Task 6 Kerrang!

Genre; rock, metal Bands from this genre: Blink 182 All Time Low Sum 41 Green Day Biffy Clyro My Passion Young Guns The Blackout Paramore Nickleback
Chuck Berry invented rock and roll in 1955. He was a black man playing black music. But times had changed: white kids were listening to rhythm and blues throughout the Northeast, and white musicians were playing rhythm and blues side to side with country music. The music industry soon understood that there was a white market for black music and social prejudice, racial barriers, could nothing against the forces of capitalism. Rock and roll was an overnight success. The music industry promoted white idols such as Elvis Presley, but the real heroes were the likes of Chuck Berry, who better symbolize the synergy between the performer and the audience. During the sixties many new rock and roll artists came through and revolutionised the scene, bands such as the Beatles and The Rolling Stones dominated the scene. In the late seventies there was a surge of new bands as the rock and roll scene was twisted and changed and new sub cultures started appearing such as Punk Rock with bands such as the clash etc.