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From the Heart of Kurdistan Region

The only English paper in Iraq - No: 338 Sat. January 28, 2012
GLOBE PHOTO/ Safin Hamed

Syria’s Kurdish opposition gathers in Erbil
Syrian Kurdish protesters chant slogans and hold the picture of the assassinated Kurdish politician, Masaal Tammo in Erbil. File photo





Nechirvan Barzani in crucial meetings with the opposition
Kurdistan Democratic Party's Vice President, Nechirvan Barz z zani launched direct negotiations with Kurdish factions after he was nominated by his party to lead the government once again for the coming two years.

Gorran MP: Constructive criticism serves government
"What is obvious is that so far the Kurdish political parties have dealt with these developments with a nationz z al spirit; reviving the spirit of nationz z alism is very important for the Kurdz z ish community now. The survival and prosperity of Iraqi Kurdistan Region is crucial for other parts and the opposite is true."




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One man’s mission to save Kurdistan’s history

Empty stadiums becoming a problem

statezindividual. thus. Nawshirwan Mustafa. The policy of the oppositions and ruling parties at such regional and international levels should be synchronized as a Kurdish naz z tional strategic policy. When outgoing Kurdish Prime Minister Dr. but whether genuine reform of the political and economic system can be carried out. Kurdish internal affairs at such a critical juncture will be decisive for the wellzbez z ing of the Kurdish nation and its future. It is not crucial whether the opz z position will participate in the new government. rights and duties.com +964 750 4497976 You can also subscribe by logging onto: kurdishglobe. and sovereignty must be the elements of new bonds of society in Kurdistan. it portrayed a rather grim picture of the imz z maturity of Kurdish politics.Such bonds need to be replaced with new kindsof bonds. neither is the future of Kurdistan region.kurdishglobe. This of course EXECUTIVE EDITOR does not mean that they should work harmoniously. To subscribe: Please contact the Globe Distribution Section: Rauf Aspindarai rauf.kurdishglobe@gmail.net/ad Subscription The Kurdish Globe can be delivered to your office or home address.kurdishglobe@gmail. and within the larger picture of regional chaos of which both Kurdistan and Iraq are part.com .com Aiyob Mawloodi +964 750 4776905 aiyob. violent and aggressive stance of the opposition toward the ruling parties was responded to with equal aggression and violence.kurdishglobe@gmail. This hopefully will follow with the other opposition leaders.kurdishglobe@gmail.S. Mandalawi sazan.com Hawzhen Rashadaddin +964 750 4707416 hawjin. the opposition asked for the dissolution of government and Parliament. all the political forces of Kurdistan should prepare themselves and the nation for such an eventualz z ity.com ARTS EDITOR Diyaco Qayoumy +964 750 4036252 diyaco. To do this they must start from themselves and subject themselves to selfzcriticism. please contact Globe’s Advertisement section: Rizgar Yahya rizgar. To bring order and stability to the internal Kurdish affair. Though not officially endorsed by the Kurdistan president to form his new cabinet and take his premier post. January 28. Both countries include a sizeable Kurdish people deprived of their national democratic rights. Meeting at such a high level at least signifies significant steps that the issues can be disz z cussed around the table rather than in street battles. Bakhtiyari Quarter Senior U. there are all the indicators that Iraq is fast apz z proaching its final disintegration. Reshuffling of the KRG is takz z ing place at a sensitive critical juncture in which Iraq is going through serious political crises in the absence of U.S.com Cell: +964 750 4055888 You can also check prices and packages by logging on to: kurdishglobe. obz z jectives. particularly of Sulaimaniya where Gorran. One thing is certain: Iraq is headed nowhere near a plural democratic and federal political structure. it is imperative to reconsider the potential relations between the opposition and the ruling parties within the framez z work of internal Kurdish affairs. It is the national duty of both the oppositions and ruling parties STAFF WRITERS to inscribe these abstract values into society. unfortuz z nately. By Azad Amin Jawad Qadir Weekly paper printed in Erbil EDITOR Ako Muhammed First published in 2005 Azad Amin azad.kurdishglobe@gmail. KRG and the Kurdish political parties in Iraqi Kurdistan will have no choice but to see themselves as sides in these regional contests. Rather. Abstract values such as rule of law. The first meeting was with the influenz z tial Gorran leader. The advent of real opz z position to the government and its ruling parties indeed was a great step toward consolidation of dez z mocracy and proper management of governmental affairs. in his headquarters in Suleimaniya.net info. created an artificial politiz z cal crisis. Statezsociety. Since the end of the First World War. Neither KRG nor the Kurdish poz z litical parties in Iraqi Kurdistan can remain silent or ineffective toward their brethren and sisters in Syrian or Iranian Kurdistan. Gorran movement leader Nawz z shirwan Mustafa was absolutely right when he suggested that it is not a matter of who runs the government or changes in faces. Contrarily. troops.K. he faced a new phenomenon in Kurdish politics: running a country with a genuine opposition in Parliament and in the streets. rule of law and democratic institutions. Sacredz z ness of political parties and their leaders should be replaced with sacredness of sovereignty. Editor Bashdar Pusho Ismaeel bashdar@hotmail.kurdishglobe@gmail.com Senior U. Nechirvan Barz z zani made serious and calculated moves to meet with the leaders of the opposition groups. As the government reshuffles and a new premier prepares to take power. Saturday. democz z racy. Whatever the existing problems are within Kurdistan region. The Kurdish national question can no longer contain itself within the existing states as a cultural miz z nority question. This crisis was further engulfed with regional interferences in Iraqi political affairs. Everyz z thing is prone to change—for betz z ter or worse.com Address: Erbil.kurdishglobe @gmail.kurdishglobe@gmail. Editor Elizabeth Schmitt elizabethschmitt@earthlink. This contradiction also caused upheavals in the streets. Regional crises and particularly the crisis of Syria and the growing potential of contention between Iran and the West. The contradiction in the oppoz z sition’s political demands and the methods to remedy it. Editor Suzanne DeRouen suzi. Additionally. Both the oppositions and ruling parties should realize that Kurdz z istan society today is much more urbanized and attentive to the issues of human rights. and which most probably the incoming premier Nechirvan Barzani will also face. and Iran and some other Sunni powers of the region one way or another will affect both Iraq and Kurdistan. whether in Kurdistan or abroad. and vision.net Qassim Khidhir +964 750 4823081 qassim. they have the ethical responsibilz z ity to support them in their strugz z gle for nationalzdemocratic rights. Independence of Kurdistan today can be realized more than ever before in its modz z ernhistory. both of which were established upon legitimate and democratic public elections. The relations between the oppositions and the ruling party today thus will have much wider resonance overpassing its borders to Iraq and further at the regional level. genuine opposition groups appeared in Kurdistan Parliament and in Kurdish political and pubz z lic spaces.The Kurdish Globe No.kurdishglobe@gmail. 338. It clearly indicated that neither the opposition had sufficient political maturity or the establishment parz z ties to deal with the situation.com +964 750 4661936 ako. Sustainment of the existing political structure of Kurdistan region and the status of millions of Kurds dispersed in three other regional states is possible. In the last general election in Kurdistan Rez z gion. including the ruling parties that are mainly responz z sible. Politiz z cal changes and chaotic situations in these two countries without doubt will elevate the Kurdish naz z tional question into a much wider international perspective. Similarly. The Kurdish society today is more vigilant toward political and economic issues in Kurdistan. This time should not be wasted with tactical games. It means that violence and aggressiveness in physical forms should be set aside and constructive criticisms and alternative policy developz z ments should be opted for instead.S. nepotism and mismanagement. within the political crisis of Iraq. Barham Salih took the premiership following the 2009 general election. Contrarily. almost everyz z one agrees that something has to be done to remedy these issues. These are facts and nobody can deny them. It is now recogz z nized as a national question along with collective national rights. has unquestionable strength and supporters.com Advertisement For information and prices of ad spots.com www.kurdishglobe@gmail. and societyzindividual relations in Kurdistan have rapidly been changing and evolving. improved living standards and all other niceties of urban life. otherwise. 2012 2 Strategic positioning or tactical calculations? G Kurdistan is not an oasis of dez z mocracy or free from corruption. The dilemma that he faced. the main opposition parz z ty. Rightly asking to reform the political sysz z tem and governmental misconz z duct. the main role remains to be carried out by an effective opposition.kurdishglobe@gmail. both the ruling parties and oppositions have no choice but to accomz z modate themselves within the political system. The future of Iraq is not clear. the Iraqi Kurds have never been given such an opportunity to establish their own statehood. The PRESS PHOTO lobe Editorial Delegates from Kurdistan Region governing and opposition parties discuss relations in this file photo. Patriz z monial and traditional bonds of connection erode in an unparalz z lel speed. as the critical period we are in does not have the stomach to accommoz z date petty party games. The deepening sectarian crisis bez z tween the majority Shiites and the minority Sunnis most likely will bring the collapse of the political structure of Iraq. Last year’s contention between the ruling parties and the oppoz z sitions in Suleimaniya neither served the general public interz z ests nor the objectives of the opz z positions. It is imperative for the ruling and opposition parties to reconz z sider their political approach. it means that legitiz z mate demands of the oppositions be mediated through Parliament and the political system.kurdishglobe@yahoo. To fight corruption and all other government mischievous acts and mismanagements. was to respond to the legitimate demands of the opposition with illegitimate methods. respect of constitution. but what is essential is the relations between them and their vision for the general public and Kurdish nationalzpolitical interests.com Zakaria Muhammed +964 750 475 3897 zakaria. all the gains of Kurdistan region since 1991 can be lost again at this critiz z cal juncture as we pass through it. In the likelihood of regime changes. The ongoing discussions and meetings between the oppositions and ruling parties should be geared toward a Kurdz z ish national strategic position to safeguard Kurdish national interz z ests and above all independence of Kurdistan and freedom of the nation.com Sazan M. The year 2012 and the following years are the decisive and critiz z cal years in the modern history of Iraqi Kurdistan.net/subscription Associate U. what is the role of the opposiz z tions.

