com/ 1) I have source colname 11 11 22 22 33 44 55 55 I want load unique records one target and duplicate records load into second tar get. 2) I have source ename,sal,job,deptno I want get top sal load into target? 3) How to delete target in oracle table records ? what to do? 4) I have 15 records I want load first 5 records first target second target get empty third target 11-15 records load how u design the job what to do? 5) What is decode in oracle? 6) How many days have maintain data in staging area? 7) I want see last week data in staging area how I can see data in staging area? 8) I want extract four days data from source to staging area that mean first day data extract first day and second day data extract second day up to fourth day data extract fourth day I want see four days data how I can see in staging area? 9) How many days store data in staging area? 10) What are the types of staging areas? 11) I want get only duplicate records in oracle query? Tech Process Banglore asked Questions... Answer the questions ...If possible it will be use full... 1.What is an environment variable 2.Difference between join and lookup 3.What is the use of Director,manager,designer 4.What the use of sequencer in job sequencer 5.where we will use stage variable and what is the use of it 6.In tranformer where can we restrict the no of row to certain limai ex:1000 rec ords 7.transformer exection order...ans(stage variable ,constraint,derivation) 8.what is u r source and target databases.. 9 what kind of stages u have used to load the data from source and target if fla t file what kind of flat files had u got and how do u get the meta data for thos e files 10.what are the stages u have used in ur project what are they :what are joins,what is row number ,stored procedures,triggers,functio ns 12.architechture of project 13.what is modify stage what is the use of it

If we have 2 nodes for the job can we change it to 4 nodes Hi guys these are the questions try to write down in answers .how can we change the "dd mm yyyy" to "mm dd yyyy" by using transformer stage 18.. I have answers to some extent but it will be good if make out good explanations and its use full for others .Bangalore wipro.hyderabad wipro. location to retrive 10 records from table in oracle 17.pune like this i need how Answer : src----->sort----->TX----->remove duplicate----->tgt In sort stage create key change column =1 And in Transformer .What are partion tecniques 22..bangalore tcs.pune wipro.. .hyderabad ibm.difference between sequential file and data set 20.hyderabad.what is configuration file 26.hyderabad ibm.bangalore ibm.hyderbad ibm.bangalore cts.hyderabad.pune ibm.what is performance tuning 25.Bangalore.where u have used environmental variables in u r project and what are they. like this i have data i need target like this company name.what is funnel stage.Hyderabad tcs.what is pipline pationing many types of partioning techniques are there 24.. .14.pune .hyderabad cts.bangalore ibm..Nested conditions in squencer 19. 15.If we can see dataset data in desiger then what is the use of data set manage r 21.please dont paste any links for answers -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have one table CDETAILS company name. 16.Location TCS..

count will generete separate column. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Remove duplicate useing Aggregate stage? u can do that in many ways.' :location And in remove duplicates stage select key= company name and option duplicates retain last.. . count = 1 :.(Duplicate record will be filt ered along will original.sal 1. I think this will work.2000 3. but u should understand ur data first.2300 5.1100 i want target like target1 deptno. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i have source like deptno. u can do the debugging in many ways. then using the filter stage give t he condition where= (rownum%2=0) to one dataset and rejected to another dataset.sal 1. count > 1 :. put filter condition on count column like below .5000 5.. for ex:using peek ..Take stage variable sv1:if keychange=1 then location else sv1 : '.2300 4.U can capture duplicates. next use filter or transformer.5000 target2 2.4000 1.1100 with out using transformerstage? Answer : first generate the surrogate key (eg rownum).2000 2. using this u can not remove duplicates.u can use debug stages in designer. -->Using Aggregator perform count operation. u can use peek and directly view the data in director log.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------is there any way to remove the duplicates in transformer stage.4000 4.U can capture non-duplicated records.3000 1.3000 3.

Copy stage).20 3. If we dont want to use remove duplicates stage and even sort stage..70 i am having this data i required that like this 1.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i Have senario send me answer custno. we will get the data.30 3.Go to Inputs tab in the transformer stage properties. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .10 2.80 7..50 4. It will remove the duplicates based on what column you mentioned for partitionin g. select any partitioning a nd select perform sort operation and then select unique.80 7. then we can go for any proce ssing stage.10 2.30 4..50 5.40 4.. select Partition ty pe as Hash and also enable the options of Stable sort and unique..70 6. In the properties of any processing stage(Ex.oldplan 1....70 7.20 3..60 5.Then also.70 Answer 1 : source ---> sort ----> filter ----> target in sort key column=custid create key change column=true in filter key_change=1 Answer 2 : Source-->Remove Duplicate Stage(Retain First)-->Target Answer 3 : we can get the data by using Remove duplicates stage on Custno.70 6.

