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SEC 110 Chapter 3 Assignment Joey Wolter

What is the difference between law and ethics? Ethics is a moral code of right and wrong that is generally acceptable by your community. Laws are agreed upon ethics that have been adopted by a governing body; or is the codification of ethics as part of a government s responsibility to protect its citizens. What is civil law, and what does it accomplish? The body of laws established by a state or nation for its own regulation. It helps to keep order and peace and prevent criminals from acting without a consequence.




What are the primary examples of public law? Criminal, administrative, and constitutional law.


Which law amended the Computer Fraud and Abuse act of 1986, and what did it change? The National Information Infrastructure Protection Act of 1996 amended the Computer Fraud and Abuse Ace of 1986. It modified several sections of the CFA Act, and increased the penalties for selected crimes

5. Which law was specifically created to deal with encryption policy in the US The Security and Freedom through Encryption Act of 1999. 6. What is privacy in an information security context? Privacy is not absolute freedom from observation, but rather it is a more precise "state of being free from unsanctioned intrusion." 9. What is the primary purpose of the usa patriot act? The purpose of the USA PATRIOT Act is to deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world, and to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools. 10. Which 1997 law provides guidance on the use of encryption? The Security and Freedom through Encryption Act of 1997. 16. What are the three general categories of unethical and illegal behavior? Ignorance, Accident, and Intent.

19. Of the organizations listed that have codes of ethics, which is focused on auditing and control? ISACA. Information Systems Audit and Control Association.