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U.L. .R.A.

12 - M O N T H S Y S T E M

Ultimate Long-Term Resistance and Aerobic System

By Chris Lockwood, MS, CSCS
or the past 11 months, you’ve been working with dedication toward one objective: getting in the best shape of your life. You’ve come a long way since July 1999, when you entered the first week of ULTRA. You’ve periodized your training — from preparation to growth to strength to power to endurance, and everything in between — and you’ve absorbed advice, workouts and nutrition plans from some of the sport’s leading minds and practitioners. Of course, as Yogi Berra once said, “It ain’t over till it’s over,” and the final month of ULTRA will allow you to showcase all the progress you’ve made by getting you “shredded,” or “peeled” — bodybuilder-speak for super-lean — by summer. Actually, the commitment you made to the superfit lifestyle by undertaking ULTRA in the first place should never end; think of it as an ongoing endeavor. Moving forward, you can continue using the ULTRA system as your lifelong template to building your perfect body. To take you through Month 12, I’ve enlisted the help of bodybuilding’s king and queen of competition preparation — Shawn “Sugar” Ray and Laura Creavalle, respectively — as well as the woman with arguably the hardest body in fitness, Lena “The Nordic Knockout” Johannesen. Together, we’ll lead you down the path to getting super-lean and staying rock-hard all summer long. So pull up a bench as our three advisers offer weight-training, cardiovascular and psychology tips on how they get lean during the final four weeks before a contest.
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Lena Johannesen

Per Bernal

but you need to reflect on all that you’ve done to prepare and make sure that you’ve done everything you need to win. I go light. which I practice 3–4 times a week for an hour to an hour-and-a-half each session. He’s a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. It builds mental toughness and helps push me to be my best. then chest. I stick with a two-days-on. but I ended up dragging before the contest. you expect that. My focus is on winning. but I compensate by adding a few more reps and incorporating some drop sets. The last few weeks are the most stressful.” Shawn “This is the most grueling part of the training cycle. because my recovery is slower due to my lack of calories. up to the last week. without rest.” Shawn “Instead of doing traditional cardio. A lot of people say that bodybuilders are selfish. I push him and try to beat him down. I train slower and take longer rest periods between sets precontest. on separate days. Mental Toughness Lena “The most important things for me during the last few weeks are sticking with my diet. you know that’s just par for the course. Physically. train legs. I do four sets of 25 reps using three separate exercises. every day. and I expect him to do the same to me. I train abs and calves every other day. but doing drop sets could increase that number to 21. As for calves and abs. MS. then shoulders and arms. for 45–60 minutes. I train them each three days per week. However. so you need to strive for the feeling of every- Reiff June 2000 MUSCLE & FITNESS 179 Shawn Ray Reiff . I go to failure — usually about 10–15 reps — using moderate resistance.The ULTRA System Training Progression Weight Training Lena “I do weight training three days per week. I also like to treat my training partner like a sparring partner. I’m no different from a lawyer studying for the bar exam or Oscar de la Hoya preparing for a fight. I’d worry that I was overtraining. So you’re tired? So what! It’ll be over in four weeks!” Chris Lockwood.” Laura “Even though your energy level is dragging. rather. and take another day off before I repeat the cycle. but when I’m getting ready for a show. If my body tells me it’s time to go light. You can reach him at chrisl@weider. CSCS. I also work on getting my muscular endurance up for my routine. I base those decisions on how my body feels. In the last four weeks. doing my cardio and getting through my routine practice.” Laura Creavalle Cardiovascular Training Lena “I do my regular morning cardio on an empty stomach. If I were dragging before I entered my contest-prep mode. one-day-off training regimen: train back. And unlike many bodybuilders. so the goal is to maintain the muscularity I’ve built while continuing to burn excess bodyfat. working out every other day. I spend most of my energy on my routine. when I go pretty light and increase my reps to 20–25. American College of Sports Medicine and International Society of Biomechanics in Sport. and I stick with basic exercises and movements all the way through contest time — barbells and dumbbells all the way! I don’t restrict the amount of weight I use.” Laura “I stay fairly consistent by using basic exercises and doing 6–10 reps per set. This year. take a day off. I was doing two hours of cardio a day. has a master’s degree in exercise and sports science. The year before. Normally I try to complete about 12 reps. though. He’s also a personal trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise. after every . For abs. you’re spent. I’ll do 20 extra minutes of full-body isometric posing. Chris now works for Weider Nutrition International in Salt Lake City.” thing being in place and ensure that you peak at the right time.” Laura “I didn’t do any cardio [training for the Olympia] this last year because I started dieting five months out from the show. on separate days. and mentally you just have to be tougher.” Shawn “I stay consistent from the day I decide to prepare for a show. A former M&F staff writer. I felt a lot better and could train harder all the way up until the show.

