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If you have women with you or if you can actively get women to give you IOI's an d have your

target see it happen then she will become more attractive. Social pr oof through pre-selection is extremely powerful. The willingness to walk away Demonstrating that you are non - needy and that you have options is very powerful. Everyone wants what they can't have. You must be willing to lose the girl to get the girl. If you can demonstrate in front of th e target that other girls want you and that you will walk if she doesn't live up to your standards then she will become more attracted. 119 P a g e

Social Intelligence Being socially intelligent is a necessity. This is something that you will demonstrate in front of the girls you talk to. Social intelligenc e would include humor and just being aware of what’s going on. This is a skill you will learn through practice. The more you interact with people the better you w ill get. The willingness to emote When talking about the willingness to emote My stery talks about that it really means to show that you have healthy emotions. P utting it in simple terms, showing that you are not crazy and your brain works r ight. DO this by showing that you care and that your brain functions normally. 120 P a g e

Chapter 21: Value as a concept, Demonstrating Higher Value (DHV), And Demonstrating Lower Va lue (DLV) 121 P a g e

What is higher value as a concept? Being Higher Value then other people and talking about higher value as well as d emonstrating it does work well but I do not really agree with the classic commun ity way of doing it. Sure you can always try to be cooler than everyone else but that in itself is kind of reactive. Some of you will not agree with me but ever yone has their own way of doing things. How to use it? Instead I focus on things that I naturally love talking about and doing. My pass ions! I let my emotions demonstrate value for me instead of worry about logicall y demonstrating it through gimmicky stuff. Logically demonstrating value sure do es work but women are emotional so there is no need to logically demonstrate val ue. Read in the next chapter about story telling for more information. 122 P a g e

Embedding Attraction switches in stories I would encourage everyone to embed attraction switches into their stories if th ey want to get really technical about everything. They are not the end all be al l for attraction but they definitely work. They are listed in Part 20. You can w rite your stories out and slightly modify them to follow the attraction switches . Eventually with practice you will start to naturally tell stories with attract ions switches embedded. 123 P a g e

Chapter 22: Story Telling 124 P a g e

What are good stories? The key to storytelling is that it is not in the words you say but in the emotio n that you put behind the words. No matter how exciting or how drab the factual story may be if you don't put enthusiasm and excitement into the story it won't work well. You can talk about the silliest or on paper what would be the most bo ring things provided you get excited about them. The real key is just getting ex cited and really fired up about whatever you are talking about. Enthusiasm is co ntagious use it to your advantage. Writing good stories There are going to be certain aspects of your life that you always will talk abo ut from time to time. I suggest coming up with good stories that help you convey your personality and who you are. Things such as what you do for fun or what yo u do for work. Stories about your passions and ambitions in life or just some fu nny stories are great. I think it’s important to write out your stories and have a rough idea of what you are going to tell people when the topic comes up. Have t hem ready to go, not it a way where you will recite them word for word but where you can have the basic idea s in place so that you can naturally and charismati cally tell your story every time. 125 P a g e


The art of Story telling Telling a good the point that ed and excited adventure. If 126 P a g e story is really like a performance. I really want to hammer home it is all about the emotion you put behind your words. Get involv and you will naturally lead whoever you are talking to on a short you get excited it is all you need to make anything a good story.

Chapter 23: Teasing, Negs, False Disqualification 127 P a g e

First and foremost this is an art. Let me make it really clear that in no way sh ape or form should you be insulting girls. Although at the same time there is go ing to be one out of five hundred that insulting will work for. Mystery says and I fully agree that correct response for a NEG is laughter. Teasing: Cocky Funny Negging I am really going to classify every type of teasing, cocky funny, False Disqualification, Breaking rapport, and neg into the same category. They are al l forms of breaking rapport. Examples You and I would never get along You are ba d news Where is your off button? Total troublemaker The concept of Breaking Rapp ort (BR) and when to use it You ever wonder why sometimes when you BR it works w onderfully and other times it blows you completely out of set. Before you can ev er break rapport with a girl she must already be seeking rapport with you. If sh e is indifferent to you then breaking rapport with her will do nothing. Love and hate you can work with while indifference is the killer. 128 P a g e