” according to Gorran's spokesman. the presidential appointment may come this week or the following. demanding President Bashar alzAssad step down and demanding fundamental changes in the state's political sysz z tem. religious and social figures and reprez z sentatives of civil society organizations. Shahab. KDP and PUK share the power in Kurdisz z tan according to a mutual strategic agreement. “I think the opz z position can play its role in the Parliament through criticizing the government and through [projects for] reform. leader of the Region's largest oppoz z sition bloc with 25 seats in Parliament. Soon after anz z nouncing the council and appointing a president at the end of August. coming Cabinet will conz z tinue the work of the curz z rent Cabinet and pay furz z ther attention to people’s demands and oppositions’ suggestions. showing his readiz z ness for discussing such attempts. Kurdz z ish parties began criticizz z ing SNC for not includz z ing Kurdish issues in its programs. 28 in Erbil to discuss the way forward and unify their stance. 23. The Kurdistan Islamic Union. Kurdistan Democratic Parz z ty's Vice President. Sources from KDP leadz z ership say the government will take office sooner than the legal period.” The Gorran Movement has decided not to be part of a government that conz z tinues the same agenda of the current Cabinet or is founded based on the KDPzPUK strategic agreez z ment “even if this govz z ernment implements the opposition’s 6zpackage proposal. Opposition parties on different occasions have stated that their relations with the next Cabinet very much depend on a 6zpackz z age reform project the opz z positions proposed to govz z ernment. After the meeting and speaking to reporters. Relations between the ruling and opposition parties went through tenz z sions widely reflected in their media organs. PUK’s Kosrat Raz z sul Ali is nominated to be appointed as the Region’s Vice President. He confirmed that problems in Kurdistan Region’s politics require fundamental solutions such as the Opposition’s reform projects.” he said. according to the Region’s law. a member of the conference’s preparation committee. as reported. Some groups declined to attend the meeting. said Dilshad Shahab.com Syrian Kurds meet in Erbil A number of Syrian Kurdish political parties and activists met Jan. 24. Saturday. 2012 3 Next Cabinet hopes to heal relations among Kurdistan's political parties "Our door is always open. “The packages all have been studied… most of the items in the projects have already been introduced in the Region's laws. He noted that such issues as well as inviting the Gorz z ran Movement to take part in the government would take place in other meetz z ings after Barzani is offiz z cially is asked to form the government. Syrian National Counz z cil. Nechirvan Barzani is now waiting to officially be asked to form governz z ment by Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barz z zani before he starts talks about the details of his Cabinet. 338. thus. . which conz z stitutionally recognizes the right of the Kurdish ethnicity to the principle of selfzdetermination within the Syrian state. This council emphaz z sized it would cooperate with other Syrian opposiz z tion groups. The meeting brings together 11 parties and around 190 Syrian Kurdz z ish activists. he underestimated post shifts to resolve the problems. a KDP Politburo Member. according to Alz Sumaria news. Shaz z ho Saeed.”--KDP VP Nechirvan Barzani. positively reacted to Barzani's statez z ment. Syrian opposition parz z ties formed a group. In a message on his Facebook page. expressing willingness to work with opposition parties. a prime minisz z ter has to be given Parliaz z ment’s immunity so as to form Cabinet in 30 days. in Istanbul on Aug.” said Abubakir Kawrwani. "The conference aims to produce an announcez z ment to support the Syrz z ian revolution for change in ideological and poz z litical structure of the tyrannical system and to change Syria from a poz z lice state to a civil one. It also reported that SNC Chairz z man Burhan Ghalioun was meeting with Iraqi Kurdistan Region Presiz z dent Massoud Barzani last week in Erbil. increasing pressure to recognize their rights if the current Syrian regime changes.kurdishglobe @gmail. three parties boycotted and founded an opposition bloc for the first time in the Region's twozdecade governing hisz z tory. Barzani’s message is that he is trying to heal relaz z tions among the political parties while working in the coming government the same way he did in the 5th Cabinet. then it will be the duty of all of us to support this govz z ernment. Another four Kurdz z ish parties announced suspending their memz z bership in the SNC last week. We are sure that what the opz z position is asking for is reform in Kurdistan. made up of 10 parz z ties. In July 2005. Thus. The Syrian people have been holding demonstraz z tions since March 2011. After the presidential apz z pointment. 27. 2011. The Parliament Speaker post goes to PUK’s Arsaz z lan Bayiz. explaining that Barzani also accepts that opposition’s demands should be applied. KDP Vice President Nechirvan Barzani assured that they have no reservations when it comes to any reform atz z tempts at reforms. The meeting did not inz z clude talks about formation of the coming Cabinet bez z cause Barzani has not been appointed officially for this task. Jan. explained that the January 24 meetz z ing mainly concentrated on political situations of Kurdistan Region in general. notz z ing that this meeting is also an attempt to unify viewpoints of the Syrian Kurdish political actors. Also. not a central one. "If his [Barzani's] statement means that the Opposition’s reform packz z age will be included in the government's agenda. Such statez z ments were given after Nechirvan Barzani’s visit last week to Suleimaniya where he met with Nawz z shirwan Mustafa. Both sides emz z phasized that they should work on shared points and not to let differences mainz z tain the Region’s political ground. forming the Kurdz z ish National Council in Syria. Barzani also called on political parties in the Region to take part in the Ako Muhammed Erbil ako. a PUKz dedicated post that has remained vacant for more than two years. Syria. Nechirz z van Barzani launched direct negotiations with Kurdistan parties after he was nominated by his Kurdistan Democratic Party to lead the governz z ment once again for the coming two years. The only problem is that these laws have not been implez z mented completely yet.The Kurdish Globe Opposition and government close to a deal government. Barzani took office as Prime Minz z ister of a Kurdistan Rez z gional Government that for the first time brought together KDP and PUK as well as other parties in one Cabinet after the Region was governed by two administrations bez z cause of civil war in the 1990s. the meeting focused on the possibility of merging Kurdish powers with other Syrian opposition groups involved within the SNC. 2011 when a number of Kurdish parz z ties and leaders held a conference in Qmishli. this would not be a "wrong decision"." said Mahmud Mohamz z mad. KDP receives the post of prime minister from PUK’s Barham Salih in the midst of their joint 4zyear term. who also attendz z ed the meeting. January 28." added Mohammad. secondzlargest opz z position party in Kurdisz z tan Parliament. Some Kurdz z ish political players have separated from the Syrz z ian opposition alliance. But we would like to see them (opposition) in the government. mainly during electoral campaigns and while antizgovernment demonstrations that lasted two months in Sulaimaniz z ya Province last year. They also said they would remain as the official opposition. Mohamz z mad told AlzSumaria News on Jan. 26. KDP VP Nechirvan Barzani and Chairman of Gorran Movement Nawshirwan Mustafa meet in Suleimaniya. said Barzani. “Our door is always open. Even if the oppositions decided not to take part in the governz z ment. Criticism reached a peak on Oct. During the last two years of Barham Salih's 6th Cabinet. Nechirvan Barzani assured that the PRESS PHOTO No.” says Shahab. The conference concenz z trates on "the necessity of a democratic state. KIU Politburo Member.

I do not like sermons and advice. But still you have one year and sevz z eral months until the election. the ministerial council was supposed to work on this issue last week.. A source from Gorran told a news agency that Gorran will question the four MPs who signed papers to register apartz z ments in Naz City and Italian City.” The letter from Gorz z ran’s head. there are also efforts to rez z turn 80 members of Parliaz z ment from the Iraqiya bloc to Parliamentary sessions. neither I nor any other official orz z gans of Gorran Movez z ment have advised you. In my political culture. After the 2003 War and the fall of Saddam Husz z sein’s government. Saturday.” “We asked the four MPs of Gorran to apolz z ogize to the people of Kurdistan and to their voters. say they are breaking ties with the Movement and will form a new independent bloc in Parliament. They were instead replaced by Sunni Arabs. The provisions of this Article should have been completz z ed by 2007. But their party head. “Besides. villa. an Iraqi MP of the Kurdistan Alliance.” the letter read. it will be sent to the president of Iraq for final approval. a member of the Legal Comz z mittee of the Council of Ministers refutes rumors about the existence of a political factor behind the decision of the Council. I want to make it clear for all of you that Gorran Movez z ment is not prepared to pay the consequences of others’ mistakes and greed .” As part of the efforts for normalizing the political situation in the country. you have to pay the consequences. When people praise them. I want to say that you were weak in the first place. they should not change or forget those people. By Salih Waladbagi PRESS PHOTO Karwan Salih speaks during a session in Parliament. 2012 4 Decrees from the Baath regime canceled Positive steps toward implementing Article 140 The Presidency of the Council of Ministers overturned decisions by the Supreme Council of the Baath Revolution concerning Arabizing some areas of the country.” Sireshmayee stated in an interview with The Kurdish Globe. Four Gorran Movement MPs announce new independent bloc “Gorran Movement is not ready to pay the consequences for others’ mistakes and greed” — Nawshirwan Mustafa. although Salih says his resignation from Gorran Movement has nothing to do with the apartment issue. head of the Kurdistan Union of Parliamentarz z ians.. so I don’t think there is any political factor behind this. Iraqi President Jalal Talaz z bani submitted a proposal to the Council of Ministers to accelerate Article 140’s implementation. bodyguard and other privileges. Parliament’s presidency will then put it on the agenda for discussion and approval. where it will be reviewed and submitted to the presidency of Parz z liament with comments. But they have not acted according to their promises so they must resign from Parz z liament. Nawshirwan Mustafa. “Since I first joined Peshmarga. was sent to the Gorran bloc in Parliament on 23 Januz z ary after the four MPs had decided to break off the movement. not themz z selves. in their names. and you could not resist the lure of an apartment. Mustafa said in the letz z ter. Kurds generally welcomed the decision and believe it is an important step forz z ward in the process of imz z plementing Article 140 of the country’s Constitution to undo the Arabization process and demographic changes made during the Baathist regime. Karwan Salih. The resolution by the Council of Ministers came amid the majorityzSunni Iraqiya bloc’s decision to boycott the Parliamentary sessions. Azad Sireshmayee. Payman Abdurz z rahman and Abdurz z rahman Zakhoyi filled out forms in Kurdistan Parliament to regisz z ter apartments in their names. She believes that making any decision regarding this draft law needs political consensus. The Constitution introduced Article 140 as a solution for the issue by reversing the demographic changes and normalizing the situation through three official steps: normalizing. as they will no longer be proclaimed members. Besides. said the four MPs who signed papers to have parliamentary apartments officially registered to their own names must resign from the party. Mustafa in a letter sent to the Gorran bloc MPs and published in ple’s rights. The Baath regime’s dez z cree displaced a large number of Kurds and Shiz z ite Arabs from their places of origin and forcefully relocated them elsewhere in the county. “The committee of Arz z ticle 140 had some recz z ommendations and the president had submitted a project for the normalizaz z tion of the border situaz z tions. January 28. asking the MPs to resign. Four members of the Gorran Movement. we will announce that they are no longer our MPs and did not act upon election promises. but the proz z cess remains unfinished and some say the first step is still incomplete. Shiler Aziz. says the Iraqiya bloc is against the implementaz z tion of Article 140. Gorran’s media outlets read: “After you have made some mistakes. not independently. Once Parliament approves the draft. noted that Gorran Movement could not replace the four MPs because they came to parliament as members of the movement. otherwise. then without doubt we will choose the latter. conducting a census and holding a referendum. I have judged hez z roic men and women by how they resist the temptation of money and highzlevel posts. The decision came durz z ing a regular session of the Council on 24 January.The Kurdish Globe No. Nimat Abdullah. so that you can review yourselves. because they promised to protect peoz z . automobile. because if we have to choose between Gorran’s reputation and losing hundreds of thousands of supportz z ers by expelling sevz z eral MPs. The new resolution will be sent to Parliament’s Legal Committee as a draft law. before anyone else. now. the major political opposition in Kurdistan Region. 338. when the formation of a specialized committee was decided to prepare a draft law in one week and subz z mit it to Iraqi Parliament for approval. Ismail Galali. and up till now. a new constitution for the counz z try was drafted and voted on by the majority of Iraqis in 2005. The proz z posal recommends that the situation return to the way it was before the Baathist regime’s resolution. two luxury housing complexes in Erbil.