Because decreasing your calories increases your body’s need for protein. To a person. Each believes strongly in doing such exercise in the morning. Adding cardio after a training session would wear me down. “My carbs are lower than they are in the off-season. Olympia contest — makes it imperative that I get the job done in the gym and with my diet. I use a ‘rotational’ method whereby I eat lower carbs for a couple of days and then eat more carbs on the third day.m.” Another trick employed by both Shawn and Laura is to eat more carbs around their training sessions and less at other times. In addition.” says Laura. such as many cold medications. To that end.NUTRITION Shredded by Summer d By Chris Aceto the carbs and emphasize protein when he’s lounging around his pad or doing desk work. it can help spare muscle tissue from being used for fuel. who will likely shed fat faster than the norm. water can have a satiating effect on the human body under conditions of calorie restriction. the herb rhiodiola rosea or both. they believe you shouldn’t look for a loss of more than a pound a week on the scale. should increase as In addition to avoiding total calorie intake extra fat and reducing carbs. however. low-carb meal-replacement product to the mix. he’ll de-emphasize carbs later in the day in favor of. can help you in your quest to get lean. and watch out for inadvertently doubling up by taking other products. consider adding a high-protein. on an empty stomach.” says Lena. Ephedrine and low-calorie diets are also associated with a decreased release of serotonin. chromium (300–400 mg daily) and vitamins C and E (increase consumption moderately). The diet and training is what you have to do to get there. taken judiciously. Don’t exceed recommended dosages. Fat accelerators and carbohydrate modulators (FACMs) can also help you lean out by decreasing the amount of fat that your body stores and increasing your body’s utilization of carbs as fuel. half afterward. “Having goals — in my case. I’ve incorporated the expertise of athletes known for their chiseled physiques: pro bodybuilders Shawn Ray and Laura Creavalle. but I never go lower than 100 grams a day. Consume 10–20 grams per day of the supplement — half before you work out. uring the final month of ULTRA. decreases. and fitness sensation Lena Johannesen. When Lena and Laura cut back on carbs. adding: “Setting goals is the first part of getting in great shape.” Lena agrees with that assessment. but a small handful of supplements. Exceptions might include people who are obese or have never been involved in a systematic weight. which can slow metabolism. “I don’t follow an extremely low-carb diet. For example. the most effective supplement at your disposal is a thermogenic that contains ephedrine and caffeine .” says Laura. they double up on high-fiber vegetables.” notes Laura. Now. it’s my duty to get out of there and give my body time to grow and recuperate. that contain stimulants. and downed a bunch of carbs to support that. it’s part of the motivation. and it helps me control my cravings for sugar and other carbs.* “It gives me energy to train when I’m eating fewer calories. greatly increase your daily consumption of water during this phase.” Adds Lena. my training intensity suffers. “Any more than that and you may be losing muscle. chicken and egg whites. if he trained at 8 a. that’s fairly low.” Shawn prefers to go easy on Robert Reiff supplements monthtwelve Your kitchen needn’t look like a GNC store for you to get the results you want. Shawn’s advice is consistent with research indicating that protein intake should increase as total calorie intake decreases. affect mood and increase appetite. the focus becomes cutting as much bodyfat as you can while maintaining the hard-earned muscle you’ve packed on during the preceding 11 months. but I definitely get leaner by doing it first thing in the morning. and because you may find it difficult to eat 5–6 actual meals per day. “I’ve tried doing aerobics later in the day. Other socalled anticatabolics you might consider include HMB (3–5 grams daily).and fat-loss program before. “That’s when you need the carbs — before and after a hard workout.” says Lena.’ all three athletes rely on increased cardiovascular exercise to get leaner. Especially on days when you pull back on your carb intake. “I eat about 150 grams of carbs a day. Consult your physician before taking fat-burners or any other supplements.” The threesome also agree on one final point: Lose fat slowly. “The difference between me and the M&F readership is simply a deadline. When trying to burn fat and other calories. 180 MUSCLE & FITNESS June 2000 . For my activity level. “Vegetables are a good way to trick your body into feeling ‘Protein intake full. If I reduce my carbs for more than a couple of days. try 5-http . photo shoots and the Mr.” notes Shawn. let’s see an ab shot! * Thermogenics aren’t for everyone. particularly those with high blood pressure or other health conditions. too. say. though. Besides its myriad other benefits. Laura explains. To normalize serotonin release.” Why the push toward lower carbs? Shawn sums it up like this: “Low carbs help you get leaner.” This fat-free trio use similar strategies to sustain super-low levels of bodyfat. Adds Shawn: “After I blast a bodypart in the gym. Supplemental glutamine can help.

