Geothermal energy is created by the heat of the earth. It generates reliable power and emits almost no greenhouse gases.

Temperatures from this depth can heat water to 90-95°C and can be used in district heating plants . A pilot plant has been planned for Oslo that will collect heat from 5500 metres deep.Geothermal energy that comes from 150-200 metres below the surface is called low temperature geothermal energy. combined with an energy well. At these depths. This type of geothermal energy is exploited at a fairly large scale. temperatures hover between 6 and 8°C and can be extracted with heat pumps. The Norwegian company Rock Energy wants to be an international leader in geothermal heat and energy.

geothermal energy has significant environmental advantages. which is reinjected into the earth. Geothermal emissions contain few chemical pollutants and little waste they consist mostly of water. It's also renewable because it is based on a practically limitless resource natural heat within the earth. Geothermal energy is a reliable source of power that can reduce the need for imported fuels for power generation. .ADVANTAGES What Are the Benefits? In addition to providing clean. providing clean energy to fuel the growth of some of the most rapidly expanding economies in the world. The electricity produced by our geothermal power operations is sold to local power grids. renewable power.