Salih also added that “now. mediumz and longzterm plans. The Prime Minister introduced another sigz z nificant recommendation of the Council about the budget. believes Kurdistan Regional Government has "no economic plan".” said Maruf. 2012 5 Ministerial Council addresses 2012 Budget Support for the upcoming Cabinet is reiterated in latest meeting Issues such as the region's budget draft for 2012 and the upcoming change of the Cabinet discussed. because it doesn’t try to fill governmental posts with specialists. “but the important thing is that we have made a good start at least. the session was attended by the 6th Cabinet ministers to discuss the Region’s 2012 draft budget. Ministers of Planz z ning. so all of them should work toz z gether on projects. but we definitely leave some unsolved isz z sues behind.” he said. By Salih Waladbagi . “Over the past two years. we have been able.” The outgoing prime minster also emphasized that changing power is a very natural and necesz z sary phenomenon. Saturday. saying they have implez z mented their public serz z vice delivery program hand in hand and with the help of each other. New graduz z ates with modern knowlz z edge and using new techz z nology could help improve the agriculture sector and production could increase tenfold or more. or at least start working on them. tourz z ism. “All of us must support the upcoming prime minz z ister and his Cabinet minz z isters so they can successz z fully perform their duties in serving our country. education. a farmer should be in a rural area and work the land. Chaired by outgoing Prime Minister Dr. The economist believes graduates with agriculz z tural degrees should work on agricultural projects. I would krg KRG Prime Minister Barham Salih and a number of ministers meet to discuss Kurdistan Region’s 2012 budget. the poz z litical unrest in Baghdad. But they [mainly] funcz z tion when people protest and take to the streets. and those people often don’t underz z stand economics.The Kurdish Globe No. the presidency of the Council asked the ministers to prepare their budget proposals based on increasing revenues and cutting expenditures. 338. but due to some reasons including the delays in the approval of Iraq’s 2012 budget law. “I want to refer the famous proverb. “This is what the government is always being criticized of.” PM Salih told his Cabiz z net ministers. According to the econoz z mist. with the support of Presiz z dent Massoud Barzani and the Council of Minz z isters. though they might not have proved satisfactory success in some aspects. Maruf believes the problem is the lack of a cohesive plan that slows down projects.” Maruf referred to a sysz z tem in the US in which students and lecturers. which was to unify the budget laws and put an end to double adz z ministration and double budget system. That’s why the economy has been backward and corruption is spread over the Region. He asz z signed Minister of Fiz z nance Bayiz Talabani to submit one unified budz z get draft instead of two. The Council of Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government met on Monz z day.” Regarding the Region’s 2012 budget. but they were ignored. This is too exz z pensive for many farmers. seeders. 23. Strategic plan for Kurdistan With the lack of an overz z all economic plan in Kurdz z istan. they should also try to cut governz z ment expenditures to save a larger portion of the budget for services and development projects and investment. political enz z vironment and situation. He says Kurdistan should form a strategic plan if it wants to see improvements in the economy and solve economic problems. After discussions about some articles in the rez z ports and some issues about the budget law in detail. “We have achieved a number of goals. rather than those with the right skills for the job. Chose the right people for the job Political critics and anaz z lysts often criticize govz z ernments for hiring poz z litical allies for jobs in the government. form companies and both can take advanz z tage of projects. harvestz z ing equipment. the governz z ment can intervene to form a group made up of farmers and graduates.” stated Prime Minz z ister Salih. the budget draft for the Region is almost ready. Barham Salih and his Deputy Azad Barwari.” said Maruf. and the government has money. “For exz z ample. and the issue of Cabinet change in Kurdistan Rez z gion.” Deputy Prime Minister Barwari also expressed his gratitude toward the performance of the curz z rent Cabinet ministers. in cooperation with the uniz z versity. “The Government should work upon necessary needs and give them priorities. It was explained that this initiative is aimed at changing the nature of the budget law in a way that investment budget is inz z creased while operational budget and expenditures are lowered. a colz z lege graduate is familiar with new and modern agriz z cultural techniques. a farmer has to buy a tractor. The issue of the estabz z lishment of the next Cabz z inet by incoming Prime Minister Nechirvan Barz z zani was also discussed. Economist urges for economic plan Poor skills may be holding economy back Hoshyar Maruf. “Kurdistan’s economic posts have not been given to economists. The two minz z isters explained that in addition to numerous meetings they had with all the ministries and government institutions. like to thank every one of the Ministers [of the 6th Cabinet] and all the peoz z ple and parties who have helped us succeed in our plans. to achieve part of the promises we gave to our people as part of the election campaign of the Kurdistan Alliance. which were aimed at serving our people. and Finance and Economy presented their detailed reports about the operational and inz z vestment budgets to the Council. an economics professor who has published 17 books and 40 research papers. and then submit them to the Council and proz z pose recommendations to the Council on how to achieve these goals. trade and industry. electricity and seed. which was the discussion of the secz z ond session of the meetz z ing. January 28. which used to be the case in previous years. Then both can manage land and proz z duce highzquality products that compete with those of Turkey and Iran. In this case. Jan. saying ‘inappropriate person for inappropriate position. delivering best services and developz z ment. one for Erbil and one for Sulaimaniya. the Region’s budget draft preparation has been delayed. That’s why agz z riculture doesn’t improve. He explained that a farmz z er has land and labor.’” Maruf has offered 13 proz z posals to Kurdistan Parliaz z ment to help reorganize the Region’s economy. Prime Minister Salih added that as part of this initiative. Maruf believes that the most imperative thing the government has to do at this point is to set shortz . in a regular weekly session of the Council. we have at least been able to achieve some of the promises we gave to our people. inz z stead of moving to the city to become a security guard or police officer. Nechirvan Barzani is goz z ing to take over the prime minister post. and somez z times harsh. 23 January 2012. we have worked during a new. healthcare and other vital sectors that have a direct effect on people. “The plan or arrangement has to include improving the agriculture sector. the assumption is that both graduates and farmers could join together with the cooperation of government and run projects. Despite all the shortages and obz z stacles. and that they have achieved big goals.” he said. as it has been dez z cided that the Cabinet is going to change and Mr.

Aveen Ahmed. 12 televiz z judge the media and its role in Kirkuk because they all need more time and profesz z sional staff. Shalaw Muhamad — Kirkuk Now A family in Kirkuk watches a local TV station broadcast. sion channels began broadz z casting — two satellite channels and 10 local chanz z nels. At the scene of the accident. they are openz minded. "I have to change that. Because I don’t like to express myz z self and also I am not interz z ested in what they want to talk about. She says she tried to go out with some of her female relatives one night. like unemz z ployment. poverty and lack of services.” Media figures in Kirkuk say they have just begun to work on programming. said. 24." He only likes talking to his brother. a Christian citizen of Kirkuk. her parents refused to allow her. they do not cover the incident as much as they blame each other. which ran daily from 2 to 8 p.” He said although the media is supz z posed to serve the people. "It is because our neighbors and relatives will gossip about it. 25. has been in social shock since she returned to Duhok three months ago. which belongs to the Patriotic Union of Kurdisz z tan. as they generally have to be at home before dusk. Other local Kirkuk chanz z nels belong to political parz z ties. Nur bez z longs to Iraqi Islamic Nur party. said. I went to the movies and art exhibitions every week. I go straight to my room. Burhan Hama Saeed.” She added. Kirkuk Sport belongs to the media office of the PUK. who is not religious and loves muz z sic and movies. But we are going to make it better. Last week. Here. Journalist Shaswar Azad. even if all the friends are female. 2012 6 New generation wants more from life Traditional values in Duhok mean little entertainment for the youth When Sohayba Ahmed. who lives in Sweden. an expert in media and an offiz z cial in Media Organization. After the fall of the Baath regime in 2003. without sitting with my parents. her parents went Iran in 1975 when the Kurdish revolution against Iraqi government collapsed. He also confirmed that the channel cannot cover news and events as much as it would like. Last week. young people sometimes commit suicide due to depression or bez z cause of social pressure. but they could not show that to Kirkuk ofz z ficials. Hadil Glad. but only older men go to these places. “Sometimes we watch them when they broadcast news in our language. Millet Naji. “They are always busy with political party meetings." said Ahmed. for a graduation celebration with her classmates. The area’s two satellite channels are Kirkuk Chanz z nel. "When I go home. He said he spends his leisure time either sleeping or on the social networking webz z site Facebook." She said many people in Duhok think it is a "dishonor" for a girl to travel to another city with her friends.” He believes it is too early to . “That’s why Christians watch loz z cal TV less. it currently fails to do this. the situation is worse. Duhok has few entertainz z ment options for young people. because media here still suffers from a lack of experience and commuz z nication. Komall belongs to Islamic Group of Kurdistan. coffee shops and pool halls. Photo: Kirkuk Now. 23. a 31zyearzold Turkmen. For young women. we don't live. or to stay a night away from her parents. “We should not look at the Kirkuk media the same way as other provinces in Kurdistan. Yakgrtw belongs to the Isz z lamic Union of Kurdistan. A week earlier.11 percent of the people of Kirkuk do not watch loz z cal TV channels.m. Naji is not optimistic the social situation will change easily or quickly in Duhok. He also noted people should not blame the shortz z comings of some media agencies that cannot pracz z tice their role as the fourth power. We don't enjoy. Firat Hadi. Naba’ belongs to the Iraqi State of Law. saying they care more about political parties than the audience. and at night. but they were scared.” She believes if the TV stations continue like this. and Iraqiya is semiofficial Iraqi government TV." said Naji." she said with a smile. Her parents. Its survey from early 2011 revealed 48. Unfortunately. On the contrary. said there are no channels for Chrisz z tians in Kirkuk. He said it will take a long time and his generation will suffer because of it. says the channels are from Kirkuk “only in name. "We only exist. which belongs to Iraqi Turkmen Front. insisted the mez z dia outlets do not convey the voice of the people as much as political rivalry. came back to the city two years ago and told Ahmed to return to Duhok after she graduated from university in Tehran. January 28. but their parents would not allow them to be out after dark. Quran is independent. The city has resz z taurants. “But considerz z ing the budget we have. Sadiq Abbas. "When I was in Tehran." Ahmed said. another young man comz z mitted suicide by crashing his car to a mountain after his father told him he could not marry his girlfriend.” Azad believes it is the Iraqi and Kurdistan’s Minz z istry of Culture’s responsiz z bility to monitor the chanz z nels and shut them down if they see an agenda. a young man got into a car accident while he was with an Arab prostitute. an Arab citizen of Kirkuk. we did our job covering the imz z portant news. The director of Kirkuk TV says the stations are still new and need time to adz z just. there is nothing. “Media in Kirkuk is in its early phase and needs time to improve. he put his pistol on his head and shot himself. because he finds it easier to talk openly. they will lose viewers. 338.” He said. said Duhok is a depressing place for his friends Duhok. He knew it would bring shame on him and his parents if relatives found out who he was with. 27. Saturday. Deputy Director of Kirkuk Satellite Channel Zahir Shukur said. 24. told her parents that she was going to Diyarbakir.The Kurdish Globe No. other times we just watch the forz z eign satellite channels. His car was badly damz z aged. Azadi belongs to the Communist Party of Kurdistan. one of the ruling parties.” Media Organization is an NGO monitoring television stations in Kirkuk for the past five years. they do not care much about the concerns of regular people. no woman is outz z side. “The media cares about the political parties’ inz z terests. Many girls wanted to atz z tend the course. such as Babagoorgoor which belongs to Kurdz z istan Democratic Party. Ahmed was born and grew up in Iran. Turkey’s largest Kurdish city. we have many issues. who are originally from Duhok. he and the prostitute were slightly injured.” Saeed called the situation “a large obstacle” for the agencies. one of the ruling parz z ties in the Kurdistan Region and Turkmen Elli. but they find it hard to live the same life their parents did. there was a fivezday photography course. “They show the opposite of reality … When there’s an exploz z sion in Kirkuk. "Not because my parents are narrowzminded. In Duhok. He explained that he and his friends in Duhok mostly have jobs. GLOBE PHOTO / Qassim Khidhir A man looks to the lake in Duhok. Kirkuk’s TV stations don’t serve the residents The people of Kirkuk are concerned about media outz z lets in the area.

