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Cain Foreign Policy Brochure WEB

Cain Foreign Policy Brochure WEB

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Published by: marcus on Feb 06, 2012
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ReasseRt U.s. leadeRship


FoReiGn policY & national secURitY



Peace Through Strength and Clarity
My vision for foreign policy and national security will get our nation back on the right track. I am proud that the U.S.A. is the world’s superpower and the custodian of the torch of liberty. I intend to keep it that way. You will never see me apologize for our greatness, or bow down to foreign leaders. From my business experience, I know that weakness invites attack. This holds true for corporations and nations alike. My pragmatic and principled approach to addressing complex world issues places the U.S.A. at the top. I will never relegate the U.S.A. to being just another country in the United Nations. My approach upholds the highest ideals and traditions of the U.S.A, from the Founding Fathers to the Defending Fathers of today. My national security and foreign policy vision, Peace Through Strength and Clarity, is an extension of the Reagan Philosophy. My objective is peace. My strategy is strength and clarity. I firmly believe that military strength, economic strength, and moral strength go hand in hand. Security begins at home.

• Reassure our friends and deter our adversaries • Re-examine our role within the United Nations • Keep our military strong and oppose further defense cuts • Secure our North American neighborhood

RestoRe oUR Global competitiveness
• Overhaul the tax code with the “9-9-9 Plan” to re-energize our economy • Make free trade work for the U.S.A. • Outgrow our competitors • End our dependence on overseas oil

coUnteR URGent thReats
• Stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons • Fix border security – for real • Shield us against Cyber and Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attacks

“As a business leader who has turned struggling companies around and made them successful, I will do the same for the U.S.A. I will make our country respected once again.”

Peace Through Strength and Clarity


canada FrIend And Ally U.K. .My assessMent of our key country relations I will clearly distinguish between our friends and our adversaries – and make it known that we will stand by our friends. OUr SPeCIAl relATIOnShIP china RUssia rIvAl COmPeTITOr noRth KoRea AdverSAry regIme FrIend And PArTner mexico Japan FrIend And Ally venezUela AdverSAry regIme bRazil FrIend eGYpt dAnger And OPPOrTUnITy isRael FrIend And Ally iRan AdverSAry regIme paKistan dAnger And OPPOrTUnITy india STrATegIC PArTner This map shows the density of Facebook connections around the world. It illustrates how entrepreneurship and freedom can light up the world with friendship.

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