John Stinson CIS-310-01 1/18/2012 Assignment 1

John Stinson CIS-310-01 Assignment 1 5. There are redundancy errors figure in the P1.5 file structure diagram. There are two repeated entries for the employee David F. Schwann, his phone number is repeated in EMP_PHONE and his name is repeated in EMP_PHONE. There is also a difference between the PROJ_NAME and JOB_CHG_HOUR. Concerning the phone number in EMP_PHONE, there is a risk of data inconsistency if the phone number changes. Both file entries could contain different data for the same agent if both entries are not updated during the change and cause a data abnormality. If the employee quits, a redundancy error could occur because he is listed in two PROJ_NAME files if the entries are not deleted at the same time.

6. I would recommend that the database to be split into separate files to provide data abstraction and normalization. Each employee name and phone number should be recorded in the single file.

7. The data source that the database file integrates is the individual employees that work at the business. Each employee has their own entry in the database with information about each employee, such as phone number and the project they work on. Another data source would be the projects in PROJ_NAME.

8. I would create a PROJ_NAME project file and use a DBMS to manage the metadata in a data dictionary. This would provide data abstraction to remove structural and data dependence from the system. I would also create a EMP_NAME employee name file that contains an entry for each employee and use a DBMS.

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