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Literary Event CC

Literary Event CC

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Published by Harsh Sethia

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Published by: Harsh Sethia on Feb 07, 2012
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I got up and gazed at the clock for a moment. It was 7.

15, ³I can sleep for 10 more minutes ³ I thought and hit the snooze button. The next thing I find my mom yelling ³Get up Rohan, its your last exam you don¶t wanna get late´, I woke up with a start it was 8.00 already I had 2 hours to reach my 40 miles distant examination hall . I got in the bathroom and by 8.45 I was out of the house with my mom running behind me to finish my breakfast and carry my lunchbox. I rushed out on the road and briskly walked towards the station.

find something yucky falling on my head, as I look up irritated, I find a pigeon casually sitting on the branch with what seems like a grin on his face. I wipe the yucky goo with my hand as I forgot to carry a napkin and move ahead cursing my luck. Then just as I reach the station a fast train goes by and I am forced to travel in a slow train instead. As I am sandwiched in the crowd I suddenly get a feeling that it is gonna be a long day indeed I reach the examination center 15 minutes late panting and full of sweat to be bombarded with a lecture on punctuality by my supervisor, which I ignore, & start writing the paper. As the time flows by I intricately search through my mind, glance into Neha s paper and spill whatever I know onto my paper. I cautiously examine the chits I had made and duplicate the answer. I ponder over rest of the answers for a while and leave the exam hall relieved that my worst nightmare is over. The next thing I remember is partying with my Ramesh & Suresh at Gokul. There I meet Neha who informs me that after I left the exam hall ma am found a chit on the floor that she matched to my paper. I go almost paranoid as I realize the consequences of this situation. As I panic my Suresh consoles me with a drink and assures that we will look into it tomorrow. As we enjoy the moment constant phone calls from family, force us to leave early and get on the train. As we begin the journey home I am almost out as the alcohol clouds my senses. I suddenly find quite a lot of people crowding the stairwell and chattering which is abnormal at 11. I ask a passenger What happened to get a terrified reply that Some drunk kid standing near the door leaned out too much and his head got bashed by a pole . I stare stunned at the lifeless body of Ramesh and all of a sudden start puking. As I lay on the compartment-floor I wish that it was all a dream and I could go back one night to change it all. And then I pass out to the chant of the next station being Andheri.
Suddenly out of nowhere I

Caption: That day is not only when everything went wrong it is the day I will never forget Harsh Sethia(the football freaks)

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