the later you entered or the less you followed our prescriptions. the lesser your results. Laura and Lena use: They’re lower in complex carbs and higher in fibrous vegetables. 40% comes from protein and 10% comes from fat.. round steak. grilled 189 1 cup rice. but you were the one who stuck with ULTRA and transformed your body.) Either way. fat-free mayonnaise Leaf of lettuce. grilled 6 oz. To determine the approximate number of calories you’ll burn per day this month. yam. it has been a lot of fun leading you through a total fitness plan that has helped redesign your body and build your training knowledge. (dry wt. grilled and cut thin 190 1⁄ 2 cup corn 90 1 cup Italian vegetables. cooked 2 cups shredded lettuce 1⁄ 2 cup onions 1⁄ 2 cup salsa Totals Cals Carb (g) Pro (g) Fat (g) Carb (g) Pro (g) Fat (g) 6 oz. grilled 4 oz. can tuna 2 slices rye bread 4 Tbsp. can tuna. red snapper. red snapper. send your entry package to MUSCLE & FITNESS. use the 40% 50% Protein Carbs equation on page 172 in the July 1999 issue of M&F. To enter the contest. Maybe you can now compete in a sport you couldn’t previously. Whatever the benefit or benefits. in some ways similar to the first five meals. before-andafter photos. apply the technique Shawn. returning to a higher-carb intake day (meals 1–5) for one day. steamed 39 Totals 454 0 33 16 7 56 39 4 2 3 48 3 1 0 0 4 mealseven 6 oz. grilled 189 3⁄4 cup rice. 166–68) and send us a copy of each evaluation. cut up 1⁄ 2 cup mushrooms 20 1⁄ 2 cup onions 46 11⁄ 2 cups shredded potatoes. Meals 6–10. you’ve achieved the sort of results we guaranteed.M U S C L E & F I T N E S S ULTRA S Y S T E M — MONTH 12 ULTRA: Meal Planning By Chris Aceto The first five meals contain approximately 450 calories apiece. attn: ULTRA. steamed 1 cup cauliflower. July 1999. skinless chicken breast. gained 15 pounds of lean mass. 21122 Erwin St. scrambled 1 slice fat-free cheese 1⁄ 3 cup (dry wt. stress Meals 6–10. cooked 1 oz. yam. cooked 1⁄ 2 cup applesauce Totals mealnine Cals Carb (g) Pro (g) Fat (g) Cals Carb (g) Pro (g) Fat (g) 135 28 232 50 445 Cals 0 2 41 10 53 31 5 8 1 45 0 0 3 0 3 6 oz. and a letter detailing your ULTRA experience and the benefits you accrued as a result. complete your final fitness evaluation (MUSCLE & FITNESS. top round steak. broken down so that 50% comes from carbs. and then repeating the cycle. California 91367. You can also follow Shawn’s approach by following a lowerFat carb diet (meals 6–10) for a couple of days. Use the meals that contain more complex carbs before and after you train. cooked 105 1⁄4 cup fat-free tomato sauce 35 Totals 366 0 8 22 7 37 39 1 3 1 44 3 0 1 0 4 mealtwo 9 egg whites. or just feel better about yourself and have more self-confidence.) thin spaghetti. If you’re chosen. Whether you followed the program from Day 1 or Day 301. cooked 156 1 cup carrots 70 3⁄4 cup broccoli. If you must lower 10% your carb intake.) pasta. We did the easy stuff by designing workouts and diet plans. grilled 175 Totals 444 0 0 4 10 38 52 24 15 1 1 4 45 0 4 0 0 1 5 6-oz. steamed Totals Cals Carb (g) Pro (g) Fat (g) 207 132 40 35 414 0 32 8 8 48 44 2 2 1 49 3 1 0 0 4 June 2000 MUSCLE & FITNESS 181 ➔ . cooked 209 3⁄4 cup carrots 53 Totals 451 0 44 12 56 39 6 2 47 3 1 0 4 mealfour 6 oz. baked 1 cup broccoli. steamed 108 Totals 388 0 19 21 40 36 2 6 44 5 1 0 6 mealthree mealten Mix together: 6 oz. Woodland Hills. Subtract an additional 500 calories from that and divide the remainder among 5–6 smaller meals. baked 1 cup green beans. steamed Totals Cals Carb (g) Pro (g) Fat (g) 219 105 12 46 36 418 0 22 3 10 8 43 39 3 0 1 1 44 7 1 0 0 0 8 207 198 52 457 Cals 0 48 10 58 44 3 4 51 3 1 0 4 entering the This is it! Time to show the world just how great your physique looks. Happy dieting! mealone Cals Carb (g) Pro (g) Fat (g) mealeight Cals Carb (g) Pro (g) Fat (g) 7 egg whites. skinless chicken breast. scrambled 105 2 oz. squeeze out 186 all water and cook with: 2 cups shredded cabbage 40 1oz. ground turkey. 98 grilled. (Obviously. pp. shredded 1 small pear Totals Carb (g) Pro (g) Fat (g) 186 146 48 4 57 441 Cals 0 26 12 1 13 52 39 6 0 0 0 45 3 2 0 0 0 5 mealsix Carb (g) Pro (g) Fat (g) 6 oz. ULTRA contest mealfive 6 oz. (dry wt. we’ll feature you along with other ULTRA athletes in an upcoming issue of M&F.) oats.

