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Evaluation Memo

Evaluation Memo

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Published by: Press Newsroom on Feb 07, 2012
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February 6, 2012

TO: Superi ntendent Hazel Bauman

FM: Board of Trustees

RE: Annual Evaluati on of the Superintendent

The Board of Trustees for School Di stri ct 271 has compl eted its annual eval uation of Superintendent Hazel
Bauman, as required by law. Pri or to the evaluation, each board member i ndi vi dually scored an evaluati on
form, and had the opportunity to contri bute wri tten comments. The Board met in Executi ve Session January 9,
2012 to consider Superi ntendent Bauman`s evaluation as wel l as contract i ssues. The Board evaluation
encompasses her personal qualities, l eadershi p abil iti es, and organi zati onal and fi scal management skill s, as
well as her relati onshi p with the Board.
The Board fi nds Ms. Bauman`s perIormance to be commendable. I denti fi ed areas of strength i nclude her
communi cati on with constituents, both i nternal and external i n order to be transparent, her relationshi p wi th the
community and the board, educati onal l eadershi p and professi onali sm. Hazel i s excel lent at getti ng the
di strict`s message out to the community. Through community chats and presentations at various business
groups i n the area, she is doi ng a great j ob at informi ng the publ ic and answeri ng questi ons they have on the
state of the di stri ct. She has done a very good j ob of engaging the communi ty and gatheri ng i nput for speci fi c
issues; one recent exampl e i s work done toward updati ng the Strategic Plan
She conti nues to make academi c learni ng her number one pri ori ty i n the di strict. She i s very knowl edgeabl e
wi th regard to teachi ng and l earning and her focus has al ways been on creati ng the highest level of academic
achievement for all our students and creati ng ways for continual i mprovement of our exi sti ng programs al ways
looking for new proven methods that woul d benef it our students. She i s focused on achievement data i n making
decisions on curri culum focus areas and embraces setti ng achi evement data. Her perseverance and focused
strategy of keepi ng data i n the forefront of educati on/i nstructional conversations i s setti ng clear expectati ons for
staff and admini strators i n the effort of meeting di stri ct goal s.
Hazel continues to use her l eadershi p abil iti es to educate the staff and community on new initiati ves that we will
be i mpl ementing. Maintaini ng hi gh academi c programs Ior our students continues to be Hazel`s top priority
through a thorough understanding oI the district`s business matters and Iinances. Hazel`s commitment and
dedi cati on to her profession i s commendabl e. Her passi on and beli efs are qualities i n her that are l eading thi s
district in a very good direction which shows her commitment to public education, the Coeur d`Alene School
Distri ct and our communi ty. Hazel cares deepl y about the di stri ct its students, teachers, staff and programs.

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