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Guys, To avoid further confusion Assuming the use of a 3/8 pushrod (the recommended diameter) With a standard center cup lifter you need a .550 offset.....if your running a .180 offset lifter you can run a .450 offset which gives you the best pushrod geometry (with a .180 offset lifter and a .450 rocker offset the pushrods are literally vertical), however a standard lifter and a .550 offset doesn't look too bad.....the pushrods are only on a modest angle. If you don't already have lifters or your considering freshening them anyway I would encourage the move to a .180 offset style lifter and a .450 offset shaftsystem.....if your needing to buy both anyway you may as well buy the parts that give you the best looking (minimized) pushrod angularity. You need (4) left .180 offset.....(4) right .180 offset....and 8 centered exhausts. Info provided by Tony Mamo AFR Cheif Head Desighner