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Office 2010 Web Apps for Dummies

Office 2010 Web Apps for Dummies

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Published by: chandrasriram on Feb 07, 2012
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When you visit most Web sites, they attempt to place a cookie on your com-
puter. A cookie is a small encoded text file that marks you as a visitor to a
Web site and stores information about you.

In the beginning, the cookie was designed for the convenience of Web site
visitors. Cookies work like this: The second time you come to a Web site, the
Web site reads the cookie it deposited earlier on your computer, and the Web
site accordingly does something to make your second visit easier than your
first. If you’ve ever had the experience of going to a Web site and seeing your
name already entered in a login screen, you know what a cookie is. The cookie
recorded your login name. When you returned to the Web site, the cookie
entered your login name for you so that you wouldn’t have to enter it yourself.

As well as helping returning visitors to Web sites, cookies are a means of
monitoring traffic on a Web site. Cookies transmit information about visitors
to Web site developers, who use the information to track visitors and exam-
ine what visitors do at Web sites and how long they do it.

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