follow the adjustments under No.) Although not scientifically proven to be effective. 1. and adequate refueling. great — but be careful. add 20 minutes per day of isometric full-body posing. if you’re unable to complete the prescribed number of repetitions using proper form. Better Cardio: No doubt about it. Therefore. I’ve seen it work many times with great success when performed in conjunction with an effective training and diet strategy. in the form of protein. the key is adequate hydration beforehand. (For example. Newcomers: If this is your first attempt at an ULTRA workout — or your first attempt at a workout. start out slowly. ever — you need to understand some ground rules. you’ll be doing a lot of cardio this month. do regular barbell squats instead. As for training adjustments. Second. so the following adjustments can make ULTRA applicable to everyone from Ronnie Coleman to Gary Coleman. adjust the weight accordingly. perform only 1–3 core exercises per bodypart. Greater Flexibility: I’ve said this all year and I’ll say it again: Having a partner assist with either contract-relax or dynamic stretching has been shown to improve flexibility more than traditional static stretching does. another six reps with a slightly heavier weight (50%–60%). complex carbs and “recovery” supplements such as glutamine and HMB. sub- 6 tract your age from 220. Do you have the will to succeed? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 More Muscle: This month’s program is designed to burn calories and fat. work on gradually increasing the intensity (as measured by percentage MHR) of your cardio workouts. increase your rest between sets to 60–90 seconds. If you feel like you’re working well beyond your limitations. you’ll be doing cardio twice daily. 3 4 5 If you don’t have access to an exercise apparatus listed in the workout. Stretch immediately after your cardio warm-up. except the ones concerning reps and between-sets rest. For example. When stretching without a partner. and to succeed in life you must sometimes make drastic sacrifices. Cardio sessions are based on your MHR (maximum heart rate). you should be in and out of there 182 MUSCLE & FITNESS June 2000 1 Workout intensities are based on a percentage of your 1RM (the maximum amount of weight that you can properly lift for only one repetition). Truth is. It may sound hokey. If you do use these more advanced forms of stretching. and as a former strength coach and personal trainer. do a longer single session. In addition. ‘For even more separation and striations. in less than an hour and a half. back it down and progressively work your way up to this month’s prescription. many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts claim to have had great success burning bodyfat by performing cardio first thing in the morning. Less Bodyfat/Weight Loss: This month is pretty hardcore when it comes to burning fat and losing weight. increase your intake of essential fatty acids. before breakfast. add 20 minutes per day of isometric full-body posing. To determine it. The biggest pain in the rear is that additional cardio session. you and your partner need to have mastered proper technique beforehand. This month. if you adhere to the rest periods and don’t waste time.65. decrease your reps to 3–8 per set and increase your between-sets rest to 2–5 minutes. if need be. hold static stretches for 15–30 seconds apiece — don’t bounce — and repeat each stretch 2–4 times. . once in the morning and again immediately after your resistance-training workout. Instead. Also. Instead. increase your carb intake to roughly 55% of your total daily calories. substitute an exercise of similar quality for that same bodypart.ULTRA: Made to Order Everyone doesn’t have the exact same goals at the exact same time. but the pros swear by it. but the goal isn’t specifically to increase your aerobic capacity. as your body adapts to training at higher heart rates for longer periods. afterward. eat 250–500 calories more per day than you burn. July 1999) and work your way up from there. your body should also become more efficient at using oxygen. between sets during your workouts. and consume supplements such as creatine and meal-replacement shakes. If twoa-days aren’t feasible. but if you’re more concerned with adding beef than getting lean cuts. Now is one of those times. you should begin with the first installment of ULTRA (MUSCLE & FITNESS. if your gym doesn’t have a hack squat machine. If increasing the efficiency of your heart and lungs at using oxygen is your goal. The correlation between heart rate and aerobic capacity may be inexact. If you pursue this approach. you’re trying to burn excess calories and fat. completing 10–12 reps with a light weight (about 30%–40% 1RM) and. cardio included. and decrease your cardio to 4–6 days a week. and quickly. but to get even more separation and striations. keep your reps at 10–15 per set. Time Constraints: Undoubtedly.’ rulesthismonth More Strength: This month’s routine isn’t ideal for building strength. if you’ve been training for quite some time and just want to “cherry pick” this month’s ULTRA as a killer routine for getting lean. To make it compatible with that goal. First. I’ll catch some flak for the amount of time I’m asking you to spend in the gym. 30–40 minutes per session. and as a relaxation and recovery aid before bedtime. but they follow fairly similar paths. If you don’t know your 1RM for a particular exercise. then multiply by 0. 65% MHR would equal 220 minus your age. guesstimate. but here’s the 4-1-1: I never said it would be easy. My objective isn’t to hurt you or make you so sore that you never want to train again. 2 Precede the first exercise of each bodypart with 1–2 warm-up sets.

