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Day 8 Activities

Day 8 Activities

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Published by: Kate Ramey on Nov 18, 2008
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Name _______________________ Date___________ Period_______

Shakespeare Festival Analysis Worksheet
http://shakespeare.palomar.edu/festivals.htm 1. What is the name of the festival you chose?

2. What is the web site address for this festival?

3. Why did you choose this festival?

4. Where is this festival located?

5. When did this festival begin?


How many Shakespeare plays did this festival’s most recent season include? _______ Name those plays.

7. What is the lowest ticket price for a Shakespeare play you can find? _________ 8. What is the highest ticket price for a Shakespeare play you can find? ________ 9. How can people donate money to this festival?


What other workshops and events does this festival offer?

Directions for PowerPoint Presentation: You are to create a PowerPoint presentation that includes all the information from the other side of this worksheet. The presentation must be at least 5 slides long, include at least 5 photos, and include at least 1 animation per page. This assignment is worth 20 points and will be graded based on the rubric below. You are to turn in this worksheet, completed on the front side, and email me your PowerPoint presentation as an attachment. My email address is: rameyteach@yahoo.com

Rubric for Shakespeare Festival PowerPoint
Total Points out of 20: ______________ 0 5 Photos in Presentation No photos present. 0 Animations No animations included. 0 Festival Information From Worksheet No information present. 0 1 1-2 photos present. 1 Animations on less than half the slides. 1 Limited information is included. 1 3 3-4 photos present. 3 Animations on most slides. 3 Most information is included. 3 1-4 spelling/ grammar mistakes 5 5 photos present. 5 At least one animation per slide. 5 All information is included. 5 0 spelling/ grammar mistakes Score: Score: Score: Score:

Correct 10 or more 5 or more spelling/grammar spelling/grammar spelling/grammar mistakes mistakes

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