The Butterfly Effect (Working Title) By Meg Leslie

EXT. SPACE STATION Space station shown orbiting Earth. Camera zooms in through small porthole. INT. ENGINE ROOM PROTAGONIST-WHO-HAS-NO-NAME tends to the engines. He stares at them for a few moments, then turns and leaves. INT. CORRIDOR. Protagonist walks listlessly through corridors. He is very clearly alone - there are no other noises but his footsteps and the ever-present hum of the machines. INT. PROTAGONIST’S QUARTERS Protagonist opens door into his quarters and walks in. He rolls his shoulders and stretches, and heads over to his bed. He stops just before getting to it and regards his bedside table, on which is a photograph of a young girl, with a butterfly on her t-shirt, skipping. He looks at the photograph for a while, then slumps down onto the bed. The lights flicker and go out, to be replaced by blue emergency lighting. The protagonist rolls his eyes and hauls himself to his feet and leaves. INT. CORRIDORS The protagonist begins to head back to the engine room, but something catches his eye. A butterfly flutters at the opposite end of the corridor. The protagonist tilts his head and goes to investigate. The butterfly flies away, and the protagonist gives chase. The butterfly leads him through the corridors in a wild chase until it stops at the doors to the launch bay. It waits for the protagonist, who hesitantly goes through. INT. LAUNCH BAY The protagonist looks at the shuttle, then back to the butterfly. The butterfly tilts forward, as if nodding, and the protagonist looks back at the shuttle. He takes a step towards it, then looks back to the butterfly, only to see that it has vanished. He stares, then steels himself and steps onto the shuttle.