followed immediately by 20 reps of seated knee-ups.M U S C L E & F I T N E S S ULTRA S Y S T E M — MONTH 12 weeklyguidelines week one . 5–7 days per week. week two 65%–70% 1RM 1 minute Intensity Rest Between Sets 1–11⁄2 minutes Cardio Twice daily. 6–7 days per week. hip abductors. at an intensity equal to 65%–75% MHR Twice daily. Perform ab exercises as tri-sets. 40–45 minutes per session. hip adductors. 45–50 minutes per session. on week one do 20 reps of crunches. Continue until you’ve completed three such sets. at an intensity equal to 65%–75% MHR 70%–75% 1RM Twice daily. For example: Leg Press 75/ 12 dayone Leg Press /12 Hack Squat /12 Leg Extension /12 Hip Sled 1 /24 Crunch 2 Warm-Up: 7–12 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio (approximately 65% MHR) Stretch: Quads. 7 days per week. For example. at an intensity equal to 65%–75% MHR Leg Extension Hack Squat — Shawn Ray HOW TO FILL IN: 75/12 is equal to 75 pounds for 12 repetitions. June 2000 MUSCLE & FITNESS 183 ➔ Photos by Robert Reiff “I don’t restrict the amount of weight I use. 7 days per week.” . “strip” off enough weight to complete an identical number of reps. followed immediately by 20 reps of oblique crunches. and then rest before repeating another tri-set. glutes. low back. I listen to how my body feels. 35–40 minutes per session. at an intensity equal to 65%–75% MHR week three 60%–65% 1RM 30–45 seconds week four 60%–65% 1RM 30 seconds Twice daily. hip flexors weekone /12 /12 /12 /24 /20 /20 2 weektwo /12 /12 /12 /24 /20 /20 /20 /15 /15 /15 /30 /25 /25 /25 /15 /15 /15 /30 /25 /25 /25 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /30 /25 /25 /25 weeksthree&four /20 /20 /20 /40 /30 /30 /30 /20 /20 /20 /40 /30 /30 /30 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /40 /30 /30 /30 /12 /12 /20 Oblique Crunch 2 /20 Seated Knee-Up /20 1 2 /20 Perform as drop sets: Complete half the prescribed number of reps with your normal weight and. 30–35 minutes per session. without resting.