For me there are only 3 specific times when you want to BR. 1. You must break ra pport in every set in some way to establish attraction. Notice this could be as simple as taking a step backward or as intense as going ‘You are such a bitch :P’ (I want to stress that you must have the calibration down and no matter what you a re doing you are only doing it right if she laughs afterward) 2. The second time is if she Breaks rapport with you. This could be in a form of a shit test or in the form of non compliance. Here you have two options. Ignore the bad behavior or you can ‘punish’ the behavior by breaking rapport with her. NOTICE when you break rapport in this situation you are countering her bad behavior and you MUST foll ow up your Break in Rapport with a chance for her to redeem herself. Example: He r: Any negative behavior. PUA: Aww isn’t that cute your such a troublemaker :P I b et you keep all the losers at bay with that. (Give her a chance to redeem hersel f after you tease her) 3. Finally there are those girls who live and die to teas e. Most girls only need a little tiny bit but then there are the other ones, the ones that eat and breathe teasing. You will get into battles with them and it i s required to constantly break rapport with them. My primary FB who I have been seeing for a year now constantly battles with me even to this day. I love it bec ause 129 P a g e

I naturally like the aggressive teasing. Some girls do it and some don’t. Go after the type that fits your personality. Basically I am saying that sometimes Break ing Rapport hardcore never ends and other times you only want to do it sparingly . 130 P a g e

Chapter 24: How to create and use Push Pull 131 P a g e

Legend: The Push Pull Dynamic When I am in an interaction I like to slot everything that I can possible say an d do into 2 categories. One element of the interaction is always either a Push o r a Pull. Basically where in the first instance you can say or do something that pushes someone away from you and in the second instance you can say something o r do something that will pull a person toward you. As with anything these are tw o polar opposites where a pull is on one end of the spectrum and push is on the other end. Think Mr. Nice guy on one end and Mr. Dick head on the other end. Wit h any conversation I believe that a good balance is essential. You need to be ab le to go to either end of the spectrum and pull it back with good calibration. 132 P a g e

Push Would be any comment or action in a pushing manor. As if you are pushing someone away. For example any form of teasing or not fully answering someone’s questions. Leaving a sort of mystery about yourself or doing a take away. Basically anythi ng that will get them working for you. This includes all forms of breaking in ra pport. Pull On the flip side pull would be giving value, complements, and creating rapport. Think positive statements and things that bring people together. Smiles and posi tive touching as well are pulls. What this means Basically you may know that going overboard on one side can lead to trouble. Whe ther it is over negging or over complementing the girl you don’t want to go to one extreme. I think it’s good to mix things up and create a balance. Thinking about everything in terms of either a push or a pull 133 P a g e

allows us to really balance out an interaction. You can create attraction by var ying things up and having the woman always guessing. It is a great attraction to ol. Push Pull Routines These routines are snap one liners used to fluster women and really amping up at traction. They are usually two extreme comments almost like flipping a light swi tch. You can really combine two opposites and you will get the desired effect. Example: Your such a little brat I love you. You are awesome we would never get along. I hate you.. Come here (hug) You are such a bitch.. I love you! You are either the biggest creep or the coolest person I have ever met. 134 P a g e

As you can see you can use pretty much anything. Experiment with quick push pull lines to spike attraction. 135 P a g e

Chapter 25: Advanced Rapport, Comfort, and Connection 136 P a g e

The key to creating a powerful connection is really making the other person feel it. Not just talking about something but to really feel a powerful feeling insi de of them. This feeling of connection is a surefire way to create a powerful co nnection. The old Speed Seduction rule of going first is extremely important her e when connecting with girls. If you want to have someone feel a powerful connec tion with you then you need to connect and get excited about something for yours elf before they can get excited. As I went out more and more, I noticed that the girls that I would connect with the best where the ones where we ended up talking about things that were really important to me. Things like friends, family, and my work. When it came down to it I really was talking about my Passions in life. If you start talking about th ings that really get you amped up and excited then whoever you are talking to is going to get amped up and excited. Feelings are contagious. If you can create a mazing powerful good feelings in yourself then the girl that you are talking to will catch those feelings and start feeling them. They will then associate the f eelings they are getting with you. 137 P a g e

Passions I have found that to really get amped up and excited I need to talk about my pas sions. What I love in life. What drives me and what excites me. When I talk abou t starting my own business, working for myself, and perusing my dreams I really light up. I basically go into state and my state is contagious. The girl I am ta lking to gets excited because I am all excited. She associates that feeling with me and we both talk about what excites us. It’s like a snow ball effect. If you c onnect on those powerful feelings that drive your life and your passions then it doesn t matter what the specifics of it are. You passion could be computer game s and her passion could be shopping but if you connect on the feeling behind the action then you can connect to completely different things. Talk about your pas sions in life and get excited. Ask her about hers and get excited together and y ou will automatically form a strong connection. 138 P a g e


