Beauty Contest and Trolls Trolls get a bad press nowadays I met a troll once it sat under a bridge

looked the saddest sight I’ve seen. Had been kicked out of the mountain because it had two eyes, trolls usually have only one in the middle of the forehead. Worst of all it didn’t have a tree growing on its nose, a sign of beauty in the troll world. The troll had a long nose which it put under water and inhaled mightily and in this manner caught trout and salmon. There were goats grazing at the bank of the stream but, this troll had a phobia against goat horns and left the animals alone; beside it didn’t like meat. He wore soft shoes made of straw I suggested he should make some and sell them to farmer’s wives to wear indoors after a busy day in the fields. He did that and did so well that a rose bush grew on his nose. When other trolls heard of this he was invited back into the mountain, its dark in there and a bit of colour lends ambience. Female trolls copied him and soon the mountain smelled like a boudoir. Immoral the chief troll shouted and banned this practice as decadent. The rose- bush troll was expelled and female trolls had to wear niqab made of spiders’ web.

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