Buddhist literature. Assamese folklore and Vedic literature. like Mahabharata etc. are now identified with sites in this state. Various places mentioned in the epics. The base of this history can be found in Tantric literature. first mention of the state of Assam is found in the epics and the religious legends. Assam's history goes back to ancient times. However.HISTORY OF ASSAM Assam in very early times. The Aryans belonging to the priestly and warrior classes found their way into .

of Districts : Cities : Dispur 78. Jorhat . 117360 mln (1992-93. Dibrugarh.PROFILE OF ASSAM Capital Area : Population : Principal Languages : Ratio of urban population (2001) : Literacy Rate : Net Domestic Product (Rs. at current prices in 1992-93) : No. million at current prices in 1992-93) : Per Capita Income (Rs. 5056 (1992-93. Dispur. At current prices) Rs. At current prices) 23 Guwahati.28% Rs.407 Assamese 12.72% 64.638. 26.438 sq Km.

several other crafts are also made here Cane and Bamboo The Jappi. and it has been in use since the days when the great Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang came to Assam that visitors are welcomed with a jaapi. .ARTS & CRAFTS The people of Assam have traditionally been craftsmen from time immemorial. the traditional sunshade continues to be the most prestigious of bamboo items of the state.Though Assam is mostly known for its exquisite silks and the bamboo and caneproducts.

as also eri.Assam Handlooms Assam is the home of several types of silks.Of a naturally rich golden colour. the latter being used in manufacture of warm clothes for winter. . there is paat. Muga apart. muga is the finest of India's wild silks. the golden silk exclusive only to this state. the most prominent and prestigious being muga.

Tibet. It is a multi-arts complex Assam is dominated by the mighty Brahmaputra river that has its origins in which has been chosen as a venue for many cultural shows.Destinations or Attractions Places of Interest A grand exposition of the culture and life of people of Assam. .

The temple of nine planets believed to be the ancient seat of study of Astronomy .TEMPLES & MONUMENTS The Shakti temple of Mother Goddess Kamakhaya. the greatest shrine of tantric shaktism.

.ADVENTURE The mighty Brahmaputra and its turbulent tributaries are excellent for rafting. an annual Angling competition is held regularly at Jia Bharali. Famous for its golden Mahseer.

It is a mixture of different indigenous styles with considerable regional variations and some external influences. dried or fermented.Cuisine Of Assam Assamese cuisine is the cuisine of Assam. It is characterized by very little use of spices but strong flavors due mainly to the use of endemic exotic herbs. fruits and vegetables that are either fresh. a state in NorthEast India. .

In Assam. tea occupies an important place in Assam. Assam produces 51% of the tea produced in India and about 1/6th of the tea produced in the world .INDUSTRY TEA Tea Of the agriculture-based industries. The plants used to grow naturally in the Upper Brahmaputra valley. tea is grown both in the Brahmaputra and Barak plains.

Important places National Parks/Wildlife Sanctuary GUIDE MAP .

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