calves weekone Dumbbell Lateral Raise /12 /12 /12 /12 Preacher Curl /12 Dumbbell Curl /12 Incline Curl /12 Hammer Curl 1 /12 /12 V-Bar Pressdown /12 Weighted Dip /12 Close-Grip Push-Up 1 /‡ Standing Calf Raise /15 /15 1 weektwo /12 /12 /12 /12 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /‡ /20 /20 /20 /20 /15 /15 /15 /‡ /20 /20 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /‡ /20 /20 weeksthree&four /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /‡ /25 /25 /25 /25 /20 /20 /20 /‡ /25 /25 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /‡ /25 /25 /12 /12 1 /12 /12 /12 /12 Smith-Machine Military Press Dumbbell Front Raise Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise 1 /12 /12 1 /12 /12 /12 /12 /12 /12 /12 /12 Seated Dumbbell Extension /12 /12 1 /12 /12 /12 /‡ /12 /12 /12 /‡ 1 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 Seated Calf Raise1 ‡ Perform as a superset: Complete the required number of reps of the first exercise. daythree Leg Press OFF V-Bar Pressdown Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise 184 MUSCLE & FITNESS June 2000 DeHaan Reiff Reiff .daytwo Warm-Up: 7–12 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio (approximately 65% MHR) Stretch: Internal and external shoulder rotators. front and rear delts. followed immediately by the number of reps of the second exercise. Rep to failure. Rest and repeat. arms.

triceps. and then rest before repeating another tri-set. middle and lower). hip flexors weekone Wide-Grip Weighted Pull-Up /12 /12 Dumbbell Row /12 T-Bar Row 1 /24 Dumbbell Shrug /12 /12 Machine Crunch /20 /20 Hanging Knee Raise /20 1 weektwo /12 /12 /12 /24 /15 /15 /15 /30 /15 /15 /25 /25 /25 /15 /15 /25 /25 /25 /15 /15 /15 /30 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /30 /15 /15 /25 /25 /25 weeksthree&four /20 /20 /20 /40 /20 /20 /30 /30 /30 /20 /20 /30 /30 /30 /20 /20 /20 /40 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /40 /20 /20 /30 /30 /30 /12 /12 /12 /24 /12 /12 2 /12 /12 Neutral-Grip Seated Cable Row /12 /12 /20 /20 /12 /12 /20 /20 /20 Wide-Grip Upright Row Hanging Knee Raise with Twist 2 2 /20 Perform as drop sets: Complete half the prescribed number of reps with your normal weight and.M U S C L E & F I T N E S S ULTRA S Y S T E M — MONTH 12 dayfour Warm-Up: 7–12 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio (approximately 65% MHR) Stretch: Back (upper. internal and external rotators. low back. Perform as a superset: Complete the required number of reps of the first exercise. “strip” off enough weight to complete an identical number of reps. 2 Perform ab exercises as tri-sets. Perform as drop sets: Complete half the prescribed number of reps with your normal weight and. For example. Continue until you’ve completed three such sets. front delts. Perform on a leg-press machine. Rest and repeat. dayssix&seven OFF M&F June 2000 MUSCLE & FITNESS 185 . dayfive Warm-Up: 7–12 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio (approximately 65% MHR) Stretch: Chest. without resting. external shoulder rotators. followed immediately by 20 reps of hanging knee raises with twist. followed immediately by 20 reps of hanging knee raises. “strip” off enough weight to complete an identical number of reps. 4 /15 Seated Calf Raise /15 1 2 weektwo /12 /12 /12 /24 /15 /15 /15 /30 /15 /15 /15 /15 /30 /15 /15 /15 /30 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /15 /30 /15 /15 weeksthree&four /20 /20 /20 /40 /20 /20 /20 /20 /40 /20 /20 /20 /40 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /40 /20 /20 /12 /12 /12 /24 /12 /12 2 /12 /12 Decline Dumbbell Flye Decline Barbell Press /12 /12 /24 /12 /12 Romanian Deadlift /15 4 /15 /15 /15 /15 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /25 /25 /25 /25 /25 /25 /25 /25 /15 3 4 Set bench at 20-degree angle. followed immediately by the required number of reps of the second exercise. do 20 reps of machine crunches. calves weekone Incline Dumbbell Press 1 /12 /12 /12 Pec-Deck Flye 2 /24 Lying Leg Curl /12 /12 Seated Leg Curl Calf Raise 3. without resting. hamstrings.

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