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Outline of 2010 Manual of Regulation of Private Schools

Outline of 2010 Manual of Regulation of Private Schools

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Published by: Ed Billa on Feb 06, 2012
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Outline of 2010 Manual of Regulation of Private Schools I. General Provisions A. Minimum Standards (page 1) B.

Fundamental State Policies (pages 1-3) C. Definition of Terms (pages 3-6) II. Basic A. B. C. D. E. III. Education Coverage (page 6) Administration (page 7) Levels (page 7) Curricular programs (pages 7-8) Major Programs (pages 8-20)

Department of Education A. Authority/Accountability/Responsibility (page 21) B. Head of Department/Powers and Duties (page 21) C. Organization (page 21) D. Central Office (page 21 E. Major Services (pages 21- 23) F. Bureaus (page 23-24) G. Centers (pages 24-26) H. Field Offices (pages 26-33)

IV. Rules and Regulations Governing Private Schools In Basic Education A. Establishment of Schools (pages 33-34) B. Permit and Recognition (pages 34-41) C. Establishment of Branch and Night Classes/ Closure of School (page 42-45) D. Establishment of Foreign/International School (pages 4546) E. Administration (pages 46-49) F. Personnel (pages 50-57) G. Remuneration/Compensation (pages 57-59 H. Hours of Work/Teaching Load (pages 59-60) I. Retirement/Other Benefits (pages 60-61) J. Accreditation (pages 61-62) K. School Operation (pages 63-100)

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