Mr. and Ms.

UP Manila 2012
1. Each college shall be represented by a pair of bonafide UP Manila students of school year 2011-2012, one male and one female of any year level. The pair may or may not be endorsed by respective college councils. 2. Those who are willing to join should accomplish and submit required documents on or before February 8. 3. Contestants will compete on the following categories/ special awards: y Mr. and Ms. Talent y Best in Filipiniana Attire/Native Costume y Most Photogenic (by Pair) y UP Manila¶s Favorite y Best in School Uniform Prizes: Sash and cash prize

Criteria for Judging Talent Competition: Each pair shall be given 3 minutes to perform 50%- Execution 30%-Originality and Creativity 20%- Audience Appeal Filipiniana Attire/ Native Costume 30%- Poise and Bearing 25%- Design 45%-Innovativeness and Creativity Most Photogenic The photographer¶s choice

UP Manila¶s Favorite Votes (Facebook Page Likes) Best in School Uniform/ Production Number 60%-Poise and Bearing 40%-Execution and Mastery Question and Answer Representatives/candidates will pick a number with corresponding photo/question about national and local issues to be presented on the screen and will be asked how she/he can contribute to manage or solve the problem. Grammar- 30% Delivery - 30% Content and Relevance- 40% Over all Criteria Intelligence-50% Poise and Personality-30% Audience Impact-20% Main awards: Mr and Ms UP Manila, 1st Runners Up, 2nd Runners Up (Trophy, Sash) Minor Awards: Mr. and Ms. Talent Best in Filipiniana/ Native Costume Most Photogenic UP Manila¶s Favorite Best in School Uniform/ Prod Number (Winner for each category shall receive Sash plus cash)

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