Built in 1988. acz z cording to the Council's statement published after the meeting. hospitals. . The unfinished project is causing more problems to university students tryz z ing to get to class.” said the mayor. it was not faz z miliar with the area and so it has faced some techniz z cal problems. 338. no one wants to listen to complaints or to respond to our simple rez z quests. “In the beginning. The council’s decisions came during an extraordinary session held on Thursday with the attendance of the province’s directors of municipality. A number of schools. Most of Salahaddin University’s colleges are in the area. Children play soccer on a large area of bare dirt because the area has no public parks or sports facilities. mainly the one concerning water pipes.000 and several neighborhoods. The project started on 2nd May 2011 and was scheduled to take a year to complete. For an underpass projz z ect in the Shorija neighz z borhood. With its population of more than 100. There is also a posz z sibility that new changes will be introduced to the design and the company may have to ask the govz z ernment for an extension on the deadline. PRESS PHOTO Hassan Toran leads a Kirkuk Provincial Council meeting on road projects. we have to put boots on if want to walk in the streets of our neighborz z hood. sewage and telephone network infraz z structure. The appointed commitz z tee consists of members of the Council's projects. “When it rains. People reguz z larly throw their trash in an open area between a school and a building of the Education Directorate.The Kurdish Globe No. some criticize the government for not paying attention to their area.” In Nishtiman. but “the district still lacks other basic services. transparency. a resident of Azady In its Nishtiman neighz z borhood. it is only onezthird finished. which delayed the start of projects. the construction company has also had financial probz z lems. Kirkuk road projects under investigation Kirkuk’s Provincial Council is suspending an underpass project and investigating two other road projects. which has stayed the same and it’s difficult for people to get to my shop. Binasilawa lacks basic services Roads turn to mud during rains Binasilawa. which were later solved. the deadz z line was extended to 2nd June 2012. like paved streets and a good sewage system. Because the project is so far behind. it is unlikely that it will be finished on time. says some students have to leave half an hour earlier to make it to class due to the traffic jam the construction has created. Jihan overpass and unz z derpass project is one of several projects designed to help ease traffic on Erbil’s increasingly busy streets. which has some of the city’s heaviest traffic jams.” added the Mayor. and this is the first project for the company to implement in Kurdistan. All we can do is spending what we have within the limits that are reasonable for the services. However. “Plus. which adds to the congestion. According to Kalary.” explains Yousif. there’s also a trash problem. Hiwa Ismail. the construction work is causing more congestion at the intersection. faces delays in completion. The project has also faced financial issues and design changes.” explained Saeed. and communication offices. Council members critiz z cized the offices for not conducting scientific research while designz z ing underpasses and overpasses to be built on Kirkuk’s crossroads. 2012 7 Erbil’s Jihan project faces delays Overpass and underpass project might take eight more months Erbil’s Jihan overpass and underpass project. Delays in executing those projects because of design probz z lems resulted in higher traffic and the Council’s confusion about planning annual projects. such as paved roads or a sewage system. who owns a shop on Hospital Street. Engineer Shwan Yousif. the project also had issues with water. But now. costing 58 bilz z lion ID.” Yousif tells The Globe that because the managez z ment company is new to the Region. Although the projections say 60% of the project should have been comz z pleted by now. Hawkar Saeed. Yousif says besides design issues.” says Rajab Kanabi. became a district in 2002. but later this level was inz z creased to 50 milliliters to avoid future problems. The Council and muz z nicipality have to settle within a week the issue of changing Dumiz overz z pass to an underpass as has been suggested by the municipality. says “We have been waitz z ing for years for the govz z ernment to pave Hospital Street. in order to reduce traffic jams in the city. The streets and alz z leys are all mud. a district of Erbil Governorate in the southeast of the city. water. staff and workz z ers. elecz z tricity and water projects have been completed. the area still has poor basic infrastructure. They do this because the municipality does not pick up trash regularly. explains to The Kurdish Globe that the project has not gone according to schedule and they are almost 27% bez z hind schedule. and legal committees. Azady is the district’s most neglected neighborz z hood. which is meant to reduce traffic around Salahaddin University. a university stuz z dent. It is at the intersecz z tion of the 100zmeter Ring Street and Kirkuk Highz z way. A commitz z tee of the council memz z bers must report back in one month. construction is causing more traffic and commutz z ers face accidents almost on a daily basis. Kirkuk’s municipalz z ity had announced earlier the projects to build three bridges. “The annual budget alz z lotted for the area is not enough to solve even the basic issues because the district is always expandz z ing and new neighborz z hoods are being added. the Council dez z cided to suspend it until a new design is planned that will solve current difz z ficulties. it still lacks basic infrastructure. The same committee will study an overpass projz z ect that may be built in SahatzIhtifalat before the council makes a decision. the Counz z cil's projects committee is appointed to negotiate with the municipality. says “I rememz z ber people here protected and sheltered many Peshz z marga fighters who are now in high posts and never remember what the people [of this district] did for them. Saturday. It is tasked with studying the case to discover the responsible parties. because the government announced the holy month of Ramadhan as a month off for investors. most of the streets and lanes rez z main unpaved. Meanwhile. Major reasons behind the delay include shortage of engineers. “We need to walk 1 kiz z lometer through mud and dirt to reach the univerz z sity as buses cannot get there due to construction work going on in front of our college. Goran Muhammad. all conz z tributing to the delay. Biz z nasilawa became a district in 2002 but the governz z ment didn’t allocate a budz z get for services until 2006. They pay visits to our neighborhood only during election campaigns. a resident. Mayor Hussein Kalary explains there have been ongoing attempts by the Kurdistan Regional Govz z ernment to provide serz z vices to all neighborhoods in Binasilawa. While the Jihan project is designed to ease traffic. the project was designed for a rain level of 25 milliliters. Head of the project superz z visory team.” In addition to road probz z lems. January 28.

On 8 March 2008.” she told The Globe. nothing mattered except getting something to eat. he asked me to turn my garden into a museum. “I don't want to die. Shawnim Jalal says. adding some hospital staff have been infected through patient contact. who spoke on the condiz z tion of anonymity. told The Kurdish Globe he “felt a national duty to protect Kurdistan’s archeological pieces. 2012 8 One man’s mission to save Kurdistan’s history Dressed in an immaculate traditional Peshmarga uniform. en’s Day. and when more people share a room. As he dez z scribes the pieces. he is still a prominent Peshz z marga figure. around two patients have a TB infection. antiques. Qachakh. curz z rency. it increases the chances of spreading TB. Qadir Qachakh walks confidently around his private museum that filled with archeologiz z cal treasures from many Kurdish areas. she worked for a women’s organization defending women's rights in Duhok Governorate. His collection grew to thousands of items and he turned his wife’s large garden. The Ministry gives benz z efits of $100 a month to AIDS patients.” She is now proud of her husband. sometimes in return for a nominal amount of money. Saturday. “I want my name to be known forever. “I want the Kurdistan Rez z gional Government to help us because we are not able to work and hold a job. people all over Kurdistan started giving him items they found in their villages or that they had in their homes. rather than in the museum. The committee is not able to control pharmacies sellz z ing TB medicines. also on the condition of anonymity. By Hangaw Rashadaddin . and we can get more accurate figures on those who have been infected. said most TB patients are poor and unz z able to visit doctors when their health declines. he opened his museum to honor his wife. “We are not alz z lowed to release records of TB infections to the media. based on inz z formation from local and international archaeoloz z gists. theater. many of the pieces have a note to say who donated the item to Qachakh.” Born in a village near Duhok. He says it is better for a husband and wife to have differz z ent points of view. which was his birthday and Womz z GLOBE PHOTO / Qassim Khidhir Qadir Qachakh’s museum displays his collection Qadir Qachakh in his private museum. The museum has 10 dez z partments. his passion shines through. but sends them to the Iraqi Ministry of Health.” he joked. With the help of govz z ernment. I think the exisz z tence of one of them is unnecessary. fossils. A hospital employee.” Qassim Khidhir Duhok qassim. worldz class museum. peoz z ple informed him whenz z ever they found items. where it was discovered and the age of the piece. but can also affect other parts of the body. peoz z ple in Iraq and Kurdistan were starving. Some families live in cramped housing. an ancient town in Duhok Governorate. drawings. Many priceless archeoz z logical treasures were stolen and sold to collecz z tors in neighboring counz z tries. Qachakh plans to build a large. The weaponry department includes Manjaniq weapz z ons from the medieval ages. he collected items in Akre. In the archeolz z ogy department.” Jalal commented. Thousands have died from TB infections in Iraq.The Kurdish Globe No. kurdishglobe@gmail. He started collecting antiquities and historical items in 1994 when he was Head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party branch in Akre. Qachakh joined the Peshmarga forces in 1980. who also writes poetry.” Besides looting. 338. we formed a committee with the assisz z tance of some stakeholdz z ers to prevent their sale in pharmacies.com Tuberculosis cases may be up in Region TB patients ask for help from the government Tuberculosis. Qachakh. The Ministry of Health does not provide disability benefits for those infected with TB.” She still works in the women’s orz z ganization. and other times they simply gave him the pieces for his reputaz z tion. “If two people think exactly alike. their ages and where they were found. Today. used to be annoyed by her husz z band’s work collecting historical items. but most recovz z ered quickly. Abdulz z qadir is more interested in modern life than hisz z tory and archeology. struggling to get food each day. The Ministry of Health of Kurdistan does not pubz z lish the records. The other departz z ments are: folklore. and is unable to visit the doctor due to financial problems. calligz z raphy and weapons. He said he visited tens of musez z ums all over Europe and “none of the museums had more archeological pieces than mine. can be fatal. Once the word got out that Qachakh was interz z ested in antiquities. The Ministry of Health wants to reveal the records of TB infections. “He was saving the archeologiz z cal pieces in our house. The disease usually attacks the lungs. Bayan Naif Abdulqadir. beneath the Duhok Mountain in Duhok’s Sarbasi quarz z ter. When people came to know he wanted to preserve Kurdistan’s heritage. fighting against the Iraqi army of Sadz z dam Hussein. For more than 20 years. but we believe the numbers are increasing.” he said.” said an expert. “Later. I saw what he has done was really important to Kurdistan. The Director of Chest and Lungs Diseases Consulz z tancy Clinic Dr. which is caused by a bacteria.” Jalal says doctors do their best to cure patients with TB. A 50zyearz old TB patient lives with his eight children. “Out of every 40 or 50 patients with lung disz z eases. so this affects the figures. but many of them have low incomes. who has alz z ways loved archeology. Qachakh’s wife. Our house was full of them and I didn’t even want to clean the house anymore. In the beginning.” Jalal explained. has a good sense of humor. “When he first opened the museum. into a museum. January 28. We cure paz z tients for free if they visit us. some people damaged artifacts because they did not rez z alize how important they were. During the UN embargo on Iraq in the 1990s. “Because we are aware of how many TB mediz z cines hospital pharmacies give out.” the patient said. “TB is not as serious as AIDS.

