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January 23rd, 2012

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R.b '1 i d.
District School Board of Niagara Warren Hoshizaki, Board Director, All Board Members, and ARC Committee Members


i i

Education Centre 191 Carlton St
St Catha

rines, ON L2R 7P4

J~N 2 3 IOl1

Dear Mr. Hoshizaki and Board Members:

,¡y Of l1ROl Cl D£AIEl

. RE: Thorold Secondary Hiqh School - Review for Possible Closure
I am sending this letter on behalf of Thorold City Council and asking the District School Board of Niagara to not close our historic high schooL.

We are a growing city of 18,000 and Thorold Secondary High School is our only high schooL. It has been an integral part of our city since 1929 providing our youth with a sense of place and community. We value our high school and want the DSBN to recognize how vital it is to the families of Thorold.

We understand that enrolment numbers at Thorold Secondary are riding the borderline

of the benchmark used to trigger a possible closure. Be aware that Thorold is
highlighted in the Region's "Growth South" plan. Due to Greenbelt Legislation which

growth which has already begun. There are four large residential developments
planned that will add 3,710 new residential units to the community. A Citv with this
qrowth forecast needs a hioh schooL.

highly restricts development below the escarpment, our city is slated for substantial

Your records wil show that five milion dollars have already been spent on Thorold Secondary High School to modernize the facilty for future use. We believe there are
other options to closure and suggest that boundaries be adjusted or the French

Immersion program be moved to Thorold Secondary. Perhaps the New Academy in
Weiland could be incorporated into our high schooL.
City of Thorold
P.O, Box 1044, 3540 Schmon Parkway, Thorold, Ontario L2V 4A7

ww.thol'old.com FD I
Tel: 905-227-6613

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