.e.e. TL prepare is one document. After QA then the jobs are goes to production environment. After completion of unit testing all jobs are sent to Quality Assurance (QA). 2000 to 3000 records dummy data. irpsnd identified by apr2011!. it is located in India at Bangalore. i. PAPAPP_SND identified by apr2011!. After completion of unit testing intimate to TL/ to run the sequncer from 4 th job Answer : in datastage Administraton ----------> add checkpoints option is there ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------alter alter alter alter alter user user user user user FTACENTRAL identified by apr2011!. >support. TDD (Technical Design document) from the FDD. the developer is design/develop a job by using TDD. After received FDD my manger. i. Our onshore peoples is sent document to our offshore peoples the document is rec eived by our offshore manager and he is prepare a report (share point (company p orter/web porter)). We are not directly interact with client (abc bank) our company some peoples are sitting at client place and they directly interact with client peoples and they are gathering the information from client and prepare one document that is FDD (functional design document/ETL Specification Doc).-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i have 10 jobs in sequencer 3rd job failed but with out any corrections . a nd he intimate to SSE (senior software engineer) and then under SSE to SE (devel oper). irpsnd identified by apr2011!. irpsnd identified by apr2011!. DKQPS9466D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i want display the top 3salaryies in datastage wise how to design job explain me source-->sort(key sal desc)--->head--->target ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------what is project flow?how it will explain to interviewer? My organization is ABC. In target i want that record 100 times. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In source file I have 1 Record. they are conducted one peer review testing (if there any error occurs all jobs goes to Development environm ent). then goes to maintain . he intimate to our TL (Team Leader). After completion of a ll jobs performed unit testing by using dummy data (which comes along with FDD). and we are called as offshore peoples.

useing sequencer. start_loop--->jobactivity--->end_loop plz connect to end_loop--->start_loop then open start_loop there u can find from .start from=1 initial=1 to=100 then u run that job u can get desire output ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------scnario if input like this deptno name 10 vinodh 10 ashok 10 anil 10 raj 20 usha 20 puja 30 ravi i want to find out first 2 records of each deptno ?? source-->agg--->trans--->target first use the count rows function in aggregate based on dept no then in transfor mer use stage variables u write IF ELSE condition u will get answer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------col1 a a_b a_b_c a_b_c_d .first u create simple job ex:seq---->ds open job sequencer put that simple job in job

"".. 2) col1 1 20 356 4567 all of having same lenghth say 10 in tgt output 0000000001 0000000020 0000000356 0000004567 thanks in advance 1) use right() function in transformer."inp utcolomn") in one link in second link convert("0123456789".2 output is col1 a d c d only. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------i have i/p like abc123 456def 456ghi jkl435 i want to o/p o/p1 abc def ghi jkl o/p2 is 123 456 456 435 seq file->transformer->dataset in transformer use convert function convert("abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"..""."inputcolomn") seqfile------> transformer-------->dataset 1..10-len(Input_field)) : Input_field in transformer.. 2) use str("0"...

------------.------------1 A 1 B 1 C 1 D 2 E 2 F 5 W 5 V 5 L 5 I 5 P I want the sequence to be generated as Account Customer seq the the transformer use alpha function and in the constraint give alpha=1 to 1 target and alpha=0 to another target -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have incoming data as Account Customer ----------. and that you have partitioned the data on Customer. Make sure you have sor ted the data on Customer and Account. for every new account number. it has to reset back to 1 and then in crement it by one for every similar account number. There are two options: 1.. Your stage variables could look like this: svCurrKey = Account Customer svSeq = If svCurrKey = svPrevKey then svSeq + 1 else 1 .---------1 A 1 1 B 2 1 C 3 1 D 4 2 E 1 2 F 2 5 W 1 5 V 2 5 L 3 5 I 4 5 P 5 That means. Use stage variables as the previous posters suggested.

col2. In a subsequent transformer you can have a stage variable: svSeq = If KeyChange = 1 then 1 else svSeq + 1 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i/p is abc.incol4.col2.n1 --> second link-col1. extract data from source 2. An d set the Create Key Change Column to True.n3 abc.incol5 try this u can get this way also.c2.eng.eng.use copy stage from that give 3 out put links in mapping -->first link -col1.n3 3.john abc.eng.n2 -->third link-col1. Use a combination of the sort stage and a transformer.col2..eng. SOLUTION: HI i am Bhupati 1.n2. or 2.peter.mike required o/p is c1. this will work becaus e the svPrevKey value hsa not been set.svPrevKey = Account Customer Because the stage variables are processed in order listed.peter abc.n1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ..use funnel stage modif column name as same of all linkns if any clarification contact me on 7204821390 we can do this by using pivot stage stage also seq-->pivot-->seq in pivot stage output tab --> columns section-->under derivation outcl1-->incol1 outcol2-->incol2 outcol3-->incol3. Then sort the data on customer and account.mike how can we get this out put using transformer stage i can do this using pivot stage but i need the transformer logic. If you partition going into the sort stage on customer.

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