January 28. includz z ing opposition leaders. 338. Globe: Do you think the opposition parties have offered enough support to the ruling parties cond d cerning external threats to the Region? Osman: Frankly. KDP and PUK have enough memz z bers in Parliament to pass the cabinet. I think we have supported them very much. The survival and prosperity of Iraqi Kurdistan Region is cruz z cial for other parts and the opposite is true. and MPs should consult their party leaders on crucial issues. however. talks to The Kurdish Globe about Kurdistan’s internal and external issues. This is the reason why Head of the Gorran Movement is suggesting the establishz z ment of a national comz z mission that studies the national issues. If the government responds to the demands for reform and makes the context of opposition party proposals the government’s plan for future. Osman says the meeting of Vice President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Nechirvan Barzani with Head of the Gorran Movement Nawshirwan Mustafa melted the iced relations between the two parties. Globe: Some other parts of Kurdistan are emergd d ing from a sensitive pod d litical period under the influence of the sotcalled ‘Arab Spring. there is still a lack of willz z ingness to put the reforms into practice. while others say it shows the strength of Kurdistan. It needs to be returned. so the Iraqi leaders are seeking support from the Region. and selectz z ing Nechirvan Barzani to head this task is the right selection. Globe: The Kurdish public has asked leaders to exploit SunnidShiite conflicts and use a certain side for their interests. it’s a bad policy and will bring negative implicaz z tions as well. because we bez z lieve he enjoys a powerful position within KDP and has closer relations with Gorran Movement than other KDP leaders.com . there is a misunderz z standing regarding this isz z sue. and we have to consider the movement’s opinion in every important matter. so discussing the formation of the government with the opposition is another important side of the visit. No serious steps have been taken in that direction so far. 2012 9 Gorran MP Adnan Osman discusses national and international politics A Kurdistan MP from the opposition Gorran Movement. Globe: In your view. Globe: In a statement to the media. Nechirvan Barzani said it has no firm stance on the opposit d tion parties’ package for reform. Globe: Do you believe Nechirvan Barzani will be able to break the ice PRESS PHOTO “There is political trust between Nechirvan Barzani as a person and the Gorran Movement” —Adnan Osman Gorran Movement MP Adnan Osman. Instead. The visit comes at a time when Barzani is a candidate to head the next government cabinet. proposing plans for rez z form. at that time. We. Is that a starting point for making serious reforms in Kurdistan? Osman: Both KDP and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan accepted the opposition’s proposals for reform and they have shown their willingness to discuss them. by exploiting its international relations to put pressure on Turkey and other governz z ments to give a wider path and freedom for minority Kurds in those countries. Kurdz z ish policymakers. Is that a realistic stance? Osman: The Kurds should not aim to use one side against another one.The Kurdish Globe No. bez z cause these issues contain the national interests of the Kurdish people in general. Regarding naz z tional matters. by holding a national conference that gathers all Kurdish politiz z cal parties from all differz z ent parts. the lawmakers must work on internal issues by making efforts to strengthen instiz z tutions. freedom and conz z duct reform. because forming the cabiz z net depends on majority votes of MPs. Globe: What is the most important thing about the visit? Osman: The visit melted the ice in the relations of KDP and Gorran. it won’t make a difference. monitoring the government and pointing fingers at shortcomings so the government deals with them. Globe: Do you feel you are independent in makd d ing decisions in Parliad d ment or do you always have to go back to Gorran leaders? Osman: Due to the nature of democracy in Kurdisz z tan. with 40% of the Kurdistan soil now outside Kurdish jurisdiction. I suppose there is political trust in general between Nechirz z van Barzani as a person and Gorran Movement. the opposiz z tion parties have launched initiatives and were alz z ways willing to coordinate with other parties. are part of the Gorran Movement and its plans. between KDP and opposid d tion parties? Osman: I think it is cruz z cial that KDP members and leaders realize that forming better relations with other parties serves the interests of KDP itself. But the Kurdish leaders must cautiously deal with SunnizShiite issues. Some political parz z ties in Iraq intend to drag the Kurdistan Region into their internal conflicts. There are many other pending issues between Baghdad and Erbil that need to be resolved. “We believe Barz z zani enjoys a powerful poz z sition within the KDP and has closer relations with Gorran than other KDP leaders.’ Do you bed d lieve Kurdish politicians have dealt with this develd d opment logically? Osman: What is obvious is that so far the Kurdz z ish political parties have dealt with this these develz z opments with a national spirit. Some say this will drag Kurdistan into SunnidShid d ite conflicts. establish an efficient government. I presume Nechirvan Barzani was scheduled to conduct that visit earlier. Adnan Osman. On the other hand. The disputed areas are another issue. Saturday. represent the interests of the people. The MPs represent the political parties. and improve relations between the ruling and opposition parties. especially the outstanding issues bez z tween Baghdad and Erbil – a commission that is monitored by the Kurdisz z tan Parliament so all blocs participate in the dialogue. Without a doubt. Only accepting the proposals in theory is not enough. Kurdish leadz z ers are obliged to address these issues with the Iraqi leaders constantly. there is much understanding bez z tween him and Gorran. escaping of the leaders to Kurdistan is a reflection of the fact that the Region has a strong foothold in Iraq. I suppose there is political trust between Nechirvan Barzani as a person and the Gorran Movement. reviving the spirit of nationalism is very imporz z tant for the Kurdish comz z munity now. What is your opinion? Osman: The possibilities you have mentioned are correct. Globe: How do you view the recent meeting between KDP Vice Presid d dent Nechirvan Barzani and Head of the Gorran Movement Nawshirwan Mustafa? Do you think it’s a positive step toward better political relations? Osman: I think the visz z it came late. Globe: Let’s address an Iraqi issue: Iraqi Vice President Tariq AldHashid d mi escaped to Kurdistan a few months ago and is wanted by the Judiciary Council in Baghdad. as the Gorran memz z bers.” Osman said. there is much unz z derstanding between him and Gorran. Rawaz Koyee Erbil shano_koye @yahoo. the opz z position stance to the next government will be differz z ent. the Kurdistan Region is able to promote the Kurdish issues in other parts in a peaceful way. I hope the achievements that have been gained through this initiative will help furz z ther improve the political relations between the two sides. Globe: What kind of support could the Region offer them? Osman: The Region could play the role of guidance. Globe: How do opposid d tion parties intend to supd d port the next cabinet? Osman: We can support the government through constructive criticism. following last year’s visit of the Kurdisz z tan Region President Masz z soud Barzani to head KDP meetings with opposition parties in general and the Gorran Movement in parz z ticular. so they have to take the nation’s interests into consideration. what are these interests? Osman: We have to rez z assess our achievements within this new Iraq. we will support the other parties when it comes to matz z ters related to the nation’s destiny and we will not compromise our national rights. Globe: Will you vote for the next cabinet in Parliad d ment if the plans of the cabinet contain serious plans for reform? Osman: Whether we vote for the cabinet or not.

the Observaz z tory said 62 people were killed. despite its repeated denials. while 12 soldiers were killed in attacks on the REUTERS/ Stringer Children chant slogans as Syrian independence flags are waved behind them during a protest against Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in Khalidieh. where dozens have been killed. Hama. in terms of violence. near Homs January 26. On the outskirts of Daz z mascus. Speaking on the sidez z lines of the Davos forum. as Western and Arab nations rushed to unveil a draft UN resoluz z tion that would condemn a crackdown that has killed more than 5. It detailed 12 suspiz z cious areas such as testz z ing explosives in a steel container at a military base and studies on Shaz z habz3 ballistic missile warheads. that their nuclear development programme is genuinely for peacez z ful purposes which they have not done yet. Syrian forces on Friday kept up a raid on Homs.The Kurdish Globe No. Amano said it was too early to say definitively that Iran was pursuing a nuclear weapons proz z gramme. The six world powers are waiting for Tehran to reply to an October letz z ter sent by EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton that stresses that discussions should focus on the "key question" of the Iranian nuclear issue. 2012 10 Syria violence spikes as diplomacy heats up Syrian forces on Friday stepped up their deadly crackdown on dissent." Ban said in Davos. the biggest opz z position umbrella group. Deputy Foreign Minisz z ter Gennady Gatilov was quoted as saying by ITARz TASS news agency. We proposed to make a mission and they agreed to accept the misz z sion. with inz z tense firing from heavy machineguns and loud exz z plosions heard. If the draft is agreed. The killings in Aleppo were the first reported in Syria's second largest city since the antizregime uprising broke out in midz March. to get all sides to sit at the negotiating taz z ble. "There is no other alterz z native to addressing this crisis than peaceful resoz z lution through dialogue. would be visz z iting Iran from Sunday to Tuesday. The Syrian National Council. The latest wave in the government crackdown. The head of the Arab League monitoring misz z sion in Syria said the unz z rest had soared "in a sigz z nificant way. UN chief Ban Kiz moon said that the onus was on Iran to prove its good intentions. AFP . Picture taken January 26. "The preparations have gone well but we need to see what actually hapz z pens when the mission arrives. as violence spiked ahead of a bid to condemn Damascus at the UN Security Council. and reports of similar offensives against Hama and other cities. raising the spectre of military acz z tion. UN chief Ban Kizmoon urged the Security Counz z cil to speak with one voice on Syria and diplomats hope for a vote early next week. with activists reporting almost 100 dead in two days. Russia. led by chief inspector Herman Nackaerts." A report by the IAEA in November highlighted a range of areas which had raised suspicions that Iran was pursuing nuclear weapons." "We are requesting that Iran clarifies the situz z ation. Previous talks held a year ago in Istanbul endz z ed without progress. The Security Council was to discuss the Syria crisis later Friday when Western and Arab nations were to hold talks on a draft resolution denouncz z ing the Assad regime that has been blocked by strong resistance from Daz z mascus allies Beijing and Moscow. the council would say it "fully supports" the Arab League plan of January 22 that calls on Assad to hand over his powers to his depz z uty so that a national unity government can be formed and elections held. Six soldiers died in a car bomb attack on a security checkpoint in the city of Idlib and another six were killed in Daraa province in clashes with army dez z serters. military. Iran's President Mahz z moud Ahmadinejad has insisted that Tehran is not dodging negotiaz z tions and was ready to sit down with world powers zz Britain China. 2012." Ban said. "(It) does not take proper account of our position". does not help prepare the atmoz z sphere . France. and Germany for talks. Updating its toll for Thursday's violence across the country. AFP UN atomic agency urges Iran to cooperate The head of the UN's atomic watchdog urged Iran Friday to engage constructively with a team of inspectors headz z ing to Tehran. "The situation at present. France. the Observatory's Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP. Speaking to reporters earlier. the United States. But a senior Russian dipz z lomat warned the draft still falls short because it refers to sanctions and warns of further measures. The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights said sez z curity forces killed at least 23 civilians on Friday. now in its 11th month. International Atomic Energy Agency chief Yukiya Amano told AFP that the organisation's previous efforts to verify whether all its activities were for nonzmilitary purposes had been hamz z pered by "a lack of coopz z eration" from Iran which he hoped would change. comes as the West tries to ride diplomatic momenz z tum sparked by last weekz z end's surprise call by the Arab League for President Bashar alzAssad to step down. the Observatory said in statez z ments received in Nicoz z sia. But he added: "We have information that indicates that Iran has engaged in activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device. Saturday. an 11zyearzold boy was killed at a checkz z point in Hamuriyeh. "Iran should comply with the relevant Secuz z rity Council resolutions. The prezdawn assault on Homs. five in Aleppo. They have been oppressed for so long. But Gatilov later said "we cannot support any UN resolution calling for the support of Assad's resz z ignation.400 since March.. northern Syria. The Britainzbased watchdog said 12 people were killed in the southern province of Daraa. That has been a red line for Moscow ever since a UN resolution help justify a military intervention in Libya last year." General Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa alzDabi said in a statement." he said. four in Homs." adding that a quick vote on the Westernz Arab draft was "destined for failure. China." especially in the flashpoint central cities of Homs and Hama and in the northern Idlib region since Tuesday. including 33 in Homs. came hours after the Unitz z ed Nations said it could no longer keep track of the death toll. 338. January 28. They have to prove themz z selves. also came under assault in the early hours of Friday. after a damning report on Iran's nuclear programme. one in the Damascus area and anothz z er in Hama. 2012. The Observatory said another flashpoint central city. we have to help these people. We hope that there will be substantial cooperation." Meanwhile. Russia and the United States zz met Thursday. "We have to seize this moment. condemned the offensives against opposition strongz z holds and said it was in contact with members of the Security Council to press for strong condemz z nation. "We hope they (Iran) will take a constructive approach. The council's five permaz z nent members zz Britain. the rebel Free Syrian Army said on Friday it had captured five Iranian soldiers in Homs who it said were under orders of the Syrian intelz z ligence service." Officials at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna said the team..

