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Office 2010 Web Apps for Dummies

Office 2010 Web Apps for Dummies

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Published by: chandrasriram on Feb 07, 2012
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How’s the view from here? Chances are it could be better, and you can change
views by visiting the View tab. This tab is found in Word, PowerPoint, and
OneNote Web App. Go to the View tab when you want to get a better look at
your work or see it from a different point of view. For example, click the Editing
View button to see the Ribbon; click the Reading View button to see what your
file looks like on the printed page or the big screen. Sometimes it’s necessary
to switch to Reading View to see pictures and clip art images in files.

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50Part I: Getting Acquainted with the Office Web Apps

Figure 4-1 shows a Word document in Editing view (top) and Reading view
(bottom). After you switch to Reading view, you have to click the Edit in
Browser button to return to the view you started in.

Figure 4-1:

views by
going to the
View tab.

On the subject of views, the Office Web Apps don’t offer the Zoom commands
found in their Office 2010 counterparts. That’s a shame, because being able
to zoom in and out prevents eyestrain. Still, you can zoom in and out by using
the Zoom commands in your browser. Choose View➪Zoom or press Ctrl+plus
sign (to zoom in) or Ctrl+minus sign (to zoom out).

Undoing and redoing

If I were to choose a command for the Hall of
Fame, it would be the Undo command. This
command allows you to reverse an action you
regret doing. I wish real life were like that.

The Undo command “remembers” your previ-
ous editorial or formatting change. As long as
you catch your error in time, you can undo your

previous action by clicking the Undo button on
the Quick Access toolbar.

And if you regret clicking the Undo button?
Click the Redo button. It redoes what you just
undid (or something like that). The Redo button
is located next to the Undo button on the Quick
Access toolbar.

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Chapter 4: Doing Common Tasks

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