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CRS Report R41484 - US Rule of Law and Justice Sector Assistance in Afghanistan

CRS Report R41484 - US Rule of Law and Justice Sector Assistance in Afghanistan

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Published by Joshua Lewis

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Published by: Joshua Lewis on Feb 06, 2012
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  • Purpose and Scope
  • Background
  • Defining ROL
  • Perceptions of Corruption in Afghanistan
  • Figure 1. Population Survey Results on Afghan Government Challenges
  • Afghanistan’s Justice Sector Institutions
  • Formal Justice Sector Institutions
  • Anti-corruption and Oversight Bodies
  • Traditional Justice Mechanisms
  • Figure 3. Population Survey Results on the Informal Justice Sector
  • Genesis of ROL Strategies in Afghanistan: A Brief History
  • Transitional Justice Under the Bonn Agreement
  • The Afghan Constitution and Formal Justice Sector Challenges
  • The Afghanistan National Development Strategy and Justice Sector Donor Support
  • The U.S. Response
  • Strategic Guidance
  • U.S. Policy Coordination
  • Coordination Under the Bush Administration
  • Coordination Under the Obama Administration
  • Coordination Outlook
  • Civilian Outreach at the Provincial and District Levels
  • Funding for U.S. ROL Programs in Afghanistan
  • Scope of U.S. ROL Programs in Afghanistan
  • Major Justice Sector Programs
  • Judicial Sector Support Program (JSSP)
  • Corrections System Support Program (CSSP)
  • ROL Stabilization (RLS) Program
  • Senior Federal Prosecutors Program
  • Defense Department Initiatives
  • Selected Other Justice Sector Programs
  • Selected Crosscutting ROL Programs
  • Anti-corruption
  • Civil Service Capacity Building
  • Local Governance Support
  • Anti-money Laundering
  • Land Reform
  • Parliamentary Support
  • Women’s Issues
  • Trafficking in Persons
  • Counternarcotics
  • Police Assistance
  • Conclusion: Outlook on Issues in the 112th Congress
  • Corruption Allegations and Implications for Congressional Funding
  • Criticisms of ROL Support Efforts by Program Evaluators
  • U.S. Support to the Informal Justice Sector
  • The Future of U.S. Support to Afghan ROL
  • Author Contact Information

The purpose of this report is to provide background and analysis for Congress on U.S. rule of law
(ROL) and justice sector assistance programs to Afghanistan. This report provides context for
ROL issues in Afghanistan by defining ROL and the justice sector, describing the scope of the
ROL problem in Afghanistan, including the role of corruption, and surveying the range of Afghan
justice sector institutions. This report also describes U.S., Afghan, and multilateral policy
approaches to the Afghan justice sector since the U.S. military invasion of Afghanistan in 2001,
U.S. policy coordination and funding, and current U.S. justice sector assistance programs in

Additionally, this report examines several issues for the 112th

Congress, which is likely to remain

concerned with all aspects of U.S. policy toward Afghanistan, including authorizing and
appropriating ROL-related programs and assistance, as well as oversight on policy
implementation and effectiveness. Issues for Congress include the implications of Afghan
corruption on future U.S. foreign assistance to Afghanistan, limitations of U.S. ROL support
efforts in Afghanistan, debates regarding U.S. support to the Afghan informal justice sector, and
long-term effectiveness of U.S. ROL support efforts in Afghanistan. U.S. efforts to train and
support Afghan police forces as well as counternarcotics and anti-corruption efforts are discussed
due to their cross-cutting relationship to ROL, but they are not the primary focus of this report.

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