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Office 2010 Web Apps for Dummies

Office 2010 Web Apps for Dummies

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Published by: chandrasriram on Feb 07, 2012
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Cookies, JavaScript — do you get the impression that the people who write
software are hyped up on caffeine drinks and sugar snacks?

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Chapter 19: Ten Things to Know about Browsers and the Office Web Apps

Anyhow, besides enabling the JavaScript computer language, the browser
you use with the Office Web Apps must allow cookies. A cookie is a small text
file that Web sites place on your hard disk when you first visit. These files
store information about you. Chapter 3 explains what cookies are in detail
and why you must allow first-party cookies.

To keep you from having to make the arduous journey to Chapter 3, here
are shorthand instructions for allowing cookies in the four favorite browsers
Microsoft recommends using:

Firefox: Choose Tools➪Options to open the Options dialog box. On
the Privacy tab, open the Firefox Will drop-down list and choose Use
Custom Settings for History. Then select the Accept Third-Party Cookies
check box and click OK.

Internet Explorer: Choose Tools➪Internet Options and go to the Privacy
tab in the Internet Options dialog box. Then drag the Settings slider
downward to Medium High or lower and click OK.

Safari: Choose Safari➪Preferences (or Edit➪Preferences on a Windows
machine). The General dialog box opens. Go to the Security tab, and
under Accept Cookies, select the Always option button.

Chrome: Click the Tools button and choose Options on the drop-down
list. Then go to the Under the Hood tab in the Google Chrome Options
dialog box and click the Content Settings button. In the Content Settings
dialog box, make sure no check boxes are selected.

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