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Richard Colino

Richard Colino

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Published by: Alexis Madrigal on Feb 08, 2012
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contractor, management services contractor. Then we

subsequently....I negotiated under the permanent definitive

arrangements, six and four year technical service contracts,

which nobody ever ....I mean, wekept COMSAT going in the

engineering business without a staff in here [at INTELSAT]

until 1982. So I think we pulled off a lot more than a lot of

us thought we were ever going to get. Nevertheless, the basic

issue:would we continueas a managerfor a consortium, would

there be a consortium--the die was cast. Those people from the

ICSC days, were going to insist that there be an independent

juridical personality, with its own staff. The only issue

really was: how much power is that staff and that chief

executive going to get? I thought we came out much better than

I personally, (maybe I'd lostsomeof my hardnosedness by that

time) than I thought we were going to get out of the definitive

arrangements. And in Charyk's mind ....voting in the Board of

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