No doubt. as has been proposed this year.” Taz z labani said. Nine years of experience of the two democratically elected Iraqi Parliaments appeared as a major battlez z ground between the Kurds. But both Sunni and Shiite officials have remained hostile to finding a legal and peaceful solution to the occupation of Kurdish lands in Iraq. and later Arz z ticle 140 of Iraqi Constituz z tion in 2005. Turkey fears Iraq is headz z ing towards fullzscale secz z tarian conflict and if that happens. and some of the Kurdish military units have joined the Iraqi army and are serving in different parts of country. . The men said they killed Baghdad police officers and officials workz z ing in the health and forz z eign ministries in exchange for payoffs from Hashimi. Hashimi also backed down from the second round of his vetoing. a census. Jan. which will total 43. it is logical that some observz z ers believe this new round of conflict in Iraq should be seen as a final pretext for a total disintegration of Iraq or a possible wider rez z gional sectarian conflict in the near future. weakening the powerzsharing of a fedz z eral system. Kurdish officials have also tried to defend him. The Turkish prime minister’s warning was the latest in an ongoing war of words between the two neighbors. plus two more seats for religious minoriz z ties. Fears of renewed sectarz z ian conflict in Iraq have increased since US troops withdrew at the end of December 2011 and Maz z liki’s Shiitezled governz z ment sought the arrest of a Sunni Vice President Tariq AlzHashimi on charges of running death squads and being responsible for supz z porting suicide bombings in Baghdad — allegations he denies. is strong evidence for the possibility of a new round of violence similar to the sectarian carz z nage in 2006/07. Fears of renewed sectarz z ian conflict in Iraq have increased since US troops withdrew and Maliki's Shiz z itezled government sought to seize all power.The Kurdish Globe No. includz z ing Sunnis and Shiites. The dispute over the election law of the Parliaz z mentary election in 2010 among the three main ethz z nic groups (Kurds. Iraqi President Jalal Talabani came to the defense of his deputy in an interview with AlzArabiya television station aired 21 January. Therefore. Turkey. Turkz z ish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri AlzMaliki that Turkey would not remain silent if he pursued a sectarian conz z flict in his country. just as the last US troops were leaving Iraq. the Iraqi prime minister canceled all land occupation in Kirkuk and disputed territories put in place by former regimes. but if it had a second chance to rez arrange their policy in Iraq. two major issues that delayed the approval of the election law were disagreement about the voter rolls in the city of Kirkuk and whether to hold elections on an open or closed list system. called for norz z malization. the government postponed the deadline by six months to June 2008. At this point. and it seems Iraqi Arabs are pretending they have forgotten that a major part of national revenue comes from oil in Kurdistan Region. in the Baghdad “troop surge. but Kurdish authorities refused. the Iraqi government with Turz z key and other Sunni Arab countries. Iraq’s Shiitezled government imz z mediately demanded that authorities in the semiz autonomous region hand over Hashimi. But neither a census nor a referendum has been completed because of unrez z solved disputes between the Kurds and the two Shiite Arab governments. and since the rez z moval of Saddam’s regime from power. “Hashimi is not a fugiz z tive. Thursday. such as Mosul and its surrounding areas. Because voter rolls had been based on information released based on foodzration disz z tribution from the Minisz z try of Trade. 2012 11 Kurds in the middle of sectarian conflict in Iraq Regional and internal struggles still plague the country By Salah Bayaziddi On January 24th. it is logical to assume the US administration is anxz z iously watching the course of action in Iraq. While it is constitutionally legal. Another unresolved disz z pute between KRG and the central government has been the budget of the Kurdish military forces. Three Kurdish provinces got 41 seats. who aimed to use legal and peaceful ways to achieve their national rights. These policies included deliberate acts of delaying and somez z times denying the process of Article 140. Article 117 of the Iraqi Constitution has permitted the Kurds to maintain inz z ternal security forces. but this issue also has been unresolved and continues to be another source of tension between the two sides. Article 58 of Transitional Administrative Law in 2004. but the final result has not been disclosed yet. shakes the hand of Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu as they pose for cameras after a news conference in Ankara. Approval of an election law for 2010 almost failed. 338.” and in spring 2008 particiz z pated in the crackdown on Shiite militia in the southz z ern city of Basra. Even this week. this contentious problem has taken a toll on both sides. it will directly affect Turkey’s Kurdish national question. they don’t want to be involved in a sectarian war. as they have so far. during the last nine years. the increased population of the Kurdish provinces was less than 3% while some regions were reported as high as 60%. and then the United Nations attempted to broker a solution outside the Article 140 framework. pressure that the way was paved by Parliament for the new law to pass. In the beginning. many unresolved problems with the central governz z ment in Baghdad. The dispute got worse when it disclosed that among the extra 48 seats to be added (Iraqi Parliament seats will increase from the 275 to 325). While Hashimi has disz z missed the charges as poz z litically motivated and an effort to embarrass him. and many were sure he was thrilled by the result. which has added to the already heightened regional tension and sense of insecurity. the city from which thousands of Kurds were deported as a part of Arabization policies of prez z vious Sunni governments in Iraq. whether Kurds should join groups in Iraq or stay neutral. he had no choice but to travel to Kurdisz z tan Region in December. the frequent governments and elites in Baghdad have never raised their voice or acknowledged that Kurdz z istan Region is still politiz z cally within the borders of the federal Iraq. the new elites in Baghdad have unsuccessz z fully tried to reduce the share for Kurdistan from 17% of the national budz z get to 13% or lower. These policies endanger the future of Iraq. how would it do that? At this point. they have aimed to set up a process to reintegrate Kirkuk and othz z er Kurdish territories into the KRG by peaceful and legal means. Rather. only three were being allocated to the KRG while 12 seats were added to Ninawa Province. This was a short sumz z mary of a new round of conflict between the Kurds and new Iraqi central govz z ernment since the fall of Saddam’s regime in 2003. owing to the convergence of two problems: threatenz z ing of the Kurds to boycott the elections and vetoing of Iraqi Vice President Hashiz z mi. the budget issue has been one of the major sources of tension between the KRG and the central government. not convicted. He is only acz z cused. Many agree the Kurdish leadership should use this opportunity and look for a way out of the (AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici) salahbayaziddi@gmail. Indeed. The Kurds are at the middle of all these potentially dangerous conz z flicts. Shiites and Sunnis) had emerged as one of the major obstaz z cles to continuation of the powerzsharing system in Iraq. adding that Ankara did not favor any ethnicity or sect in the region. Kurdish lawmakers in Baghdad are currently struggling to opz z pose Iraq’s proposed budz z get plan for 2012 that has reduced the Kurdish share of 17 % to even lower levz z els than Kurdish leaders have previously contested. policymakers and politiz z cal scientists have trouble understanding the reasons behind the changing policy of the central government in Baghdad. powerful cleric and leader of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council. Shortly before the arrest warrant was isz z sued in December. Baghz z dad has accused Ankara of meddling in its interz z nal affairs. and trying to create a strong and centralz z ized system. As a final word. This is one of the most widely discussed topics in Kurdistan Region. 26. and they have many unresolved issues. January 28. it seems all sides are at odds. includz z ing ordering the arrest of Hashimi. The Peshmarga Forces and the Border Guards are legal security forces in the KRG. The Kurdish leadership calls Kirkuk the heart of Kurdistan or its Jez z rusalem. Every year in the Iraqi budget delibz z erations. and a referendum on the fate of Kirkuk by 31 December 2007. He added that Hashimi is prepared to face trial in the Kurdish city of Kirkuk. It was only after US and U. following the crisis sparked by the issue of Hashimi. creatz z ing more tension between Baghdad and Erbil. 2012. While Kurds are unz z happy with the central govz z ernment in Baghdad. Saturday. the Iraqi government has promised the Kurdish miliz z tary forces’ salaries would be paid out of the national budget.N. While Turkey has been busy bombing Kurdistan Region’s borders since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003. The complexity of the new Iraq. statez run television aired what it said were confessions by men claiming to have worked as bodyguards for Hashimi. and new elites in Baghdad (both Shiite and Sunni Arabs) who — similar to previous regimes — resisted. Therefore. He is still the vice president.com Ammar al-Hakim.

That’s what the AKP government does not realize. 2012 12 In a recent statement. constitute the main axis of these methods. Turkz z ish Deputy Prime Minisz z ter Huseyin Celik also afz z firmed the same view. Therez z fore. Anothz z er measure of Turkey's new war strategies is that the Undersecretariat of Public Security and Order will be established with the aim of coordinating the work of state institutions that are responsible for security. They have No. Erdogan's remarks with regard to the Kurdish question are costing him his credibility and lead to questions about his sincerz z ity on taking meaningful steps toward the resolution of this issue." he declared. Peaceful solution of the Kurdish issue will not happen without a political solution that addresses the principal legal and politiz z cal demands of the Kurds and that promises a future to PKK militants." Erdogan presented a twoz pronged plan in the offing. Turkz z ish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: "In the near future. For BDP MPs.500 Kurdish political activists. In his article published in a Turkish newspaper "Radiz z kal. emphasized that AKP is responsible for the escalaz z tion in violence because of its reluctance to abandon military actions against the PKK. Saturday. who exz z pend their intellectual enz z ergy absolutely on military analysis. if deemed necessary by the Turkish state. It could be argued that despite the new developments in Syria along with its chaz z otic situation. One of Erdogan's wellzknown expressions is "there is no Kurdish quesz z tion.which are identified by Turkish deputy Prime Minister Bez z sirAtalay as a government project. According to Cengiz Candar. "but we will also negotiz z ate with those who want a political solution. 338." Candar argued: "For me. PKK's main financial source comes largely from Belgium. hence it anticipates having the Kurdish poz z litical movement heavily damaged when the day of negotiations arrives. military methods will remain at the forez z front of the struggle with PKK. If Turkey does not change its aggressive approach in regards to the Kurdish isz z sue. it is questionable if such a term will bring out a solution. the Kurdish issue is a unique case because it has a multiznational. it will be rational to say that this criz z sis will hit a cul de sac. while PKK is being militarily damaged hard – which is a fact – it is also being deprived of oxygen to its trachea in the politiz z cal field. which ignore the fact that PKK is not only an armed organization.S. Turkish security ofz z ficials said that they will combine a hard line on the military front while passing reforms to please the civilian Kurds. The U. Erz z dogan doesn't miss any opportunity to blame BDP for the exploitation of the Kurdish issue. Turkey's new war stratz z egy against PKK includes several measures. The duties of governors are expected to be reinforced through legal arrangez z ments. "We will fight terrorism to the very end. Seemz z ingly. AFP PHOTO/ADEM ALTAN Dark clouds continue on the Kurdish issue in the eyes of Turkish PM Erdogan. In order to avoid confusion. Turkey's new war stratz z egy to fight PKK." Upon the Turkish state intensifying its attacks with some kind of a fullz scale war concept. neither the PKK nor the Turkish state can solve the issue solely by saying "yes. continue with their classical attitudes. stating that "there is no Kurdish question. The Turkish state and its opinion leaders. are in jail for the peaceful expresz z sion of their views in the KCK cases. In addition. Fifth. PKK sees Turkey's new war strategy and its prepaz z ration to put this new tactic into place as a big threat to its selfzpreservation. Nonez z theless. "We will continue a hawkish line in our war against the PKK while maintaining a dovish line concerning our Kurdish citizens. governors will play a key role in providz z ing coordination between the police and the military. callz z ing it a new period in the fight against PKK. disz z cussed at a meeting of the powerful National Secuz z rity Board (MGK). Turkey has plans to demand more military asz z sistance from the U. calls for both military and nonz military means to fight PKK. a Turkish journalz z ist and former government adviser. Also. the Netherlands and other Western European counz z tries. Within this context. troops from Iraq and the crises that Maliki has caused." not a "policy of negotiation." he said. multizstate and tragic feature. very differz z ent strategies and methods will be put into practice." Also. Methods of breaking political supz z port for the PKK remain the most important target in the new strategy. the first is to break the political supz z port that has been given to PKK by some prozKurdish political parties. new regional progress in the Middle East shows us that the Kurdish issue is getting more complicatz z ed and out of control for Turkey and PKK. The second important decision Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan gestures as he addresses members of the parliament from his ruling AK Party (AKP) during a meeting at the Turkish parliament in Ankara. Fourth. BDP MPs asserted that Turkey's new strategy must be seen as a "policy of war. on January 10.S. That is to say. withdrawal of U. and equates BDP's Kurdish policy with opportunism and provocaz z tion. at least in position of being a critical variz z able of political equations in the region. there are my Kurdish citizens who have quesz z tions. the Kurdistan Regional Government’s enhanced power will shape Turkey’s Kurdish issue in a predominantly novel way. they are afraid of a return to the conflicts of the 1990s when legal boundaries in the struggle against PKK were carelessly exceeded with the approval of the Turkish state. The processed inz z telligence will be directly sent to security units in the field so that they can operz z ate more efficiently against PKK guerillas. not taking into account the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) or its fellow travelers under any cirz z cumstances. Turkish Interior Ministry announced that the military is not totally excluded and the police are not included fully in this strategy. Also. unlike previous governments the Justice and Development Party (AKP) is not going to rez z solve the Kurdish issue with violence and war. Erdoz z gan separated the Kurdz z ish question and the PKK question from each other.S. they claimed AKP has insisted on Turkz z ish policies of war." In addition to these. which is called the new war strategy. Indeed a serious progress has been realz z ized in this direction. PKK is giving signals of furthering their activities. According to prozAKP analysts. but additionally AKP will take political steps to find a poz z litical solution. adding that this strategy is not a new one. the AKP is quietly aiming to solve the Kurdz z ish issue by sidelining the BDP and PKK. but there is a PKK question. The Undersecretariat will not conduct military opz z erations. However. but also an active and important poz z litical actor in the Middle East. Third. the Turkish air force will resume launching aerz z ial operations against PKK targets in south Kurdistan. But." Moreover. 2012. a simiz z lar retaliation perception emerged within the PKK." Old war strategy that has been implemented by the previz z ous Turkish governments dealt with the Kurdish isz z sue only as a separatist terz z ror. PKK utilizes violence in order to put pressure on Turkish government." The Kurdish national isz z sue was transformed in the AKP political narrative into an individual quesz z tion. The Kurdish people do not at all view PKK as the Turkish state wants or expects it to view it. Turkey's brandz new war strategies will not serve to create an environz z ment for a peaceful soluz z tion to the Kurdish issue. the Commuz z nities' Union of Kurdistan (KCK) operations. the war against PKK will continue with the latz z est military technology and negotiations will continue with the Kurdish political parties. accordz z ing to Turkey's new stratz z egy. has been providing realztime intelligence to Turkey since 2007. Turkey’s brandznew war strategy shows us that Turkey has not taken a lesz z son from its past struggle against PKK in view of the historical experience on the Kurdish national issue." It has to be admitted that compared to other isz z sues. Thus. Kurdish poz z litical cadres and Kurdish public opinion shows that Erdogan’s statements in favor of prolongation of KCK operations lose credz z ibility in regards to "policy of negotiation. including members and five MPs of the prozKurdz z ish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP). This strategy does not exclude a solution through negotiaz z tions. since the solution of the Kurdish issue comes to mean the solution of the hegemonic conflicts on the geography of Kurdistan.The Kurdish Globe Turkey's new war strategy No new lessons appear to have been learned By Mehmed Sabri Akgönül in the new war strategy is creating integration bez z tween the military and the police in the fight against PKK. January 28. currently more than 3. Turkey's ongoing diplomatic works to force some European institutions to cut the financial links of some groups known to be PKK affiliates will be inz z tensified. .

