.pk/ National Distinguished Professor and Director School of Biological Sciences New Campus. University of the Punjab. Fax# 041-624607 E-mail: profdrmsiddiqueuaf@hotmail. ppj1977@gmail. Tel # 091-9216542/ 9218206 Fax # 091-9216520 Email: kbmarwat@yahoo.com URL: http://pvj.pk URL: http://www. Dr. Assistant Librarian 14 .org. 75280. of Weed Science NWFP Agricultural University.org Weed Science Society of Pakistan.pjsir.podj.pk.pakmedinet. Muhammad Siddique Compiled by: Shahzad Abbas. 63. Safdar Ahmed Nazish PCSIR Scientific Information Centre.com URL: http://www. Ahmed Iqbal 54 Pakistan Paediatric Journal Z Prof. Tel # 051-2820984. Gulberg-III. Tel# 041-3028189/378.

edu.org. of Civil Engineering Mr.org. Assistant Librarian 15 . Fax # 051-9047420 Email: abdulrazzaq@uettaxila.pk/ Advance Studies and Research NWFP Agriculture University. Directorate of AS & R University of Engineering & Technology (UET). Zaheer Hassan. Dept.pk/techJournal/ Dept. Taxila Phone # 051-9047638 & 9047449.org/indexa. 3 Constitution Avenue G-5/2. info@se. Liaqat Road Rawalpindi.pk. Tel # 042-9211398.com.htm Pakistan Medical Association.uettaxila.org URL: http://www.pk 57 Rawal Medical Journal Z Dr. Islamabad. 146-D. PMA House # G/220B. Tel # 051-4603178. mah37@paspk. Cell # 0300-6690094 Email: javeddrkhalid@yahoo.A Hafeez The Academy of Sciences. Zahir A. Rizwan Block Awan Town Lahore.se. Dr. URL: http://www.uk URL: http://www. Abdul Razzaq Ghumman 61 The Journal of Animal & Plant Sciences (JAPS) Z Dr. Faisalabad Tel # 92 41 920 1092 Fax # 92 41 240 9585 Email: office@se.thejaps. Email: sjapak@yahoo.aup.org. Zahir 60 Technical Journal Z Prof. Jehan Bakht 59 Soil and Environment (Formerly Pakistan journal of Soil science) Y Dr.rmj.org. Peshawar. of Livestock Production University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.edu.org. M. Khalid Javed Compiled by: Shahzad Abbas. Nasir Khokhar 58 Sarhad Journal of Agriculture X Prof.COM. Tel # 091-9216957.co.pk/sarhad_journal. 555-9812 Fax: 051-553-7088 Email: DRKHOKHAR@YAHOO.pk Chairman. Fax # 091-9216520.List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) 56 Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Science X Dr.edu. Dr.com URL: www.pk URL: www.com jehanbakht@yahoo.php Institute of Soil & Environmental Sciences University of Agriculture.paspk.pk URL: http://web. Tel # 051-9207140 E-mail: pasisb@yahoo.

pk/math/pujm/index. Dr. M.9232014 Fax. 92-42-9230329 E-Mail : shahid_siddiqi@math.aspx Compiled by: Shahzad Abbas.gov. Dr. Shahid S.com/ Dept.pk Shahidsiddiqimath@yahoo.pu. No. 92-42-9231241.com Shahid_siddiqi@math. Fax #0092-41-2623413 Email: shujatahir@iu-hospital.pu. of Mathematics University of the Punjab. Shuja Tahir 175-Jinnah Colony.theprofesional. 92-42.edu.html 63 The Punjab University Journal of Mathematics X Prof. Assistant Librarian 16 .edu.com URL: www. Faisalabad Tel # 0092-41-2617122-24. Siddiqui Source: http://hec.pk/InsideHEC/Divisions/QALI/QualityAssurance/QADivision/Pages/HECRecognizedJournals.pk URL: http://www. Lahore Phone No.edu.List of HEC Recognized Journals (Science) 62 The Professional Medical Journal Z Prof.pu.

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