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Monte Cook's World of Darkness

Monte Cook's World of Darkness

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Published by: Gene Hamilton on Feb 05, 2012
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If you like, you can award experience points for actions or
events other than overcoming specific challenges. Be watchful
that you don’t give out too many experience points. Characters
probably should not be gaining levels any faster than once per
four game sessions.

Goal Rewards

When the player characters reach a goal they have set
out to achieve, you might grant them additional experience
points as a reward for its successful completion. Such rewards
should generally be about the same number of experience points
provided by a monster with a CR equal to the heroes’ average
level. This kind of reward is particularly useful if the adventure
did not involve a lot of direct action or combat (which tend to
result in high experience points awards, but aren’t always the
only behavior you want to reward).

Roleplay Rewards

Similar to goal rewards, roleplay rewards are useful to reward
activities other than obvious physical actions or fighting. In this
case, you reward characters experience points for the players
roleplaying their character well, holding interesting in-game dis-
cussions or even delivering a particularly good line of dialogue.
An appropriate roleplay reward is 50 x the character’s level.
Depending on the kind of scenario involved, you may offer such
a reward once per session, or even two or three per session.

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