alone had been charged with 61 killings. Government employees and officials inspect the remains in a mass grave found in Diyarbakir. Ergenekon defendant Levz z ent Ersöz has also been named in connection with the incidents. In the beginning. The darkest face of Turz z key’s war strategy in the 1990s in its fight against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) is the unrez z solved and unidentified murders by JITEM forces. The Human Rights Association estimates that between 1989 and 2008 JİTEM was involved in 5000 unsolved killings of journalists. According to reports of the Human Rights Association of Turkey. and Mesut Yılmaz have confirmed the existence of JITEM. and hence they are not acz z countable. JITEM was founded to counter the guerilla tactics of the PKK. detain. journalz z ists. a forz z mer spy for the National Intelligence Organization who infiltrated JİTEM.000. we have applications of dozens of families. a former PKK member who confessed his crimes and joined JITEM. alleged that Veli Küçük's men. He criticized the prosecutor’s decision of confidentiality on the investigation and asked what and whom they were hiding from. an underground nationalz z ist organization. there were many instances of extrajudicial executions. and was responsible for 1. Three bodies buried with their clothes on in the Yazgizoymak village. In particular during the 1990s. They made use of informz z ers to kill PKK adherents. 1550 unsolved murders were committed between 1990z2000 although the PKK claims that the acz z curate number exceeds 2000. “It is unacceptz z able that no information was given to our instituz z tion. in Silopi. and extrazjudicial killings of PKK members. torture or make people "disapz z pear". The spokesperson of the Movement of Kurdish Democrats Ahmet Acar alleged that JİTEM foz z mented infighting in the PKK. were exhumed last week. Former JİTEM operative Aygan estimated that 80% of these killings were done by JİTEM. adding that these kinds of investigaz z tions should be open to the public. human rights dez z fenders and intellectuals. itself. After the Susurz z luk scandal. killed people using acid and buried the corpses in wells belonging to the statezowned Turkish Pipez z line Corporation. Some motions were filed to expand the area for excavation. Some have responded to the Şırnak Bar's request for witnesses and families of victims to step forward.500 “disappearances” between 1989 and 2008. Republican People’s Party (CHP) in Istanbul MP Sezgin Tanrikulu. Ibrahim Babat. Bilici also said the authorities rejected givz z ing information to İHD despite applications by families. It is claimed that JITEM was active in the TurkeyzPKK conflict. intellectuz z als and political activists and was responsible for 1. BOTAŞ.000 and perhaps closer to 5. human rights defenders. who says he was tortured in 1971 by its founder. in English: Gendarmerie Intelligence and Fight against Terrorism or Engz z lish:Gendarmerie Intelliz z gence Organization) is a controversial wing of the Turkish Gendarmerie. to prevent terror raids and to develop a strategy against PKK front activities. while fighting it at the same time. but the prosecutor’s office rez z jected the motion because the site is designated as a historical one. Former chair of Diyarbakır Bar Associaz z tion Sezgin Tanrıkulu put the figures above 4. Turkey was proud of its underground wealth. Aygan says that detainees are invariably killed. Head of the IHD Diyarbakir branch. 2012 13 Bones from the 1990s: More skulls found in Diyarbakir mass grave By Mehmet Pertew PRESS PHOTO What is JITEM Jandarma İstihbarat ve Terörle Mücadele or Janz z darma İstihbarat Teşkilatı (abbr. The inefficiency in the intelligence netz z work made it impossible for land forces to perform specific operations.The Kurdish Globe No. unidentified murders and cases of “disappearances. a former president of the Diz z yarbakir Bar Association. He provided about 30 names of victims. On 25 January. JİTEM or JİT. Tuncay Güney. In other words. There are no clear figz z ures on the number of political killings in Southz East Anatolia. “In the past. 338. also made an announcez z ment after an investigaz z tion of the excavation area and pointed out that the situation has reached a grave point. Veli Küçük. He also criticized the prosecutor’s decision of confidentiality on the investigation. A former Turkish interrogation center reveals crimes and murders gone unpunished A number of skulls and human artifacts were found in a mass grave over the last few weeks during restoration work of a building that once served as the premises of the Turkish Gendarmerie Intelligence AntizTerrorz z ism Unit’s interrogation center (JITEM) in Diyarz z bakir’s Ickale District. He added that they won’t acz z cept such a decision as an association and that they will have a meeting with the prosecutor’s office on the issue. In a documentary of Mehmet Hatman the figure of 4653 unsolved political killings between 1991 and 2000 was menz z tioned. former prime ministers Bülent Ecevit. It is expected that the numz z ber may increase dramatiz z cally if there is further exz z cavation. raid villages in guerilla dressing.” Abdulkadir Aygan. and by extenz z sion. and the public prosecutor and police ofz z ficials who came to the area halted the excavation on 11 January. Intelligence units did not have the necesz z sary mechanisms in place to fight the PKK in open country. as exzmembers of Turkey’s "deep state" security apparatus testify to their participation in coz z vert and illegal activities over the last few decades as part of the ongoing "Erz z genekon" investigation.000. The Human Rights Asz z sociation (IHD) Diyarz z bakir branch has been closely following the exz z cavation from the beginz z ning. Relaz z tives identified the rez z mains by the clothes they were found in.500 cases of "disappearz z ances". KurdishzTurkz z ish politician Abdülmez z lik Fırat maintained that JİTEM is connected to the PKK. working for JİTEM. said that in the mentioned buildz z ing many people were executed.” he said. following furz z ther excavation. the pubz z lic prosecutor announced that the number of skulls found increased to 23.000 unsolved killings of Kurdish poz z litical activists. Diyarbakir’s chief pubz z lic prosecutor’s office launched an investigation following the discovery of the skulls underneath the building and the ofz z fice is now monitoring the excavation.” There are no clear figz z ures on the number of political killings in north Kurdistan.000. According to Murat Belge of Istanbul Bilgi University. JİTEM interz z rogators are especially brutal since they belong to an organization that ostensibly does not exist. six skulls were found. . it is used by "the Establishment" to enforce alleged national interests. JITEM was inz z volved in 5. The Turkish police were informed imz z mediately. intimidation. Political killings Numerous people who claim to be or are purz z ported to be JİTEM opz z eratives have been acz z cused of crimes such as kidnapping. Accordz z ing to intelligence units. Turkey. January 28. In 2008 longzmaintained official denials of JITEM’s exisz z tence started collapsing in the courts. Saturday. said they suspect these murders were comz z mitted in the 1990s and so far they have received apz z plications from 27 famiz z lies who claim that their relatives are buried at the site. Sezgin Tanrikulu put the figures above 4. while ensuring the perpetuation of both of the PKK. close to 5. now Turkey has more to be proud of. but its units never directly clashed with armed groups of the PKK in the rural areas. in the district of Gucluz z konak (in Kurdish: Basa) in Shirnak Province. He stated that one JITEM operaz z tive. The perpetrators still have not been found and it was not investigated properly. adding that too many more bones and skulls left by unknown perpetrators lay underz z ground. Raci Bilici. JITEM is an embodiment of the deep state. such as skulls and bones from unsolved murders that have become part of the underzsoil. Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Cozchair Selahattin Demirtas said will pursue this in Turkish Parliament. It is also said to be the milz z itary wing of Ergenekon. BDP Diyarbakir MP Altan Tan called for the establishment of a parz z liamentary commission to investigate extrazjudicial killings by JITEM and the ongoing excavations in Diyarbakir.

from 173rd to 176th place. few countries were spared by this wave of prozdemocracy uprisz z ings. The situation in Syria had an impact on neighbouring Lebaz z non. strations by Palestinians calling for an end to the war between Fatah and Hamas. Syria. as a result of AlzMasz z sae editor Rachid Nini’s imprisonment. Countries that relapsed Tunisia rose in the inz z dex. Israel fell six places (from 86th to 92nd) for two reasons. above all in the east of the country. going from 160th to 154th. from 164th to 134th. Secondly. A Gulf Cooperation Council plan under which President Ali Abdallah Saleh was supposed to stand down. this time from 87th to 112th. Countries where revolts led to political change Countries where repression continues and changes are After rising in the inz z dex for several years in a row. from 120th to 128th. 2012 14 Arab uprisings and their impact on the press freedom index The Arab uprisings and the measures taken by governz z ments to control news and information in response to the uprisings had a major impact on the ranking of countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Hadi AlzMahdi’s murder on 8 September marked a clear turning point. Press Release by Reporters Without Borders . when a sharp dez z terioration began. on the brink of become one of the botz z AFP PHOTO / Filippo MONTEFORTE just cosmetic tom three. Libya has also risen in the index. the rest of the world stopped talkz z ing about Bahrain. where the governz z ment provided the Syrian authorities with a degree of cooperation in their atz z tempts to track down disz z sident Syrian journalists and bloggers who had fled to Lebanon. and because of an illegal takeover by Hamas supporters of the journalz z ists’ union in Gaza City. Saudi Arabia fell only one place (from 157th to 158th) although the govz z ernment organized a news blackout on the demz z onstrations and ensuing crackdown in the eastern regions with a Shiite maz z jority. The rez z cent appointments of perz z sons with links to the old regime to run the statez owned media underscored the danger of a return to the past. The first was an increase in murz z ders of journalists. Iraq fell 22 places this year. and the searches without warrants all conz z tributed to Egypt’s draz z matic fall in the index. Saturday. Algeria. although Israel enjoys real media pluralism. Libya’s ranking will improve over the next few years.” He was reportedly misz z treated while detained and his family was repeatedly threatened. 338. The creation of an independent commission of enquiry did not end the abuses against journalists. He is still detained. Firstz z ly. If dez z mocratization continues and if media pluralism and independence take a lastz z ing hold. But Saudi Arabia had already been very low in the index because of the lack of pluralism and high level of selfzcensorship. but to a lesser degree. From Morocco to Bahrain and Yemen. In general.The Kurdish Globe No. known colz z lectively as “The UAE 5. from 130th to 152nd (almost to the posiz z tion it held in 2008. Egypt plummeted 39 places (from 127th last year to 166th this year) because of the attempts by Hosni Mubarak’s government and then the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to rein in the revoz z lution’s successive phases. 2011. As regards its internal situation. The Palestinian Terz z ritories fell three places because of attacks on journalists during demonz z An Egyptian man reads a newspaper in Cairo's Tahrir Square on December 29. because of the end of the harassment of journalists by the Zine elzAbidine Ben Ali regime. The hounding of foreign journalists for three days at the start of February. Anat Kam. when it was 158th). An entire arsenal of meaz z sures were taken to prevent information circulating about the evolving situaz z tion in the country. this time 11 places. the end of massive and systematic Internet filtering. Some predators of press freedom fell from power. But Libya’s ranking reflects the many abuses against journalists during the civil war. from 8 April to 28 Noz z vember along with four other activists. the authorities made extensive use of the media to put out prozgovz z ernment propaganda. fell a bit more. But the media freedom situation was already very worrying and Yemen had already fallen 16 places since 2008. as a result of the undertakings given by the authorites. Newsz z papers and radio and TV stations have sprouted like mushrooms. The United Arab Emirz z ates fell again. At the same time. which he signed on 23 November. parliament approved a media bill on first reading that would drastically increase the amount of damages that can be awarded in defaz z mation cases. There were various reasons. it is not in the top 50 countries in the Reporters Without Borders index because the media are subject to prior military censorship. or in Iraqi Kurdistan. a blogger who administers the online Countries that fell again prozdemocracy forum Alz Hewar (“The Dialogue”). Bahraini and foreign journalists were systematically hounded from February onwards. on 21 November. arrests and convictions of journalists and bloggers by military courts. The new pluralist enthusiasm spread to the west after the liberation of Tripoli at the end of August. The transitions that have begun are not necessarz z ily leading towards more pluralism and most of the changes in the rankz z ings have been downward ones. this time from 135th to 138th. Another reaz z son was the fact that jourz z nalists are very often the target of violence by the security forces. the emerz z gence of real pluralism of opinion in the print media and. Most of the region’s countries have fallen in the index because of the measures taken in a bid to impose a news blackout on a crackdown. on the other hand. did not change the internal situation. far from it. above all because of a fall in the number of trials of jourz z nalists. above all because of its Internet filtering policy and the imprisonment of Ahmed Mansoor. whether at demonstrations in Tahrir Square in Baghdad. After the Libyan uprising began in Februz z ary. The Kingdom of Bahrain (173rd) plunged 29 placz z es to become one of the world’s 10 most repressive countries. which prompted maz z jor crackdowns. but others remain in place. from 133rd to 122nd. which had already attained a very low rankz z ing in recent years. was sentenced to three years in prison on 31 October. the interrogations. a region that had for many years offered a refuge for jourz z nalists. albeit possibly only for the time being. The media freedom situz z ation has not changed inz z trinsically in Jordan but police violence against journalists and repeated deliberate attacks on the Agence FrancezPresse bureau in Amman caused it to fall eight places in the index. there was an exploz z sion in the number of media. It just helped to ensure that. Yemen fell just one place (from 170th to 171st) dez z spite all the violence used by the security forces against demonstrators and journalists covering the demonstrations. January 28. rose again. Haaretz reporter Uri Blau is facing a possible sevenzyear jail sentence for possessing classified documents and his source. The freedoms that have been won are fragile and could easily be swept away. Morocco fell again.

