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International Graduate Programme

International Graduate Programme

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Standard Chartered Bank International Graduate Programme UAE

The IG program will assist you and will help you to accelerate your career and provide you with all skills and knowledge required to become a future banking leader. The International Graduate program is not a training course, it is a full time opportunity where you will be able to learn everything you need to know about the business function in your chosen area while offering you a full time salary and benefits as a normal employee of SCB. All IGs are offered at G8 level and are expected ( upon performing) to step into G7 level upon deployment of the program. International Graduate Programme is aiming at developing tomorrow s leaders, the Standard Chartered International Graduate Programme is a fast-paced, challenging programme that will set them up for a highly successful career in banking. The International Graduate Programme offers eight streams covering Wholesale Bank, Consumer Bank and Specialist Functions. No matter which stream you choose, you will work in international teams and collaborate across borders. And depending on your chosen path, you may have the opportunity to work abroad Please note that you need to choose only one business function to apply to. For bachelor degree holder, you can apply for Wholesale banking and Support Function business ( i.e. HR and/or Audit) and for masters student, you can apply for the consumer banking programme. You will then need to select country where you wish to apply to. Please visit our website http://www.standardchartered.com/careers/graduates/index.html to complete the online application and take this forward. Overview of the IG programme: Consumer banking Programme: The programme content changes each year to keep pace with our strategy and the current environment, though you can expect to take part in: A demanding academic programme to learn the fundamentals of retail banking. A programme of rotations in the core component parts of our business. Technical training delivered by experts in-country. An action learning programme solving real business challenges. Academic programme The first academic programme is held in Kuala Lumpur, directly following the International Induction Programme (IIP); the second is held in Singapore towards the end of your first year, giving you an opportunity to reconnect with graduates from across the globe. Here you ll learn the fundamentals of retail banking and receive leadership development training to support your transition into a permanent role. Rotations On return to your home office you will commence rotations covering all aspects of the Consumer Bank:  Rotation 1 Risk Spend four months learning about our governance and decision making processes.

strengths and preferences you will take on a customer facing leadership role within Product. manage their first branch. Logical Reasoning Test This test measures your logical reasoning abilities. learn about the features and benefits of different products in our portfolio. and get involved in product development. head an innovations team. with either a people management or a budget responsibility. Career opportunities Depending upon your performance. critical experiences that will propel your career to the next level. Our top performers will be offered performance related promotions and international job opportunities.   Rotation 2 Product In your next four month rotation. the winning team will have the opportunity to take their idea from concept to market. Just like last year s winners who are developing a radical microfinance portal. or work as a Private Banking Relationship Manager. Sales. The online Application Process: 1. Contact Centre or our Branch Network. moving around our key markets developing an international outlook that sets them head and shoulders above their peers. such as tables and charts typically found in reports and the financial press. service and quality Rotation 4 Front Line Spend six months applying the knowledge you have gained. You need to pass each one to progress to the next stage. During the Action Learning Programme we offer our best and brightest the opportunity to make a real difference by helping us shape the future of the Bank by working in teams to address real business challenges. Marketing. Talent Assessment This assessment is designed to assess your behavioral preferences and help us understand your potential to thrive within Standard Chartered. where you ll need to tell us your: Personal details Academic background Work experience Online ability tests You ll then be asked to complete a series of online assessments. Rotation 3 Operations Focus the next four months of your rotation on improvements to productivity. which is important when solving problems and analyzing information. you ll also take part in technical training to develop your understanding of the mechanics of different products within the Consumer Banking portfolio. The first step is to complete an online application. Development To complement this on the job learning. In the past our highest performers have gone on to lead sales teams. Experience the customer first hand and learn the skills needed to build deep and lasting relationships. . Relationship Management. Numerical Reasoning Test This test measures numerical reasoning skills in a business context.

you ll receive a topic and all the preparation material you ll need on the day. we ll let you know of our decision within 72 hours Our application process has been open since SEPT 2011 till JUNE 2012.htm http://www. you ll need to display your communication skills as you answer more challenging questions about yourself.Khalifa@sc. For further details. 3. Final interview and assessments The format of the day's activities varies from country to country and you will be told beforehand what you will be doing. If so.uk/aptitudetests_numerical.  Group Exercise You ll need to demonstrate how you can communicate a specific point of view under pressure whilst working in a group. It typically includes:  Face-to-face interview During this 60-minute interview.Below are some websites that you can use for practicing before taking the online assessments http://www. 4. Final decision After the process is complete. please don t hesitate to contact Graduate Talent Acquisition manager at Nesreen.psl.com .com/practice/ 2. However due to the limited positions available. and to ask us questions. your understanding of the Bank and your reasons for choosing Consumer Banking.  Presentation You may be asked to give a presentation. First interview Following success in the online tests you may be invited to a telephone or face-to-face interview.co.assessmentday. I would highly recommend you to apply ASAP as once all positions are offered we will be closing the system and will not be accepting any further applications. This 60-minute interview is your opportunity to tell us about your achievements and strengths.

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