Chapter 26: Dealing with Guys and Amoging 139 P a g e

Dealing with Mixed Sets When encountering mixed sets the rule I like to follow is to treat the guys as U Gs. Basically treat them as girls you would never have sex with. The rule that I follow is to befriend first always. You never know if it is just some guy hitti ng on her or her best gay friend. Going in with an attitude of friendship first will help avoid many problems. I highly recommend it. With guys you can connect on all the logical boring same old guy stuff. Simple logical questions and state ments work great. Comments about their shirts, the weather, sports, drinking, or the bar work great. I like to throw in comments about my ex girlfriend to disar m them if I feel that they might think I am hitting on them. Dealing with AMOGs There are many fancy ways to amog guys and they work. You can gain attraction fr om girls by tooling guys and covertly reframing stuff they say to make them look like a tool. I do not recommend it. You can piss people off and sometimes it ca n back fire. 140 P a g e

The best way to Amog The best and most powerful way to amog anyone is to completely ignore them. By c ompletely ignoring them I mean as far as you are concerned they do not even exis t. For example I have been out where guys have grabbed me and where they have pu shed me and they continued to push me. If I give them 0 attention it will stop. Literally no matter what they are doing if you act like whatever they are doing whether it is talking or what not just act like you aren't even seeing it and th ey will slink away. The best way to amog is completely ignore and then they can do nothing. 141 P a g e

Chapter 27: Plowing an Advanced Look 142 P a g e

What is Plowing Plowing is a conversational technique of using brute force to get what you want. It is basically talking over people and cutting them off so that you are consta ntly the dominant and leading force in conversations. I am an aggressive person so I love plowing. It may not be for you. In fact it may be counterproductive fo r you if it doesn’t fit your personality. I find it extremely useful to get into s et in loud fast paced clubby environments. There are two forms of plowing; norma l plowing and stacking plowing. Plowing: Normal plowing would be raising your voice over other people to get you r point out. This can also be done by cutting other peoples conversational threa ds to stay on your own material or threads. This can be extremely useful when en tering a set to gain attention. Think of it as smashing around with a hammer to get your point across. Sometimes it is necessary to get everyone s attention and to keep the group on track. 143 P a g e


Stacking and Plowing: This is an extremely aggressive form of plowing which I us e a lot when hooking sets in an extremely loud fast paced club. I will talk over people and continuously stacking different material until I get a reaction from the girls. If they aren't responding to something that I am saying I will start talking about something else. If that doesn't work I will start talking about s omething else and so on. This is sometimes necessary to break into set. Notice: These are aggressive. I advocate them a lot in my game where Edge doesn’t really plow. He uses finesse where I use a hammer. 144 P a g e

Chapter 28: Pulling Girls from the Club, Bouncing, and Venue Changing 145 P a g e

Bouncing girls from the club and venue changing really comes down to three basic things: 1. You need enough attraction and comfort built with her so she is comfortable b eing with you. It’s much easier to pull a grill from one club to another bar with all her friends then to separate her. You need more comfort, attraction, and tim ing to pull her away from her friends. 2. Over hype where ever you are going. No one wants to go to this place that is just okay. Hype any aspect of the venue from its chars to it drinks. This goes f or your apartment too. Talk about the cool stuff that you want to show her. Very simple. 3. Most importantly pulling and venue changing comes down to asking. If you don t ask the girl if she wants to bounce it’s never going to happen. Take action and ask. The more you do it the more you will realize when it is the right time to a sk. It comes naturally through practice. 146 P a g e


Chapter 29: Last minute resistance (LMR) 147 P a g e

What is LMR I couldn’t write a Pick-up Guide without talking about LMR. Notice tha t NO means no and when in doubt stop. But I also want to say that sometimes No m eans not yet. In person there is a huge difference and it’s really easy to tell. I f she is moaning and saying I barely know you or it’s too soon and she is stopping you but saying it passively. Then that means not yet. But if she is serious and says no that means no. How to avoid LMR Over my years of getting better and bet ter with the opposite sex I find that I don’t really like dealing with LMR and ins tead I want to completely avoid it by doing two things. Sure with the right atti tude you can plow through it and sometimes you need too but I think it’s much bett er to avoid last minute resistance. I avoid it by doing two things. 1. Comfort. The longer you spend with a girl the more comfortable she is with you. The more places and situations you are in with her the more comfortable she will be with you. Despite what the community says I believe you can be friends with a girl fo r a long time and still escalate it to sex provided you are an attractive male t o begin with. Sure it’s nice to get there quickly but in my experience if you cons istently maintain attraction either automatically or consciously then you can es calate it to sex after months of hanging out with her. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying wait when you can have sex but I am saying it’s not necessarily a race to get there. 148 P a g e

