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Canada Statoil Interview Questionnaire

Canada Statoil Interview Questionnaire

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Published by: singh19870 on Feb 07, 2012
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Address: Statoil Canada Suite 2100 635-8th Ave SW Calgary Alberta T2P 3M3 Canada.



1. What date did you receive the vacancy notification from our company and by what means did you receive this job offer notification, TV advert? Email Notification? or magazine advert placement. Ans. 25 January by Email.

2. What do you understand about our company before sending your application CV for consideration? Ans. Statoil is working world wide. Statoil believes in sustainable development. I look Statoil as life changing carrier opportunity. 3. Are you ready to comply with the employment rules and regulations if your CV is considered for employment? Ans. yes

4. When can you resign your present job if selected to join our company? Ans. 15 days 5. Why did you choose to apply for employment in our company? Ans. Due to better carrier opportunity. 6. Are you ready to be disqualified if you are not able to keep to the directives of our employment process even after you have been selected?

Can you report your supervisor to the company management if he is going against the company interest in his actions? Ans. 5 years 9. First thing I look for is safety of workers and property of company after that according to situation try to contact my supervisor or company management. Give me an example of a time when you had to explain some new procedures to your co-workers for quality service delivery. how did you go about it? Ans. Have you been a team leader in your previous or present job? Ans.Ans. 11. Yes 7. Yes 12. How would you react to an unexpected incident when your supervisor is not around? Ans. So I make three teams . Yes 8. What do you think you can contribute to the progress of our Company as an employee? Ans. We are installing a lifts and area is very congested it is very hard to work properly. I am project engineer on construction site. As an employee I will give my 100 % so that company will grow further. 14. How long do you intend to work with this company if employed? Ans. Company growth and reputation depends upon company projects or work. Can you work under pressure to meet up with deadline target? . second team will install lift and third team will cross check every single minute details. first team will just do initial set up. Have you been employed by a foreign company before? Ans. 13. yes 10.

Yes 18.00USD. How will you handle a challenging position you are posted to manage? Ans. How do you intend to overcome such challenges? Ans. Is our basic salary of $7. I have more than 2. Coordination of team with you and among team members. 21. 17. good for you if employed? Ans. yes 19. I will try to create events for interaction between team members. My greatest strength is my honesty and hard work. What post do you prefer to work in this company and why do you think you can serve better in such position? Ans . Adjustment of schedule according to time limit of projects. Yes 23. Will you like to be a share holder in our company? Ans. What is your greatest strength and weakness? Ans. What are the challenges of being a team leader and a supervisor? Ans. Are you ready to relocate your immediate family to Canada? Ans. 22. My weakness is I am bit emotional. Are you ready to relocate to Canada if employed by 10th of March 2012? Ans. Yes 15. 1. Yes . 20. For better coordination. Project Engineer (Electrical) . 16.Ans.5 years experience working on projects and in master degree I have done many projects and done course on project management . 2.225.

statoil.I declare the answers above are provided by me to the very best of my knowledge. Ensure you provide correct answers to this questionnaire that will lead to your consideration to work with our Company. Home Address«Rue Doyle 7951 . Full Names«Gurdial Singh«««««««««««««««.. Best regard. Canada. This is very important to enhance your chances of being selected if you are very serious with this recruitment process. Mr. International Passport for verification. Thank you for choosing a career with Statoil Energy International Company Canada office. H8n1V4 Send along with this interview responds the scan copies of your educational certificates. Marcus White Human Resource Managing Director Tel: +1-5187956077 www.com . Direct Mobile No««015146217891«««««««««««. Lasalle .. Quebec.

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