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Philippe Aigrain - Sharing: culture and the economy in the internet age

Philippe Aigrain - Sharing: culture and the economy in the internet age

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Available at: http://www.sharing-thebook.com/content/download

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Published by: Marcelo De Franceschi on Feb 07, 2012
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The best proposals can turn into a bureaucratic nightmare, or fail to serve their
intended aims, if their implementation is inadequate. The challenge is made
harder by the fact that organizational issues are no fun. Internet users and crea-
tive people (two very much overlapping categories) are not particularly keen on
creating organizations, specially not when they have to deal with the large-scale
management of money. They often create ad hoc organizations that handle the
complex logistics of a project, or art and advocacy collectives. They are often en-
trepreneurs, engineers of these lightweight virtual corporations which have re-
cently received some legal recognition in a Vermont law (Bollier 2008). But sitting
on steering committees and management boards is not the activity of choice for
most of them, and they ignore or outsource (when they can afford it) most of the
interface with collective management organizations, except to complain about the
misgovernance of the latter. To involve Internet users and a much wider set of
producers and contributors to works in the management of the Creative Contri-
bution, we will have to use innovative means.
A non-fiction writer and analyst must also show some caution here. Organiza-
tions are not created, or even designed, by writing books. The organization of the
Creative Contribution will differ from country to country. Moreover, putting it in
place must be the first step in a participatory process, not the execution of a set
plan. To cope with these challenges, we limit this chapter to the description of the
key components that will have to be present in any organization for the Creative
Contribution or a similar system. We then outline how the governance of a parti-
cularly difficult decision (the split of rewards to different media) could be
handled. And, finally we stress the need for a number of complementary policy
measures that would maximize the benefits of the Creative Contribution.

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