Citizens under water

Reading materials for kids collected by Ngawang Rabsel Wangchuk

Introduction A fish is a cold-blooded animal which lives under water, and breathes by means gills. it normally has 2 pairs of fins in place of arms and legs. Piranhas Piranhas are found in rivers and lakes of south America. It is carnivore. In the Amazon river, there are 20 different kinds of piranhas. The most famous piranha is the red-bellied piranha. Most piranhas never kill big animals, and they almost never kill humans. The smell of blood attracts the piranhas. Most of them feed on what is left by others rather than making a fresh kills. Groups of piranhashide out and chase and attack fish that swims by. Sharks Introduction When the dinosaurs were walking on land, sharks were swimming in the sea. The dinos are gone but sharks still remain. It¶s very hard to fight them because they are strong and fast in the water. Sharks continue to grow teeth all their lives. A great white shark can make a quick meal out of almost anything.The hammerhead shark can also be dangerous. In general, most shark attacks take place in very shallow water, where sometimes sharks go hunting for fish. The great white shark, are feared as man eaters. Porcupine Inflates itself when under threat and it is covered with hundreds of prickly spines. Its second line of defense is its sharp teeth. When swallowed by a larger fish the porcupine fish simply eats through the flesh of its enemy. Sun fish Sun fish is sometimes called the head fish, because it appears to have no body. It can grow up to 2 meters (6.5 ft) in length and yet its backbone measures only 2 cm (0.78 in) long. Sea horse

found in warm seas in many parts of the world. As they are the similar color to sea weed. hanging on with their tails. Sea horses live among the sea weed. When they fall back into the water. There are different types of sea horse. they are quite harmless. in fact. Manta ray There are stories of mantas eating people but.Although it does not look like one. they are well camouflaged there. . the sea horse is actually a fish. preferring to feed on plankton ( minute organisms that drift in the ocean ). Often manta rays will leap out of the water up to a height of 4 meters to rid themselves of small parasites. the resounding crash can be heard for miles.