To answer reporters’ questions. second assistant coach. said: "We have the problem of lack of spectators in some staz z diums due to several reasons including inadequate seats and lack of attractive means like the lottery. Erbil club secretary. the club’s management put in place several rules about press conferences. But Kurdistan league compared to the Iraqi league has greater fans. observe the techniques used in the European league. Rebin Ramzi. the Erbil cycling team participatz z ed in an international tournament in the UAE. "I recall when Faizo and Khoshnaw were playing for Erbil." Mahmud said that the club has no power to change the schedule time of the matches. Asked if the reporters will be satisfied with the decision. who is first assistant coach. Salam Hussein. dependence on Arab footballers.” In Aziz’s opinion. Karezy believes spectators need to be consulted on improving the condition of Kurdish football. The statement added that reportz z ers and camera operators cannot conduct interviews on the field. "People watch European leagues and are well acquainted with the new techniques of football. The press conferences will also cover the club’s upcoming plans and activities. If a Kurdish player misses a scoring chance in a match. These regulations are internationally practiced and they are in the interest of the club as well as the reporters. they are played when people mostly are busy and workz z ing. Mahrous will hold a monthly press conference. then they changed into regulations after the club’s manz z agement board discussed them. The number of football fans and spectators of domestic leagues has largely decreased over the last decade. no seat is empty due to fan loyalty. 29. while watching the Erz z bil team train. reporters will not face any difficulties if they follow the regulations and talk to right people at the right place and time. Erbil FC players during a training session at Franso Hariri Stadium in January 2012. Aziz didn't hide the fact that a gap exists between his club and the fans due to lack of Kurdish players in the team's lineup. He thinks if all the coaches like Samir Babo. When clubs like Sherz z wana play. Poor conditions of seats. was not allowed to interview a cyclist due to the team’s regulations. 338. “The deciz z sions were originally suggestions from the newly appointed coach. Saman Omer. or Samir Raihan. a spectator watching Erbil train. they stop attending the GLOBE PHOTO / Zakariya Muhammed Fan support on a steady decline in domestic league stadiums This photo shows two spectators watching Erbil FC players during a training session at Franso Hariri Stadium in January 2012. the matches will be a lot stronger and the fans will return to the stadiz z ums as a result. I feel ashamed of cheering a Kurdish team that is full of Arab players. Acz z cording to Mahmud Aziz. Short interviews can be made on the tracks. about the reasoning behind the new rez z strictions. For further clarification. leaving stark emptiness at some stadiums even during the crucial matches in the Iraqi league. head coach. When they see the Kurdish footz z ballers are not given a chance to play. said: "I don't attend the matches and watch trainings a lot. goalkeeper coach will not speak to reporters at all. the team’s captains. these regulations help our players and coaches and prez z vent any misunderstandings. Following the appointment of Nizar Mahrous as the head coach of the Erbil Football Club on 16 January. But now peoz z ple aren't interested in watching matches anymore. Mahrous. Zakaria Muhammed Erbil zakaria. Erbil footballers may not talk to the media or give inz z terviews before or after matches. is impaz z tience of the clubs. I have no taste for watching domestic leagues.” He said the club faced some issues in the past when players talked to the media and said things that were not in line with the club’s policies. January 28. Hussein said KFF has plans to entice spectators reconcile with stadiums through renovating staz z diums and making the matches stronger by deceasing number of clubs. players and coach interviews. the clubs alz z ways find excuses for lack of spectators and attribute the case to minor and technical issues. According to a statement of the club’s media dez z partment. only he will speak to the media before and after a match. Erbil's coach in Kurdistan league. Of course.The Kurdish Globe No. Erbil’s media department will email invitations to registered reporters.” said the statement. Salah has experience and played this role well in the past." According to Hussein. people came to the stadium three hours before the matches in order to get a seat. Aziz said." said Fuad Anwar. "There are no schools for training youths. “Omer Majeed." Though worried. all they want is to bring in prepared Arab footz z ballers and win matches." Omer thinks Kurdish football hasn't seen any progress comz z pared to other countries. For example. The aim of the monthly press conference will be to answer questions Majeed canz z not fully answer on game days.com Erbil FC restricts player contact with the media GLOBE PHOTO / Zakariya Muhammed New regulations stop reporters interviewing footballers in the stadium ing staff from now on. Aziz believes the regulations help the team stay unified and keep it focused while protecting its tactics." said Aziz. Kurdistan Footz z ball Federation (KFF) secretary. Anwar said. and the decline of the quality of football being exhibited in the leagues can all be attributed to the detrimental factors hindering the attendance record of the once prestigious league. people would generally like to attend Kurdistan league games. and Muhsin speaks Kurdish and Arabic well and is the team's captain at the same time. "There are no new techniques nowadays. 2012 15 Empty stadiums becoming troublesome Lack of advanced techniques and poor seating are just a few of the factors keeping football fans away from the stadiums. For unscheduled press conferences. Erbil has only a few Kurdish players who aren't given chances to excel. Aziz said: “We have introduced somez z thing new.kurdishglobe @gmail. matches. Fawaz Mando. Last month. people don't attend Erbil’s matches much because the time of the Iraqi league games is not proper. a sports journalz z ist at Kurdistan News Agency. but it faces many serious issues inz z cluding lack of trust on Kurdish footballers. Nizar Mahz z rous. The only players who are authoz z rized to do so are Luay Salah and Sarhan Musin. Because although the Iraqi league matches are thought to be stronger. "Peoz z ple sometimes cheer the team bez z cause of one Kurdish footballer. is the official spokesperson for Erbil’s coachz z . All I see here is Arab players who are highly depended on by Kurdish clubs. The Kurdish Globe asked Mahmud Aziz. I don't really enjoy watching any games in Kurdisz z tan as the teams only want to win without thinking of entertaining spectators. That is why if new techniques are not seen in the domestic leagues they won't be ready to attend the games. but seriously working out other issues like inz z creasing the number of Kurdish footballers. Free tickets is another step the club already has taken to encourage as many fans as posz z sible attend the matches. Saturday. Observers think sports officials in the region have to work on strengthening the leagues and enz z courage fans attend the matches by making radical changes in the league system and improving the techniques of football. the club expels him and replaces him with an Arab footz z baller. I think players and coachz z es need to participate in football courses continuously. "We have nominated Muhsin and Salah to talk to media bez z cause we believe they are easy to deal with. What made the leagues less important.” he added. our media person. a spectator. the numz z ber of fans differs from one match to another. Erbil club secretary." noted Muz z hammad Karezy.

I brainstorm possible locations where this can be built. and the employers who work in government institutions and ministries. then the system would run smoothly. millions of new books. It still needs citizens who are in love with their nation. the teachers. Kurds who can return from abroad are like DIY manuals for Kurdistan. It would not fall. I have come to believe we. entering the castlezlike libraries in the U. Just as there are laws that make it easy to foreign businessmen to invest in Kurdistan there needs to be similar initiatives for Kurds abroad to encourage and welcome their return home without a second thought. but still. looking out from the library's fourth floor. I stare outside and imagine how I wish to see my Kurdistan. I would go to any beautiful capital city in the world and wish we had those malls and coffee shops. I have seen this happen in Kurdistan. are the ones who can build it. who work hard for its prosperity and who feel responsible to their land. there is something much bigger than us. Saturday. Everything I see. Above and beyond all. I want to see young people staying late into the night doing research in fancy libraries with access to all the information and materials they may need. I want my Kurdistan to embrace those who are returning from abroad. I want to see an education system where. for once in our lifetime. the people of this nation. Paris or New York to be great. It is the people who can strive towards this. having equal access “Kurds abroad are like DIY manuals for Kurdistan” to all possible educational opportunities. If every person's fear was for their greater society (not just themselves). Yet I know in a globalized. returning with their hammers and nails. If our children are educated in the correct way. Before. and the list is never ending. January 28. 2012 M e m o i r s By Sazan M. the road is long. If every person did their job well. McDonald’s and Chanel go a long way. Instead. Mandalawi Times have changed. Now. and the entire way I look around and imagine. seating areas of all sorts. It is Kurdistan. quiet study rooms. the son of a wealthy man and the daughter of an unfortunate family can go to school and be educated in the same way. then we can build the Kurdistan of our dreams and build it in such a way that it will withstand all external pressures. I would go four floors up. yet there is a great sensation within me. but there are other things that I wish to see in my Kurdistan. The weather is lousy. I want to see hospitals where even the unfortunate can go to get worldzclass health care services. I picture myself doing the exact same but back in Kurdistan. and I can even picture the students inside. and so have I. At the end of the day. selfzservice loans. I honestly would not care if McDonald’s was being opened back home or if we had stores that sold "real" Chanel handbags. In my head. I no longer want to see clinics in Erbil's doctor's roads. Kurdistan can only be as strong and great as the people building it. most of which provide poor services to their patients. the My Kurdistan clouds are frowning. the young volunteers. Right now. and if every person's aim was to help and contribute to their community. the doctors. We need to grow out of blaming everything on the government and start holding ourselves responsible. Kurdistan does not have to look like Dubai. Kurdistan still needs emotional attachment from its people. 338. I should be writing a final paper. every time I swipe my card. I like to imagine it back home..Last page No. we are changing an entire generation. . I imagine a fast Internet connection. capitalist world.K.

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