Pedro, John Francis A.



January 30, 2012

There Be Dragons Last January 27 of the present year, we were told to watch the movie There Be Dragons for our attendance in our IT131 class. Since that was the first time I ever heard of that movie, I was intrigued on what it is all about. Is it about dragons fighting to the death? Does it involve fictional characters? Does the movie have awesome CGI like other movies? However, I was surprised to know that this movie was inspired in real life events, and the dragons in the title were a metaphor of what was in the movie. It turns out that the movie was about Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, the founder of Opus Dei. I heard about Saint Escrivá in our Christian Living class when I was in elementary and high school. However, I have no idea about the details of his life and the movie depicts some of the stories I heard in my old school. The movie follows a journalist named Robert, who finds out that his father was a very close friend of Josemaria. Moreover, the film contains some of the life of Saint Escrivá, and his struggles with friends and his organization, the Opus Dei. The movie tells us that even our closest friend betrays us. However, it also tells us the power and the importance of forgiveness to our lives. Since the movie depicts the life of a modern saint, it tells us some of the teachings of God and how important it is to have a good heart. Hence, I can take the teachings of this movie to improve myself and become a better person.