2. Not letting LMR exist. You can allow last minute resistance to not even exist if you take it and instead of just escalating you can escalate while telling th e girl that you are not going to have sex with her. If you are constantly tellin g a girl you never sleep with girls so soon in a relationship but at the same ti me escalating hard core while maintaining the fact that you will not sleep with her so soon you can get all the way to having sex. Basically you escalate all th e way to almost sex and keep turning her on while telling her that you will not sleep with her yet. You get her so turned on that she will initiate the final pu sh to sex. Girls do this to guys all the time. Escalating and getting us turned on just to say not yet. We go crazy… Just flip the script! 149 P a g e

How to deal with LMR There are three ways that I deal with LMR. 1. Two steps for ward and one step back. If I am getting heavy resistance when I am escalating I go into a two steps forward one step back mode. If you take a look at the Kino e scalation ladder in the Kino chapter you can just simply follow a two step forwa rd one back. Linger on the step you went back to then try to push forward again. Repeat until you get to where you want to go. It works. 2. The Freeze out. This is more of an extreme tactic. It works and I have done it but it is a last ditc h effort and if you don’t do it correctly she will smell the reactive nature of it . Basically if you have hit a brick wall when escalating you completely stop and start doing something else. Getting up and watching TV or checking your email w ill work. The girl will become upset because you stopped stimulating her physica lly and we all love stimulation. Then you play dumb!!! Oh I thought you didn’t wan t to do anything more so I am not doing anything more. Then you go back to escal ating and if she stops you then again completely stop and do something else. Rep eat and you will break through the barrier but this has to be done in a way wher e you are not getting angry and she isn’t thinking you are reacting to her. Best w ay to do it is almost play dumb. If you ever get angry she will lose all her att raction for you. 150 P a g e

3. More Time. Most people in the community won’t say it but sometimes when all els e fails you just need to spend more time with the girl. NOTICE: Now is not the t ime to freak out. You must maintain your cool. Instead of getting mad and thinki ng she won’t have sex with you think about how she is in your bed already so it’s on ly a matter of time before you have sex. If it doesn’t happen now it will happen t he next time. The thing that will screw you up is if you get angry. If you get a ngry the girl will lose all attraction she had for you. Keep your cool and chill and try the next morning. 151 P a g e

Chapter 30: Inner Game and Solidifying Confidence 152 P a g e

The secret to good Inner game The secret to getting amazing good inner game is t hat there is no secret. What inner game comes down to for me is forming new beli efs inside your mind. Beliefs such as having abundance with women and having tru e confidence in your skill that you can get any woman you want. This only happen s from going out and practicing until you have enough experience that your inter nal thought patterns change. There is no short cut. Creating Long Lasting confid ence Everyone always asks how you do it. It’s really quite simple but extremely ti me consuming. You have to flood your subconscious with new experiences where eve rything works with women. Think about it. If you have had bad experiences for fi ve, ten, or twenty years trying to figure women out then you have to un do all o f that internal conditioning. This takes time. The only way to really get good a t something and truly believe you are good at it is to practice and reinforce th at you are good. Once you have enough experiences it will click and you will see the light. It is easy because it’s simple but it requires great commitment. You w on’t get there over night but I promise if you stick with it eventually you will g et there. 153 P a g e

Chapter 31: Getting Good 154 P a g e

The trick to getting really amazingly good is to always practice the basics. The biggest pit fall most people will run into is when they are following the steps and taking action and then they start to get results. They start getting decent results and then they think they don’t need to follow the stuff anymore. Your bra in will tell you that you don’t need all the tactics, techniques, and it will tell you that you don’t need to take action anymore. It will trick you and you will co ast on the decent results you are already getting. You coast on the momentum for a while and then revert back to your old self before you have done anything lon g enough to fully integrate it. To truly get good and maintain you have to do so mething for years. I know you don’t want to hear it but I really think it takes at least 4 years to learn something if not a decade to become a true master. How b ad do you want it? If you stop you will become rusty but game is like muscle mem ory and with any practice it will come right back really fast. Go practice and g et the girl of your dreams. Practice and get the social skills so that you can k eep her. If you ever have questions just email us. If you enjoyed this free book please donate on our website. Donate here: http:// www.pickupevolution.com/donate/ 155 P a g e


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